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Foreign doctor from CGH suspended for allegedly touching BUTTOCKS of cute PRC nurse

Posted by temasektimes on April 15, 2012

Barely two weeks after a Malaysian doctor working in CGH Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen was charged in court for flashing his genitals at a NUS student dressed in the female uniform of his alma mater Victoria Junior College, the hospital found itself in the spotlight again after another foreign doctor got into trouble for sexual misconduct.

A resident physician from Sri Lanka who works in the hospital’s Anaesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care department, had allegedly touched the buttocks of a nurse in an operating theatre earlier this month. According to insider information, the nurse is in her late 20s from China and she is reportedly quite ‘cute’.

The PRC nurse was deeply offended by the unwarranted advances of the doctor and reported him to a senior nurse, who brought the matter to the nursing director. The hospital authorities then allegedly tried to cover up the matter by persuading her to drop the case and not to make a police report.

The doctor has been suspended since last Monday but no police report has been made so far as CGH scrambled to protect another of its ‘precious’ foreign doctor.

When contacted by the media, a CGH spokesperson confirmed the incident:

‘This is a very serious matter….The hospital expects the highest level of conduct from our staff at all times. We are investigating the allegation and the staff has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation,” she said.

Last year, Indian national Thiyagarajan Mathimaran, 33, a doctor at CGH’s urology department at that time, was charged with molesting a 42-year-old woman in the hospital’s toilet. He was later cleared of the charge after he paid $5,000 to the woman he allegedly molested and was allowed to continue working as a doctor in CGH.

Given the pro-foreigner policy of CGH, the Sri Lankan doctor is likely to be ‘rehabilitated’ soon and allow to continue working just like Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen who was described by CGH as a ‘very important member of its team.’


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19 Responses to “Foreign doctor from CGH suspended for allegedly touching BUTTOCKS of cute PRC nurse”

  1. Anil Santosh said

    Jul 19, 2011
    Medical officer accused of molesting woman
    By Elena Chong

    A MEDICAL officer was charged in court on Tuesday with molesting a woman at Changi General Hospital on New Year’s Day.

    No plea was taken from Thiyagarajan Mathimaran, 33, an Indian national.

  2. Anil Santosh said

    Cross-dressing doctor exposes himself to teen

    Tuesday, Mar 27, 2012
    A doctor has pleaded guilty for insulting the modesty of a teenager by dressing up like a schoolgirl and exposing himself to her.

    The Straits Times reported the National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate noticed Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen, 37, loitering at the void deck of her block in Clementi Street 13 around 9pm on Aug 2010 when she was walking home after alighting from a bus.

    The then-19-year-old said the doctor of geriatric medicine at Changi General Hospital was wearing what she described as a “Victoria Junior College school uniform”.

  3. Anil Santosh said

    What is happening to Changi Hospital? All the foreign doctors working there appear to be perverts?

    After reading all these news, I am definitely not going to recommend any woman to go to Changi Hospital.

    Still I have some doubts that they will take immediate action to employ more Singaporeans.

    Only when some rich medical tourist gets molested will be see action being taken.

    • Superman said

      The reason hospitals employ foreign doctor because Our universities can’t produce enough Singaporean doctors.

  4. Ken Lee said


  5. Andrew Chen said

    Well, it’s “General Hospital” after all, we should expect this sort of soap opera style conduct from it’s staff!

  6. Bobby Liu said

    I’m sure the nurse doesn’t look anything like in the picture. This is not news reporting…it’s tabloid sensationalism…if you want your blog to be taken seriously, please post responsibly.

    • Christina said

      Well said.

      • Andrew Chen said

        Are you two looking down on China nurses working at CGH? How do you know she might not look like in the picture posted by TT?

      • spotlessleopard said

        If the Hospital had provided the Doctors picture and the nurse’s picture i am surre such “tabloid sensational pictures ” will not be used….As long as the Hospital Management is trying to “Play down” the event the more it will be “played up”

  7. Badass Ed said

    What’s going on in this hospital? Full of testosterone pumped up docs. I think the problem maybe that there’s too many good looking nurses here. Temporary solution is to transfer all the old auntie nurses here. Permanent solution is to sack all the foreign trash because they can’t keep their hands to themselves. Save for poor Ivan, Singaporean docs generally have no balls to do this. Pardon the pun.

    With so much hot news coming out from this hospital, I am just wondering whether it’s safe for my daughter to seek medical attention here as she is not much different from the pic that you put at the top.

  8. Singaporean First said

    Sexual Foreign Talent! WoW

  9. tan a said

    To Badass Ed ,
    If your daughter looked not much different from the pic, I doubt she minds a little bit of patting here and there.

  10. NS Boy said

    I’d touch her buttocks if she looked like that though – this sort of FT we need. Not the Ms Saw SMRT face type.

  11. Paul said

    Dr Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen has got lots of $5000… if the last one does it to a member of the public and got fined only $5000, touching nurse from his own company should be fined less… with the money he is making… i am sure he can touch a few more. if i have more than $5k to spare… i’ll love to try it on a doctor… should not cost more than $5k to touch a doctor right?doctor touch student only fined 5k… if public go hospital and touch doctor should be cheaper?

  12. Bulls said

    We can use that hospital to film hospital theme porn, we have ready staff for the porn acting.

  13. Hans said

    Few years back, I saw that kinda thing happen too, but in some other hospital… Young Doctor (should be Foreign), with local nurse, and the nurse just smile at the Doc…

  14. Anil Santosh said

    How are Singaporeans supposed to trust the staff at CGH when there are so many convicted perverts working there? I am quite certain that there will be more foreign doctors from CGH charged for sexual crimes in the weeks and months ahead, if past history is anything to go by.

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