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PHOTO: Choa Chu Kang pinoy drummer

Posted by temasektimes on April 17, 2012

For several weeks, a Filipino teenager has been playing drums and blasting loud music from his home in Block 608, Choa Chu Kang Street 62.

Despite numerous requests from neighbors and the authorities to lower his volume, he has adamantly refused to do so. MP for Choa Chu Kang Alex Yam urged residents to be more tolerant to him as he is a ‘special needs’ child:

“Is it more acute because it is a foreigner family? Has anyone tried to approach and clarify the situation? Does anyone know that the person drumming is a special needs person in a special school? Did anyone try to find out that the family is trying to save up to soundproof their place? Just so that their son to develop what they believe is his innate talent despite his special needs?”

However, according to information posted on his Facebook, he studied in Si Ling Primary School and is currently studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. He has worked at Baraka Spa Healing sanctuary Health and Wellness before.







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49 Responses to “PHOTO: Choa Chu Kang pinoy drummer”

  1. maddog2020 said

    He does not look a teenager with “special needs” especially the way he holds a fag in one hand and flips up the other. He just looks like another arrogant teenager with an attitude problem. Moreover, if he is a special needs kid than why was he in Si Ling instead of Chaoyang and the likes. I think he and his family are just lying about his “special needs”….

    • Bulls said

      It could be Alex Yam who’s special also. 🙂

    • mikey said

      Agree. This guy is just another typical pinoy who like to fake.

    • David Lim said

      He certainly does not look like a ‘special needs’ child.

      Walau, cigarette some more.

      It does appear that we are not getting the whole picture about this.

    • CY said

      First thing first I do not agree the boy in the photo is him as linking with a photo with a name does not mean the person in the photo is the “special needs” boy. On what basis does TR and this blog says that the boy in the photo is the Filipino concerned. Source?

  2. Danny said

    Special needs can go Ngee Ann Polytechnic meh?

  3. spotlessleopard said

    Maybe the MP now can clarify further why if ordinary citizens can find out so much more details of this “SPECIAL NEEDS “NEW” FILIPINO SPECIAL NEEDS KID CITIZEN” that He with the loads of State supplied resources cannot have time to just go to the internet to find out that this so call special needs kid is actually a normal kid who attends POLY!…..looks like the MP Alex has been SNOOKED completely by a new citizen….Besides they do not look poor with expensive Electronic Organ…etc. I am sure they can AFFORD TO SOUNDPROOF THEIR ROOM…

    I am sure “money ” is not the problem with them.

    Someone is a blatant LIAR here..either the MP or the Filipino Citizen.

    I blame the PAP for granting citizenship to such arrogant people anti social people.

    Time we review if PAP should continue to be the Government…maybe it is time PAP sits in the Opposition Benches in Parliament come GE2016

  4. optimus prime said

    I think we have misunderstood the word ‘special needs’……. By ‘special needs’, maybe mr Yam mean to say that his family is some ‘special’ filipino family…….. should check his family background…..

  5. gqbarrometro said

    To this guy: TANG INA MO! >:| You just gave us a bad name! Jejemon !@#$%!

    (btw, Jejemons are actually similar to Ah Bengs…. you can actually call him an ah beng since he looks like one!)

    • jb said

      In Singapore most people live in HBD flats, highrise condominium and to buy an acoustic drum set for their child is not a money problem issue. But they don’t let or they discourage their kid to have a drum set in the flats because of the noise issue unless it is an electronic one. And their kid if they indeed play the drum they will go to the local practice studios to jam along with their guitar playing friends.

      Sound proofing the room is not the solution because it will still be a problem for an “acoustic drum set”. Think of the hi-fi set played at a loud volume, the bass and the drum’s backbeat will be thumping on the neighbour’s wall. If the kids parent is thinking of soundproofing the room, most likely his son will get his friends to visit for jam along practise sessions. Imagine you are the direct next door neighbour. MP Yam do not know what he is talking about. We Singaporeans know that if you play your drum set or your “electric guitar at very loud volume” you are inconsiderate and a nuisance to your neighbours. Yam should have told the new citizen family to trade in the drum set for a digital electronic one.

      For sometime I had lived overseas and the people there they live in houses. There was a neighbour who sound proofed and converted his garage into a studio. When he played his drum set we can still hear the noise coming from his garage, of course it is at a much reduced decibel level.

      Playing your drum set in a HBD flat is not the way to go for Singaporeans. There could be people next door and neighbours who need some sleep in the day cause they work the graveyard shift, or a neighbour have a newborn, or someone is sick and need to rest or an elderly couple needing some peaceful quiet quality time.

      It seems Yam is a foot in mouth guy or he’s just a lousy mediator. Please there is a Singaporean culture and way of life here, Yam is letting us down. If he feels he needed to or is asked to intercede, tell the new citizens as it is if what they did are not acceptable to local social norms. Trying his best effort to sound or appear nice is only getting his foot in his mouth. And for god sake Mr Yam snap out of this – when there are social issue between foreigners/new citizens and us locals, stop telling Singaporean to reflect on themselves. The case is simply to tell the new citizen blasting your drum set in a HBD flats is not the social norm.

  6. Full Speed Straight Ahead said

    “Is it more acute because it is a foreigner family? Has anyone tried to approach and clarify the situation? Does anyone know that the person drumming is a special needs person in a special school? Did anyone try to find out that the family is trying to save up to soundproof their place? Just so that their son to develop what they believe is his innate talent despite his special needs?”

    Alex Yam is so scathing in his ‘rhethorical’ questions.

    Hey buddy, do your friggin research before shooting off your mouth first!

    That boy is normal *enough* – just lacks discipline. This is the only instance where NS might be useful.

  7. Pissed off said

    stupidity developed through the course of his life is not considered special needs. specially dumb perhaps but not an innate deficiency

  8. wtf said

    he looks like special need.. got a CFM face.

  9. NSmen said

    I wonder if special needs is just an excuse for him not to serve NS?

  10. Everybody has "special need" said

    All the neighbours also have ‘special needs’. They need this boy to give their ear drums good rest.

  11. Crap said

    It seems like PAP MP Alex Yam is the one with “special needs”. The “need” to make an effort to empathise with the affected residents,instead of brushing aside their valid compaints.

  12. PRsFTsOUTofSG said

    Give the Pinoy boy and family a break, Kenneth Milana is ‘autistic’ (ie retard). Just consider yourself ‘suay’ if you bought/live in a HDB near Block 608, Choa Chu Kang Street 62. You either live with it or move out and sell at a lost, because no one in his right mind will want to buy it after knowing of the noise situation.

    If anything ALWAYS blame the game master (Govt and cronies), don’t blame the players (FTs)! They are after all just a peasant family live you, unlike the aristocrats living in District 9, 10 (Bukit Timah, Newton, Tanglin, etc).

  13. L said

    What must one do to enlighten these MPs? Call the police everytime he start lah. Let the police got something to do.

  14. Ch said

    Special needs with a cigarette in his hand?

  15. joke.... said

    someone should forward this to MP Alex Yam…

  16. Lee said

    What do you mean he doesn’t LOOK like someone who has ‘special needs’. Are you saying that such people have a certain look? And look again, he’s not flipping the middle finger with his other hand. How can you judge him with only 4 photos of which only one shows him with a swagger? And how can you so easily claim that his family is lying? Is this because he’s not ethnically Singaporean (whatever that means)? Stop being so judgmental.

  17. Hannsg said

    “Special need” still able to obtain citizenship? Singapore must becoming a “rubbish dump”.

  18. $1left said

    “Special Needs” for Nicotine
    My special needs cousin (Singaporean by birth) used to study in Chaoyang Special School, not Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

  19. Ken said

    PCB i gonna whack him if i see him!

  20. ngpy said

    What is special need. What is so special, if he is so special he will staying in Santosa Clove Already and drumming away 24 hours a day and nobody cares. Tell Mr. Yam I am in special need please!

  21. 二等良民 said

    Wow. This “special need” foreigner” talent” is what we want for our country? BE MORE TOLERANT? May be ask the senseless MP to stay next to them and have a taste of it.May be ask the ex-patient of IMH to make noise to him since he says we should be more tolerant to this kind o “special need” people. What the f he is talking about?

  22. worldorder said

    well, he looks ok and fit to serve NS when due. Wonder what could be his excuse if he don’t serve NS.

  23. captfly said

    Singapore are finish!!!!
    If this pino boy we cant teach him a lesson then more pino idiot will come to singapore bring their bad habbit

  24. Tan YS said

    another C B Kia….

  25. HIHIHI said

    TR , no nid say the schools right? Damm disgrace to the SI Ling alumi ppl sia.

  26. SICKnPOORian said

    I think someone thold him to play dumb to avoid NS, instead he start playing drum ! Special Need, from the garment ?

  27. Sean said

    Filippino. enough said!

  28. Orinnoco said

    Another proof of our beloved MPs’ pro-foreigners’ stance. I think we as Singaporeans have been welcoming enough but if the FTs are going to step all over our heads & treat us as 2nd class citizens & our beloved MIWs are also siding them, then I think we shud voice our concerns in the next election.If foreigners are going to be assimilated into our society, they have to learn to live in a peaceful manner & not expecting us to endure their nonsense!

  29. Invictus said

    Now doesn’t Alex Yam look like a blinking idiot for passing off this kid as so done with special needs.
    All my life living in a HDB neighborhood, who plays the friking drum set la. Have you no common bloody sense !! Good luck to this boy during National Service. Hopefully the Sargent will DRUM some sense on this ‘special’ boy.

  30. Renton said

    Maybe he is someone like Jake Bohm.

  31. mahsmarino said

    There so call drum pads n jamming studio if he really once to play the drums n headphones to hear loud music. Atlist give some respect to the neighbours beside him and there maybe some children that jus born to this worl that would be disturb frm their sleep due to his loud n very selfish toughts.

    • David Lim said

      Extremely selfish attitude.

      Never have I ever come across a true blue Singaporean who will play their drums at home.

      All will head to the studio.

      If they say it is okay for musicians to jam at home, they are asking for more trouble.

  32. sinkie said

    how sure are we this is the correct guy?

  33. NSmen said

    Should you guys be apologizing after you posted the wrong filipino photo onto your blog?

  34. Admiring the time and effort you put into your website and detailed information you present.
    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information.
    Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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