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Disgraced teacher Chua Ren Cheng was a Head of Department in charge of selecting MOE scholars at the Ministry

Posted by temasektimes on April 19, 2012

One of the four men charged for having commercial sex with an underage prostitute on Tuesday is a 33 year old teacher Chua Ren Cheng who once worked as a high-ranking official in the Ministry of Education.

Chua was a MOE scholar who obtained his Masters in ‘Radiation Physics’ from University College in London, United Kingdom after which he was sent to teach in Jurong Junior College.

After leaving Jurong Junior College in 2006, he was  posted to the Ministry of Education as its Head of Placement and Scholarships Policy before joining River Valley High School where he taught Physics and was placed in charge of its ‘leadership development’ department:


Though the Ministry of Education has removed all traces of Chua Ren Cheng from its website and directories, a post left by Chua himself on a website for private tutors remains:

“Relevant Experience / Teaching Style: Taught in a JC since 2006, now posted to MOE HQ as Head, Placement and Scholarships Policy.”

Colleagues of Chua who worked in the same department as him has also confirmed to us that he has been working together with them. The department is in charge of important tasks at the national level such as the drafting of policies for MOE scholarships, selection of scholars and their placements upon graduation.

This effectively means that Chua Ren Sheng has been placed in charge of the selection and ‘nurturing’ of MOE scholars for the last five years before his abrupt resignation this year.

Besides holding such a high and important post in the Ministry of Education, Chua is also a grassroots leader in the People’s Association, holding the position of Chairman of Taman Jurong Youth Executive Committee:

[Source: People’s Association website (cached version)]

In the last few years, a few MOE scholars have their scholarships or contracts terminated prematurely due to sex-related offences, one of them being Jonathan Wong who was charged for possessing child porn in the United Kingdom last year.

Education Minister Heng Swee Kiat has earlier said it is important not to let “one or two incidents” tarnish the image of the teaching profession, because there are many good teachers around.

He added that there would be a couple of black sheep from time to time in spite of efforts to maintain professional standards.

From the media reports below, it appears that it’s not just ‘one or two incidents’, but a dozen of them at least with Chua being the most senior educator to be charged for sex-related offences.

Will the Ministry of Education please explain why and how Chua Ren Cheng was given such an important post in the ministry at a tender age of only 28?


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10 Responses to “Disgraced teacher Chua Ren Cheng was a Head of Department in charge of selecting MOE scholars at the Ministry”

  1. SB said

    He is in the gov service and yet moonlighting as atutor

  2. Joe said

    No wonder so many scandals in MOE…上梁不正,下梁歪。。

  3. Existance said

    Wolf in sheep’s skin. Not surprising at all. These wolfs usually like to join garmen sectors and act like saint. Authorities will get more of these people exposed to light. They just can’t hide inside the sheep skin for the rest of their life.

  4. Ken Lee said


  5. Arul Nathan said

    Is he a member of the party also?

    Seems like the regime is crumbling.

  6. jaded said

    it is simply scary and an insult to rank and file workers how someone with little or no practical experience can be put in important posts just because they are a scholar. this is sick…

  7. boo said

    MOE teacher can moonlight as private tutor?

  8. Wen Le said

    Why does a young girl has such a great spell on him? I really don’t understand. Such a negative behaviour has never crossed my mind. My Chinese education and self-development books have taught me to distinguish the good and the bad conducts. Although he is regarded as a scholar, that doesn’t mean that he is a Mr. perfect to be worshiped in the real life. A lot of ordinary people like us can even be better than him in terms of morality standard.

  9. PRsFTsOUTofSG said

    Notice the Ministry of Education (MOE) scholarship trend? These people would have gone on to be civil servants, and potential Pappie candidates in 10-15years time. Tip of the iceberg! Just imagine how many other high ranking officials and politicians are closet perverts with pedophile tendencies just like these Govt scholars??

    Dec 2010 – Aaron Kok Chun Cheong, 23, NIE. “S’porean teacher Aaron Kok Chun Cheong jailed for sex with 2 girls, aged 12 &15″

    Dec 2010 – MOE Scholar Jonathan Wong, 23, York, UK – “Jonathan Wong expelled from University of York following child porn offences”

    March 2011 – Garett Kwok Yi Jun, 23, NUS FASS – “MOE scholar arrested last month for lewd act”

    April 2012 – Lee Lip Hong, 39, Principal, Pei Chun Primary – “Former principal charged for commercial sex with minor”

    April 2012 –Chua Ren Cheng, 31, HOD, River Valley High School– “Paid sex with minor: Green activist, ex-scholar among more men charged”–Green-activist,-ex-scholar-among-more-men-charged

    “MOE said that it expects its teaching scholars to conduct themselves in a manner that ‘upholds the standards of the teaching profession’. “LMAO

  10. Think Be4 U Speak said

    Mr Chua is a good man, well-liked by his colleagues. He’s humble and willing to learn unlike some scholars who are really stuck up and look down on the more experinced but lower rank civil servants. Really didn’t expect this to happen. Well, no one is perfect. His sex life might be bad but he’s a good guy. How many of you here are pure?

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