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PAP MP Alex Yam on ‘pinoy drummer’ saga: The issue has been ‘RESOLVED’ (when it is not)

Posted by temasektimes on April 15, 2012

PAP MP Alex Yam doesn’t seem to know what is going on in his constituency and seems unaware of the fact that his constituents are suffering from the antics of a Filipino neighbor who is completely insensitive, callous and malicious in persisting with his drumming to make life miserable for others.

The Filipino man reportedly played his drums and blasted rock music loudly on purpose for several hours daily in the last six months from his unit at Block 608 Choa Chu Kang Street 62, #05-xxx with the sore purpose of HARASSING other Singaporeans living in the estate. Many residents have spoken to him to tone down his volume, but not only did he refuse to do so, he raised the tempo instead.

After one netizen alerted him on the saga, Alex Yam replied nonchalantly that the issue has been ‘resolved’:

“HDB has conducted a house visit and spoken with the family in March. They acceded to the request for their child to play the drum only between 12pm-1pm and 6pm-7pm. We have also impressed on them the importance of exercising mutual consideration, tolerance and understanding so as to achieve a peaceful and harmonious living environment.”

[Source: Alex Yam’s Facebook]

Mr Yam also claimed he found it ‘odd’ that the Temasek Times has decided to surface the issue now when the problem was resolved on 24 March:

“The issue was resolved and I find it odd that the blog has decided to surface the issue…The issue was resolved on 24 March after the RC and HDB were alerted and were asked to step in.”

Obviously Mr Yam hasn’t been following up on the issue or the affected resident would not have emailed us again to help raise awareness of the matter three weeks later after it has been ‘resolved’, as according to his definition.

According to the resident Vanessa Chong who first surfaced the issue to us, though the drumming frequency has reduced, he did not stick to the timing given.

“He will blasts his music out loud, especially before he starts knocking on his drum. Most of the time he played from 6-7pm (with around 5-15mins breaks inbetween, therefore it’s about like 2-3 times during that 1 hour), but often he will play over 7pm (till around 7:20pm) or even start at 5+pm….now due to the ‘suka suka’ attitude of that neighbour, residents are suffering. Sometimes i can hear baby crying out loud once he started playing drum.”

Attached below is an email reply from Ms Vanessa Chong:

Perhaps Mr Alex Yam and his grassroots activists may like to visit this Filipino AGAIN and remind him to stick to the timing given instead of simply assuming the issue has been ‘resolved’ without following up.



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7 Responses to “PAP MP Alex Yam on ‘pinoy drummer’ saga: The issue has been ‘RESOLVED’ (when it is not)”

  1. Thomas101 said

    During last year’s corpse water tank saga at Marsiling, what “encouraged” HDB to change the affected water tank was a massive petition from the residents and at least one home visit by Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) to the affected block. In fact, the home visit could have even encouraged PAP MP vikram Nair to drink a cup of tap water at the affected block.

    Hence, I strongly encourage Yew Tee/ CCK residents to approach the opposition party who contested their ward during GE2011 for help. This will earn the residents’ goodwill for the coming GE2016 and prove whether the opposition party are worth their salt.

    Please consider!!!

    • Thomas101 said

      Hope you can contact the Yew Tee/ CCK resident and convey my idea to her. If not for the joint effort of Woodlands Blk 686 residents and SDP, marsiling residents would still be drinking water laced with the dead maid’s DNA.

      • David Lim said

        SDP is doing a wonderful job in Sembawang GRC. No doubt about it. Hope they win the GRC in the next GE.

  2. 607 said

    actually the MPS session is monday and carried out @ the blk 608 RC, just find a monday to show/ask Alex if it really is resolved?

  3. spotlessleopard said

    In other countires playing drums can only be done in sound proof rooms or in “studios” if not the local authorities will charge the culprit with disturbing the peace….why can the authorities do that?
    When will PAP wake up?
    I like to ask Alex Yam where He and his family live.

  4. Ken Lee said

    are you sure hdb can play drum?

  5. Bulls said

    To be voted out in 2016.
    Remember his name

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