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PM Lee thanked netizens for their support: I take your views very seriously

Posted by temasektimes on April 23, 2012

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has posted a thread on his Facebook just now thanking netizens for their ‘positive’ response to his venture into social media.

Since his Facebook was set up on Saturday, it has received more than ‘30,000’ likes and more than 3,000 comments so far.

“I am overwhelmed by your response to my FB page. I have read so many comments from Singaporeans here and abroad, and from many foreign well-wishers. You have written in different languages and on many issues. Quite a few have penned thoughtful pieces, and have clearly put in much time and effort,” he wrote.

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

Thanking netizens for their ‘enthusiastic support and contributions’, PM Lee reiterated that he took their views seriously:

“There are just too many for me to address individually. But I take your views very seriously, and have sent some of your feedback to the ministries to consider.”

He ended by appealing for patience from netizens to tackle some teething problems plaguing the nation:

“Your comments cover many issues of public concern, such as public transport, housing and cost of living. These are complex, long-term problems. My government is working hard on them. I ask for your patience and support to deal with them together, as one nation.”


9 Responses to “PM Lee thanked netizens for their support: I take your views very seriously”

  1. sporean said

    Im surprised it take a facebook account with 30000 likes and comments for PMLee to know we have serious transport, housing, cost of living issues.
    Let me add: Disintegration of Society.

    Dear PMLee, did it occur that you that it was you and your govt that created these problems!!??

    They are not complex at all. It all stems from your distorted obsession of GDP,a and your foreign labor policies.

  2. milo said

    The amount of mushy praises in there is just too overwhelming from citizens that can’t wait to stick gold to his face. Hope more people will offer their constructive feedback instead of wayang praises. You know he isn’t reading every post, all these crappy praises serves no purposes and will be filtered away anyway, don’t waste your time and flood the page with crap.

  3. jaded said

    wayang response, heard it all before. how long does it take to look into all these issues? after the hougang by election?

  4. Ken Lee said

    PM Lee thanked netizens for their support: I take your views very seriously!
    he will also read all your post very seriously, all his pocket money are from there!.

  5. RC said

    One nation but no more one people

  6. Edward said

    Very nice to answer in this way.

  7. Floodgate said

    He didn’t mention immigration issue…

  8. candy girlz said

    All the talking and waiting for another GE before they take action.

  9. P H said

    30000 “Likes”! (Just thinking aloud) If FB had an “Unlike” button, I wonder how may “Unlike”s there will be…

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