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Desmond Choo reaching out to WP’s base in Hougang with visits to temples

Posted by temasektimes on April 22, 2012

As the Workers’ Party continues to ‘hibernate’ in Hougang, PAP grassroots adviser for Hougang organizations Desmond Choo has been working very hard on the ground to win the support of Hougang residents.

In the last one week alone, Mr Choo has been seen in the constituency almost every day in addition to the weekly ‘tea party’ sessions he conducts on Monday nights at the Hougang Community Club.

Two days after celebrating Tamil New Year with Hougang residents, Mr Choo joined in a temple celebration near Block 309, reaching out directly to the Workers Party’s base in Hougang.

The Teochew-speaking community in Hougang, many of whom are Buddhists and Taoists, form the bastion of support for WP Chief Low Thia Kiang since he captured the constituency in 1991.

However, with ex-Hougang MP Yaw Shin Leong’s reputation in tatters after being involved in alleged extra-marital affairs with multiple married women, conservative Hougang residents may have a change of heart this time, judging from the response received by Mr Choo at the event.

Many residents were seen walking up and shaking Mr Choo’s hand and had kind words of encouragement for him.

In a post on his Facebook, Mr Choo wrote:

“Joined in the temple celebrations near Blk 309. It was my first time joining them. They shared the rich history behind the different rites an rituals. What a wonderful journey thru a piece of Chinese history! The organizer, Ah Keong, told me how he visited different places of worship to better understand the religions in S’pore. He’s a true believer that all faiths can grow together in Singapore in harmony and respect. Was extremely impressed by his religious knowledge. He also did 20 paintings for the functions!”

[Source: Desmond Choo’s Facebook]

Meanwhile, there is nothing heard about the Workers Party’s activities in Hougang. Its likely candidate for the Hougang by-election Png Eng Huat does not have a Facebook page yet and the last update on the Hougang SMC’s Facebook page was on 16 April about a Health Talk. There was no mention of Mr Png whose public visibility in Hougang has been far below Mr Choo.

According to some observers, WP’s ‘inactivity’ in Hougang is a sign of its sheer ‘arrogance’ that it will win Hougang easily again as it has been a WP stronghold for the last twenty years. WP members and supporters have also been making snide remarks about Mr Choo’s chances in cyberspace with some asking him to ‘Balk Kampung’ and stop wasting his time as Hougang ‘belongs’ to WP.

To learn more about Mr Choo, please visit his Facebook page here.


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8 Responses to “Desmond Choo reaching out to WP’s base in Hougang with visits to temples”

  1. Prataman said

    You are sprouting nonsense again for Desmond Choo.

    Is he paying for advertisements space here ??

  2. The Gardener said


  3. Joseph chua said

    Btw who say png Eng huat and wp are not
    Doing anything? Do you know png Eng huat has been doing house visit non stop. I know because I am staying in hougang. Not only is mr Png doing house visit, so is mr low is doing house visit too. So temasek review please get your facts right. Just because mr Png is not active on social media, does not mean he nit doing anything. Why dun you take a walk in hougang to know more?

  4. Ken Lee said

    go temple is no going to help you! the sin is already there!

  5. alamak said

    打铁要趁热 PM Lee should hurry up for by-election then!!

  6. candy girlz said

    Temasek Review scare get another “warning” for like Opposite Party?

  7. spotlessleopard said

    The PAP still doesnot seem to get the message…..The citizens want them to implement the following: 1) Free Medical for ALL Citizens who are 60 and above (they paid taxes for more tan 30 years of their lives and it is the Sate’s fundamental responsibility to look after them and stop making their children use their medisafe to pay for the medical services…2) Stop spending more than 30% of yearly expenditure on USELESS DEFENCE….3) Provide free education from Kindergarten to at least Secondary Education….3) Stop the shameful unbridaled import of Foreigners to marginalise citizens.4) Stop using public money to bail out PROFITABLE TRANSPORT COMPANIES…
    If they do not amend their ways …I and my family and friends will certain vote them out in GE2016

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