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Indonesian charged with having sex with underage prostitute allowed to leave Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on April 19, 2012

Reyner Desvando Suhartono, a 28 year old Indonesian who is one of the forty four men charged on Monday for having commercial sex with an underage prostitute will be allowed to leave Singapore after successfully applying in court to do so today.

Suhartono was in court to seek jurisdiction leave on two occasions, from April 20 to 29, and from May 16 to June 6 to prepare for his marriage in Jakarta.

A director of a water treatment company, he was accused of paying S$450 to the underage girl for sex in an apartment on September 24, 2010.

Suhartono’s defence lawyer, Mr Edmond Pereira assured the court that Suhartono will return to Singapore as he has “a vested interest in Singapore”. He owns a company here and a property in the eastern part of Singapore.

Suhartono is currently on S$30,000 bail.

Other clients of the same underage prostitute include 9 civil servants, a senior banker, a company director, a senior vice-president of a private company, lawyers, a senior police officer, the former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong and prominent grassroots leader and high-ranking MOE official Chua Ren Cheng. Their ages range from between 21 to 48 years old.


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6 Responses to “Indonesian charged with having sex with underage prostitute allowed to leave Singapore”

  1. Well done Singapore courts! One way ticket back home. Bye bye Sin city. Even I’m not a lawyer also know that he won’t come back? How come those in AG don’t know? Langgar!

  2. Anon! said

    Not to side ft but for this case, I think there’s a high chance that this guy will return to Singapore.

    Reason being having a company itself signifies his root over here in Singapore. I don’t think any boss would want to leave the country and sell his business for a rather small case considering the punishment that we are looking at as compared to manslaughter or murder.

  3. said

    Don’t come back! 7 years!

  4. PRsFTsOUTofSG said

    Menjalankan jalan indonesia (indonesian “run road”).

  5. Herp Derp said

    Damnnn where you get all this pictures from… fap fap fap

  6. I Love SG said

    wah lau. why was the reason not published? BIAS. He is going back to get marry la. Give your blessings leh. 😀
    Wonder why his wife-to-be know abt this and if she did, why did she insist on marrying him? Millionaire?
    See, girl is bitch and love just his money? Indo chinese.

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