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NSman expresses disappointment with Zheng Huiting for mocking death of NSF Lee Ruifeng

Posted by temasektimes on April 19, 2012

I am utterly upset and disappointed that a citizen of our own country, Zheng Huiting (left) would say this to someone’s son or brother. Every single soldier that Singapore has lost be it a man or a woman was someone important and that every Singaporean should treasure.

We may be a very small country, but we must always ALWAYS be GRATEFUL,THANKFUL,APPRECIATIVE to every men and woman who puts their life, time, health and all other matters of their own to serve their country and even though this is conscription in our country, they are still our own people and someone’s son, someone’s father, brother, sister, wife and etc.

I myself served with the country’s armed forces and sometimes when i look back at the people whom i have served with or have served for alongside me, i am proud to say that i admire and am thankful for their support even though some of us came from different backgrounds, all of us soldiers bonded together because of our hardships in training and the difficult times when our superiors push us to the brink of maddness and exhaustion.

As a Singaporean and as a ex-soldier, do you know who you will count on when the enemy knocks on your door, Who will protect you and safeguard your liberties and rights when a foreign enemy comes to your land? Who? But our SINGAPOREAN SONS and DAUGHTERS who are out there serving to protect our lives, our interests and this expands beyond just the SAF, they include the SPF and SCDF. All the people who serve in those places don’t have the best of salaries and they may not have the best of times with their families because of their work times and committments but this is not the time for you to go forward and think this is a funny matter at all.

Personally, i feel that whoever’s girlfriends, boyfriends,or spouses are out there serving, their loved one should be out there supporting and not critisizing their salaries, the glamour level of their jobs. They are OUT THERE SERVING and PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR US.

This is where no FT or Foreigner can ever understand our men and women are out there not those who have never ever experienced NS.

I am sad that when my buddies GF’s Breakup with them during their NS periods because its the time when every guy needs their GF to understand that their Boyfriends never asked for this, but because they believe and uphold the values of freedom and our country’s independence that is why they serve with their lives for the safety of our nation, for Singapore. Anyone who should ever EVER insult or make a joke that a soldier who died is weak, i want them to do the SOC to break the guiness world record and go through 2 years of NS and 10 years of reservist. Then we’ll see and we’ll talk.

So Girlfriends and Boyfriends, TREASURE that Boyfriend, Girlfriend, husband or Wife who is out there serving the nation. Take care of them and encourage them. They are human and no human is perfect. Remember that.

My Sincerest condolences to all soldiers who have died regardless in combat or in training or non-duty hours. Your sacrifices will always be remembered, LEST we FORGET.

To the recent loss of the soldier who died, we Singaporeans are sorry and feel the loss of another son who died serving his nation. May God be with your family and may your soul find eternal peace and happiness and honour that you have performed your best as a soldier and as a son of Singapore.



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7 Responses to “NSman expresses disappointment with Zheng Huiting for mocking death of NSF Lee Ruifeng”

  1. Siva said

    I dont understand the “daughters” part… :-/

  2. Alex Wong said

    NSman should express disappointment. She should be sued, wretched female.

  3. terry said

    “She has since apologized for her remarks, claiming that she did not read the article.” <— the headline or caption wrote "NSF DIED….during training" . HALO? do u need to fucking read the entire article to know a soldier died from training? excuses or are u dumb?

  4. Chua said

    She should be called into the Army Camp to serve “Corrective Work”, ie clean camp toilet etc

  5. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Well said Jericho Tan. I am with you.

  6. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Having served NS in the late 70s and now seeing my own boys doing the same, certainly gives me a sense of glittering pride. Seeing this young woman, (whose name is not worth mentioning), mocking our NS boys in the manner she has, certainly gives me a sense of sick feeling why people like her are still even here and not made to disappear from Singapore by the authorities. Period!

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