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PHOTOS: Singapore girl Zheng Huiting whose insensitive comments about NSF’s death caused a massive outcry

Posted by temasektimes on April 19, 2012

Singapore girl Zheng Huiting, who is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in Australia, sparked a massive outcry with a comment posted on the Facebook of a friend in response to a link to a Straits Times article on the unfortunate death of a national full-time serviceman Lee Rui Feng:

“Singaporeans too weak? LOL”

(LOL: Laugh Out Loud)

Her comments infuriated many Singapore men and women who roundly condemned her for it. The Temasek Times is the FIRST news site to break the news and the article has attracted more than 300,000 views and 300 comments so far.

Ms Zheng’s boyfriend Kelvin Ong is also currently serving his National Service as a Combat Engineer. She has since apologized for her remarks, claiming that she did not read the article.

Below are some snapshots of her taken from Hardwarezone Forum:





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18 Responses to “PHOTOS: Singapore girl Zheng Huiting whose insensitive comments about NSF’s death caused a massive outcry”

  1. frakpap said

    2nd pic looks a bit like the sexposed HK Edison Chen sex scandal “Twin”.

  2. maddog2020 said

    If she can say that Singaporeans are weak, that means she too is weak provided she’s a foreigner. But looking her her pics, I can she is Wu Liao or a skank!!!

  3. Ace said

    is there a need to make it so personal? why need to post her pictures? what difference are you to gossip news?

  4. not the same girl said

    Isn’t the girl in the 2nd photo the travel show host named SaSa? Please lah, Sasa is natually so sweet and pretty. see the different or not, Sasa’s eyebrow so trimmed, but Zheng’s eyebrow is so bushy.

  5. aiyo said

    omg the second pic is nt her la. it’s Sha Sha celebrity in taiwan la

  6. Derp said

    The NS serving boyfriend should give her a few tight slaps.

  7. Ken Lee said

    the cute and famous!

  8. zinc said

    Please just let her off already. I am a NSman myself, I know what she said was insensitive, but she has already apologised what more you expect her to do? To renounce her citizenship? Or to commit suicide then you will be ‘shiok’ TT?

  9. terry said

    .”She has since apologized for her remarks, claiming that she did not read the article.” <— the headline or caption wrote "NSF DIED….during training" . HALO? do u need to fucking read the entire article to know a soldier died from training? excuses or are u dumb?

  10. Uniquely Singapore said

    Must be a spoiled brat lah!

  11. disgraceful girl said

    seriously, i wonder what shes been taught, especially from her parents. this girl really need a good slap on the face to wake her up from her la la land.

  12. Laugh out loud said

    Looks a like edison *** partner

  13. yes said

    singaporean girls all small boobs? LOL

  14. seiya78 said

    wa lao….she look kana sai…. beside her bf in NS meaning she also say her bf weak lo

  15. Singaporeans too weak? LOL”So U like Ang Mo. N get total satifaction.

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