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‘Wild Honey’ apologizes to Gary Tan for the ‘misunderstanding’, but continues to delete his comments on Facebook

Posted by temasektimes on April 25, 2012

The management of ‘Wild Honey’ restaurant has apologized to Singaporean Gary Tan for an alleged snide in which a corner seat was given to a foreigner instead of him who had arrived earlier.

Gary Tan has earlier posted on its Facebook asking why he was not given a corner table by the staff which subsequently was given to a foreigner who came after him:

[Source: Facebook]

Instead of addressing Gary’s concerns, Wild Honey’s director Guy Wachs rapped him for his complaint:

“We have an international staff including many Singaporeans and respect all people. We deeply regret your remark.”

In a response posted last night on its Facebook, ‘Wild Honey’ claimed that it was just a ‘misunderstanding’ after all:

“Mr Tan came to the restaurant on Saturday morning and requested a three person table for a two person party. The manager explained that as it was a Saturday morning & the restaurant was expected to be very busy; he could only offer him a two person table that day. 

A group of two then came in requesting a table for three as they were expecting a third person to join them. They were ushered to the three person table however for whatever reason the third person did not show. At no point did Mr Tan complain to the manager but drew his own conclusions.”

It added it has since ‘apologized’ to Mr Tan:

“We believe that this is a misunderstanding and have since sent Mr Tan a direct message to apologize for any inconvenience and unhappiness caused.”

However, Mr Tan disputed its explanation:

There are no immediate response from ‘Wild Honey’ to Mr Tan’s counter-accusations as it continues to enjoy the free publicity which arises unintentionally from the saga.

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40 Responses to “‘Wild Honey’ apologizes to Gary Tan for the ‘misunderstanding’, but continues to delete his comments on Facebook”

  1. oute said

    Why dont Gary Tan says that there are 3 persons in his group, or may be the foreigner tells the waiter that he is expecting 3 persons.

    Lets move on lah.

  2. C.H. Tan said

    Hey Guys, money is yours what we can do is to ask all our circle of friends and network do not patronise the rest. and stop making a fast. DON’t LET the Foriegner think that we are very petty. IMAGE PLEASE

    • Mee Pok Man said

      It not ‘petty’, its called standing up for what you believe, otherwise these Caucasians think we Asians are ‘push-overs’. If you live in US long enough, you will notice Asian Americans are widely ill-treated and discriminated even though they are Americans (born in USA). But being Asians, we tend to be accomodatin and ‘suck it up’.

      The director “Guy Wachs” could have immediately apologized on FB, instead of inciting the customer’s (Gary Tan) anger further.
      He could have responded as follows, “Mr Tan, we apologize for our staff’s oversight in this matter. We would like to have you back for a complementary meal, as a way of showing our sincerity.” Problem settled.

      BUT NO, typical Ang Moh must show “I am your colonial master” mentality to us Asians, seen it all too often in US, UK, Australia.

  3. Dady Lee said












  4. In light of Gary Tan’s complaint, the FEHD authority responsible for restaurant licensing shd warn WH management that such discriminatory conduct against locals wld not be countenanced and that more incidents wld lead to the cancellation of their restaurant licence.
    The relevant authorities shd ensure that our eateries do not degenerate to foreigner-bootlicking establishments, for our citizens to be second-class patrons in our own country.
    WH is setting a bad precedent for other restaurant owners to follow suit if FEHD lets Gary’s complaint to be swept under the official carpet, as the slight is against local Singaporeans in general. Surely it cannot be on the cards that such discriminatory behaviour towards locals in favour of foreigners wld hv to be standard practice b4 FEHD wld act?

  5. Badass Ed said

    Wild Honey, Sweet Honey, Bitter Honey, Sour Honey.
    It’s not worth getting angry,
    Keep your money
    and leave the damn place to the the monkeys.

  6. SashaQueenie said

    I disagree with oute . We should not “Move on” or else miss this wonderful opportunity to educate all business in Singapore, not to follow in the misguided footstep of this discriminatory restaurant “Wild Honey”. Stop telling Singaporeans to move on! Let’s stay on top of things and stop this abuse of locals. We must not be bullied in our own country!

    • Mee Pok Man said

      Yes, such discriminatory practices have been ongoing since the British colonial days which our grandfathers, and fathers were subjected to. Back then its still forgivable as we were a colony, and a developing country.

      BUT TODAY, Singapore is an independent country! (do you see the Queen’s head on our coins?) Singaporeans are sick and tired of the ‘West is king’, “I am your colonial master” mentality. This kind of subtle yet widespread discriminatory business practices, among F&B outlets, restaurants and hotels in Singapore has to end.

      Raffles Hotel is a #1 culprit of such ‘West is king’ discriminatory business practices.

      • Roy said

        We should get rid of the perception that “West is king” in Singapore, then we are able to move on.

  7. Pissed off said

    consumers speak with our actions. if u do not like it, boycott it and spread the word around. speak with $$$. let them survive on their premium clients only then

  8. Vivian Balakrishnan said

    What rubbish. Gary said the couple were shown a TABLE FOR TWO as well. but they rejected it and wanted to have the table for three instead.

    woohhooo. BOYCOTT for sure. I will give my money where we are welcome!

    Third person did not show up? Wow. really, hats off. Need to give whoever is their PR company a raise!!

  9. K.H. Wong said

    I think that Gary Tan’s argument here is valid. Why is it that Singaporeans have to lie through their teeth just to get whatever they desire when foreigners are allowed to simply and outrightly get what they want? This elitist crap has got to stop!

  10. see clearly said

    REMOVED third set of cutlery and still dare to claim the guest was waiting for their ‘guest’. Even the foreign guest would be disgusted at this outright lie.

  11. singaporeans said

    Why go there in the first place? Really got wild honey?

  12. dan2429E said

    …if the food is really good and price reasonable…..
    …then heck the service……..
    …would be worse if vice-versa…..

    • Foodie said

      imagine you are so hungry and waiting a table for 30mins and a guy behind just walk in and took the table from you…then u will know if service really do matter.

  13. Miss T said

    I think Gary has the right to voice out his opinion on how he was treated, in this case, unfairly.
    He did not even ask for any compensation, in fact, he is simply letting them know that this kind of prejudice and worse, racism should not be allowed in service industry and anywhere for that matter. Sometimes, people does need to be reminded on equality.

  14. Ben Goh said

    Just go in there, order few items and walk away la… I will encourage my friends to do that and it will go on till they close business.

  15. TL said

    Hi, I had similar experiences before. I was there with my partner and they asks us to share tables with another 2 ladies. It was a 8 seater table (at scotts outlet). There were like at least 4 empty tables (4 seater) around. And I asked if we could take that. They said it was reserved and the people are on their way. And if i don’t want to share tables, I can wait or take the outdoor seats, which was crazy, it was a hot afternoon. So shortly after we were sitted, I saw 2 foreigners at the entrance, pointing to the empty tables and they were given the seats. To be fair, ok they might have been the ones who reserved the table. But the empty tables were all on the same side, and I assume no one who made reservations would still point to the empty tables that are all next to each other right. Anyway, we stayed there for close to 2 hours and nobody else came. We were there from about 2-4pm. And it only got quieter, I didn’t see any one coming in to “claim” the tables.

    • So, all Singaporeans & all Asians boycott WH and don’t patronize WH. Continue to badmouth WH until his sale drop…

    • Aussie Bogan said

      TL, then why not you ASK them instead of speculating whether they were actually doing that? Maybe the people who booked coincidentally didn’t make it? If you feel that injustice has been done to you while at WH, why not react there and then, instead of coming online to redress your grievances?

      Further, it is not suspicious to set aside reserved tables ‘on the same side’.

      Anyhow, as much as I disagree with the immigration policy PAP has, this episode with WH is a tad bit trivial. Just imagine, what can WH gain from discriminating against locals for foreigners? Do foreigners pay more? Is there a particular tax on foreigners, or do they, per head, order more items in the menu?

      A business drives to be profit maximizing; money from locals and money from foreigners are the SAME- it is still revenue. Discriminating against locals would only increase the rhetoric we see now all over the forums, which makes for bad publicity, and thus lower profits. So what you said is a bit counter-intuitive don’t you think?

      • TL said

        Hi, do not get me wrong, I am not trying to make a fuss out of it. That experience was more than 3 months ago already. Though I was not particularly happy about it, but I did not voice out then because it wasn’t something very disturbing to me. I was only there for a meal for about 2 hours. I could let it pass. The reason why I commented in this post was to show that Gary’s case was not an isolated one.

        Furthermore, the whole story is like this:
        When we first reached, they tried to get us to share another long table with people, which required us to sit in the middle and I wasn’t comfortable. The empty seats were there but they said reserved when I asked, so I had no choice. Then they said I could wait for 50mins-1hr for a table. And so we did. Which is why I only started my lunch at 2pm.
        After walking for 30-40mins, they called me and said there is a table BUT again, I have to share table. Just that this time I get to sit at the corner of the long table, what they claim to give more privacy than sitting in the middle. So I asked again if I could get a table for myself and the person on the line claims she cannot tell me how long I have to wait if I insist on that. Given it was already close to 2pm and my partner was hungry, I decided to give in.

        When we reached, I saw the empty tables again. And to have that many empty tables when the branch wasnt very big, I decided to ask again. Again, she said reserved and I replied “you mean all of them?” and she said yes. If you wish to know, I pointed to each of the individual tables and asked if each was reserved. And she said yes.

        Altogether, I asked 3 times, and even the third time, I questioned the staff whether ALL the empty tables were reserved. Given this, I don’t think anyone would ask them again when the foreigners were given the table or when no one came to claim the tables right. I’m there to eat, not to buy tables anyway. And my partner wanted to let it go too.

        Look, I’ve already asked THREE times. I would expect the fourth time they reply me will be same thing that its reserved. So what’s the point? I think I already asked enough times to show my discontent already.

  16. Cindy Yee said

    Ego versus ego, it’s got nothing to do with race

  17. S said

    He should have made a fuss then and there, rather than take it to facebook and hide behind a computer screen. I mean, why be shy about it when you’re already pissed? That said, Wild Honey should’ve apologized immediately rather than salvage for some lame excuse.

  18. Mr Bean said

    Aiya, i am Mr Gary, i would just walk out of the restaurant.
    When i spend $$, i wanna spend it happily.

  19. PLZ said

    Ya! I was suspecting that they were racist. . Don’t you notice they have European Breakfast, Turkish Breakfast , Norwegian breakfast etc but don’t have Singaporean Breakfast? KNN?!

  20. Icez said

    Complain complain complain…… Not happy just walk out dun eat, dun give them business…. What’s the point of kpkb in such small matters….. Haiz… Singaporeans becoming Singacomplarean

  21. TL, it is obvious that they are keeping some empty tables for walk-in caucasians.

  22. PH said

    Just to add on to the explanation that the foreigner requested for 2 + 1 more person coming in later. I know for a fact that Wild Honey has a policy that only sits guests when they have ALL arrived. I was there and had to wait till my friend is PHYSICALLY there before they can sit us even though the table was ready.

    So I don’t really see the authencity of that explanation. Or rather, there is some discrepancies in the way things are done there?

    Also, we are ‘politely’ and indirectly asked to leave after an hour of sitting to give up our seats to people waiting. I am not too pleased with the overall experience and service of course.

  23. Fuck Em' White Boys said

    We should treat these white cunts like the squatters that they are. When they feel tight, they go to our hawker centres and coffee shops to eat. So, in this scenario, we should give them low priority in seating. Asians get first seating. We create a section for them to sit… near the toilet. Treat these white cunts the way they treated the blacks back in the day. Singaporeans should stop sucking up to white scum. Wake up, go to their shit hole countries and witness the level of racism they practice. Trash begets Trash.

  24. PureRacism said

    Racism is everywhere and will never be eradicated.
    The reality of racism is how pervasively is it manifested in our society and to what degree.
    No one in his/her right mind will knowingly admit being a racist under whatever circumstances.
    But the sad truth is racism has been so deeply rooted into our being that we are no longer consciously aware of it when we do exhibit such behavior.

  25. sweetbean said

    I think WH left it a bit late to offer an excuse for the seating part. At the point when this became public they should have just “deeply regretted the remark by Guy Wachs” as not representative of how WH responds to customer complaints.

  26. de said

    Hillarious to see that people here are blaiming the management to be racist and insulting white folks. In this story the angmo couple didnt do anything worng, they just behaved the same way as the Singaporean couple but the local staff treated them differently. So stop blaming foreigners but blame your own kind. And if you are not happy, tell the staff directly instead of lamenting on your iphone and telling online how unfair it is. That is probably why the angmo got the table. Because they are more straighforward. It is not about the colour of your skin but how persistant you are in getting what you want instead of whining online. Get a life! Exist and be. How difficult is that?

  27. Thor said

    Its just a seat.

    Customers have a choose of continue to patronize the place or not. If he is not happy, he could have walked away. But he did not. He continue to eat there, and accepted his other table that was offered. What does this Gary Tan wants? A free meal? Has Gary Tan “suggested” something that can make him feel better? I’m sure the ang moh wants to know how to appease gary tan too, besides apologizing. I suggest gary tan should write to the ang moh or call up the ang moh directly, and tell him what he wants, privately.

    Seat issue is not limited to Wild Honey. Any where that a restaurant is popular, or during a weekend, there would be a queue. If the manager knows me, he will show me to my table, even if I did not reserve it. Some places I queue up just like any other people. I like corner seat, or quiet seat so that I can have a better conversations. Sometimes I get it, some times I don’t get it. I can list 20 restaurants that easily have seating issues, and don’t always give me the seat I want all the time, so the situation is not unique to wild honey. I don’t even know where if wild honey, maybe they will piss me off too when I go there, I don’t know.

    Just offerring my 2cents

  28. T said

    A similar incident happened to me too. I went to eat Sakae Sushi lunch buffet once 2 years ago with a friend in OUB Centre (One Raffles Place). This ang moh and chinese gay couple walked in and sat beside us on the high stools at the sushi belt. They behaved intimately, with the ang moh constantly carressing the chinese guy. The chinese guy complained that the place was too crowded, and the ang moh made a request to the waitress to seat at a 4 person table and sofa that was reserved for ala-carte dine-in customers only. There was no hesitation in them being allowed to change seats and enjoy their buffet from the 4 person table, while the rest of the customers had to sit on high stools and enjoy their buffet from the narrow high tables.

  29. Don't be a stupid ass and then blame others said

    wow, so much FREE publicity for this restaurant?
    Either Gary Tan is an insider generating free publicity for them


    Gary Tan: Hi, I like a table for 3 for the two of us.
    Wild Honey: So sorry.
    Ang Mo couple: Hi, I like a table for the three of us.
    Wild Honey: So sorry, but I see only the 2 of you.
    Ang Mo couple: The other one is coming to join us later.
    Wild Honey: OK

    Moral of the story: Don’t be a stupid ass and then blame others.

  30. Pig said

    I am sure such issues happen frequently at all the popular places but I have never had such an encounter before. This could be because I have never made such unreasonable request of wanting a 3-person seat when I only have 2.

    Maybe it’s a date, maybe you just like your privacy but don’t you think you are being selfish by taking up a 3-sitter instead of a 2 because of your whims or your partner would prefer to put her handbag on the third seat?

    From a business perspective, restaurants need to maximize their seats and obviously won’t accede to your request just because you “asked nicely”.

    I work in a company with majority ang mohs and 1 thing for sure, they can lie without batting an eyelid, just to get things their way and for convenience. Maybe Gary did not lie as well as they did. Maybe the angmoh just had a reason which was more valid?

    Just to make it clear, I don’t like the attitude Wild Honey has in terms of their PR management. Deleting Gary’s post just did not make it better. They should have a more transparent way of handling negative feedback as well as for their apology.

  31. Sad Sad said

    I have the a similar encounter as well. Frankly, as much as I can, I will avoid this restaurant. If not for my wife, I would have just walked off and demand for a explanation. Totally disappointed, and was asking myself at that point in time if I’m in Singapore or…. But no choice, my wife loves their food…….

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