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PAP MP Dr Lam Pin Min wants MOH to set up special fund to help PRs who cannot afford their medical bills

Posted by temasektimes on April 12, 2012

The recent announcement by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to reduce the healthcare subsidies for Singapore PRs have brought mixed reactions from Singaporeans.

While some welcome the move, others felt the subsidies for Singaporean citizens should be increased instead.

However, at least one PAP MP Dr Lam Pin Min is extremely worried about the impact of the new measures on PRs.

Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, GPC Chair for Health Dr Lam Pin Min feels some PRs may need help to adjust to the changes and hopes the Ministry can set up a special fund to help PRs who cannot afford their medical bills and have no where to turn to for support.

His comments triggered a chorus of disapproval from netizens who lampooned him for ‘helping’ foreigners instead of locals.

Some responses on Hardwarezone forum:

“Is he afraid that the PRs cannot afford to pay for his services? His main clients all PRS izzi??” – singpat

“Why are our elected MPs using their parliamentary time to discuss the needs of foreigners? If my employee spends his time talking about how to benefit my competitors, i’ll fire him in a sec.” – vicodin

“my MP, xiasuay, speaking up for PR in parliarment when he shd be speaking for sinkies” – veryhungryboy



27 Responses to “PAP MP Dr Lam Pin Min wants MOH to set up special fund to help PRs who cannot afford their medical bills”

  1. alf said

    how come Vikam Nair so quiet? he didn’t ask Dr. Lam, ”Let’s do more, let’s spend more,’ (they say), and, of course, they never talk of where this money is going to come from,'” or accuse Dr. Lam of starting a Nigerian money scam?

  2. Sam said

    Its time to fire Dr Lam… PERIOD. Call by By-Election!

    • as above said

      Sam, u are right. He is an extra & has not done much for Sengkang residents. He does not have that kind of spirit & drive for politics.

  3. Singaporean said

    They can jolly well convert to citizen if they are so hard up for the subsidy?

  4. Zhang Feng said

    I am really confused by the words and actions of these people. I mean, why are they showing so much concern for these foreigners when they hardly seem to bother about Singaporeans.

    I mean, it is just a 5% cut in subsidies. It is not like they are withdrawing subsidies totally. If a foreigner cannot afford the 5% cut in subsidies, they why is he given PR in the first place? I thought PR was for those who wanted to become Singaporeans?

    So are we giving citizenship to foreigners who cannot afford to live in Singapore?

    5% cut in subsidy and this guy is overreacting.

    Why not start a fund for the visually and physically handicapped Singaporeans who can’t afford the high transport fares in Singapore?

    Who is to blame for these pro-foreigner policies?

    Blame the 60.1%.

    • Mrs Smith said

      I’m 100% in with you. How come Singapore are giving PRs to people who cannot afford to live her? What the CRAP is that? If that’s the case, I rather our tax paying citizens give away their monies to the ones truly needy/disabled people… WAH LAU!!!

  5. Ken Lee said

    time for Ang Mo Kio GRC to change ministers!

  6. Flora Tan said

    What on earth is happening??? If foreigners have no where to turn to, they can always GO HOME .. back to where they all came from!!! The government should seriously look into how Singaporeans are being treated in other countries!!! Did these foreign governments provide subsidies for our medical in their countries? Is our government thinking of incorporating SG into those countries?

    • Robine said

      “Did these foreign governments provide subsidies for our medical in their countries?”

      Hmm I think so becos our former Health Minister say cheaper in JB!!

  7. No Can Do said

    Evidently, this mp doesn’t know his work or has an empty head. If indeed a PR is unable even to bear his/her medical costs, it’s appropriate that the whole basis of PR eligibility shd be revisited for a revamp if necessary to ensure PR status is accorded only to suitable FTs. But to use taxpayers’ money to fund a PR system that is clearly defective when a FT is unable to pay even his/her medical expenses, it speaks much for the monstrosity and obscenity of our ministers’ pay, to say the least. Dr Lam shd step down as a mp.

  8. alamak said

    Before MP Fatimah assert that singaporeans’ needs are ‘top notch & well taken care of’ she should go check her facts that SG only spend 1.6% of healthcare on GDP, 4% lower than the ‘avg’ worldwide..and 25% on Defense!! That girl Marjorie Soh probably die with her eyes opened because her parents and grandparents incurred so much debt and selling off flats just to try and bloody save her !!!!!

  9. spotlessleopard said

    Keep calm; keep a cool head then iin GE2016 vote for a new Government.

    • Exaggerated said

      I really do not know what is happening. I know in the corporate world, the easiest way up the ladder is to sing to the tune of the top management, but this is a government!!!!!

      The citizens should be top priority. Those that are not should not get so much benefits until they become citizens!!! Why is Singapore run like a business? Very disappointed!! Every policy made and system established should not have the target of making huge profit but for the welfare of people instead.

      Looks like this people will still get to enjoy 5 years of million dollars paycheck. Sigh………………

  10. Permanet Resident Cons said

    Just hope that this joker gets transferred to my GRC which is Tampines. He and the reputation of THAT woman champion of people wanting to become PRs will really be the clincher when I mark my ballot paper.

    One word. Screw them.

  11. CY said

    To those who feel the subsidies for Singaporeans should be increased, does it make any sense for a rich Singaporean to enjoy more subsidies than a poor PR? In terms of income, no, but in terms of citizenship, yes. Go figure.

    • Derp said

      If one cannot make it as a poor PR, then convert to a poor citizen, at least can stay in hospital cheap, if that’s what you’re saying

    • alamak said

      Moot point. Rich will pay for higher wards and less subsidies etc..that’s what mean test is for.
      Question to ask is – why should taxpaying singaporeans fund or subsidize PRs?
      Aren’t they supposed to have covered by their employers?
      If not, what is stopping Insurance co. to come up and do a cover plan for them to opt-in?
      PAP run out of creative solutions…why must i pay for PR at my expense?

      • CY said

        Insurance coverage bought by the employer for the employees may not be comprehensive enough. If you are a Singaporean and have a PR spouse and children you will understand better

    • Robine said

      @ CY
      How I look at it:
      1) Change employer since not willing to provide enough benefits
      2) Buy your own extra insurance to cover
      3) PR spouse take up Spore citizenship

      I find No. 3 the most logical. Unless the Sporean spouse is thinking of following PR spouse “balik kampung for retirement”???

      • CY said

        @Robine, Why should the Singaporean spouse think of following the PR spouse out of Singapore? Don’t stereotype all PRs as quitters that leave Singapore in times of emergency! Therefore IMHO 3 is illogical, and 2) is the most logical IMHO.

  12. CY said

    This blog has quoted Dr Lam Pin Min out of context. He was referring to families where the husband/wife is a Singapore and the spouse is a PR: “Many Singaporean households will have family members who are PRs, sometimes not by choice, but they may have been unsuccessful in obtaining citizenship after several attempts.

    ‘This additional financial burden may then be passed on indirectly to the Singaporean household affected.”

    Dr Lam may seem to have made a PR error but if you take the full context of what he said, he is voicing the concerns of Singaporeans married to PRs. It is a valid point.

    Mod’s reply:

    His quotes were taken from CNA.

  13. take more care on citizen than PR said

    Hi, dear MP Dr Lam

    Some thing wrong with our PR & citizenship policy. Why so many PR and less citizen? and now you still want to help PR and to get more PR than citizenship?

    take more care on citizen. I am sure we have citizen that cannot afford the medical bill.

  14. Micky said

    I know of many low-income Singaporeans also have spouses or children who are PRs whom do not benefit from this medical subsidies. This change will definitely help our fellow Singaporeans indirectly and make us an inclusive society.

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