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Desmond Choo launches Hougang Job Hub to help needy residents

Posted by temasektimes on April 14, 2012

After nine grueling months of hard work, Mr Desmond Choo, the unofficial MP of Hougang has finally set up an unemployment center – the Hougang Job Hub to help needy residents in Hougang with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers

During the same period of time while Mr Choo is working hard on the ground to serve Hougang residents, the Workers Party has self-imploded and descended into chaos in Hougang with its ex-MP Yaw Shin Leong being sacked from the party for his refusal to address swirling rumors about his alleged sordid extra-marital affairs with multiple married women, including two fellow party members who contested in the General Election last year.

In a thread posted on his Facebook, Mr Choo wrote:

“We finally have our Job Hub up and running! After 9 months of prep by the team, HG now has its own one-stop job center. Residents who need jobs, upgrading, employment advice can now drop by Blk 2. The smiles and the hopes that I saw on the residents’ faces made the effort worthwhile. 9 employers offered 362 jobs for immediate filling at the job fair. And these are jobs within 30min of HG.”

[Photo: Mr Choo chatting with an elderly Hougang resident]

Mr Teo Ser Luck was invited as the Guest-of-Honor to launch the Hougang Job Hub on Saturday:

A special feature of the Hougang Job Hub is that it brings together local employers to provide employment for Hougang residents so that they do not have travel far away from their homes to find work which was welcomed by Hougang residents”

“We’re still some way from fulfilling the potential of this Job Hub. But we are on the right track. Some residents told me that they loved having assistance right in their neighborhood,” Mr Choo added.

Meanwhile, the Workers Party has been actively extremely secretive with its activities recently with no updates on its likely candidate Png Eng Huat’s plans for Hougang.

With no pressure whatsover to ensure an opposition presence in Parliament this time, long-suffering Hougang residents may be inclined to return to the fold of the PAP again after being bitterly hurt and betrayed by the Workers Party.

To learn more about Mr Choo, please visit his Facebook page here.


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One Response to “Desmond Choo launches Hougang Job Hub to help needy residents”

  1. Observer said

    This is very good Mr Choo. However, we must keep in mind that these improvements are only coming because PAP is scared after Aljunied loss. So, if you continue to want all these goodies, please make sure you send the right signal to PAP. Vote opposition so that they continue to be on their toes and do what is best for Singaporeans.

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