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PIMP Tang Boon Thiew set up model agency as a front to persuade girls to offer sex services

Posted by temasektimes on April 16, 2012

The mastermind behind the online vice syndicate was reportedly a 39 year old businessman Tang Boon Thiew who studied overseas and was a director of at least five registered companies in Singapore.

According to media reports, Tang set up a model agency last year as a front to recruit potential prostitutes into the vice trade. The girls were first lured to work as models before being persuaded to offer sex services as well.

They were then taught by Tang on the ‘skills’ needed to make men happy in bed. He boasted on his porn site that all his prostitutes are models, undergraduates and white collar workers.

In a last-ditch effort to save his own skin, Tang sold his clients out by releasing their particulars to the police. 44 of them have been charged in court today for having sex with a minor, including Lee Lip Hong, the former principal of Pei Chun Public School. Tang has not been charged for any offences yet.

The prostitutes under Tang’s stable charged between $200 to more than $1000 per session with Tang taking a chunk of their earnings as commission.

Tang lives in a HDB flat in Bukit Panjang with his parents and drove a Mercedes Benz to work. Neighbors described him as a friendly and affable person and were shocked to learn that he earns his living off prostitutes.


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10 Responses to “PIMP Tang Boon Thiew set up model agency as a front to persuade girls to offer sex services”

  1. PO said

    Don’t you think 44 is a nice number?!!? *wink* I wonder which “bigger shot celebrity” high up the food chain has been edited and removed from exposure. No wonder he is not charged yet…

  2. Vote for me! said

    lol. Could pass off as the headshot of your friendly Member of Parliament. Such an amiable looking bloke, who knew he would turn out to be the mastermind of this lucrative syndicate. At $500 a pop, pun intended, he could have been generating as much as $40000 a month depending on his cut of the earnings. Huat ah! Model agency cum brothel–This goes to show the teenage ho was indeed led astray by this svengali and not a hardened pro as many think. Hope this pimp and snitch serves a long, hard sentence. Yes that pun was intended too.

  3. Bulls said

    Fuckup ball-less pimp, betray customers and he think he will be let off?
    Face of a traitor. diu!

  4. alan said

    the only face that should be stired and disclose… despicable

  5. alamak said

    Why is the malay and indian names not published? The missing 2 that add up to 44 charged.

  6. dude said

    it seems that this pimp has boasted in his social circles that he’s untouchable because he said that he’s related to the PAP elite.

    can anybody confirm?

  7. PRsFTsOUTofSG said

    he has the ‘clean-cut’ look of a potential MP, election candidate.. The result: Light sentence for the mastermind (Tang Boon Thiew), and harsh sentence for the customers.

  8. No can do said

    @ Dude said Apr 17 at 2.30 om today:
    This bloke is capable of saying anything to save his skin so u just can’t b/lieve him. It’s 2 be hoped he’ll pay back as hard as he has given promoting paedophile now that he’s bn surfaced as the master-mind of this prostitution racket. But if he’s allowed to go unscathed while his clients are given stiff deterrent sentences, then certainly something is remiss somewhere.

  9. Dude said

    @No Can Do the pimp actually said but he was quite drunk that his mother’s brother is Seng Han Tong, was that the MP who was set on fire?, who, according to the pimp consults with him rather regularly.

    Considering the lack of publicity from the sorry excuses of newspapers here, could that be true?

  10. Moses said

    Ahh….so now you guys know. You want to visit prostitute, no need to visit Geylang liao. You can pay a visit to your local model agency. But you better be rich cos their services do not come cheap.

    For those who are going to set up model ageny, do the authorities check that the owners do not have any criminal record?? Same as what those working in employment agency are being scrutise for? Cos you won’t know who will set up the next model agency cum prostitute den next.

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