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Zheng Huiting apologizes for making ‘insensitive’ remarks on death of NSF Lee Ruifeng during training in Lim Chu Kang

Posted by temasektimes on April 18, 2012

Embattled Singapore girl Zheng Huiting has apologized publicly for making an insensitive remark on the unfortunate death of full-time National Serviceman Private Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron who collapsed and died during a training in Lim Chu Kang yesterday.

In response to a link to a Straits Times article posted on the Facebook of a friend, Huiting wrote:

“Singaporeans too weak? LOL”

(LOL: Laugh Out Loud)

Her comments infuriated many NSFs, one of whom started a thread on Hardwarezone forum calling her to be ‘burn in hell’. (read more here)

In an apology posted on Hardwarezone Forum, Zheng Huiting explained she wasn’t laughing at the incident as she did not even read the article:

“First of all, I sincerely apologise for my insensitive. But of all honesty, I wasn’t laughing off at the incident. In fact, I didn’t even clicked and read the article and know what that was all about. For that, my fault, and I apologise.”

She added she didn’t mean it ‘literally’ that NSmen are ‘weak’:

“Another fact that we cant deny is that Singaporeans does have a better life, as compared to other countries, and Singapore men cant choose whether they want to do NS. For me saying NS men are ‘weak’, I didnt mean it literally, and I apologise.”

Zheng Huiting has since deleted her Facebook together with that of her boyfriend Kelvin Ong who is currently serving his NS as a combat engineer.

Attached below is her full apology on Hardwarezone forum:

Some responses on Facebook:

“Zheng Huiting should learn what to say and what not to say. While a family has just lost their son, her senseless remark is really uncalled for. Does she not have brothers or male friends who are serving NS ?” – Peter Teo

“I feel this is a symptom of our society now.. A lot of people now lacks compassion. Perhaps she is immature, but let’s hope our education and society improves.” – Peter Loke

“This is indeed very unfortunate and impropriate to make such comments or remarks whenever there us a Singaporean son died when still serving his national duties. Be it out if fun or just a casual remark,it is totally uncalled for.” – Ong Pang Yaw

“My condolences to the family of the NS boy. This is a tragedy and there is nothing funny about it. For the record not all Singaporean females think like her, and we do empathise with our male counterparts who have to suffer 2 years of hardship in NS.” – Jamie Lee

“very disappointed with a lot of girls who never experience what NS is about. They think it is only a breeze in the park or PE lessons.” – Gary Ong


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48 Responses to “Zheng Huiting apologizes for making ‘insensitive’ remarks on death of NSF Lee Ruifeng during training in Lim Chu Kang”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    This twit is really a dumb bitch…I feel sorry for her boyfriend who has to serve National Service….He shoud consider dumping her…

  2. nurviya said

    i’m sorry but you really should have thought about the consequences before posting that =/ apologies just ain’t gonna cut it.

  3. visakanv said

    Aiyah, we’ve all said stupid shit before. Let her go.

  4. Dan said

    Lol she cant even read the title issit. What a lame excuse for her insensitivity.

  5. just a thought said

    awww.. she apologized… but if apology works, who needs police right?
    sad to say, apology does work for PAP, taking kate spade for example. supposedly no political comments are to be made during election cool off day, yet she did so with her facebook account, and she can brushed it off with a simple taichi move called “it’s my administrator” lol.

    in short, if you want to do more wrong things and yet get away with a sorry, join PAP huiting.

    • Kelvin said

      That proves “讲话没有经过大脑,饭可以乱吃,话不能乱讲。think thrice before u say something. People better get this into their mind. Wanna apologize? go get a religion. (A part Peter Parker said in Spider man 3). =)

    • Ronald said

      Wow, what a logic jump, dragging the PAP into this. You have some issues.

    • k said

      I can’t believe you managed to drag something completely unrelated into this. Seriously.

      • Kelvin said

        Haha.. well.. that only you who felt unrelated.. =) Its true! if she really feels sorry! go get a religion! which means! tell god! tell god she is sinned! for saying those things! dumb. =.=

  6. The Truth said

    I feel Singaporeans are making too much of a big deal about this whole situation. Whatever it is, I’m glad I’ve left Singapore. No more judging, complaining, stomping, unnecessary commenting and making a fuss of EVERYTHING. Including the irregular MRT times or the influx of immigrants. Just be glad you’re where you are protected in your little land.

    • zinc said

      Wow, quitter laughing at the poor ppl here.

      • Gilligan said

        i don’t think the term quitter is appropriate here. I left Singapore too about 12 years ago and i can safely say that i have made the right decision from the economic, social and educational perspective. Anyway, you reap what you sow.

  7. Kelvin Tay said

    We need to get the government to let at least some of the girls like 40/50% to go through 2 years of NS..some other country have female doing national service and they have more population then us..why cant we do as them?we guys can do it survive on 500 dollar pay per mth for 2 years why cant they(girls) do it? I thought we are suppose to be treated equaly between guys and girls(singapore 5 stars also states eqaulity) having guys do NS only does not seems so to equal to me.We wasted 2 years just to get this from a girl? Fellow singapore man die serving to protect them girls leh..

    • Sharon said

      The world is never fair. If you can spend all this time arguing about over-debated issues you are letting some major chances slip away.

    • laoniang said

      FUCK NS entirely!
      All these foreigner come here steal job, steal spots, steal house. And you want lao niang to serve NS to protect all these parasites? I say abolish SAF!!

    • Celest said

      God gave you one lanjiao and two lumpas and women one Cheebye. Are they the same? Quit complaining about unfairness. Your luck to be born in SG and with a lanjiao. Don’t want serve NS? Go for sex change.

      • Kelvin said

        Yup celest. They aren’t same. But god gave u woman 2 neh neh in return too. 🙂 so don’t talk rubbish. Let xmm serve ns for 3 mths. Learn it through the hard way. 🙂

    • Kelvin said

      Ya. Woman should try at least 3 mths of ns bmt. This is not for fairness. since some xmm can enjoy mocking with LOL. Then They have to learn everything through hard way then. 🙂 3 mths bmt. Let xmm knows this is not weak or laughing matters! This is something that is out of our control!

  8. Surasak said

    In her apology, she said she was not laughing off at the incident. Now we all know the “LOL” in her original post means Lots Of Love.

  9. passerby said

    rip dom. just stop it everyone.

  10. The Song Bird said

    The point is not about our mens’ physical ability or weakness, look at most of these reports throughout the years and years. Faulty things and vehicular accidents for example. The weather is another thing, the heat from the sun can be so deadly.

  11. thecakeisalie said

    I might die next month too. <- Me weak

  12. R1 said

    Every time when i go Sungei Gedong MO, i can see the medics feel bored entertaining those “regulars”. But that particular day, i witnessed them being so focus on saving this guy and the ambulance was driving so fast that even my bike would never be able to catch up. I suggest we should respect this guy, learn from his lesson and let the matter rest instead of venting out anger on this girl since she already apologized. What’s more important now is we individual NSF do our own part and not let tiredness take control over our body, what’s worse is by waiting for a commander to save us. One commander can only do so much when there’s 7 men in a section. So let’s stop this death incident from happening by taking care of OUR OWN safety and not waiting for that 1 commander to spot it!!

  13. ed said

    Heh, she apologise on one hand and gave excuses on the other. Seriously if you want to apologise don’t give excuses. It actually doesn’t sound sincere.

    It sounded like “I’m sincerely sorry…. BUT… its not exactly my fault because “

  14. Nsf raged said

    She will have to carry on her shoulders the wrath of 900,000+ from past nsf and new ones…. Well except the ones who have passed on lah..

    • Nsf raged said

      Its not a matter of nsf or gender from the way i see it,
      It a matter of a life being taken away…you dont lol about it. Imagine ur pet dog’s life being taken away, see how you will LOL about it..
      I wouldnt, i HAD a pet once, most painful feeling that i had when it died.
      And when u state singaporean, im sure in ur sick mind ur also referring to the past nsfs who died during training too.. I hope u didnt. Coz if u did, (god knows)
      Only one word..


  15. passerby said

    just stop it and give the family a break will you guys. haters are also being insensitive. i beg and urge all stop it.

  16. 0541774 said

    She where got apologize?

    • Kelvin said

      Omfg! I just read this link u post! If that’s the real her wrote! Make sure her whole family have long life! Because if any of her family member passes away. I will attend her wake lol to her. And say sorry to her family member. And will remind her don’t cry. Just laugh.!

  17. worldorder said

    OK . she is brave enough to stand up and face the music and apologised for her mistake. Do it the minsterial way !!! Its unavoidble, can’t be help, Lets move on. Let’s be more understanding and accommodating as she has special needs. Afterall, she is a Singaporean !! lets live and forgive !!! Proud of you , Ms Zheng. At least you dare to face the music and not give some motherhood statements. Go Girl !! I forgive you already with your sincere apology.

  18. KH said

    Ok la.. since she apologised. I hope her remark also not entirely aimed purposely at NS guys. At least she apologised publicly as soon as she knows her mistakes. Unlike Sun Xu, purposely mocked at Singaporeans. There is this girl called Rachel in another post and say what ang moh are better. saying we singaporean should migrate. That is totally aiming on purpose! THAT SHOULD BE ON THE HEADLINES INSTEAD! Then there is another post, Read and you understand. Totally mocking at NSF who serves to protect the country, regardless if its by forced or no choice. For Huiting, I hope she learn her lesson and dun make stupid insensitive remarks again. Somebody is dead and instead of feeling sad that another life is lost, she goes “LOL”… Plain stupid.

    • z said

      It’s too bad you can’t tell a sincere apology from an insincere one. Does it looks like ‘she learnt her lesson’?

  19. PRsFTsOUTofSG said

    “Half-baked” apology, a-la Pappie style.

  20. talkcocksingsongplaymahjong said

    hmmm…a undergraduate from Queensland University of Technology didn’t read the article and was making comments about it by just solely from the tite?? sounds legit.

  21. slim said

    That’s my friend who passed away. Respect, please.

  22. Kelvin said

    I hope really hope I can be taken away from ippt. Just IPPT. I scared thi day happen to me too. 😦

  23. k1 said

    She studied in Queensland with this sort of English proficiency? Unbelievable.

  24. z said

    So what is the non-literal meaning of “Singaporeans too weak? LOL” anyway? Big words don’t help your apology. (Especially if you don’t know how to use it.) Sincerity does.

  25. Tig said

    I was infuriated by her comment. Her insensitivity. But look, she have made an apology. The front part doesnt sound very sincere but nearing the end, she does sound sorry. Everyone have said something stupid/idiotic/insensitive before and we all want to be forgiven. Let’s just forgive and focus on more important matters like transport and governing

  26. Andi said

    Come on lets face it. She obviously meant it in an insensitive way and HAD the idea that Singapore guys are weak. That didnt change until she realized she got flamed. But to find an excuse to cover up instead of owning up, thats cowardly. We make mistakes, but the biggest mistake is to not own up and cover up.

  27. Kelvin said

    If the girl are reading this. Remember this clearly. When u are wrong. Just Admit and apologize. Don’t give too many of reasons. Too many reasons = excuses. Bear that on your mind. And to remember well. Just remember this 6 Chinese words. 解释等于演释。pardon me if I use wrong Chinese characters. Not good in it. So long you can understand is okay! 🙂

  28. Ren said

    I believe u do not need to read the article to know what happen. It’s clearly written as the topic heading.

    I believe our education system though rigid should have taught you English lol

  29. zinc said

    掩饰, just FYI..

  30. Disgruntled said

    Dafuq? If you never even read, how can you even contemplate commenting on this issue?? twat

  31. skyred5 said

    sure you can apologize publicly and all, but what’s done has been done and it will be remembered throughout. And for that very comment itself, since you’re a singaporean this comment goes right back at you. weak. take more vitamin pills to improve your brain power.

  32. VH2006 said

    The frightening thing is that the first thing she thought when seeing the title was “LOL”. This shows the depth of her humanity (if any). In addition, with her disregard for Singaporeans, I shudder to think of her being in any position of power in any companies employing Singaporeans. For this reason, this transgression should never be forgotten! In fact, we should bump this up at least once per month.

  33. zzz said

    wts man…i bet she is not the only one..many girls actuali luffed at guys entering university 2 yrs lata saeing that the guys are “uncles” , or “old liao” i am like wth..the fact that they are still safe and sound is all because of national service be it scdf, spf or saf..without even a word of thanks they can even luff at those who have contributed so much to the nation..Just when i tot that was bad enuff and now this kind of shit.. is reali very upsetting to see such kind of unappreciative behaviour..mayb they are just too reali sad.

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