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VIDEO: Singaporean shouted at Filipino neighbor who is playing drums to SHUT UP!

Posted by temasektimes on April 15, 2012

Residents of Block 608 Choa Chu Kang Street 62 have been HARASSED daily by a Filipino man living in #05-xxx of the same block who has been beating his drums and blasting loud music from his Hi-Fi set for the last few months.

[Above: Unit where the loud music is coming from]

An angry Singaporean shouted loudly across the block ‘SHUT UP lah!” to a Filipino man who is playing the drums in the morning in Choa Chu Kang (3:53 minute)

However, the man ignored the pleas from his neighbors and continue to hit the drums LOUDER:


18 Responses to “VIDEO: Singaporean shouted at Filipino neighbor who is playing drums to SHUT UP!”

  1. lee david said

    well, brothers n sisters, we all have the SAME PROBLEM, in Singapore n everywhere. mine will drag chairs n knock on the wall in the late hours(after 11pm) of the NIGHT n EARLY(6am) in the morning. it seems to have STOPPED after i KNOCKED on their’s door with my BIG BIG HAMMER. i don’t know about yours!!!

  2. complete_nutrition said

    Did he/she try to get the Community/Grassroot Leaders to mediate on this matter? Shouting is no use;it will aggravate the situation n no wonder he hit his drum louder. Anyway he is entitled to play his drum within his own flat. But consideration will be appropriate to consider the sentiments of the neighours as well.

    • spotlessleopard said

      In a civilised society such anti social people will be requiredto “soundproof” their room or be required to play their drums at a “studio”……failing which they may be evicted and charged in Court…but not in Singapore I suppose…….the PAP Government is really missing the forest for the trees… is time citizens teach the PAP a lesson in GE2016

  3. George said

    All of us who dwell in hdb units have to suffer some trouble with stupid people living together. My neighbour above used to hang wet clothes outside. After having the police come 3 times and no improvement, i got the entire residents below me to show up at the idiotic house. With my hockey stick in my hand & a large group of people with me the inconsiderate upstairs neighbour ” chicken out” . One of my neighbours got washing machine salesmen to drop a visit and another group of salesmen offering dryers for the clothes.
    Today things are better. I was told that late nights the idiotic neighbour still hangs out wet dripping clothes.

  4. Ken Lee said


  5. Hating FTs more than ever said

    Play drums on his doors using sledgehammer. Gather everybody from the block and go to his unit knock on his door. Recognise his face. take photo of him.

  6. Eddie Manzano said

    The problem is that many Pinoys (PRs) who have bought HDB flats or renting the whole unit are using it a hotels.

    In my block, I see so many different Pinoys coming and going almost every week with luggages.

    These Pinoys are only here to look for job or on a short holiday so they don’t care about the residents.

    • Jenny said

      I don’t understand why those pinoys got PR at the 1st place. There is no QC for foreigners at all, as long as u are not a Singaporean, u can come here and leech on the system and suck all our money. And don’t forget nothing serious will happen to them even they killed Singaporeans.

    • P H said

      Eddie, they are probably illegal workers who are here on visitors passes… Some are possibly on work permits… But their landlords always make sure they keep their volume to a minimum low. We are not racists nor anti-FTs. When in Rome, shouldn’t they do as the Romans do? The issue here is really conforming to the local law and order. Special or not, we Singaporeans would have gotten the tick off long ago. So why not them? Besides, however “special” one is, how bad can you be in controlling yourself if you have the ability to get into a local polytechnic? It is obvious that he is trying his best to create disharmony… So why should he be tolerated? If he’s to remain to create more trouble for the citizens, we rather he goes and the amicable illegal ones stay!

  7. Ken said

    This is really too much !!!!

  8. indra said

    This is what happened when too much of THE FOREIGN TALENTS here down in Singapore..My neighbourhood at the 1st floor,it seems that every weekend this FT’S barbecue and have a sing along sessions till night late..What happened to what we called HOME..Its seems that these FT’S are doing what they do back in their country of origin..Thank You Very Much PAP led Singapore government…

  9. Phua A. P. said

    I can hear almost everything (the moans, the sighs the ohs & ahs etc.) that my PRC neighbour utters whenever he brings home guys or girls to his house. What he wants to do with the guy or girl is his business but the problem is he’s not discreet about his sexual activities at all…worse than animals!

  10. Gerald C. said

    What he did is wrong and inconsiderate. That is why I left the Philippines and stayed here with my family. Sadly, the mistake of one drags all the others as well. Please don’t think that all Filipinos behave like this, there are some (like me) who would like to stay here and get away from all that is wrong is my country.

    • milo said

      Well said Gerald, not all are like this… don’t bring issues of current affairs into the picture.

      This chap is simply a rude and inconsiderate neighbor. Having special needs doesn’t excuse the need for basic respect for harmonious living. His family are responsible to ensure that. If he need to practice drumming all the time, common sense will tell you, he needs sound proofed room. Not for everyone to give in and endure just because the person has special needs. How IDIOTIC can this be.

  11. Johnny Sim said

    Hey actually since they have his address: #05-107 why don’t they go knock on his door to ask him to lower the volume instead of yelling at him from the comfort of their own flats?

  12. Paul said

    Dear Mr Yam… are you telling the world that Singapore gives away its citizenship to foreigners with special needs as well? do you consider them to be TALENTs?

  13. 2016 said

    2016…..we are waiting for this day. Will vote for any monkey, dog or elephant.

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