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Teo Ser Luck defends underage prostitute: She is still young and deserves to be protected

Posted by temasektimes on April 18, 2012

The ongoing online vice ring saga which has already implicated 48 men who have been charged for having commercial sex with a minor has polarized public opinion in Singapore.

While some feel the identity of the prostitute should be kept confidential as she is still young, others want her to be shamed publicly as well to take responsibility for her actions.

In an interview with the media, prominent criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan who is acting for 10 of the men being charged pointed out bluntly that the girl does not deserve any protection under the law:

“How is anybody going to know what he is charged for when you don’t know who the girl is, and what her age is? Who are they trying to protect? As far as I am concerned, this girl does not deserve protection as she is a HARDCORE PROSTITUTE who got so many men into trouble”

However Young PAP Chairman and MP Teo Ser Luck disagrees.

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Teo said:

“No matter what she did, she is still young. Exposing her identity in the media will not do anybody any good.”

His views were supported by another fellow MP Halimah Yacob who opined her future should be safe-guarded:

“Everyone deserves a chance to repent. The most important thing is, she should receive proper counseling in the future to prevent her from prostituting herself again.”

Despite her well intentions, it is highly unlikely that she will receive any ‘counseling’ in the first place because she is not charged for any offences and the authorities have no right to compel her to attend any counseling session unlike other juvenile offenders.

As she is 18 years old now, it remains to be seen if she will continue selling her body for easy and quick cash after this fiasco which only punishes her clients and allows her to get away without paying a price for it.


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84 Responses to “Teo Ser Luck defends underage prostitute: She is still young and deserves to be protected”

  1. unknown said

    Great!!! One pretend to be the “Black Face” saying she does not deserve to be protected. Then PAP the MIWs or the “White face” came to the rescue saying that Ohh!!! She deserve to be protected and she is a minor. Stop the lame acting to get into good books. Do something constructive to the nation like:
    1)Give back our CPF money
    2) Make the HDB affordabe by paying up to 10 years instead of 30 years
    3) Reduce GST, Scrap away ERP, Remove casino, reduce PUB, reduce oil tax, reduce money money policies that make Singaporeans poorer and poorer
    Stop all the lame limelight to get into good books.

    • 二等良民 said

      好说好说! 还有, scrap the COE!

    • Rae said

      The stupidity of the general voting public really makes me worry sometimes. You graduate with a fucking degree in economics or something? Scrap GST, scrap ERP, scrap COE… where the fuck do you think money comes from to pay for public transport services, education, etc? Singaporeans only know how to complain. I’m not saying the government is blameless. But you can’t expect a government to be perfect, and tbh, they’re doing a pretty damn good job. Try living in a different country if you want to see what inefficiency is REALLY like. It really pisses me off how grown adults only know how to yell at the government and demand their money back. Governments don’t run on nothing and countries sure as hell don’t run on nothing. For fuck’s sake. Think about what you’re actually saying.

  2. zenith said

    “Everyone deserves a chance to repent. The most important thing is, she should receive proper counseling in the future to prevent her from prostituting herself again.”

    For those kana charged, are they given a chance to repent, and just receive proper counseling in the future to prevent them from engaging prostitute again? I am not saying those men are right. But if she is honest with her age, some of these men might not in this spot light now. Does the new lemon law applied to this?

  3. RC said

    Exposing the girl doesn’t do anything good but then again, with MPs starts speaking for her, it will only show other young girls like her that they can earn a lot of monies very quickly and get away with it. Laws are on their side and even MPs speaks for them.

  4. Anon said

    Mr Teo said:

    “No matter what she did, she is still young. Exposing her identity in the media will not do anybody any good.”

    What about those guys that are being charged for committing the offense? By exposing those guys identity in the media will do what good to them?

    His views were supported by another fellow MP Halimah Yacob who opined her future should be safe-guarded:

    “Everyone deserves a chance to repent. The most important thing is, she should receive proper counseling in the future to prevent her from prostituting herself again.”

    Since she already says that everyone deserves a chance to repent, why not give those guys a chance to repent and let them receive proper counseling in the future to prevent them from looking for prostitute.

  5. soon soon said

    Ah teo u young but u dare to say .
    Well done , young group will support you !

  6. pay said

    Counsel? Imo a person that keeps a merticulous diary is well aware of her actions. In short she is no angel and profit is her game. Ser luck, you are daft

  7. Uniquely Singapore said

    I wonder who is he trying to protect? Same of those 48 men who is being charged?

    • Bose said

      Those poor guys are being charged and the underage prostitues are scorch free? How does those men know that they are under age? Men are men..give them a break and they all had came a long way.

  8. sweetbean said

    The very reason the men are being prosecuted is because they had paid sex with a girl under the age of 18. This suggests that the law does not feel that someone under 18 is fully capable of understanding and handling the consequences/hazards, moral, or otherwise, of being a prostitute. Exposing her would contradict this and, therefore, she needs to be protected. Whether she is capable or is not capable of handling being a prostitute cannot be judged on a case by case basis. Otherwise the courts are going to have a headache deciding which girl can handle it and which one cannot. The law draws a line at a certain age. The men were all adults who should know the law. They have broken it and are now being exposed and facing the consequences which, according to the law, they are old enough to accept. Right or wrong, it is the law and laws exist for the greater good.

    • Coco said

      I agree with you. The other consideration is this – for those men who has wives/girlfriends, how do you think this is going to help them heal if they see the face of the young girl?! I think it will be very hard, if they even have children that same age…If people want to protect the 48 men, then websites like these should just stop reporting and publishing their faces!! Isn’t it a hypocrite?

    • Skiesx said

      Mind you, she willingly became a prostitute. She was never forced into prostitution neither was she raped, she CHOSE to go down that path. Thus I don’t quite agree with the point you stated about her not being able to understand and handle the issues of being a prostitute and how exposing her who contradict the law. Personally, I feel that if they were to expose the men (Who, might I add, were duped into believing she was of legal age) they should expose the girl as well. These men have families and children who do not deserve the negative attention they are getting now. The constant hounding by the media on these men and their jobs have gone way too far. In my opinion, Tang Boon Thiew and the undisclosed girl should be the media’s focus. If you want to talk about morals and such, let’s turn our attention away from the men who were misled into believing she was legal and focus on the fact that girls as young as 16 and 17 are choosing to become prostitutes and are being given the opportunity to do so.

      (Sorry, I kinda got carried away at the end so don’t take it as a personal attack on your point, Sweetbean.)

  9. dissatisfied said

    i say serves them right for going to a hooker in the first place.

    • Be Reasonable said

      It is uncivilzed for them to seek hooker under the age of 18 but bear in mind they paid for
      the sex service. Least they do not resort to molesting or rape is considerate fortunate.

      • Bose said

        Is better to go and pay for a hooker then cheating and deceive innocent ladies! cos they get want Sex NOT Love. The Moral of the Story is that Pay for their service Not cheating them. But the Hookers are cheating them instead.

  10. metoo metoo said

    She’s already18. She’s an adult, and should be treated as one. What’s this protection nonsense ? Did they try to “protect” 18 year old men who fight or steal ? Trying to score brownie points with the public, but failed to see that public opinion does not agree with them.

  11. candy girlz said

    Who is speaking for that malaysian drug trafficker who is on death row, he is very young when it happened, Do he deserve a repend as well, come on, speak up for him as well, she also coz alot of families breakdown.

  12. kena Sai said

    like what most forum says, dun try to be the white knight, although we know that u can pay her to sleep with u

  13. Victor said

    What about those men whose life and marriages are practically destroyed? Don’t they deserve a second chance? Yes, they have broken the law, very likely unknowingly (i.e. under-aged sex). The chief villains are the pimp and this girl who obviously lied to get money.

    What hypocrisy!

    • sweetbean said

      What about their lives and marriages? Hmmmm…let’s say they broke the law unknowingly. Did they also unknowingly betray their wives? Prostitutes will always exist so long as men want them to. It’s when they stop going, that the pimps and “girls” disappear from the earth as many of us wish they would. And PLEASE no one say prostitutes exist to prevent rape – that argument holds no water because they are prostitutes in abundance and there is still rape. It’s a different psyche altogether.

      • 二等良民 said

        Nowadays many women also 偷吃,worst than men. I know many of them. Mostly LGB and LCB.

    • MRS JYH said

      lol. you are very funny. your said MARRIAGES. who destroyed it? the prostitute? who paid for her services? WHO? so who paid for her services despite having wives at home and kids to feed? WHO? even if they were misled by the pimp/prostitute, the fact that they are looking for sex outside of their marriages say something about them. unless it’s acceptable to you guys here who are commenting brainlessly of course.

      • TTY said

        Mrs JYH said the fact the men seemed sex outside of marriage said sth about them. Well are you willing to bj or anal when your hubby asked for it.?

      • Skiesx said

        Whether they are looking for sex outside of their marriage really isn’t any of your concern. It’s a private issue that doesn’t affect you so I don’t understand why you are attacking these men? Some of these men have children who shouldn’t have to feel ashamed for a mistake they didn’t make. You forget that negative attention given to these men are equally given to their families by people who surround them in school, church, etc. Maybe we should shift our attention from the men to the girl and find out why singaporean teenage girls are willing and wanting to become prostitutes.

      • deathwing995 said

        Mrs JYH, u do know that u cant clap with a hand right? and all the prostitute are tempted by greed. well i do not really think it is wrong to pay for sex but im not saying its morally right.
        its the same reason as some woman r willing to spent their hard earn money on bags and shoes. u spent wat u earn.
        but i’ll not side the 44 men as well cause they should use their big head to think rather than the small head.
        well thats my 2 cents worth of thoughts

  14. chong pheng woon said

    definate a wrong message sending across , no wonder i am not in politics as my views differ sharply..

  15. ugg said

    so TSL is saying it is ok for underage gal to be a prostitute and will not be punished when got.

  16. GROSSOUT said

    Ser Luck want to lick her cheebye say so la!
    Marry this prostitute home then, once a whore, always a whore. You think she can be a MP? Although the pay scale similar

  17. Say So La said

    Underage girl kills a MP… can or not?

    Cynthia Phua 17 year old mentally challenged boy also want to crush like cockroach.

    Don’t conveniently show sympathy la, want to fuck her say so la. $500, she’s 18 year, riped already, except that there are at least 80 cocks in and out of her cheebye already…

  18. 0541774 said

    The main issue is the girl lied to the men she is not under-aged. The escort website even advertise her age as 18. She knows what she is doing and doesn’t deserve any protection from the media.

  19. I’m sure more elites or even white scums are involved. So now must quickly cover tracks……

  20. fpc said

    I like this version of tr.

    pap talking cock again. applying the same logic, the men details ought to be hidden too.

  21. Janice said

    Anyone knows her FB link?

  22. Shin said

    Quoting comment no. 13 by Victor: “What about those men whose life and marriages are practically destroyed? Don’t they deserve a second chance? Yes, they have broken the law, very likely unknowingly”

    It is plain ridiculous when you talk about those men whose marriages are practically destroyed. If you’re married, why are you even going to hookers? Such act is simply regarding marriage as bull*hit. You think it’s their first time cheating on their spouse? I highly doubt so! On top of that, most of the men who are caught should be old and wise enough to think with their smart head instead isn’t it? How do we even know or prove that they didn’t know that this girl was a minor back then when they have her on their bed?

    I’ve to agree with what Mr Teo and MP Halima Yacob that there is no point of divulging the prostitute’s identity. How mature and smart can a minor think at that age when she is lured and tempted into such trade? And who should bear the responsibility for the lack of moral? Because of her ignorance that turned to greed, shouldn’t counseling be the best approach for her? Now that she is at her legal age, you can’t do anything to stop her from prostituting herself but to correct her strayed mentality since she started being a prostitute. This is probably what the MPs are thinking of.

    And to comment no. 11, its unfair to relate this case to the Malaysia drug trafficker – we all know drugs are even more fatal and harmful compared to this. Imagine if he sold all his drugs, how many lives would be taken and wasted?

    The ones should be punished severely by the law is the pimps – who probably instigated and lured these young girls into such dark trade and weaving lies to both parties even knowing underage sex is illegal in Singapore.

    For the married men – if you want to fool around, that’s what you get. For the single, high-flyers – I simply believe you could be smarter

    All in all, lust and money are the roots of such problems – who can we push all the blame to except for the inner devil within?

  23. Shawnliao said

    The lady should be protected at all cost, who in this article had never done some thing foolish before when they were young. This lady here was at that point of time a young little girl who had been fooled to be engage in to a career of prostitution, just like being a runner of a loan shank.. When you are a child/teenage, didn’t you ever been fooled??

  24. Joy Peace said

    这些负面新闻越演越烈,社会新闻,公共交通国人的情绪反应,那么多几十位同时被控,有罪刑罚也应该大同小异,因为控状一样吗?如果这些有头有脸的,有高层,总裁,银行家,专业人士,富商,教育界栋梁,企业家,政党基层领袖。。都一一入狱服刑,年轻人,新加坡人会不会觉得那判刑坐牢其实没什么,没那么严重,我们小小国家,监狱向来都有一到两万人,本来不是说我们的犯罪率很低吗?但50%是惯犯,5次以上入狱的几乎一半,相信大多数是吸毒滥用毒品,非法赌博者,但也有小儿科的囚犯,有一名86岁老人,骗取区区$250, 判刑7个月,也可能有人为了几块钱入狱,也有人缴不起罚款以服刑代替,交通事故入狱也有,坐牢在新加坡好像比其他国家太普遍了。

  25. Basically what the minister wants to tell young girls is this: if you want to make money fast without getting into trouble, just go and spread your legs for willing men. In the end the law will protect you from being named, you will not be charged with any crime, and you get to keep all the money you earned. You won’t even be allowed to appear in court to face the men who you had sex with. So it is a good deal. Go ahead and tell this message to all the young girls out there. Anyone who says that she shouldn’t be named should also give up on gender equality.

    • Anna said

      I agree on your take on gender equality and I believe that there’s no point in divulging the men’s identities except to create a media hype.

      That being said, I agree with the minister’s statement. She needs to be protected because she is a minor. Psychologically, a 17 year old girl is not capable of understanding the consequences of her actions. Media influence, peer influence, parental influence and so many other factors sculpted her into believing that prostitution is an apt way of getting what she wants. There is absolutely no point in exposing her identity other than to increase media uproar and satisfy the curiosity of many nosy people. We have to think a little deeper here. We know what she has done, but we don’t know her background. There’s always two sides to a story and her side might just be more heartbreaking, which could be a reason why she ended up in such an extreme situation.

      I would say the exact same thing if this was an underage male prostitute. My opinion has nothing to do with gender.

  26. hello said

    Punish the pimp to the Super Max, next time nobody dare to recruit underage girl!
    Give those men and the girl a chance by court warning, they also been lure and cheated

  27. […] “Everyone deserves a chance to repent. The most important thing is, she should receive proper counseling in the future to prevent her from prostituting herself again.” – Temasek Times. […]

  28. AL said

    1. Why and should there be grounds for someone to defend her besides “she is still young and deserving protection”?!?
    After all, she had been willing(unless proof of being compelled to commit/engage vice-activities for a very lucrative sum(s) or undisclosed reasons) and furthermore, our government already has a law in this nation to deter would be offenders from committing such action(s).
    So, why don’t the law just execute their role(s) by serving and upholding Justice and Equality?!?

    2. Both(all) men who lusted by playing roles as pedophile(s) and of course, this prostitute’s generous paymasters and the prostitute herself, knowingly and willingly committed herself to such acts had landed themselves into trouble by being vice business partners! PERIOD!!
    If they ever had anyone to blame for ensuing undesirable consequences, they should blame upon themselves and if need be, the power of the internet as well, for their overnight rise to fame!

    3. Exposing their identities(including this prostitute) will serve a STRONGER & MUCH MORE EFFICIENT deterrent to all lustful men and women prostitutes alike, regardless young minors or adults, harboring such actions in their thoughts and those already in the making for another similar future episode!
    The question is : “When that episode occurs again, what and how will the law, together with society, react to that new episode with different characters in it?!?!
    (wishful thinking towards a vice free society on my part)

    4. This will definitely drive prostitutes(supply) fetching/commanding price(s) soaring sky high due to harsher penalties(due to revised law(s) with the Women’s Charter) one might say, which I totally agree but at the same time, root of problem(demand) will be driven low too!
    By end of the day, let us all get back to basics and think in general.
    Still in doubt?!?!
    Do the math and come to your own opinions and conclusions!

    5. Allowing the prostitute chance to repent need not anonymity.
    It is matter of an individual’s willingness to repent from actions previously conducted and penalized before in a court of law!

    Now, need we still think beyond basics and create mixed emotions and thoughts?!?

  29. Go eat shit said

    How the fuck is it fair that the identity of the ‘underage’ prostitute is ridiculously protected by the state till the court imposed a gag order when the media expose of the men is akin to a witch hunt. Is it not illegal for a willing minor to offer commercial sex?! Oh, but now the little whore is the victim. And the men who patronized her, unaware of that fact from being maliciously lied to by the girl and her pimp, aren’t victims?? When she knowingly knew what she was doing, to buy her designer bags and shoes, to live it up and party with the easy money she earned. Please dont fucking tell me that is the law. If the law is stupid, the law needs to be reviewed. If you dont agree, grow some fkng brain cells for your poor excuse of a retarded cerebrum. And dont quote your holier than thou morals. I dont give a shit about that. Finally, take the Women’s Charter and shove it up your ass. Just my humble opinion.

  30. thegarderner said

    Ser Luck. We know what’s on your mind sex maniac.
    You are paid too much to comment on prostitutes. Get off your butt & do what you do.

  31. Herp Derp said

    Protect the girl due to her age? Most of the guys getting charged also are young and have their lives ahead of them. The only difference between this scandal and 1 night stand you get in clubs/pubs is that you pay afterwards.

    If the girl was forced into this business and wanted out after 1,2 even 3 times sleeping with strangers then by all means protect her idenfity. After sleeping with so many men, I dare say she is doing it FOR THE MONEY. Why are we even consisdering her a victim?

  32. Family Man said

    All were willing parties. There was clear intent to deceive and cheat for extreme gain by the girl. SO DROP THE CASE AND RELEASE THE MEN!!!

  33. Shin said

    It is interesting to see how people ASSUME so many things from this case.

    1. The prostitute buys designer bags, shoes, party and living it up. Wow, are you living in her wallet?
    2. These men being MALICIOUSLY lied to by the girl and the pimp. Who really knows what goes behind the scenes? Read the description of the girl, “18, new to the job, sweet, young thing appeal” etc – wowwwwww, don’t tell me these men had no fantasy or intention to get into a young girl’s pants.

    And so what can many of you do when the prostitute’s identity is revealed? Are you gonna stone her to death like some conservative countries would to do their women? Or all you just gonna be a keyboard warrior all the time and hurl all sorts of insults to her name. And even if she receives some form of charges and punishment, what else do you guys expect from her? A public apology? You think that works? By publicly announcing her identity, can you imagine that there will be no future for her as well? Imagine she tries to get out of this trade in future and tries to get a decent job. Wowww, the employer would be impressed by her stunning sex history which is well-known to all Singaporean. You think she will get employed in future or she will have to stick back and get stuck in this sex trade forever? Don’t you get this is part of the reason why the MPs feels she should go through counseling/proper guidance and not reveal her identity?

    Nevermind that, so should we start thinking that the men who paid to get her service are the victims and pity them for being “scammed”? Should the society start thinking it wasn’t their fault to get into this kind of situation when some of these “victims” are ex-principal/married men/civil servants? Wow!

    • Herp Derp said

      The men are not “victims” too. We only demand that the “Innocent 16-yr-old-girl” pretending to be 18-yr-old hooker be charged the same level as the customers. As both are willingly parties and both benefited from the transaction.

    • Moses said

      Well, she can have a future being a prostitute.

    • D_unafraid said

      what wrong with paying for sexual service???? it legal isnt it??? what fault does a man have when he pay for sexual service?? dont give me the moral lesson. but it isnt illegal

    • scaler said

      Yes, it will not help that her identity is disclosed, but that doesn’t change the real reason for all the rage: The guilty is getting away with no penalty while the innocent are getting charged.

      I understand the decision to her anonymity but that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be penalised. Who dares to say that she doesn’t know that underaged sex is illegal?

      Yes, morally they are wrong to seek her services but it’s not like they intended to break the law.
      Yes, those with families should not have went for her services, but how about those who are single? I didn’t check out every person being charged but what are the chances of males that are still single and get charged, to find a partner in the future? How many female are willing to take the “Oh, isn’t your boyfriend/spouse the one who was charged for underaged sex?”

  34. LoL said

    Underage prostitute : Sir, you know I’m only 17 not 18 yet.

    Client : Really ? You look so mature.

    Underage prostitute : See, my IC
    (Hands it to him and while client looking at IC, she proceeds to undress and got naked)

    Client : oh…what the heck… I’m already at 18…..

  35. concern said

    ah teo, hardcore unlicense sex workers are really a danger to singapore and you encourage these act !!! is that coming from the authorities at large??? … hope this govt will dare to see this case differently. is very irresponsible to encouraged this case.

  36. Blackman said

    Ah Teo, clearly she’s the duplicitous one. Give her more credit. You are really belittling her. If she was capable of this appalling deceit at such a young age, she was fully capable of taking responsibility of her own actions.

    And you as a MP should review this piece of legislation to ensure it protect those who deserves to be protected, not those who willing to sell their bodies for money and then cry wolf.

  37. denzuko1 said

    For a moment I thought, did Tui Ser Luk also engage her for…..

  38. D_unafraid said

    My Question is how the hell one know about the “REAL” age of a hooker? been a streetwalker she most properly have fake ID and she might even be well aware of the legal sex age here in Singapore. The point is she is here to make a living, been honest and telling the customer I am below 18 of legal age isnt going to do good for business.
    and for the men? how the hell you verify the “REAL” age, you can ask for once, you can check as well the ID and if you did both and in the end you realise the hooker lie to you, can you counter sue her? you came across a hooker at the side of the street and how do you truly verify her age???
    server the under 18 law to protect the innocent girl I agreed, but a hooker is a hooker

  39. dude said

    Yes, its confirmed that the pimp’s mother’s brother is none other than the Singaporean MP who was set on fire, Seng Han Tong. Tang Boon Thiew a.k.a Chris Tang to his friends, could not really hold his X.O while patronizing quite a few of the K.T.Vs in town, in his inebriated state he would frequently boast about his ‘political connections’, most of us would play along as he was picking up the tab but now………..

  40. Lew Sin Hoe said

    Why are the hotels not prosecuted for allowing prostitution in their premises?

  41. The Pariah said

    PASIR RIS-PUNGGOL GRC VOTERS: This is the kind of MP Teo Ser Luck that you voted into Parliament in GE 2011. Do you know what to do in next GE???

  42. pay said

    1)the pimp is the only guy that has access to the girls bio and he is the one who posted ’18years old’. He is possibly and likely the only person that knows of her through age.
    2)why does an underage girl in singapore whore? is this a trend? or because government could not sterlize envy/inflation/rich-poor gap that society takes a turn and ONLY looks at $$$
    3)ALL men are horny, but some men express their sexual desire through force and violence. others gentlemanly men pays $$$ for 60mins of fun. And there are those that are just pedos. The 48 gents and counting I believe are not the most distructive ones, infact Strauss Khan make them look like school kids.

    so subhas, all the best to you, please fight and remove the vile thats blinding the public now.

  43. Jackie Soh said

    Totally smacks of hypocritism ! Exposing the names and particulars of the men involved ” will not do anybody any good” as well and it was totally unnecessary for the public to know who they are and yet no qualms about splashing their names and occupation all over the news. No thought and consideration spared towards their innocent spouses, children, parents whatsoever at all ! While I do not condone prostitution, the fact remains that the girl and her pimp lied about her age in the online ad. So if no mercy was spared towards the men and their families then why make a show of being magnanimous and kind suddenly now by saying we shud not expose the girl ?? I am not calling for the girl to be exposed but if anyone sincerely has the welfare of others at heart then the same consideration shud be given to ALL.

  44. pay said

    and I find ser luck abit air headed

  45. lilmsperfect said

    Shouldn’t ministers actually think before they make a stand? What’s he trying to do? Encourage child prostitution because child prostitutes have the privilege of not having their honourable names published?
    Please lah. In the midst of saving a minor’s reputation, try saving your own reputation too, ok?
    Oh btw, I don’t actually think she’s a minor even though she was 17 at that time. She was already Majoring in prostitution.

  46. Avantas said

    The whole debate about whether the hooker is young is ridiculous. Our dear MP should have just kept their mouths shut. You can legally have sex at 16 years old but can’t sell sex until 18? What’s the justification for that? Laws are legistrated to serve a particular purpose that the society as a whole desires. Very often there are flaws in the implementation of those statues and should be updated accordingly to the times and desires of the populace as a whole.

    Those who justify the laws for the greater good are correct in some ways, but very foolish in most scenario as this entire drama is a good example where the law on hand is FLAWED.

    The men involved contracted her services with NO INTENTION of breaking the law unless someone wants to debate the possibility of all 44 of them being complete idiots. The pimp and hooker herself advertise the services with the age 18 so as not to BREAK THE LAW. This is obviously a misrepresentation of the product by the pimp and hooker with intention to cheat the prospective customer.

    I have had enough of self righteous arseholes who keep harping on the fact that 18 is too young to know for her own good. WHO DECIDED ON 18 years old? This is equivalent of giving any sexually active women below 18 years old an impenetratable shield. The protection for minors should apply to only victims not hookers with a PROFESSIONAL RECORD!

  47. microscopy said

    To hell with Teo Ser Luck, who is he trying to protect in the first place???

  48. L Y Yen said

    Underaged prostitutes are young does not mean that they are stupid or retarfded and do not understand what is illegal to do! They ought to know that they are underaged prostitutes and its against the law… the prostitutes got their fair share fromo the deal, they are paid and man got their pleasure. Now, the men are charged for paying underaged prostitutes to provide them the service, in this case the underaged prostitutes should be charged for luring the men with their sexy body and accepting the payment to provide underaged prostitute service to these men, isnt it???…

    To conclude, both men and underaged prostitute should get the fair share of punishment. Since the name of the men are published everywhere in the media, it would be fair to published the name of these underaged prostitutes… this is to be fair… if the press and media protect the interest of the underaged prostitutes, I guess they should protect the interest of the patronisers of these prostitutes, isn’t it?

  49. L Y Yen said

    one more point, if the men are charged for the underaged prostitution, these prostitutes who provided the sex service should declare the money at the court for these illegal deals… since its illegal because its underaged prostitution service… what do you guys think? 🙂

    • Marie said

      58 times of bonking x $500 per session = $29,000/- (is the AGC going after this illegal income?)

      The gall of her to turn witness testifying against her clients (whom she lied about her age)…. it will be fun to see how Subhas Anandan rip this 18-year old liar apart during cross examination.

  50. Don't like TSL said

    I don’t like Teo Ser Luck =/ He talks nonsense…. Because of him, I abstained during the GE. (the opposition there also talked nonsense.) Haiz. What is the world coming to.

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