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PAP MP Alex Yam accuses netizens of launching online ‘witch-hunt’ against innocent people to deflect public attention from ‘pinoy drummer’ saga

Posted by temasektimes on April 19, 2012

Instead of addressing the concerns of Choa Chu Kang residents and solving their problems, PAP MP Alex Yam now accuses netizens of launching an online ‘witch-hunt’ against innocent people in a desperate attempt to deflect public attention from the ongoing ‘pinoy drummer’ saga which has raised serious questions about his competence.

Despite numerous requests by neighbors and the authorities to lower his volume, one Filipino boy staying in Block 608 Choa Chu Kang  Street 62 has been playing drums and blasting rock music loudly to disturb the peace in the neighborhood daily for several weeks since September 2011.

Mr Yam has earlier said the issue has been ‘resolved’ on 24 March when the family acceded to the request for their child to play the drum only between 12pm-1pm and 6pm-7pm. However, when one resident Chong Li Ling pointed out that they did not adhere to what they have promised and ought to be issued with a summon, Mr Yam played the ‘foreigner’ card to dismiss her complaint immediately:

“Is it more acute because it is a foreigner family? Has anyone tried to approach and clarify the situation? Does anyone know that the person drumming is a special needs person in a special school? Did anyone try to find out that the family is trying to save up to soundproof their place? Just so that their son to develop what they believe is his innate talent despite his special needs?”, Mr Yam posted on his Facebook, his tone appearing to blame Singaporeans for not being ‘understanding’ enough.

Mr Yam’s reply sparked a massive outcry among netizens, prompting one Hardwarezone forumer “razen21” to publish alleged photos of the Filipino boy as well as a video of him drumming with his friends on the SPH-owned forum which went viral in cyberspace and got republished in several forums and blogs after a local English tabloid did an interview with the family without revealing the boy’s photo. (read more here)

[Source: SPH’s Hardwarezone forum]

In response to queries of the media, Mr Yam shifted the blame sorely on netizens:

‘It is unfortunate that there is this unofficial witch-hunt, and the case has got to a stage where innocent people are being sucked in.’

However, many netizens felt the situation would not spiral into this stage had Mr Yam been more proactive in tackling the problem instead of coming up with excuses one after another to defend the Filipino family.

One Hardwarezone forumer “lee_tired_ship” wrote:

“if you early early deal with the matter, then will have witch hunt meh?”

Another forumer “twinings” took offence at Mr Yam’s use of the term ‘witch-hunt’:

“witch-hunts.  he think what, 1500s to 1600s?  MP don’t know what is witch-hunts but anyhow uses this term.”

Yodatan wasn’t impressed:

“well then u could have been transparent about the whole situation to begin with and not try to sweep everything under the carpet idiot.”

hachew blamed the Filipino drummer for not stepping forward to clarify:

“actually i think the fault is mostly on one person. the real issue was raised, but later was diverted to other issues, then when this wrong identity issue surfaced, the person who has knowledge to the truth chose to keep quiet. Therefore resulting in this boy being wrongly accused. He could just make a statement saying that it was not him. but he chose otherwise… this shows a lot about the person character.”

Meanwhile, as Mr Yam continues to ignore the comments left by netizens on his Facebook which has exceeded more than 250 comments so far, the state media is having a field day smearing netizens as xenophobic ‘witch-hunters’ which will only going to piss more people off.


We would like to offer our sincere apologies to Kenneth Milana for republishing his photos from Hardwarezone Forum without first verifying if he is the drummer in question which is impossible as his Facebook account is kept private. One of our moderators is a Hardwarezone forumer and frequently reproduced content from it here.

We have since removed all photos and any mention of him in our articles. It’s a honest mistake. No media is perfect let alone a small-time blog run by part-timers. TNP was once sued by former DPM Toh Chin Chye for mistaking him for another person with the same name who caused a traffic accident. Lianhe Zaobao recently mistook Colonel Perry Lim for Colonel Yau Thian Hock and used his photo in an article on the former’s sudden resignation from SAF. (read more here)

To use the usual PAP adage, let’s move on and not let it distract us from the REAL issue – which is ongoing ‘noise pollution’ generated by the Filipino boy which remains unresolved to this very day.


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11 Responses to “PAP MP Alex Yam accuses netizens of launching online ‘witch-hunt’ against innocent people to deflect public attention from ‘pinoy drummer’ saga”

  1. Badass Ed said

    Don’t worry. You guys have already made your apologies and took action to take those pics down. Now, everyone knows it’s not him but somebody else. What more does this Pinoy want?

    Even the Great Guy Himself up there made a mistake by parachuting me down on this island so full of foreigners that I am having great doubts about my nationality. Surreal but true, I think I am stateless.

    When I come home from overseas, a big banner at the airport says, “Welcome Home” but the immigration officers checking my passport is a Malaysian. The custom officers are Malaysians. The auxiliary policemen on duty at the gates are Malaysians. The information counter is manned by Pinoys.

    Contrast this with my arrival at the People’s Republic of China or the Philippines. EVERYONE guarding the borders are born and bred natives. I am the one beaming with pride, FOR THEM!

    The only Singaporeans I encounter are the taxi drivers, for now. Although more expensive, I prefer taxis than buses because on the bus, there is distinct chance that it will be driven by a PRC or an Indian and as we know, they are not too “familiar” with Singapore roads so anything can happen and I may not reach home safely.

    So, let’s move on with the ongoing topic of that special needs drummer boy.

  2. Arul Nathan said

    Is the Pinoy still continuing to disrupt the peace and quiet in his neighbourhood despite the hullabaloo over his drumming?

    I don’t believe any family can behave so arrogantly.

    Anyway, the MIW will soon have a massive problem on their hand when these insolent foreigners have replaced true blue Singaporeans on this island.

    Meantime, I’m sure this MP is pissing off more and more Singaporeans.

  3. Sharp said

    ALEX YAM, don’t try to distort the situation and deflect the matters on hand. Your competency in resolving the crux of the matter is yet to be seen! As of now, you are still useless!

  4. Dun Mess With Pinoy said

    Wow this ‘smoking’ Pinoy kid has got guts man…make police report man.

    I am sure he will get full attention…he is foreign talent after all.

  5. Invictus said

    The boy, or the family, don’t even have the decency to step forward and apologise for creating all this noise pollution and disturbing the peace in the neighbourhood . He is mildly challenged in the head after all !!

  6. Alvin Soh said

    Personally, for me, I hope that the Pinoy boy is still drumming all the way up to GE2016.

  7. PRsFTsOUTofSG said

    THEY started the problem for the entire community, but now Pappie portray them as ‘victims’ of a ‘witch hunt’. LMAO.
    Another $15,000/month wasted on these ‘goon-dos’.

    • I Love SG said

      you voted him, remember? 😀 I agreed with Alvin. Drum all the way not only to GE2016. But all the way.!!! 😀

  8. wMulew said

    Temasek Times trying to taichi the fact that they frame the wrong person without verifying the source and accuse Alex Yam of trying the deflect the problem when he was pointing out the true. U should stop sensationalizing news and overblowing every issue, not just for this case but for the 44 men and the poor girl who made a stupid remark about NS men

    • I Love SG said

      Hello. This is a blog. You can choose not to read. If you think TT is wrong. Sue them. Dun be a keyboard warrior. 😀 Blog is a blog. You can choose to believe in what you read, dear son. 😀

  9. theonion said

    Wmulew comments are right on the money.
    Further, considering that the boy is a special needs child, yet, this continues, where is the humanity.
    Special needs may not be how the boy looks but the brain is not working well ala Rainman

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