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Choa Chu Kang residents HARASSED by Pinoy neighbor who beats drums and blasts loud music daily throughout the day

Posted by temasektimes on April 15, 2012

In other countries, immigrants are expected to integrate into local society, but it seems to be the other way round in Singapore where Singaporeans are asked to conform to the unique culture and social habits of the newcomers.

Residents living in Block 608 of Choa Chu Kang Street 62 have to put up with the peculiar habits of their Filipino neighbor who have been beating the drums and blasting loud rock music daily from his home for the last few months.

The Pinoy family reportedly lives in the unit #05-107 and moved in in September last year.

One angry resident Vanessa Chong wrote to us to complain about his behavior:

“He plays from 11am (sometimes as early as 10am), interval of 2-3 hours till over 7pm at night. He’s already been doing this for MONTHS.”

Several residents have spoken to the Filipino politely to stop beating the drums during the day, but he refused to stop and even increased the volume to spite them!

Vanessa has written to Channel 8’s ‘Frontline’ programme, but did not receive a response from them. She thinks they are ‘pro-foreigner’  and “that’s why they did not carry out interviews and feature this news.” (read Vanessa’s letter in Chinese here)

She has also contacted HDB and her MP Mr Alex Yam for help, but no action has been taken so far against the Filipino probably because he is a foreigner and is given ‘preferential’ treatment by the authorities.

Speaking during a community event two days ago, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam urged Singaporeans to make a ‘special effort’ to integrate the new immigrants:

“Make a special effort to integrate them, and the new immigrants themselves also must make a special effort to understand our society, understand the fact that it is multicultural with major ethnic groups that are from very different parts of Asia.”

It appears that Vanessa and her long-suffering Singaporean residents in Block 608 Choa Chu Kang will have to make a ‘special effort’ to understand the ‘culture’ of their Filipino neighbor and to ‘reflect’ on their own behavior instead.

Watch the video below to understand the plight of Vanessa and other residents who have to put up with the loud music and noise coming out from the Filipino’s home everyday. The video was recorded from a distance away so you can imagine how loud the music is:


23 Responses to “Choa Chu Kang residents HARASSED by Pinoy neighbor who beats drums and blasts loud music daily throughout the day”

  1. Rose said

    Well done Temasek Times.
    People should abandon TV and go internet for the truth instead.

  2. Invictus said

    Tharman, why don’t you make a special effort to educate this Pinoy to learn to behave when you are a visitor in Singapore. Or is this this drum-beating Pinoy is too specially talented that the whole neighborhood needs to tolerate him. You so easily defend foreigners.. Now have some spine to defend Singaporeans.. Or should we find someone else to represent us ?

    • Sigh said

      They defend them because they do not need to stay together with them in HDB area .. all living in GCB , bungalows how to know whats happening in places where the majority of singaporean stays

  3. Ken Lee said

    we have to reflect on ourselves again???

  4. 607 said

    i live in the opposite block 607 and have never heard them play before?

  5. Badass Ed said

    If true, call the police and make a magistrate’s complaint.

    If all pretends to look the other way, take a class action in court against this asshole.

  6. nan said

    it would be slightly more tolerable if the guy could actually play the drums in sync -.-

  7. paintedblack said

    Sounds like u guys just recorded the video then put in an audio soundtrack in. The proximity of the sound and the distance its coming from does not make any sense. There are even echoes, how is tht even possible.

  8. Mind said

    It is utter inconsiderate if they are playing during daytime daily. What happens if students want some peace to do homework, or old people/baaby want to nap?
    If this is a serious or professional hobby i.e. band playing or performance, they really should go find or rent a studio somewhere to jam and practice.
    The HDB is not a conducive and right place for such selfish manners/people. One person’s convenience is 100 people’s inconvenience is simply unacceptable. You should record it on a daily basis for a week or month as evidence to your TC.

    • ace said

      “The HDB is not a conducive and right place for such selfish manners / people”. Totally agree with you but what worst experience I got from an utterly INCONSIDERATE, selfish neighbour was this :

      He would pour water down from the master bedroom window all of a sudden (ie. no warning to me, it’s not a rainy day). So being shocked (cos who in the right mind would pour water down from a BEDROOM window??) and upset with the behaviour I went up to the neighbour to ask reason for his action.

      Guess his response – “why, cannot ah? I need to wash my aircon”.

      I was totally aghast and in unbelief with such an unreasonable reply that I said: “But we are all living in HDb flats and cannot do such thing”.

      His response: – “You dont live in HDB flat la”!!!!

      Not only does he (owner) himself do the act but he instructed his maid to do it too. When maid was confronted she said “owner asked me to do one”.

      And he cleverly does it early morning (7am) or late in the night (11pm or midnight). Why? cos if I were to complain he knows HDB is closed!

  9. Skitzo said

    According to local authorities and i believe it’s understood among us Singaporeans, any excessive noise should stop before 10.30pm. If we chill under the void deck, or “karaoke” in the vicinity of our own premises, it is understood that everything shud stop before 10.30pm. As such, the filipino guy isnt doing anything wrong, i believe. I’m a fellow musician n i think he’s nt at fault. And plus, this news is sort of lopsised if u were to ask me. Don’t worry, melayu singaporean here, nt trying to win his/her side, but just pointing out the obvious. Cheers 😉

  10. me said

    Stupid Singaporeans complain and complain and complain incessantly. But come GE their balls shrink and suck PAP’s. For residents of blk 608 Cho a Chu kang, you justly deserve this. Come complain after GE 2016 again. OK?

  11. True Singaporean said

    Well done Temasek Times.. Now we Singaporean have alternative news and not rely on MSM anymore.

    Shame on your DPM Tharman

  12. drumdem said

    woah! drum sounds like shit

  13. Jmm Limm said

    Will resale price drop because of such neighbours? Time to move out when you have no peace even in your own homes…

  14. PRsFTsOUTofSG said

    Shiva Tharma gave FTs the authority to DRUM and make noise at anytime of the day. what can we peasants do about it??

  15. CCK763 said

    I am leaving in CCK 763, having the same problem with those pinoy sub-tendant live on top of me! The kids jump and play like monkey(can toppled their sofa, swinging on the steel gate, throwing hard objects on to the floor), but the authorities seems can’t do anything. This problem was officially brought to them since December 2011 until today I have been suffering all their nonsense…. Sad!

    The best thing is : The pinoy wife warned me ” You better watch out!”. However i made a police report, but nothing happened. I try several times and left my name and contact, to check with the NPP, but the IO will never call back!

    Why is it that Singapore becoming to this type of enviroment?

    “Please note that the Pinoy group in CCK and Sg is getting more! Now they behave differently comparing to 2005 which I offen travel PH on business trip.”

    Pinoy seems know we can do anything, so guess what? It seems they revenge on what I had complainted.

    Seriously, I feel that GE is very important and CCK may needs to wake-up!!!

    Now, I am STILL suffering….., Sad!!

    Mod’s reply:

    Would you like to share your experience with us? Email us at

  16. Law said

    Civil Lawsuit anyone??

  17. ace said

    I am living in Serangoon, also have noise problems from sub-tenants above, also PINOYS!!! They moved in since Feb 2012.

    Create noises at indecent hours (between 5 am – 8 am) and other times of the day :

    – sudden loud thud on their ceramic floor
    – dragging furniture sound
    – knocking sound
    – dropping object sound
    – loud stomping of feet sound (dont know why their child must run – cannot walk meh? – with such heavy stomping and stamping feet sound).
    – loud “boom” / “toom” sound when they close their bedroom doors (what’s worst is they can NEVER decide if they want to stay inside the room or not – within a time span of 30 mins I was disturbed by at least 10 “booms” sound.
    one exit – one “boom”, one entry = another “boom”. Five persons in the unit = 10 “booms”!!!!!!!!!!

    How to stay asleep? How to “tahan”???????!!!!

  18. ace said

    I think it’s high time, we, as citizens and home owners, should be given a say to whether a neighbour’s unit should be given approval for leasing out to foreigners. We are the ones bearing the brunt of the nuisance, sleep deprived for days into months. We unnecessary suffers for MONTHS (the current resolution process is ineffectively long and lacks commitment from authorities) before the problem gets resolved.

    And I suffer not just one time but EVERY TIME a new sub-tenants move into the unit. The whole process starts all over again!!! sighhhh….

    In other countries, their Council permits flats to be rented out only if there are carpets wall to wall in the whole unit (beside kitchen and toilets). Or they also have in place devices to be installed in affected resident’s home to speed up the dispute process. We have NONE of these measures but plenty of “long-suffering” ones instead.

    Where’s the protection for citizens anymore? Solution most recommend is to move out. Sure, with the current immigration policy, it is no guarantee the next home would not have any more Pinoys (or any other noisy inconsiderate, stubborn and arrogant foreigners). That’s the mistake of the immigration policy. Economic growth at our peasants expense – cant even come back to a home for some peace and rest anymore.

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