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MediaCorp actress involved in car sex scandal?

Posted by temasektimes on April 21, 2012

One month after a MediaCorp actress was rumored to be moon-lighting as a social escort, another actress found herself in the spotlight again for her sexual peccadilloes.

According to a Chinese tabloid, though the actress appearance is of the ‘innocent’ type, she is actually quite ‘wild’ inside and has a high sex drive.

Not only did she have a few boyfriends in MediaCorp, she had many flings and one-night stands as well.

Once she could not wait to get home and had sex with the man in the car under a street-lamp.

“She once had an intimate relationship with a drink seller, but dumped him eventually. Every time a group of male actors get together, they will inevitably talk about her ‘private areas’, a sign of how fast she changed boyfriends,” the informant said.

The actress was rumored to have gone overseas to advance her acting career, but was not very successful. She was reportedly one of the ‘Ah Jie’ of MediaCorp and had the nickname of ‘Rocking car lady’ during her heyday.


21 Responses to “MediaCorp actress involved in car sex scandal?”

  1. Freemakan said

    more details about this lady,please!

  2. deathwing995 said

    hummm fx?

  3. JW said

    Who is it?

  4. WillTheCircleBe...Broken said



  5. Sam Gunner said

    Who gives a fuck.

  6. innersanctuary said

    Sounds suspiciously like Ann Kok.
    She once went to HK to make a career but failed and returned to Sg. During her heyday when she started out she had the sweet innocent damsel image. And she used to one of the Ah Jigs in Mediacorp.
    Might be due to her sexual bad girl image in the industry that’s why since her return to Sg she had been given slutty roles.

  7. Jason Ng said

    Sounds suspiciously like Ann Kok.
    She went to HK to further her acting career but flopped and came back to Sg. During her heyday and when she just started out Ann had the innocent damsel image. She also was once one of the Ah Jie in Mediacorp. Perhaps it is due to her poor reputation within the industry that made her kena all the slutty bad vamp roles on local screen in recent years.

    • stevenado said

      ya l maybe is ann, she did date a man much younger than her.Maybe he too young to handle her. can anyone get her to contact me? try then you know!!! that’s the name of the famous you tiao in Bendemeer Road!

  8. Bak gong said

    Innerspace and Jason Ng, same poster or cut and paste?
    Sounds suspiciously like a case for defamation. It’s one thing to speculate and another to name names which the tabloid and TT has wisely avoided unlike you.

    Plenty of other former artistes from Mediacorpse have tried venturing overseas with little success. Moreover ,no specific details have been given for this person in question. Could be anybody or NOBODY even. Must be a slow news day for both TT and the tabloid.

    • Jason Ng said

      Same posten same person.. Not cut n paste though. My first comment disappeared so I re typed n resent. Only to find out that both my posts went up online n there is no delete comment function for this thread too. Thats not defamation cos it is .y gut feeling. Every is entitled to their own opinion n feelings, aint he? The reason that msm n TT dont name names cos they represent an organisation whereas me I am my own person. If someone says on his or her personal blog thay he thinks so and so is guilty of a deed, would he be chatged as its his own opinion n not representing an agency?

  9. Mike Tan said

    Whats wrong to love having Sex

  10. Director EP said


  11. FreeMakan said

    double comfirm,who is this lady !

  12. Mediacorpse said

    Cheap horny slut ah jie, those guys must be discussing how loose and wrinkly her vagina is.

  13. The Gardener said

    No photo no count.

  14. FreeMakan said

    she is a nice lady

  15. seems to sound like FW to me… AW is nt even an ah jie.. tats y she went to try her luck at HKG..

  16. Jesseca said

    This News is fake !!
    1th The Picture does not look like any ah jie
    2th who is so dum that won’t have sex when another woman is behind
    3th the photo might be photoshop

  17. Thanks , I have recently been looking for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve came upon till now. But, what about the bottom line? Are you sure about the source?

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