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Circle Line hit by MASSIVE train disruption this morning with services suspended between Marymount and Holland Village MRT stations

Posted by temasektimes on April 18, 2012

Less than one day after train services on the East-West line were disrupted yesterday morning due to a ‘train fault’ at Jurong East MRT station, the Circle Line was hit by a MASSIVE train disruption this morning affecting thousands of commuters.

According to SMRT which is fast running out of excuses to cover up for its gross incompetence and ineptitude, “track fault” caused train services to be suspended along part of the Circle Line during the morning peak-hour on Wednesday.

As a result, there was no train service between Bishan and one-north stations in both directions as of 9.55am.

Though bridging buses are provided for stranded commuters, another cock-up occurred at Bishan MRT station where the buses did not take on commuters because drivers ‘haven’t been told where to go’.

Elias Lye was amused by the wrong directions provided for the buses:

“Someone please snap the ridiculous directions for buses at caldecott station. At caldecott station, apparently there’re bus services TO CALDECOTT. Bus will make one round i guess.”

Commuters also complained of SMRT not announcing the disruption in services at ALL the stations causing some to travel unknowingly to the stations affected by the delays.

One irate commuter Wu Shu Hui wrote:

“I took the train from Yishun to Bishan just to learn service is disrupted. SMRT could have announce the disruption at every station. In this way, I can plan an alternative route earlier.”

In addition, the expected duration of train delay was wrong as well, causing many to turn up late for school and work.

Thomas Tan was forced to switch to alternative modes of transport:

“MRT announcements said 15 min delay but it was much longer than that. After being stuck for 30 mins, I alighted at Tai Seng. There was some outburst on the train.”

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew has earlier said in Parliament that ‘minor’ disruptions less than 30 minutes are ‘unavoidable’:

“We will try and minimise as much as possible the major disruptions and to keep them in check. But I think it is unavoidable that a system that is as heavily utilised as ours is today will not face any disruptions. Every day there are about 2.7 million passenger trips. We are running thousands of train trips for more than 18 hours a day. And I dare say that there is no way you can prevent disruptions from occurring.”

Going by his definition, there are at least THREE major disruptions in the last one week alone. As the Taiwanese media put it aptly:

“Singapore’s public rail system is now in a BIG MESS!”

Some other responses from commuters on Facebook:

“bullshit. saying that there’s no train service between Holland Village and Caldecott, all I wanted was to take the train from Haw Par Villa to Buona Vista (which is before Holland V) and the train was stuck in the station and not moving at all. Gave up and cabbed.” – Anthony Wo

” i was earlier on in the stalled train at bishan. waited around 10mins, kept changing my standing pose every minute without any announcement made by slow-mrt. then came the muffled pa saying some craps abt no train services from caldecott to holland village.. oh, fug! i need to get to clementi!” – Alvin Ann

“This is a NEW LINE, newly build less then 2yrs old, why why why. We want answers. What kind of engineers, what kind of materials used? Cheap doesn’t equal good lor.” – Michelle Eng

“Stuck for 15 mins between each station, I should be arriving at work just in time for lunch.” – Michele Soon

“Was stuck in train at Botanic Gdns for 20 mins without any info. Two SMRT officers charged their way through the crowd and muttered into their walkie talkies with no info for the commuters. Train then went in reverse gear to Caldecott Stn and there were no announcements abt shuttle buses!!!!!!!!” – Sumitra

” Not again! Nearly everyday there is report of train, track or other crap problems! Looks like SG mrt trains and infra are breaking apart due to POOR maintenance and oversight by mrt companies and lta!!! Many big heads need to roll!!!” – Ken Tan


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10 Responses to “Circle Line hit by MASSIVE train disruption this morning with services suspended between Marymount and Holland Village MRT stations”

  1. Badass Ed said

    Can we beseech Ms. Saw to come back?

    After all, during her watch, the trains didn’t break down with so much frequency.

    I am regretting that I lend my voice calling her to resign. I am slapping myself now.

    And Temasek Times, since the trains breakdown daily, it is no longer news. It is part of the Sinkaporean way of life.


    • ahsoh said

      Dear TT,

      Disruption is a daily routine affair and its no longer news.

      I have an idea. Why dont you report only when there is NO disruption for one day. But that day may never come 😦 and you guys will be out of job.

  2. David Lim said

    This was really a major breakdown.

    And on a new line at that.

  3. Thomas101 said

    while the elites are bantering with each other about the “rare confluence of factors” which caused the mrt breakdowns in their smart 3 piece suits and in the comfort of the air-conditioned subordinate court, normal commuters like us have to suffer.

  4. spotlessleopard said

    Ms. Saw left a pile of shit and huge profits from non train services…if she comes back all trains will be having a little corner selling drinks snacks and fashion items to increase sales whenever trains get stuck between stations….Go to hell with timing and efficiencies…just make extra profits whichever way can be used to do so…and She and teh top management can continue to get their millions of $$ in bonuses…To Hell with the Travelling Public…”They have a choice not to Take the Train”

  5. Full Speed Ahead said

    LKY: That is why I said Singaporeans are daft and needed spurs stuck in the hide. Don’t they understand

    “However, SMRT disputes it and says the disruptions were due to a “RARE CONFLUENCE of factors” – none of which individually, could have led to the disruptions.”

    LKY: Just in case you forget.

    “So when I say I’m going to fix that guy, he will be fixed. Let’s make no bones about it. I carry my own hatchet. If you take liberties with me, I’ll deal with you. I look after myself because when you enter a blind alley with the communists, only one person comes out alive and I have come out alive. So, I’m not afraid of going into an alley with anybody, let alone the foreign press. What can they do to me? Can they influence my votes? They can’t.”

    • Prataman said

      His legacy (if any) will be destroyed by his incompetent son.

      The way the country has been mismanaged the past 10 years, it is more than likely that the father and son team will become history in GE 2016.

  6. worldorder said

    This is a new train line that have a smaller network and SMRT should have no excuses for the breakdown.
    First they used taxpayers money to build and profits goes to the “privatised” organisation.
    When it breakdown, they use taxpayers money to subsidise it and find alternate means like the one billion funding to buy buses.
    Now they uses taxpayers money to debate in court why it breakdown and intend to take a few years to fix it. Meanwhile, the general public continue to suffer and left stranded while trying to get about in their normal lives.
    when they make profits again, it will goes to the “privatised ” organisation again.
    And they say its “unavoidable”. Meanwhile, all the seniors are at the sidelines (without comments).
    Mind you that while all these are happening, the elites responsible are still enjoying their perks.
    Its hard to comprehend the situation today as compared to those days when seniors will take actions whenever crisis occured. A very sad day for Singapore.
    Wonder how long more will this continue ????? I think we need a BIG explanation from someone BIG up there.

    • spotlessleopard said

      It is a foregone conclusion… lapses in the Maintenance Regime….and it will be a forgeone conclusion come GE2016

  7. Aberdyn said

    SMRT: Experts found our maintenance regime ‘consistent’ with good practice

    The Committee of Inquiry (COI) set up by the government to investigate Singapore’s train disruptions on the North-South Line last December, began its public hearings on Monday.
    During the inquiry, the Land Transport Authority pointed out areas of ‘concern’ in the maintenance regime of SMRT, noting that SMRT’s maintenance expenditure of trains and tracks did not keep pace with the increase in ridership.
    However, SMRT disputes it and says the disruptions were due to a “rare confluence of factors” – none of which individually, could have led to the disruptions. These factors include higher vibrations levels, the type of claws at the incident sectors and certain material defects.
    SMRT said experts had found its regime to be consistent with good practice and that SMRT could not have reasonably foreseen the particular failures which led to the two incidents, effectively shedding all its responsibilities from it.
    Meanwhile, SMRT continues to suffer from daily disruption in services and train delay due to a ‘rare confluence of factors’ such as ‘train fault’, ‘track fault, ‘heavy downpour’, ‘train congestion’ and ‘platform door fault’.
    Less than 12 hours after a train was stalled at Clementi MRT station for 20 minutes due to a ‘train fault’, trains to Pasir Ris along the East-West line were delayed for 30 minutes this morning as a result of a ‘train fault’ yet again.


    Above are the brief comments and statements by the Committee of Inquiry set up by the government to investigate Singapore’s train disruptions on the North-South Line last December, began its public hearings on Monday, April 16. It seems the two entities namely the SMRT and the Land Transport Authority was at loggerhead disputing on each other’s on the train disruption problems. It appeared both sides are not ready to admit their faults if there is one. They are more interested to blame each other rather than to look for solutions. On the part of SMRT, reasons and excuses was given that breakdowns occurred due to technical problems and seems able to identify several factors leading to the breakdown. Unfortunately, the same problem keep on occurring from time to time even though SMRT has pinpoints and identified the faulty causing to the disruptions. On the LTA, as the regulator for the system, did not specify what are the best alternatives to avoid setbacks and should work in tandem to address the dilemma for the good of all by looking into seriously what are actually at stake to remedy the problem. They have to go to the roots of the problems and quickly rectify wherever possible. We don’t have this problem so much in the past but only lately after the inceptions of new lines like North East and the Circle Line. We do not know it might be because of many lines consolidated into the systems making it more complex to operate, as a result complication occurred.

    We need a very high-qualified people to run the system with precision knowledge that could detect and identify at the slightest hints of problems so that breakdowns can be reduce to a minimum if not zero. No point setting up COI every time there is breakdown just for the sake of inquiries without solutions. If there is twenty breakdowns a month how many COI are you going to set-up? I think this question be directed to the Minister of Transport Lui Tuck Yew for an answer. The transport ministry, LTA and the SMRT must wake-up from slumber land be realistic in their approach towards addressing this national problems on public transportation. At one point we was very proud of our MRT system with impressive record but now become the laughing stock of the town with many sad stories.

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