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“I can bed 100 Singapore girls for FREE yearly” – American expat sneers at 48 men charged for having commercial sex with minor

Posted by temasektimes on April 25, 2012

The high profile case which has seen 48 men charged for having sex with an underage prostitute not only generated a buzz among Singaporeans, but in the expatriate community as well.

One Singaporean female blogger who called herself a ‘grumpy spinster’ recalled a not too pleasant encounter with an American expatriate by the name of Walker aka Frodo (pic left, taken from her blog) at 1-Altitude bar who approached her and her friends for a drink.

“Before Frodo got drunker than drunk, he initiated a conversation about the underage sex scandal which had implicated 48 SG men so far. Frodo again boasted that these men are stupid to pay for sex when it is so easy to get one from SG girls.”

Frodo then boasted that he had managed to ‘charm’ 100 Singapore women to have sex with him each year for free:

“Frodo has never paid for sex because he could easily get it for free. He boasted that he slept with 100 women every year and was so easy to charm SG women with his looks and height.”

However, Frodo did not reveal if any of them are underage.

The blogger wasn’t too impressed with Frodo though when he took the food she ordered to his group of friends:

“I ordered some food: pizzas, tortilla chips, chicken wings and truffle fries. Frodo asked if he could eat because he was hungry. I agreed and invited him to try some. To my horror, he ferried the fries and chicken wings to his group of ang moh friends, and shared my paid food with them. He finished my bowl of truffle fries and ate half of my cheesy beef chilli with tortilla chips. WTF!!”

Read the entire post here.


113 Responses to ““I can bed 100 Singapore girls for FREE yearly” – American expat sneers at 48 men charged for having commercial sex with minor”

  1. alan said

    haha invited him to try some… haha

  2. Ensoleille said

    :Ancient aliens meme: Americans.

  3. working singaporean said

    haha that is angmo for u

  4. I smell LPG from SPG said

    good for you, SPG.
    more than deserved it.

    What you think? ALL ang mohs are rich and will pay you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and cover all your food and drinks and expenses?
    Gold digger got dug instead!

    I wonder if some malay or beng come to your table and asked for food, what kind of dirty looks would you give? Or what would you say? “Cannot buy your own ah”?

    Loser. Well played.

    • Joshua said

      well said. the problem is women in singapore (SPGs) just wagg their tails when they smell an ang-moh dick head around. No wonder singaporeans are marrying girls from overseas. and I am sure the way this guys was below expectation in financial he will be below expectation in bed as well. but SPGs would be too drunk to notice that anyway

  5. tommy said

    True true!!! I saw so many young pretty girls follow Ang Moh (dunno where guess must be hotel). Happening all the time at River Valley water holes. If there are 1000 ang moh each sleeping with 100 Singapore Party Sarong girls each year, soon enough majority of Sing girls are deflowered by them.

  6. fpc said

    these americans are scums. they like to free ride and come here to do just that.

    • Raymond Oprea said

      What about U.S Navy intending to set up a base in Singapore on a long term basis?

      On weekends, we could see them ‘cruising’ around at clubs/pubs and at Geylang

      • Raymond Oprea said

        Is the presence of U.S Navy really here to protect us and neighboring countries and to promote world peace? The truth is that they are not here to protect us – they are here to protect the ‘pussies’ and to win and take our gals away from us.

  7. Trevor said

    why is this a story? another anti ang moh campaign.
    There are many many local boys who act the same.

  8. lee david said

    well, he did ‘ASKED’ n u did ‘OFFERED’ of cause out of COURTESY, BUT TAKING n SHARING ur food with his table of W.K.W. , like taking ur skin from ur behind to paste on his face, really W.T.F. n to tell u the truth, he get the O.N.S. after he get drunk, so how does he know he is not sleeping with A HE-SHE? hahaha,not surprise if he walk with a limp after one night ACTION…..

  9. Gelek olive said

    Cheap Charlie!!!

  10. Selva Kumar said

    Erm you invited him to try some… Even after he boast abt sleeping ard… Lol
    No wonder, he could 100 chicks in a year…

  11. Bulls said

    Cheap sluts.

  12. lai said

    true white trash.

  13. jaded said

    no sympathies from me, you did not chase him away and your friend allowed him to put his arm around her and not report him for molest? what kind of message were you giving him?

  14. Alpha said

    the funny thing about these angmohs is that they cant differentiate between the quality singaporean girls, and the shitty SPGs that no one wants anyway.

    • Oracle said

      Totally true. The quality females ( be it those well educated, at upper rungs of their career or those sensible ones) do not fall for the glib tongues of the angmoh wolves. It is the other kind that need to boost their insecurity that are easy prey as they hope that they can strike ‘gold’ and eventually get hitched up.
      Unbeknownst, many of these white expatriates are here as they are unable to secure jobs back in their own countries

      • reindeer said

        hey totally agree with both oracle’s and alpha’s comment. asians need to realise those angmohs they go gaga over here are the 2nd class in their own countries.

  15. Ang Mo Lan said

    Only stupid females thinks ang mo man is so great and handsome or.. good on bed.. Asian females are pathetic. Sad but it’s true story.

  16. Don said

    But the sad fact is that, Frodo is true in saying he can get to sleep with Singapore girls easily. Cause Singapore girls do fancy ‘Expat’.
    I work in Raffles Place, there hasn’t been a day that I’ve not seen a local gal with a ‘Expat’. Just makes me feel disgusted.
    How often do you see a local guy with an “EXPAT GAL”????

    • Ang very moh said

      Well… why do you think the gals are the problem? Maybe they don’t have local guys to satisfy them… or maybe you Singaporeans can talk only about your work, study and what grades you get and subsequently bore your girls to death. Of course they’ll go with an expat. From your own words that you just wrote, what conclusion can you make here about asian guys?? I see a not-so-good one.

      • Nimal said

        No… The truth is our girls have a white fetish that has been cultivated through media n the materialistic lifestyle the desire…sad but true. Thankfully not all our girls are like that… N the argument bout Asian guys being shallow… Be truthful to ur self, aren’t u just as shallow to place stereotypes? Women shld try practicing what they preach.

      • yes said

        haha don’t be silly, no need to think about so many factors! the gals just want angmoh because they have lots of money!!!!!!!!!!! and why be ashamed of that? i’m a guy but if i were a girl also, i’d go for the man with the thicker wallet! and i’d want cute little mixed babies! no need to attack sg boys or sg girls.. it’s human nature to choose the choice that has more pros..

      • Ang Moh Cunts said

        Lol Ang Very Moh indeed, you sound like a true c**t, very true if you’re white.

      • Emer said

        A r/s is not abt the skin color or how rich that person is. Feel sad for whoever that think money is the key to a happy marriage. Gals should get a life n stop believing and slping with guys so easily, and guys should stop judging watever that gals do. peace out.

    • Raymond Oprea said

      Singapore gals going out with expats – it is becoming a trend and social disease. I am worried about my daughter who will soon grow up to be attached to a foreign race man (Ang Mo, Indian or Panjabi) who will have to be my son in law. How does the modern Chinese gal think these days? Do they care about how their father feel? The feelings of their siblings, and relatives? What example are they setting to others?

  17. Oracle said

    The history of local girls every ready to hop into bed with Caucasians has been prevalent for decades. Being seen with white men was so-called prestigious – in the 1980s these kind of girls used to be called sarong party girls as their usual attire was low cut shaghetti tops paired with wraparound sarong skirts – many also put on terrible faux English slangs. Sadly many ended up used and abused and with broken hearts as they were dumped and replaced by a glut of similar girls.
    Presumably now with the much savvier youngsters bred on so much available on the Internet, young girls these days should be wiser.
    But sad to say, history repeats itself.

  18. pay said

    free? where got free? 100 free girls = a monte carlo scenario of herpes/warts/and other nasty disease + whole fun faire of cancer pathogens to shorten your lifespan…FREE…. ang moh phluzeeee…

  19. Jayzin said

    That’s with the Ang Mo’s’, they love free ‘f’ and take advantage of things. We chinese says, ‘Yao Gui’. but too bad, many ladies like Caucasians.

  20. pointblank87 said

    Know why your food got stolen? He “charmed” you into giving him.

    • Raymond Oprea said

      That pathetic bloke might not have $10 cash in his wallet – he uses ‘plastic’ frequently which leads to credit over limit.

  21. Hate said

    What a stupid female creature! At the first place if u r not flirtious, how would your paid food ended up eaten by him? He proven it, Singaporean girls r really easy n loose!

  22. win-liao said

    like he said, he could easily get it for free, sex with fries.

  23. Heng said

    Frodo from LOTR is better than this Walker. LOL!!!

  24. Tony said

    This little CUNT is so egoistic.He should look at the mirror…his looks good?the girls must be blind and desperate. But i bet you his cock is so small, he has a inferiority complex….anyone who knows him should tell us more….

  25. Daniel said

    So another foreign trash… wasting time reading it… anyway, I don’t believe he could sleep with 100 gals… maybe some newspaper cutting picture.. he look like a sick man anyway.

  26. I’ve also met many Singaporean guys who say similar things when drunk. He’s saying dumb things but the fact that he is foreign has nothing to do with it. I’m personally more concerned about the Singaporean girls who fall for this kind of nonsense.

  27. yongqing said

    How is this anything more than a piece of gossip that attempts to generalise all American expats to a random man met in a bar?

  28. ngpy said

    This bastard must be a damn hardup American. He is a disgrace to All Americans. UNDESIRABLE CHARACTER A BOASTFUL BASTARD, HALF BRED BASTARD BEGGING HIS WAY HERE.

  29. troppofino63 said

    Frodo you useless piece of yankie skin, someday very soon someone’s gona jmp ya and smash that little meathead of yours.

  30. Family Man said

    Ang mohs like these and sg sluts deserve each other 😀

  31. MichaelNg said

    This is the typical big headed ang-mor the girls like. They think they are walking “hunks” !

  32. Herp Derp said

    lol somehow I lol’ed after I read the last paragraph…

    I know some Singaporean guy who are average looking but charming, in short they’re never caught without a different girl everytime they go clubbing.

    They are always smart people and stupid people in the world… guess which kind is the majority?

  33. DucatiRider said

    Tell that Fucker to fuck off from here cos one day some people here will fuck his wife or daughter!!!!!

  34. “grumpy spinster” is embellishing her side of the story as she is just another cheap sg girl easily charmed by the angmoh Fucksdo. She cld be fishing for a f#$k with him, only to discover he was fishing for free food, penniless he must be. “grumpy spinster” shd treasure this experience to be more expensive with guys and not cheapen other sg girls with her cheap self, otherwise she’ll find herself at the wrong and losing end each time.

  35. it's so typical.. said

    This guy maybe an egomaniac but it is true that our Singaporean girls are easy easy meat for the expat guys. Just take a look around.. It’s so common nowadays and the worst thing is to see our girls paying for the meals, drinks and even pay the rent to have these angmoh guys to live with them. It’s an absolute disgrace! For this problem, I subscribe to the Baey Gan MP’s words, we need to reflect..

  36. singaporeans said

    Had upped his daughters, sisters, mother and inlaws? Grandmas?

  37. Oracle said

    Actually casual sex is the norm among Caucasians. To them, going to bed together does not a significant event to them. It does not signify a commitment to the start of a relationship.
    Unlike among Asians, to whom going to bed is a big step in a relationship. Anyway I am relating what it was like perhaps even twenty years ago in singapore. Virginity was exoected of wonen, and being faithful, and devoted to one partner was important.
    Of course, these days young people are so called more open and liberal Apparently many men claim that they do not expect their future wives to be vitgibs if they themselves are not.
    As for Frodo, I am sure he must have picked up some sexually transmitted disease along his lustful adventures – and he may not be aware of it. Many STDs do not exhibit any symptom, especially the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is non- symptomatic, cannot be rid of with any antibiotics, that is it hibernates in the body for life, and may present later in life as cancer of the cervix, oral cancer and cancer of the penis.

  38. Meryl said

    These people, haters and any “Ang mo” who feels proud to be pigeon-holed, need to get out more. I just don’t see anyone with a diverse pool of friends feeling offended by this, just sad. This kind of self-limitation is painful. None of these people have to live like that. 

  39. no wonder foreigners like Singapore said

    No wonder foreigners like Singapore

  40. PJ said

    I can say Ang Mo still think that in their mind they are high class and chinese low class.The stupid chinese especially the girls always like to approach to Ang Mo and think that they are very great, rich and handsome That’s why the Ang Mo get free sex easy, laugh and make fun of the girls. But the girls stills dun mind. If the Ang mo is a chinese guys, Its might different.

    • Oracle said

      Totally agree. When they come to any Asian country , many have a very condescending attitude and think they are superior to the locals. I know of many who on the surface are very friendly with the locals, yet amongst themselves when they get together, laugh and mock local ways.
      As mentioned many times here by others, many who come here are unable to secure jobs in their home country. Also many females and guys (talking about the gay community) thinking that they were going over with their Caucasian boyfriends to a life of comfort and luxury – found out to their dismay that their homes were cramped dirty hovels!
      To be fair, there are some Caucasians who are genuinely interested to integrate – those are the ones who have more Asian friends and little contact with their countrymen as evidenced by their not routinely getting together at typical venues like Holland V and Clarke Quay. Rather you will find them learning the local lingo and exploring HDB food centers and coffee shops
      One particularly stands out – saw a local documentary about him – he has Asian wife and volunteers with the local police force for patrol duty.

  41. La said

    If ang mohs get free sex from local gals, then how come the Swiss banker who was among the 48 men charged in the first round had paid sex with the underaged prostitute? Dumb Spore gal who write about the American gal should have shot back at him with that comment. Just too pathetic that the author who wrote that had no brains but just lust in her. Served her right to get her food stolen from the American.

    • Raymond Oprea said

      The Swiss Banker got a ‘spoiled dick’ with a 45 degree angle (due to prolonged anal sex and constant playing with sex toys) that why’s he needs to pay for sex.

  42. Shai. K said

    I don’t think SG women are cheap or easy to get cos there are sleazy places for that kinda women who loves Angmoh to pick them up! As a SG woman you should tell him off instead of offering him your “PAID FOOD” cos that puts you in the list of this Frodo Monkey who is here in our country to work yet belittles our women. This is how foreigners rate our SPGs who thinks these men are God’s Gift to women. Wake up Ladies!

  43. IQ vs CBQ said

    These gals who go to the pubs with a group of other gals are mostly cheap SPG chicks soliciting for a fcuk by ang moh kaus (AMKs).
    They think the AMKs’ pricks are bigger. They think they look “atas” (high class) when seen with the AMKs. Most of these AMKs (like the bus-3rd Frodo)
    are cheap-skate, free-loaders soliciting for free kants. Some sociologists should conduct a survey on why there are so many S’porean SPG chicks..
    just want to fcuk but don’t want to help S’pore to have more babies..

  44. Magdalene Ruben said

    This guy is living in his world of FANTASY,whoever (local girl) goes crawling to him must be those IDIOTS no better than the teenage prostitute who ruined many males’ life being.

    For your imp info, many Caucasians who work here are not the WELL OFF ones, their comfortable life styles in this country were mostly subsidised in a package deal. I believe this guy is taking this opportunity to discredit the STATUS of the local girls when he failed in his wooing for ANY! A DESPICABLE Act!!

  45. said

    in short. only whores like ang mos. Good luck with your next health check. Know this word. HIV/ AIDS. 😀

  46. Steve M said

    I think the above moronic, narrow minded, barely literate and racist comments say more about you lot than the fella and girl involved in the original story. Get a grip.

  47. Anonymousentity said

    Only 100? There are 365 days a year. Americans are such hopeless losers.

  48. Will said

    Chow ang moh maybe he was a prostitue in his previous life , maybe in his next life he will also be one !!! LOL

  49. ACE said

    The most appropriate term to use is to call these WHITE TRASH! Asian countries have several thousand years of history and their own culture until these few White Trash comes in with their propaganda to poison the new generation.can’t understand why most Asians still revered them? these White Trash have been proven beyond doubt they are the scum when it comes to creating chaos for the world with their BS!

  50. shauan123 said

    This Mother-F**king-Son-Of-a-Bi*ch (MFSOB) is a typical White expat.
    Loud-mouth, hot-shot, talking through his a-r-s-e-hole with a lot of hot air.
    The pathetic truth is that he may be low achiever, a good-for-nothing, back at
    his home country. But once he is here, he is blindly looked-up to and accepted
    as superior by the pseudo-Westernised locals and become an instant success.
    Typically, he will occupy a high post, paid a high salary and have an easy
    working live, barking orders to the locals to sweat it out, driving them like
    slaves and claim all the credit for the work done. Outside of work, its all fun
    and pleasure with the local women. After this he will boast about his sexual
    prowess, how he is able to attract any local woman he wants.
    As for the women had bedded, he would dismissed them comtemptuously as bi*ches
    which he can f**k-and-forget. More of this type of MFSOB will continue to hit
    our shore. We are talking about 20000-25000 of them every year

    In a recent case involving a PRC student, many Singaporeans, especially those from this forum, did not hesitate to show their “patriotism”  by condemning that chap until the authorities took action against him. Where are all those “patriotic Singaporeans” now? This White guy may not have compared Singaporeans to dogs or called Singaporeans dogs but
    what he has done is much worse. He is telling us that our women are nothing
    more than bi*ches. Are you “patriotic Singaporeans” here going to keep quiet about
    this, or protest meekly or, worse still, condemn our women instead of this ras*cal?

    The worst about this MFSOB is that he may be AIDS-infected. In this
    White-dominated world where individual freedom and rights override everything
    else, the identity of a person infected with AIDS cannot be revealed. His
    movement cannot be restricted in anyway. He is allowed to travel freely all over
    the world. Unfortunately, this piece of sh*it chooses this island nation of ours as his

    This MFSOB is not only a danger to our women. He is a danger to our society,
    our country.  What is the use of spending billions upon billions on security and
    defence if MFSOB like this is allowed to come in freely and infect our
    population with AIDS, freely? This ras*cal should be hunted down and hauled up
    for an AIDS check. The rest will depend on the result of the test. Will my
    fellow “patriotic Singaporeans” help to hunt him down and reveal more about him
    as they had done for the PRC student? Will Alex Tan make a report against him?

    • Bengy said

      I agree with you total, this white ass are nothing but with a big suck cock mouths..when come to own up the mistakes they have made, they will push back to you back..

    • ANother said

      In GS, all those subject to long-term immigration control are given mandatory HIV checks. Why not speak about facts, instead of spouting whatever bullshit comes into your head?

  51. Candace said

    I am kind of lost as to why people are attacking the poor girl who merely shared her unpleasant experience. The guy blatantly asked if he could have some good, out of courtesy most of us would have said yes to anyone. Who would expect him to do what he did? What had it gotta do with him being Ang moh or if he charmed anyone. Sure SOME people would have said no, but isn’t it a fact that not everyone has a straightforward and aggressive personality?

  52. Hunter said

    Some of them are really scums, but some are quite good natured. My humble Brit tenant Is one good example, he eats Nasi lemak, yong tau hu, ban mian and kway chap and study mandarin. He too stays away from Americans like this idiot. I think we can csi this idiot’s Background

  53. geckoman said

    The American in this story (if true) certainly doesn’t represent all Americans or Expats. I’m sure the story is an exaggeration….but the guy is probably an arrogant prick if any of it’s true.

    What really stands out is the collective low self-esteem of Singaporean men on this thread. You’re so critical of the ladies…..but maybe the ladies that prefer to date expats do so for a damn good reason. Maybe the problem is with the Singaporean men….think about it!

  54. Hawkeye said

    Who knows what actually transpired between frodo and the sg princess? One thing for sure, sg princess is angry frodo took the food away, and didn’t invite her over? Would sg princess open her legs to him, if he brought food over? I think its anybody’s guess.

    Com’on guys, don’t make sg guys look bad. We can hook up ang moh chicks too, and when you see the ang moh coming over, just give him $2 or buy him a coffee , and say god bless you brother, you have a good day. I do that all the time, while I am walking along the streets of LA and Paris.

    its not everyday, an angmoh can win a supermarket sweepstake , buy an air ticket and come over sgp, and manage to find a job. We should give him credit for that.

    And we should bless our sisters who wana hook up an ang moh for better life, she’ll be the one working her butt out while he get $ from her back home.

  55. Don Juan said

    i can bed 101 for free too!!Lotsa sluts here in SG! hurhurhur

  56. foofooplatter said

    Its the same across all races. All damn hao lian when marry angmoh. Puhlease, give me a nice Asian guy rather than this short fart Frodo who prob earns a bit more but full of genital warts. Besides, to all u SPGs: who is to say he won’t replace u with a newer model when everything is saggy?
    Ps. Did anyone catch the Courts advert? There was this Asian lady with her angmoh husband. Damn inappropriate, cos the lady placed her hand near her husband’s crotch on an advert screened on national TV ah!

  57. nick bishop said

    Malaysian girls are much more fun, less uptight……

  58. jon said

    i am not ang moh but i can tell you singapore is not hard to bed women… they are relatively naive which is a huge problem. given thursday friday and saturday i think one can easily accumulate 100 girls but that doesn’t necessarily speak on the person’s skills or tastes.

  59. medtechadmin said

    Generally the ang mohs who venture out to Singapore are the ones with insecurity complexes who feel they have something to prove. The ang mohs back in their home countries are pretty much normal folks like anyone else. As for SPGs – every society has people who have racial prejudices for who they date. This is not a bad thing, and one gets used to seeing chinese girls dating black guys, white girls dating black guys, white girls dating asian guys, etc. It’s no big deal. People are free to choose whatever colour combo they want – it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.
    The truly sad thing about many SPGs is that they think they are achieving something material or concrete by sleeping with white men with insecurity complexes, who just want to feel good about themselves for f*cking as many yellow chicks as they can. In truth the screwed up white guys just see them as prostitutes, who don’t charge money.

  60. medtechadmin said

    I think the ang mohs who come out to singapore are generally people with very frail egos and insecurity complexes, who feel they have something to prove. (hence the Journey to the East, Into the Bamboo etc) The ones in their home countries seem to be pretty much normal people like the rest of us, and are generally much nicer to interact with. These are of course generalizations – there will always be exceptions to the norm. In every society you will find individuals who have a preference for dating outside their race. It’s not uncommon overseas to see black guys dating asian chicks, asian guys dating ang moh chicks, ang moh guys dating black chicks, etc. These are just personal preferences, and one gets used to it pretty quickly. This is true multiculturalism – it doesnt matter if you’re black or white – and I think it’s a good thing.
    The really sad thing about SPGs is that many of them think they are gaining something material and maybe even permanent by sleeping with ang moh men – the same screwed up ang moh men with the insecurity complexes, who just to prove someting to themselves by f*cking as many bamboo chicks as possible – bamboo chicks they pretty much see as prostitutes, but free. There’s some kind of ironic justice at work. Personally, I pity them.

  61. 100% SG Girl said

    well if anyone had read the grumpy spinster so-called blog with only a few post and telling the whole world that she likes sex, it is highly possible that she was hoping to get laid by this guy. Maybe he picked her friend instead of her hence she is tarnishing his reputation now. Those pictures looks like downloaded from facebook and apparently she must had added him in order to get these pictures.

    one sided story…not worth believing and grumpy spinster sounded just like a slut hoping to get laid by guys (from the posting on her blog)

    As a borned and breeded in Singapore Girl, I would said that none of my friends ever dated an ang moh just to get a ONS and my ang mohs friend don’t date Singapore girls just for sex. There are still decent Singapore woman out here and decent Ang Mohs out there. A few rotten apples out there doesn’t speak for the majority.

  62. Ben said

    I think you all are forgetting… These days women are like men. They are independent, make their own money. And want to be sexually fulfilled also.
    Just because they are pressured into pretending to be traditional proper decent girls, doesn’t meant they are like that at heart. So stop thinking of them as victims please!
    They want to get laid with Ang Mo! That’s it! Stop believing that they were ‘cheated’ into it. If we can stop judging these women, maybe they can afford to be more honest in future.

  63. Aussie Bogan said

    Is the issue here about whether:

    1. He sleeps around a lot.
    2. He boasted about the number of girls he slept with.
    3. He is a chauvinist.
    3. He is white.

    A lot of replies seem targeted at #4.

    Classy, people, very classy.

  64. UFC 169 said

    Many of the AngMoh expats who come here,including Yankees, are of a lower grade who can’t find a decent job back home. They are Balls-less losers who have difficulty with girls from their own country. Pathetic shit !

  65. case logic said

    U-S-A! U-S-A!

  66. Alvin said

    Everytime I go back to Singapore, I laugh at these angmoh loosers. They cannot find a proper job in their own country and yet me, a “mere” Singaporean can get a job in their country. Not just any job but a government job in their country.

  67. jonandmel2011 said

    Nice to see there are a few balanced comments on here, amongst all the racist hatred. I happen to be white, came over here to get MARRIED to a Singaporean girl, and have more local friends than expat friends. Funny that quite a few of the other white expats I know are in a similar position.

    There are plenty of us who are doing our best to learn and to integrate. That gets quite hard when the ones of us who do take a interest in local affairs, checking alternative news sites like this are greeted with rapid prejudice. I can deal with being called a failure, trash and all the rest, but accusing my wife of being a slut because she happened to marry a white guy really makes my blood boil.

    The Singaporeans I know have been nothing but welcoming and courteous. I genuinely wonder who many of these posters are, and why they seem to hate foreigners so much.

  68. johnny2hats said

    Nice to see a few balanced comments amongst the rabid racism. I happen to be white, I came here to MARRY a Singaporean girl I met in the UK. I’ve got more local friends than expat friends, and the expats I know tend be like-minded.

    Many of us come here to learn and to integrate. It gets a bit hard when those of us who take an interest in local affairs (reading alternative news sites like this, for example) get greeted with this kind of stuff. I can handle being called a failure in my own country, forked-tongued, dishonest, arrogant etc, but calling my wife a slut because she happens to have married a white guy really makes my blood boil.

    All the Singaporeans I’ve met personally are great people – courteous and open-minded. I honestly wonder who some of these posters are and where this rampant foreigner hatred comes from.

    • bisa said

      We need more decent foriegners like you , not less. We need more of you to speak up.

      • Don said

        Hi, I have traveled to Singapore and as an American I did my best to learn the customs and be kind and polite. But many of the people that are now coming to Singapore are coming from countries where people just have never learned how to be polite in the first place. Its not just the Singaporeans who have to deal with this kind of rude behavior, but people around the world where ever people of certain nationalities live and work. Its amazing that some people can learn languages and technical stuff but cant seem to learn manners…

  69. ang mo tuah ki arh said

    most of the ang mo are kns lah. pls wake up your fucking idea girls~

  70. Eye in the sky said

    I try to imagine seeing this from the sky and what do I see. Childish article. And Everyone who argued under this? Stop wasting your time and Move on with your own life you people.

  71. Blog reader said

    Taken from grumpy spinster blog

    I love SEX and I cannot Lie
    Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting my blog. When i started this blog it was supposed to be something therapeutic. Pen down my life happenings and drama, something to laugh about and share with my friends, my nieces or probably my offsprings. Didn’t expect it to get pick up by some people in the cyberspace. oh my, I’m flattered and tickled.

    According to friends, netizens are curious about how I look like. maybe I look like a monster, maybe I look like lady macbeth, or a witch. Hahah. I don’t have the photos now as I’m currently working, I shall upload whenever i have the time later one. But here are my vital stats and a brief info abt myself before I’m off to a meeting:

    Name: Grumpy Spinster
    Location: Singapore City
    Native Singaporean.
    Vital stats: 34C Teeties, 24 Waist, 33 35 Ass
    Height: 1.60m
    Size: 0
    Weight: 45kg
    Age: 30-something

    Long hair.
    Enjoys running, swimming and yoga. Plays almost any kind of sports.
    Sizzling hot and sexy.

    Have tongue and belly piercings. No tattoos as I like clear skin.
    Enjoys giving blowjob and lunch time quickie.
    Don’t like Anal job because I will have constipation cannot shit after that.
    I don’t find joy in breast fuck don’t know why men like so much.
    I like bondage and role plays.
    I hate small penises, licking of armpits, short men.
    I have 4 dildos of different sizes and purposes – Mr Luigi collection

    Loves desert wines, any salads, chocolates and strawberries.
    Works in a established MNC, holding a managerial position.

    She sounds like a slut…… need we believe anything she has to say?

  72. No Longer Ang Mo said

    I know Frodo personally. He’s not lying. Frodo is the bomb.

  73. Raymond Oprea said

    Could ‘Frodo’ be the ‘Robert Monarco’ banker guy who had posted comments about the Wild Honey Restaurant incident at Temasek Times?

  74. manchestersucks said

    I actually think this guy is hilarious. You are telling me you let him throw up on your friend’s shoe, grab your gf and let him steal your food? That is classic and I give that guys some balls to do that.

    As for you local guys grow some balls and stop being a pussy. There are so many girls in singapore. If they don’t like you move on. Tons of fish in the sea. If a girl likes only ang mo then so what and why are you so piss? Everyone has a right to chose who they like.

    Before you start calling me a stupid Ang Mo know that I am a british born asian who has dated women of all colors. My first two gf was white and current one is euroasian who looks latina (love them latin women!). For guys who have game there is no color lines. Only ugly or hot.

  75. blurgtheamoeba said

    on the flip side. Most singapore girls only have looks and vainty. no personality, sense of humour, general knowledge, initiatie, etc. Thats why i go foreign unless i get lucky

  76. Peter Chua said

    Honestly, I find Frodo’s comment about bedding 100 Singaporean women a year for free ridiculous & stupid. First of all, Mr Lee Kuan Yew once said “there is no free lunch in this world”. In Singapore, everything costs money.

    One probably ends up spending less money If he visits a brothel on a regular basis. Probably end up spending less than $250 a month. One shot one kill at $50 a pop, no strings attached, licensed & clean.

    Now Frodo’s claim would mean he has to bed an average of at least 8 different women per month to meet his 100 per annum quota. Now, Singaporean girl or not, no self respecting SPG, or girls out there’s going to hang out with a dude who doesn’t spend money on anything. Yes, if the girl likes you enough, you get to sleep with her for free, sometimes, you even get more than what you bargained for, Herpes, or an excess baggage package deal meaning buy one get one free. The above comes indirectly comes with a price. In order to hook up with a girl, you’ve got to go out & hang out or socialise somewhere. That alone requires money. After hooking up with the desired partner for a date, you still need to spend more money subsequently. If its a one night stand, you still have to pay for drinks, if not, supper or at least breakfast the following morning out of courtesy. This does not include spending a night at a motel. The down side is, one might not even end up with any freebie after spending so much time, effort & money. Well, to each his own. If he claims to have had that number then good for him. Some guys have all the luck.

  77. Don said

    H. I am an American who has visited Singapore and been delighted with my trip. I can’t help but notice reading the letters here, that people are actually believing what the drunk American told one young lady. And then many Singaporeans are criticizing all Americans because of that. Men around the world lie about their sexual exploits without even one drop of alcohol, But fill a man full of liquor and he is likely to say absolutely anything. Please continue your wonderfully welcoming attitude toward visitors, whether they are there to work or sight-see. And if anyone says anything the least derogatory about Singapore, just ignore it.

  78. Lynn said

    A lot of underaged girls are kidnapped and traficked aaround the world as prostitutes…including children. A fact tat is sad. They are tortured and abused sexually. Read more here:

  79. Angel said

    This guy in the photo looks more like a Moroccan man to me then an American. Anyway, don’t understand what’s so great about them, their country is in s financial crisis , and lots of American are in poverty. Another thing to add on…erm,,, they have loads of serial killers in the us…that shows that they have a serious society health…

  80. Phi Beta said

    All non-Chinese guys out there …. Japanese gals are better …. Go to Japan to find your mate, leave our Chinese gals alone, please … We can lose our job opportunity and prospects to you, but please don’t take away our gals.We have nothing much left to treasure except our local gals. Please leave us with dignity and we will pay you with respect and other benefits.

  81. referee1 said

    Before this nice girl supposedly met this dog Walker, her blog was getting zero hits. Now she’s get some visitor action to tell us about her play with Italian sausages and getting licked like a dog. She should thank him? And he should start a blog with his version of events, which I bet would be a different story – I want to hear it!

  82. Mary said

    East meets West:)

  83. Anthony said

    And look hard in Singapore people. A different type of American that respects your culture and all.

    Highly professional, affluent. Educated, well spoken.
    He is a black American.

    There are few of us here we have dated some of your women and note their preference for white men.

    It is okay but we always treat them with respect. One of us is a director here in Singapore and another a manager of an oil company.

    Both MNCs.

    Good day to all

  84. girl said

    haha… men are equally shallow . Taking it to the extremes if you had the means to decide between Megan Fox lookalike and a local normal looking girl , obviously any local men would choose the Megan Fox lookalike . Its obvious that some men here are jealous and narrow minded. Make sure your hands are clean before you start pointing your fingers around . And of course , who doesn want a better looking man. For your info SPG haters if we had to get cheated or fucked in any event , all girls would rather a handsome looking ang moh than a miserable local man filled w hatred like you ( bet its bcos you cant get pretty local girls w a small dick like urs thats why ur so filled with hatred) . tada!

  85. go back to your shitty country if you are that good said

    Expat my ASs should be call Asspat

  86. blake said

    dumb american cunt

  87. Saulius said

    I’m a Caucasian male from Europe, first there are some of Caucasians who don’t mess up with other Asian girls, in fact I’m one of who established a wonderful relationship with Singaporean girl, She was the only Asian girl I had in my life and I’m happy about this/
    I guess all the people are different

  88. Ah Loong Si said

    You should have invited him over to Hotel 81 to have sex with him and make him pay for the hotel fling

  89. Ken Toong said

    Product of a white trailer trash couple from the debt stricken United States. Watch out pussies he may have AIDS. A fuck is a one night stand, AIDS is forever u Singapore sluts or Singapore Girl. No wonder govt. need more immigrants.

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