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Aljunied resident harassed and intimidated by AHTC cleaners after complaining about dirty corridors

Posted by temasektimes on April 23, 2012

Even before the ‘rat infestation’ problem in Aljunied GRC has been solved, another problem has popped up again with another Aljunied resident complaining about the decline in the general state of hygiene in the constituency.

One Aljunied resident 28 year old Mr Goh living in Bedok North Street 1 said his estate is usually quite clean for the last 12 years till Workers’ Party took over the ward.

“The corridors are not swept as often as before and you can see the litter everywhere,” he said pointing to a pile of litter outside his flat to visiting journalists.

As usual, complaints to Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) fell on deaf ears and Mr Goh was subsequently HARASSED and INTIMIDATED by its cleaners under its employment!

Mr Goh claimed that after lodging his complaint to AHTC, he has been harassed relentlessly by a Bangladeshi worker from AHTC who made rude and intimidating remarks to him.

“This is not the first time. I suspect he knew I lodged a complaint against him and therefore kept harassing me. I have lodged a police report already,” Mr Goh added.

When contacted by the media, AHTC said it has conducted its own internal investigation and the Bangladeshi worker has denied harassing Mr Goh.


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23 Responses to “Aljunied resident harassed and intimidated by AHTC cleaners after complaining about dirty corridors”

  1. maddog2020 said

    It happens everywhere even in Ang Mo Kio. The state of hygiene in the Ang Mo Kio is questionable where I’ve seen rats running around even in the Hawker Center. So it does not only happen In Aljunied-Hougang but even in the stronghold of Mr Lee Hsien Loong. It’s even more rampant in older housing estates.

  2. getoffmyplanetidiots said

    the only reason why AMK cases are not reported is because it is run by the bored dragon.

  3. Alan Lau said

    the report specifically said ” …. last 12 yrs till Worker’s Party took over the ward …” we know that the TC is under the PAPies control … so now they trying to scare the shit out of the Aljunied residents!!

  4. Badass Ed said

    I smell a rat!

  5. Jaded said

    haha nice try.. PAP troll. You want to smear WP’s reputation, try harder

  6. Observer said

    I live in Aljunied and I find this article and many more similar to this been posted recently. I lived here for the last 20 years and I must say its improved alot since WP took over. Previously, its terrible under PAP.

    I suspect these people raising it have a political agenda. I am very please with the current situation. Keep it up WP.

  7. Derp said

    Obviously we can see whr this Mr Goh’s comments are going when he said “his estate is usually quite clean for the last 12 years till Workers’ Party took over the ward.” I bet Potong Pasir also has residents facing the same issues when his beloved party took over now…juz that they did not stoop to his level of tarnishing pple’s reputation.

  8. tan kim lan said

    come see clementi and clementi west! slump!

  9. Jack said

    The media are independent and need to be careful not to be seen as being used for political agenda

  10. Aljunied resident said

    “As usual, complaints to Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) fell on deaf years”
    TT, why is it that I get the impression that you people have something against WP? I remember this previous article where you people slammed WP for their alleged neglect of Hougang voters in face of the possible by-election.
    Anyway, I am a resident from Aljunied GRC and from my observation, there isn’t any compromise on the estate maintainance since WP took over the ward.
    And please, it’s “deaf ears”, not “deaf years”.

  11. it's so typical.. said

    How timely!! Strategic use of mass media now.. Looks like the by election is coming very soon.

  12. Ken Lee said


  13. Singaporean First said

    I live in West Coast Clementi West st 2.. where PAP has strong hold. Same issues esp when there is construction going on.. Many F-Workers will litter around the places where they rest. I find my estate getting worst and worst each year. It is not a Aljunied only problem , it is a NATIONAL problem, our Govt is not taking serious actions against littering like we used to do.
    F-workers and I suspect F-Talents are littering around Singapore .

  14. joke.... said

    someone maybe can look into the bicycle situation in Sembewang…
    Its making Sembawang Mrt looks like a bicyle park.

  15. joke.... said

    i am going to write to MSM and see whether do they put it up.

  16. Funny said

    Cleaner lazy I heard before, cleaner nothing better to do than to threaten resident? Try something better PAP.

  17. Magdalene Ruben said

    Yes, TRE reader “Badass ED”, I felt it too. Common sense will tell how a Bangladeshi worker can harass someone with their spoken English. This is a propaganda ‘job’, without a doubt assigned to this guy. He’s just doing his duty n to make impressive, lodge a Report with relevant Authority.

  18. roma said

    Bishan st 12 under PAP . cleaner also lazy and always M.I.A …

  19. Singapore Chinese said

    Littering is a problem at White Sands Pasir Ris. One could hardly find a bin around.

  20. MinSquare91 said

    The rats were there long before WP took over; I live in Aljunied GRC and about two months before the GE (back then we were still under PAP), I accompanied my mother to a MPS and I feedbacked about problems about rats to them but I don’t think much was done by them either then so I don’t understand why WP is harshly being blamed for it now…

  21. nailbytes said

    Temasek Times supposed to be neutral.. rite? If they really report as what it really is but a slight negative report on opposition parties result in majority commenting that TT = PAP troll… that’s a bit too much right? TT also reported on train disruptions, that Transport Minister “seems to have become part of the two major transport companies” and etc. I don’t see TT leaning to one side or another.

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