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PHOTOS: Some clients of underage prostitute trying to hide their faces outside court

Posted by temasektimes on April 17, 2012

Some of the clients of the underage prostitute were seen outside the court on Monday after being charged with sex with a minor. They were among the first batch of 44 men charged which include 9 civil servants, a senior banker, a company director, a senior vice-president of a private company, lawyers, a senior police officer, as well as the former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong. Their ages range from between 21 to 48 years old.

The mastermind of the online vice ring is a 39 year old businessman Tang Boon Thiew who has been charged last year.

[Source of photos: Hardwarezone Forum]


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22 Responses to “PHOTOS: Some clients of underage prostitute trying to hide their faces outside court”

  1. It is to be hoped that this court case involving 44 men having sex with a minor wld not just conclude with their conviction with the pimp going scotfree. Indeed, the most guilty wld be the pimp as the master-mind of this sordid plot of paedophile. He shd be given the biggest stick of the lot as he shd ensure the girls in his stable are not underaged to service his clients.
    It is ironical in our scales of justice that a young man of 19 caught with drugs is facing the death sentence whereas an educated grown man of 39 who acts as a pimp to import underaged girls may escape scotfree as a prosecution witness. Clearly, the contrast wld call for a holistic relook esp of our capital offence cases for justice not only to be done, but to be seen to be done in equitability.

    • Andrew Chen said

      The dispensing of justice in Singapore has gotten to absurd levels!!!

      86 year old man gets ONE Month Jail for a measly $250 cheating case…. Whereas a Newspaper editor gets away scot-free even after killing someone!!

      What kind of fucked up justice is this??!! The PAP obviously values Money above Life!!

      • Scorpio said

        And you are so ignorant that you cant even differentiate that the court, justice and lawyers have all got nothing to do with the PAP or any political parties. You probably think that if the POPE makes a mistake and gets scot free, must be either the queen or the catholics that are corrupted.

  2. seiya78 said

    haiz, if the pimp go scott free, then this nation will arise this pimp trade as for the minor, we can’t blame those guy if the gal didnt declare her age to her client and I believe those client is not so stupid to go for underage.

    As the lawyer said in the news, ” she is a hard core prostitute ” the gal also must be punish and to be announce who she was, why protect her identity, she is not the victim of rape case.

    loop hole in the law that they protect too much of female society, I tot in Singapore, everyone is equal whether race and sex, how come like that de?

  3. Rose said

    The underage prostitute should not be protected under the law, she is clearly a willing prostitute, not innocent. At 16, she probably had more sex than your grandmother did at 61.

    When she is of legal age to prostitute herself, guess what? she will be a prostitute again!

  4. ong tong liang said


  5. howky said

    can the new “Lemon Law” applies here?
    customers were sold with ripe lemon but ended up unripe.
    they did pay what they bought, nothing wrong with the buyer since prostitution is legalised in singapore.
    the customers were misrepresented.

    • alamak said

      LOL..good point. Instead of lemon, they are drinking sour lemonade now.
      Law is fixed in the case of underage prostitution/sex. They don’t leave room for misrepresentation so buyers really can’t plead ignorance.
      The maturity of the young girl may understandably leave much to be desired, but not the ‘mature men’ who are otherwise much older to know better. Such is the law everywhere in the world.
      Agree with Yap. The crime for human trafficking for prostitution of underaged girl is more despicable than a young man caught in peddling drugs. In this case, the young girl is a local student..not trafficked.

    • Snap said

      I think that makes much more sense. Why should the law protect the minor in the first place if she was willing and ‘hard core’?

      • alamak said

        Think you misread here. ‘m saying the law favors the underaged, mostly due to lack of maturity, ability to judge and make wise decisions. Is also a fact (at least in trafficking cases) a lot are lured into it through force, coercing or naivety. Once they are in the trade and started down the road, there is no or little turning back for them (thus you may say she is hard-core prostitute, rather unfair label) here. Truth lies somewhere between the pimp & the girl. Unless he goes to trial and testify, we really couldn’t be so one sided against the girl.

    • biccherry said

      Sex w under aged prostitute is NOT legal in Singapore.

  6. Po said

    So which one is WY Yong who works for the NGO? And LT Guan who works in hospital?

  7. Ron said

    I am against the media hounding these unfortunate people for pics. They are not forcible rapists or robbers. It may be statutory rape but that is just a legal definitiion based on age. We should show some sympathy that they are suffering a lot with their names and ages published. Many convicted persons are not named in the papers. Is the press going on an party of exposure? It there no decency in at least letting these people sort out their trauma?

  8. Tan YS said

    why must be so shame…be a man !

  9. Victor said

    What the men did was against the law. However, I am pretty sure the crime was done unknowingly. No sane men would pursue sex with an underaged woman when there is so much to lose as in this case. I believe the most severe punishment should be meted to the pimp. The girl who is totally irresponsible and a willing partner in crime should be punished and revealed as a warning to other girls.

    As for the media, this witch hunt is totally uncalled for as many of the lives (career wise) have been destroyed for a moment of folly. In the spirit of the yellow ribbon campaign they should be restored and their addiction to sex treated and counselled. Their family should be helped and supported. This media (who pretend to be moral) is like a pack of vultures.

  10. alan said

    pity the reporters job..

  11. No can do said

    There wld seem 2 be some confusion over the guilt of the 44 men as sex was consensual and paid for. Regrettably, it’s really quite straightforward and they’re all paedophiles who shd be taught an unforgettable lesson.
    Note the $500- $1,000 fee charged. This is not normal rate for outstanding service for a prostitute in any brothel. Soo the 44 men shd hv bn aware that there’s something more to the whole sordid affair than a common or ordinary pros. And if she has a girlish presentation as reported, they shd hv bn even more careful. But they were evidently paedophiles looking for young or virgin girls and now they’re caught and made 2 pay the price. Sad, but no pity for these predators of the young and vulnerable for the problem to be nipped in the bud b4 it becomes rampant.

  12. Dude said

    While there’s so much publicity regarding the customers of this uomenderage prostitute and even Subbas the defence lawyer for some of the ‘johns’ went all out against the prostitute.

    There has has hardly been and condemnation of the pimp Tang Boon Thiew, he boasted quite a few times that he is untouchable as he has the power of the PAP behind him! Is this true as he said that his mother’s brother is Seng Han Tong, was that the MP who was set on fire?, who, according to the pimp consults with him rather regularly.

    Considering the lack of publicity from the sorry excuses of newspapers here, could that be true?

    Any comments?

  13. anon said

    the public is patient n forgiving.
    but please dun mix that up with forgetting.
    the girl is of legal age now to answer for her own acts.
    when the dust has settled, juz parade the pimp, the whore and the whoremongers.
    let this be a lesson on morality.
    when is this country going to start learning?
    how can these people grow up to be proud future parents?
    by hiding their immorality?
    or are they wishing that their daughters grow up to be prostitutes to service people like themselves?
    you be the judge.
    otherwise this country is definitinely going to the dogs.

  14. duh said

    @no can do ,
    paedophiles? sorry but the girl was 17, not 5.
    and if she lied about her age? how were they going to verify her age anyway?

    “But they were evidently paedophiles looking for young or virgin girls and now they’re caught and made 2 pay the price.Sad, but no pity for these predators of the young and vulnerable for the problem to be nipped in the bud b4 it becomes rampant.”

    where is the evidence that they were paedophiles? and it’s not predatory or even hunting, when you PAY for your food.
    i dont want to protect those men in the news, i just want to troll on you.
    you’re clearly living in lala land and have a deep hatred for men in general.
    perhaps you are/have been a victim of abuse. please seek some form of psychiatric help.

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