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Underage prostitute kept meticulous sex diary of ‘bonking sessions’ with 48 men

Posted by temasektimes on April 23, 2012

The freelance prostitute who got 48 men charged for having commercial sex with her may be considered a ‘minor’ under the law, but her meticulousness resembled more like a seasoned businesswoman.

Among the 48 men already charged include 9 civil servants, a senior banker, a company director, a senior vice-president of a private company, lawyers, a senior police officer, the former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong and prominent grassroots leader and high-ranking MOE official Chua Ren Cheng. Their ages range from between 21 to 48 years old.

In the heart of the evidence used by the prosecution to charge the 48 men is a sex diary kept by the underage prostitute documenting clearly her ‘bonking sessions’ with her clients.

According to court documents obtained by the press, the underage prostitute had sex 58 times with the 48 men between 23 September 2010 and 24 October 2011.

Her diary includes chilling details such as the place and time of the sessions as well as the amount of time spent by each man bonking her.

Though she charged a ‘standard’ rate of $500, some of her clients such as former grassroots leader Chua Ren Sheng and Swiss banker Juerg Buergin were so pleased with her services that they offered her tips of between $100 and $200.

One client 29 year old Koh Zi Yang had sex with her twice for nearly two hours just months after he got married. Another client bonked her for only 15 minutes, but still paid her $500 nevertheless.

The third batch of men expected to be charged soon includes a senior lawyer and high-ranking SAF officer. Like many others before him, they have been ‘pawned’ big time by her.


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19 Responses to “Underage prostitute kept meticulous sex diary of ‘bonking sessions’ with 48 men”

  1. adprosebud said

    It’s great that you illustrate your articles about this subject with kiddie porn. I really like the removal of the head and face, so that all we’re looking at is a nubile teenage body. Well done, TT. Oh, yes . . . and keep up the tsk, tsk, tksing at the men who slept with her while, simultaneously, exploiting the young “underage” female body.

    • Lee said

      Next Istana Open House she must grace the occassion and let all visitors have a free for all since she is already 18. President Tony Tan can officiate the opening screw by himself followed by all other Cabinet Ministers in tow

  2. NSmen said

    High ranking SAF officer. I wonder if the ex-NDP commander has anything to do with this.

  3. Bulls said

    This girl is a born whore.
    Without that pimp, she’s on ebay on her own.

  4. maddog2020 said

    It’s clear why she was keeping a journal and it’s not that she not caused she is keeping track of her business. It’s for a later time to collect blackmail money.

    She has been influenced by TV, movies and reports in the papers. She is indeed a very clever little sneaky @#$%. Maybe a older woman taught her the what to do. There is so many of these “kept women” here belonging to rich businessmen.

  5. Cup C Pimp said

    Why keep diary? Scare IRAS come after her?

  6. Family Man said

    More evidence that the arguments of immaturity and exploitation for the underaged prostitution laws are severely flawed.

  7. johnson and johnson said

    The only way for this callgirl is up. Screw prostitution and ITE, she could just publish this blackbook with additional commentary and become a bestselling author overnight. Hey SPH, Simon and Schushster, Marshall and Cavendesh etc, any publisher worth their salt should be trying to get in contact with her.

    • Fu Man Chu said

      “Confessions of a teenage Singaporean whore; How I single handedly brought down 50 men and made a truck load of tax free money!” – Straits Times Best Seller

  8. Think harder said

    I suspect this to be a ‘sting’ operation. Most prostitutes don’t even know the names of the clients, much less all the details, professions, affiliations, etc. much less to write them all down in meticulous detail, including HOW LONG the sessions were? And timings. For real? A materialistic 17 year old being so savvy and business oriented? WHY does she even need a diary when she is paid in CASH on the spot? To issue invoices? I bet she don’t even keep a diary of her OWN DAILY LIFE!
    This has been a trap for a court case right from the start!

    Some mastermind must have crafted this a long time ago and laid all the traps.
    Who knows, since the 17 year old is kept SOOOO hidden by the pseudo-authorities, she can leave the country anytime. And then receive $1M wired to her Swiss bank account. Not impossible at all. Politics is a dirty game.

    Why you think the pseudo-authorities insist at all cost that her identity be covered up? Just cos she was 17 in 2010? Try harder.

    • Thinking clearly said

      Don’t anyone find it strange that the traditional media is focussing so hard on the 48 victims of misrepresentation and breach of trust, breach of contract when the focus should be on the pimp and the prostitute? Something is very amiss here. The news of the pimp and the pros are all but missing. But the 48 victims? All splashed across the traditional media.

      The ones in control can fool a few, they cannot fool all. Some of the 48 are definitely targeted. The rest are just ‘fillers’ who happened to be IN the wrong place at the wrong time (pun).

  9. Thinking clearly said

    Why are my comments deleted?

  10. Lee said

    Go after her for failing to collect GST on her immoral earnings

  11. God said

    I think the best way to screw the prostitute is to ask a below 18 guy go ask for her services, then have chance to expose her identity already since she’s now above 18 ^^. If she want to check ic, give her a fake ic, i know bras basah there can make fake de lol

  12. A contact asked me on Facebook whether I am sure none of the 48 men is christian.

    I replied: “Christians? I did not have them in mind whether Christians or followers of any of the other religions.”

    I believe he is the first person to bring up religion whether Christians or any other religions in respect of this case. The 48 males are now charged in court for having sex with the underage hooker.

    I am not sure whether anyone has yet asked whether the girl has a religious background.

    Whatever her religious belief or family background, I hope her identity is kept secret forever to protect her future.

    Her hard-earned experience, rare to many young girls of her age, will be a wow-factor to her future husband when she starts a family.

  13. Incriminating evidence by the hooker that leads to clear and present dangers. I hope more people will not end up on the wrong side of the law in 2012 and be hauled into court. I am glad none of the practitioners of the Divine Light giving salvation to others is in the 48-named list. I can only thank the Creator God and related spirits for their continous protection. Since 3rd Feb up till now, we also see peace at the Bedok Reservoir. Holding up good.

  14. If $500 each time for commercial- sex paid by 48 males with the underage hooker of 16 years old was not a clear sign of inflation than what is with all the increased number of zeroes in today’s salaries and wages since the 1960s driving up prices and COL? Her rate of $500 per hour or equivalent to $4000 per day or $120,000 per month would make many in the white-collar group envious. The rising number of zeroes in salaries and wages like the Japanese Yen rising with more zeroes after the end of WWII has not made the purchasing power of money stronger. We are heading into dead end as many govts have faced continued problems in controlling inflation and containing rising COL.

  15. Paul said

    It is indeed very weird that her “clients” would review their names. Do they produce IC or passport before service ? interesting how they are caught by a dairy. How does this even work ?

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