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Another train disruption: LRT train stalled between Bukit Panjang and Senja LRT stations

Posted by temasektimes on April 22, 2012

One day after Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew ticked off SMRT for the recent spate of breakdowns, a LRT train stalled in Bukit Panjang today causing distressed passengers to be evacuated from it.

According to a netizen, he saw two LRTs stopped somewhere in the middle of Bukit Panjang and Senja stations today. A fire engine, red rhino and ambulance were also on standby in the vicinity:

[Source: Hardwarezone Forum]

Another commuter Teo Wei Shen added:

“Service A is disrupted; Services B and C (via BP7 Petir) are available. One vehicle has broken down and another vehicle has coupled to the broken down vehicle, likely to be sent back to depot. It appears to be the exact same section of track where a vehicle’s guide wheel disloged about 10 years ago.”

Passengers were forced to alight from the stalled train and walk back to the LRT station:

As usual, there are no public statements from SMRT as its management has long run out of excuses to cover up for its gross incompetence.

The Temasek Times is the FIRST news site in Singapore to report on the latest SMRT cock-up as such ‘minor’ disruptions continue to get censored by the state media.

For instant updates on the latest train disruptions, traffic jams and accidents, please visit The Temasek Transport Review Facebook here.


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17 Responses to “Another train disruption: LRT train stalled between Bukit Panjang and Senja LRT stations”

  1. FreeMakan said

    AH Lui must resign

    • Ken Lee said

      wow lau ai all line got problem!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • To make Ah Lui resigns said

      To make Ah Lui resigns is not fair to put it as he takes over the shitty system from his predecessor Raymond. Now he has to face the music. To put it simply, he asks for it because he is a ‘yes’ man to the ruling party. If he still keeps what knows about the system ‘mump’, the dire consequences are unthinkable.

  2. 守护者 said


  3. Next Scapegoat said

    Sad!!!! Who will be the next scapegoat??? I hope it isnot the driver of the train!!!

  4. worldorder said

    This SMRT episode is getting ot of hand it seemed. Yes, Lui has to fix it but remember who delivered these to Lui ?? It’s the Ex-CEO of SMRT.

  5. spotlessleopard said

    Dontlet him resign..make him take a paycut of 80%……

  6. Peter said

    Time to buy a bicycle, China style.

  7. Sean said

    Not Lui’s fault… the previous Minister of Transport should pay for this…. his years of neglect!

  8. Nothing New said

    After seeing the 2nd photo I had an epiphany “Walk like a Singaporean” (similar to 80’s song by The Bangles’ “Walk like an Egyptian”)
    LRT is newer than MRT trains, shouldn’t break down like this.

  9. Private Profits Social Costs said

    Loser Sinkie: PAP still the best! Look at my HDB flat! I bought at 150K! Now 450K!

  10. CivilSerpentsScholarsArePedoPerverts said

    LUI TUCK YEW, please humbly resign now!! Reply to this message if you agree.

  11. kinman said

    Maybe SMRT is looking at the wrong places since the first disruption. Personally, I think the solution is the system and the infrastructure (SMRT).

  12. nobody said

    Safe to walk on? How about wheel chair bound? Is it safe for them too? And children as well, have they started using their brain to think and stop giving lame excuses?

    • kinman said

      There are no railings,no rain shelters (especially when breakdown on raining days) and no safety procedures to guide us commuters. SMRT must be thinking we are fools to believe them.

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