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‘Pinoy drummer’ saga: MP Alex Yam raps CCK residents for not ‘understanding’ the plight of Filipino family

Posted by temasektimes on April 16, 2012

After being exposed rather embarrassingly that the ‘pinoy drummer’ issue has not been resolved yet, PAP MP Alex Yam now changes tact and raps Choa Chu Kang residents for not ‘understanding’ the plight of the Filipino family while insinuating that they are being ‘targeted’ because they are foreigners.

For months, Choa Chu Kang residents living in Block 608 of Choa Chu Kang Street 62 had to put up with the awful drumming of a Filipino boy who refused to tone down the volume despite numerous requests from neighbors, HDB officers and grassroots activists to do so.

Mr Yam has earlier said the issue has been ‘resolved’ on 24 March when the family acceded to the request for their child to play the drum only between 12pm-1pm and 6pm-7pm. However, when one resident Chong Li Ling pointed out that they did not adhere to what they have promised and ought to be issued with a summon, Mr Yam retorted callously that she should not make it ‘personal’.

“Is it more acute because it is a foreigner family? Has anyone tried to approach and clarify the situation? Does anyone know that the person drumming is a special needs person in a special school? Did anyone try to find out that the family is trying to save up to soundproof their place? Just so that their son to develop what they believe is his innate talent despite his special needs?”, Mr Yam posted on his Facebook, his tone appearing to blame Singaporeans for not being ‘understanding’ enough.

It appears from Mr Yam’s postings that the Filipino boy is a ‘special needs’ child and HDB is ‘bending over’ to appease the family to ensure their boy has the opportunity to develop his ‘innate talent’ regardless of the inconveniences it caused to other residents living in the same block.

Mr Yam then urged the resident to ’empathize’ with the Filipino family:

“Please consider that it is not going to be easy to have a special needs child whether local or foreign. And I fully empathise with all residents.”

Mr Yam’s empathy towards the Filipino family appears to contrast the response of a former PAP MP Lim Hwee Hua towards an earlier incident in which a Singaporean teenager who is mentally challenged smashed a chair against the door during a Meet-the-People session. A police report was lodged and he was arrested the very next day.

Though the boy apologized in person to her two days later, Ms Lim rejected the apology and refused to ask the police to withdraw the case. She further claimed that his chair “could have killed somebody”.

It is not revealed if the Filipino family are new citizens or PRs. One thing for sure, they certainly enjoy special privileges in Singapore and are a ‘protected’ species even as locals continue to be exhorted day in and out by PAP leaders to ‘integrate’ the newcomers and make them feel welcomed, accepted and welcomed here.


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49 Responses to “‘Pinoy drummer’ saga: MP Alex Yam raps CCK residents for not ‘understanding’ the plight of Filipino family”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Mr. Yam should secretly move into the block as a neighbour to that Filipino Family….and if Mr. yam emphatises with them so much (regardless filipino or chinese or wahtever Nationality) why not donate part of his high salary to them so they can soundproof their room?
    Mr. Yam stop taling cock and solve the problem ….you have been elected as an MP and if you cannot perform the job QUIT…so a by election can be called.
    We do not need a sensitive having a chip on their shoulder MP as a representative..if you believe your calling is not a Politician QUIT now.

  2. muimui said

    Iregardless of the child’s special needs, the family still needs to be considerate to their neighbours. It is the family’s responsibility to educate their child. Alex Yam should not cite special needs as an excuse for this saga. Does this mean special needs child will have special privileges? He should think of ways and options to resolve this and not blaming S’poreans. What if Alex Yam’s neighour does this to him? Will he just keep in silent?

  3. Badass Ed said

    Next time, I would also like to tune my tv set to the loudest high definition dolby digital sound possible continuously throughout the day and stopping just a wee bit before 10.30 pm.

    How come I so ngeow lan?

    Hey bro. I also got special needs and want to develop my innate talents as Singapore’s Zhang Yi Mao.

    All my neighbours can go and fly kite and I have very good reasons to irritate them so even MBT, my MP will be scratching his head as to how to solve this big big problem.

  4. Double standard said

    We have a case not too long ago where a special needs child threw a chair at the meet the people session and the MP made a police report subsequently he was fine (not sure whether the fine was waived)

  5. yvette said

    the boy can go to jamming studio to practise his lousy drumming skill instead of hurting other neighbour’s ear

  6. Suri said

    Mr Alex Yam, why don’t you move next door to that family or better yet, let them live in your house. Walk a mile in someone shoe than you can talk……..The Muslims can’t even have their Call of prayers be sound from the mosque 5 times a day. So, please don’t start the discrimination and racist talk!

  7. Suri said

    BTW, have you heard of a place call Jamming Studio all over the island, where youngster and musician practise and play their music. They could take their son there and beat his heart out.

  8. Pissed off said

    Dear MP Yam, it is not more acute because it is a foreigner family. It is simply because residents are F noisy and irritating (the noise isn’t somewhat softer because a local drums it). Ms Chong Liling, in a way, u are being reprimanded already (telling u to shut up, in case u do not get the hint). let’s embrace them and get irritated by the noise. MP Yam, if u so embrasive, let him play in your house during the designated hours as an example to CCK residents how u embrace them (not via words and fb only).

  9. David Lim said

    Well, to the 60.1% who are living in Choa Chu Kang: You voted for this.

    I hope you will repent over the next four years and do some reflection.

    Do you want more of the same pro-foreigner policies or do you want change?

    • David Lim said

      In 2008, residents of Serangoon Gardens expressed valid worries and concerns about a foreign workers dormitory to be built next to their homes.

      They still proceeded to build the dormitory.

      In GE 2011, Serangoon Gardens residents voted overwhelmingly for change.

      They showed they had balls!!

      In 2012, Choa Chu Kang residents are expressing valid worries and concerns about loud drum noises emanating from a Pinoy home.

      They local residents were told to give in to the foreign talent and will probably be demonise as inconsiderate people in the propaganda main stream media soon.

      In GE 2016, will Choa Chu Kang residents prove that they have balls too.

    • just a thought said

      Thumbs up for David Lim’s comments!

      • theonion said


        This is a special needs child or if you need more explicit information, a child with disabilities
        May I ask where is the humanity in your comments.

        This is irrespective of the child’s parentage.
        Your comments would be opined to be non-humanitarian.

    • CY said

      Thumbs down for Mr Lim’s comments. This is NOT about foreigners per se, but rather about disturbance from a special needs child (irregardless of nationality!!!) Please get this clear.

  10. Singaporean said

    I given up on PAP MPs.. they just don’t get it..
    We need to vote more PAP MPs out to warn them about their ignorant and their disconnect with the ground.

  11. Bulls said

    Oh, you’re saying the kid is a retard?

  12. Jim said

    Seem like the child got asperger’s syndrome..or autism..

  13. Cindy said

    Singapore is no long singapore.. It is Chinaphilipore.. (China, Philippine and sinapore).. I am a true bred Sinagporean which many a time felt that I am in either China or Philippine.. no Singapore feels anymore… So sad!!!
    All thanks to our 60.1%..

  14. Anonymous said

    No discrimination. If its a local family, the vitroil would be worse, the police would be called again & again. The person who complained is being nice & civil first brought it up with HDB, got fed up then bring it up with MP. Special needs or no special needs, the drum should be removed for the sanity of the neighbours living above, below, on the same floor & the surrounding blocks. As an MP you should know better that HDB blocks are so close together that sound gets amplified. You are very fortunate, MP, that you live in a private residential area. Why not invite the special needs boy to drum at your private residence to see how your neighbours react. If your neighbours do NOT complain. Then hey, I am very certain that your constitutents in your area will have the utmost respect from you & want to know your secret to how you do it. In fact, you should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  15. ngpy said

    We may sympatized with the boy but there are ample venues where he can practise and drummed for hours a day where nobody cares. Our MP is a good for nothing I dare say for not solving a simple matter and blaming our citizens. Whether he saves or not is another matter. HDB Units are for people to STAY IN ONLY and are not for activities that are a niusence to the neigbours, OUR HIGH CALIBRE MP MR ALEX YAM SHOULD BE FULLY BE AWARE OF THE RULES BY HDB. IF NOT SURE GO GO AND READ UP BEFORE COMMENTING.

  16. Ken Lee said

    wow my son got special talent needs also think must gets him the drums to play in my house!

  17. Cckians said

    So may i ask our dear mp. Did he try to find out the distress caused to the residents. The old folks and young children and even those who have to work graveyard shift. Hw about those studying or other special needs kids who might be affected by the disturbing sound?

  18. Parity please. said

    I’m not pro-papaya but how can you compare the seriousness of criminal intimidation to that that of noise pollution even if the offending parties behind both cases were special needs persons?

  19. Obviousman said

    wow the people that post here really are dumb. Hello, smashing chair = can harm/hurt/kill people. You mean drumming = harm/hurt/kill people? Ridiculous!! I hope you guys move to another country so that a) Singapore gets smarter and b) You’ll know how it feels like to be an immigrant in a country full of stupid people that don’t want you.

    • C.H. Tan said

      Obviousman said
      With due respect, if you have baby and is living near to the unit how would you feel. yes noise is nothing for grown up but what about BABY and those kids who are schooling and need time to do home works
      Have you consider that??????

    • milo said

      To Obviousman :

      Now, what’s the point of comparing 2 incidents? Just because it involved someone with special needs. We have a moronic leader that make needless suggestion about the family being foreign and jokers like you that continues the stupidity.

      If you think constant noise pollution is trivial, think again. If you are not convinced, try relocating to other states and be a nuisance to your entire neighborhood. I assure you will not survive much longer. They will probably shoot you with a short gun.

      • KTM said

        well said, milo.

        In other countries, they will know they are a minority and certain things shouldn’t be done and certain things shouldn’t be said. and that some things are meant to be kept inside ur heart simply because you shouldn’t take things too far and caused more disturbance for the other minorities who just want to stay out of trouble.. but here we see a number of these foreigners taking advantage of our country’s policy and stepping all over our heads..

        the hatred for the govt’s policy and towards these “foreigners” are growing day by day… who knows if one day Singaporeans cant take it anymore. By then i wont be surprised if the local newspaper headlines show “Foreigners getting bashed up in public by angry locals” on a daily basis.

      • Obviousman said

        Milo: Duh, I’m obviously replying WRT the above comments that compares the chair throwing incident of a special needs, violent but Singaporean kid and the drumming incident of a special needs Pinoy kid. Wasn’t the one that brought up the comparison in the first place. Plus if you read my comments properly, you’ll understand that I’m befuddled why anyone would compare these two incidents at all.

        KTM: In other countries they call you chink, make you feel like a third class citizen, there are isolated cases of discrimination where you have crap service from locals, and sometimes even cases of assault and violence just because you’re a foreigner. Except because their government probably think you’re third class too, nobody does anything to prevent that. So yeah, you hate it here, please go there and check it out. We have a GREAT government who tries to make Singapore inclusive to all.

        Because don’t forget. You and your forefathers were immigrants here too. The only difference is that you guys came here first.

    • CY said

      Milo and C. H. Tan I disagree. If YOUR child has special needs how would you feel if people comment that about your child?

  20. TT said

    Million $$ salaried MP giving this kind of response?!! Speechless….

  21. Crap said

    This is the problem with GRC. It allows PAP MPs like Alex Yam to sail into Parliament without contesting. Thsi makes PAP MPs like Alex Yam unaccountable to the people. This is the reason why no other developed country has GRC system!!!

    • CY said

      Please get your facts right!!! CCK GRC was contested in GE2011. He did not sail into Parliament without contesting!!!

  22. ken said

    Dont talk like u r extremely good like tat. U try go stay near that pinoy and see if you keep hearing the irritating sound not once but everyday!!!!! Tell me you dun mind unless u stay there if not dun come here yaya papaya.

  23. depressed citizen said

    I am not here to take sides but I am really puzzled on something that I have read/witnessed through the past years. Why is it when a local is involved in let say a “crime”/”offence”, the “law” is usually swift & fast to take action without needing any MPs to be involved. But whenever a foreigner is involved, MPs will step in and we can see how slow the SPF are in their follow up. Can someone on neutral ground please advise me on this. I am still very much waiting to be convince that our government/law do not take the foreigners’ side. It really does not make sense to go against your own people. Is the PAP really all about growing GDP? Or is there a bigger picture that we do not see here.

  24. Singaporean said

    Should we call for a gathering at this Pinoy house outside and demand him to behave?

  25. C.H. Tan said

    Dear Mr Alex Yam, why are you are asking so many CITIZEN and other to bare with this only 1 family?
    What if you come out with the money and help them to build a sound proof room and I think all citizen living in this estate will thanks and like you alot.
    So what do you think

  26. milo said

    This is total crap for the following reasons :-
    1) Despite whatever reason, basic respect and need to maintain appropriate peace is a necessity.
    2) There is no evidence whatsoever that the residence are being biased against foreigners. There is no mention or discrimination shown. Requesting for actions to be taken because of the violation of the agreed timings isn’t being personal. Its being completely factual. On the other hand, Mr Alex Yam’s comments are triggering much more emotions, resentments and negativity. On what grounds did he based on to suggest that other residents are being personal. That itself is a very personal and groundless accusation.
    3) I question how win-win is the solution now knowing
    a) that the person in question has special needs. i.e. he is having some handicap / learning disabilities, he is likely to be unable to understand and abide to the curfews set will not be realistic.
    b) this long term arrangement will mean all residents in the same block and nearby will permanently have to endure to daily at least 2 hours of heavy drumming. There are electronic drums that allows the player to be on headphones without causing a nuisance to others. Also, it is completely feasible to sound proof the room which he practice.

    Given that there are much more realistic solutions mentioned in point 3 vs the current impractical solution…. everything points to one thing. The complete incompetence and tactlessness of Mr Alex Yam in handling this saga.

  27. Clive said

    Indeed throwing and smashing chairs is harmful, unlike drumming. but the person involved is a special needy person. shouldnt compassion be shown here? why was that poor boy shot with a lawyer’s letter? shouldnt the mp be more tolerant towards him? what do you want him to do he cannot control his temper what. you need to be understanding k? kthx.

  28. just a thought said

    WTF am i reading from dear ah YAM. Biasness to the brim.. is it possible to translate this and other joke from PAP into mandarin, let all the baby boomer gen’s citizens in Singapore read so they can have a clearer idea on who the FARK have they voted for to screw us for another 4 years from last election

  29. icer said

    Maybe he can invite the pinoy family and boy to play his drums at his CC? Then nobody can complain…..

  30. This is your MP said

    GRC is the reason why we have this kind of MP. People of CCK should open your eyes and ears to see and hear who u voted in.

    • you are totally right. when so called ‘politicians’ can get voted in on the back of more experienced ones, our so-called first world government becomes a laughing stock!

  31. alan.trizon said

    Does anyone have the complete facebook postings ? Based on what I see so far, no where in the residents’ postings suggest a foreign family being involved. How did Alex derive such a conclusion that “is it more acute because it is a foreign family?” Interesting, PAP is expecting us to deal with the influx of “foreign talents” and now “special need talents”. While I do have emphaty for parent (be it local or foreigner) who has special need child, Alex’s response is just simply irresponsible. There are many ways to solve the problem, he simply took the easy way out of pushing the blame to other residents.

  32. nut cracker said

    Filipino or whatever nationality it is.. drumming in your HDB flat not matter what time is disturbing. Inconsiderate individual. What an a-hole.
    A home to me is a place to relax, recuperate, and spend time with my family. Having a drummer boy in our block is a noise pollution. It is disturbing and being an inconsiderate individual.


  33. Andy Chen's Fan said

    A SPH staff (Andy Chen) wrote an article in the Sunday newspapers a while ago. What happened was that his child (special needs as I remember) has this habit of creating a big ruckus on public transport.

    Chen mentioned that the other commuters would be annoyed and show displeasure – he then said he was almost provoked to ‘beat them up’ as they were not sympathetic to his plight. He said, a father travelling with a child faced great hurdles and people should be more understanding – hence his great anger.

    I am still wondering – if his child was indeed special, did he/she have free licence to behave in a totally undisciplined way? If not, then obviously he had failed to discipline his child.

    But if yes, does the condition deserve patience and consideration, like why MP Alex Yam felt the Pinoy drummer boy should be left alone?

  34. erictherocker said

    I think it’s important that musicians who stay in non sound proofed apartments take time and effort to do some form of sound proofing, according to the level of volume produced. I am a drummer myself and have had both acoustic and electronic drumsets. I think that if a drummer insists on having an acoustic drumset, he or she should also budget sound proofing (double glazed windows, insulation foam). Social responsibility is part of belonging to a community right?

  35. Bulls said

    Look at how TNP spun the news to that Pinoy and MP’s favour

  36. Majority Wins said

    Majority must win… If majority of cck residents support the drummer, then so be it.. if not, majority win.. just like why u r MP here in CCK, coz majority vote for you… would you step down even if majority voted for you? no right… will you step down just because one person hates you? no right… coz majority wins… so please try to solve this, as long as majority wins.
    If not why don’t just scrap the whole voting system away since what you say is final. You can don’t even need GE, no need to vote coz what you or the govt say is final…

  37. THE LORD said

    well i think his mother is a former bargirls and strippers that why his parents find it entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!

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