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Shaw Organization founder’s grandson Howard Shaw charged for having SEX with underage prostitute

Posted by temasektimes on April 18, 2012

Four more men were charged in court on Wednesday for having commercial sex with a minor from an online vice syndicate, one of them being Howard Shaw, the former executive director of the Singapore Environment Council and a grandson of the founder of Shaw Organization Runme Shaw.

Together with his brother Run Run Shaw, Runme Shaw founded the South Seas Film studio in 1930, which later became Shaw Studios. In 1967, he launched TVB (Television Broadcasts Ltd.) in Hong Kong, growing it into a multi-billion dollar TV empire ranking today as one of the top 5 television producers in the world.

Howard Shaw reportedly had sex with the same underage prostitute who got 44 other men charged on Monday. Some of the men include 9 civil servants, a senior banker, a company director, a senior vice-president of a private company, lawyers, a senior police officer, as well as the former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong. Their ages range from between 21 to 48 years old.

Besides Howard Shaw, the other men charged today are Swiss national Juerg Buergin, 40; Chua Ren Cheng, 31; and Edward Whistler Goh Ngian Meng, 49. The mastermind behind the online vice ring 39 year old businessman Tang Boon Thiew has been charged last year.

Goh and Buergin face two charges each. Prosecutors today also applied to the court for non-disclosure of any particulars that could lead to the identification of the girl allegedly involved after Mr Subhas Anandan, who acts for 10 of the 48 accused men, had challenged on Monday that the charges for his clients were flawed because they did not contain any details of the girl allegedly involved.

In an interview with the media, Mr Subhas Anandan reportedly said:

“How is anybody going to know what he is charged for when you don’t know who the girl is, and what her age is? Who are they trying to protect? As far as I am concerned, this girl does not deserve protection as she is a HARDCORE PROSTITUTE who got so many men into trouble”

The girl was 17 years old and studying at a local polytechnic when the offences were committed. She allegedly had sex with more than 80 men and once had marathon sex with four different men in a single day.


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10 Responses to “Shaw Organization founder’s grandson Howard Shaw charged for having SEX with underage prostitute”

  1. TPL2 said

    Swiss banker is ex-UBS Ops country guy. Detained because no one wants to act as guarantor for his bail? Esp so many run-away cases by FTs, this one the bail $ must be too high..even the wife don’t want to help.

    Anyway, why does the 44+4 men case move so rapidly? The strategy is to let singaporeans get used to all these sex-scandal, so that by the time they bring to trail/light the other 2 SCDF/CPF cases, it will be seen like another walk in the park liao..clever lah, MIW!! Think we don’t know your tactics..3 months till cannot account to the public…

  2. Chris chua said

    I feel sad for all these people. The girl ought to be severely punished

  3. Handwipes already. said

    Yikes, this teen ho was with nearly every colour of man from the rough to refined. Something tells me she was recommended by word of mouth when it came to clients of the well-heeled variety. Too much of coincidence that the bulk of her patrons came from the business and finance sector when there are so many other online hookers they could have gone to. His ability to hook such men of power makes Tang Boon Thiew Singapore’s own Heidi Fleiss.
    Singapore could do with such a maverick deal closer as Minister of Trade and Industry instead of the unremarkable incumbent we have– sportswear enthusiast, Teoh Salah.

  4. Johnny Sim said

    This underaged b*tch is a disease. She *must* be put down.

  5. alamak said

    This bloke has a very beautiful girlfriend/partner, yet he still cheats on her.
    Goes to show…men of all shades (married/single/religious/profession) if they want to cheat, they will/can.
    But please, don’t shift responsibility to the girl. Man up and own your own mistakes, and life goes on.
    So far, 80 has been called up. 44+4 has been charged. Maybe 32 more to go?!
    Get your popcorn out.

  6. lee david said

    i cannot says who is more wrong, the ‘selling’ or the ‘buying’,nevertheleast, i belives, these ‘MEN’ would not want theirs’ balls PRESSED if they know the girl is ‘UNDER-AGE’ in number… but GOD, she does look ‘TASTY’!!!!

  7. worldorder said

    Hello Gentlemen. All these guys think with their “lower head” and not their “upper head”. There is no free lunch as there is no sure head. All these guys want is discreet besides fantasy. Look at all of them, they have the money to pay and the will to pay BUT they forgot the GOLDEN RULE !!! Before you ENTER, PLEASE CHECK, CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK !!!!!!!!!!!!! They could have just visit some KTV and select their choice BUT they choose to discreet and miser in some ways !!! Lessons to be learnt…..there is no free lunch !!! if there is any free lunch, please choose the one that is less attractive and dangerous…..son you got to learn more ……

  8. Howard Shaw, Grandson, founder’s Shaw Organization charged for having to PAY for SEX with a prostitute????

  9. WillTheCircleBeUnbroken said

    Shaw Organization founder’s grandson Howard Shaw

  10. Tatler said

    Definitely a case of curiosity kills a cat.

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