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Alex Yam to meet CCK resident to understand ‘more’ about ‘pinoy drummer’ case

Posted by temasektimes on April 21, 2012

PAP MP for Choa Chu Kang Alex Yam will be meeting a Choa Chu Kang resident Chong Liling to understand more about the ‘pinoy drummer’ case which has dragged on for several weeks.

When Ms Chong first surfaced the issue to Mr Yam on his Facebook, Mr Yam retorted callously that she should not make it ‘personal’.

“Is it more acute because it is a foreigner family? Has anyone tried to approach and clarify the situation? Does anyone know that the person drumming is a special needs person in a special school? Did anyone try to find out that the family is trying to save up to soundproof their place? Just so that their son to develop what they believe is his innate talent despite his special needs?”, Mr Yam posted on his Facebook, his tone appearing to blame Singaporeans for not being ‘understanding’ enough.

After sparking a massive outcry with his insensitive remark which he has yet to apologize for, Mr Yam now offers to meet Ms Chong to understand more about the case:

Meanwhile, other long-suffering Choa Chu Kang residents are stepping forward to air their grievances, one of whom is Mr Bryan Tan whose family has been putting up with the Filipino’s drumming for the last three months much to the ignorance of Mr Yam who had earlier proclaimed to the world that the problem has been ‘resolved’:

“I am an an unfortunate resident living in Blk 608 of Yew Tee and I am both relieved and frustrated that the issue has been addressed but isn’t explicitly solved. The drumming has been a great annoyance to me and my family for almost 2-3 months, we deserve the right to live in a peaceful environment, a PEACEFUL one or so you’ve been trying to bring across.”

Choa Chu Kang residents can keep us updated on the saga by emailing us at


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4 Responses to “Alex Yam to meet CCK resident to understand ‘more’ about ‘pinoy drummer’ case”

  1. singaporeans said

    Bunch of useless daft singkees who do not know what to do but to suffer in silence.

  2. Derp said

    So what was resolved in the first time round as claimed by Alex Yam? Under the carpet is not solved ok?

  3. spotlessleopard said

    It is time true blue Singaporeans reclaim their rights and prevent aliens usurping what our forefathers built through their blood, sweat and tears….New citizens musts prove they deserve to be Singaporeans ….if not their citizenship already granted should be revoked.

  4. Wilson said

    @TRE: when is the meeting? would you consider sending someone to cover the meeting and provide update on the actions taken?

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