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Pinoy ‘FT’ thanked PM Lee: Please continue to bring more people to Singapore!

Posted by temasektimes on April 26, 2012

The Singapore government’s move to sustain population growth via immigration may have caused some disquiet among Singaporeans, but one group of people are expressing their support and appreciation for it.

Since Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong started his Facebook page last Saturday, it was inundated with pledges of support and gratitude from the immigrants and foreigners who have benefited from the PAP’s pro-foreigner policies, one of whom is Filipino ‘FT” Angelo Marc Jandugan who wrote:

“Hello sir, on behalf of all the Filipino community in Singapore and new citizens like myself, we thank you so much for believing in us and I hope you will continue your good policy of bringing more people from all over the word to take Singapore forward.”

According to his Facebook page, Angelo Marc Jandugan graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman and is currently working at Deutsche Bank, Singapore. He is probably earning much more here in Singapore than back home.

Angelo Marc Jandugan need not be too worried as the Singapore government has proclaimed its intention to mass-import more ‘foreign talent’ like himself into Singapore as exemplified by a statement released by the National Talent and Population Division under the Prime Minister’s Office two days ago:

“We will continue to ensure that we take in immigrants who are of good quality and able to integrate well into our society.”

And that includes a precious ‘special needs’ pinoy boy living in Choa Chu Kang who was allowed by a PAP MP to drum daily for several weeks to develop his innate ‘talent’.

With so many new citizens like Angelo Marc Jandugan feeling touched by the PAP for giving them a new start in Singapore, it’s only natural they will cast their votes for it in future elections to keep it in power forever.



42 Responses to “Pinoy ‘FT’ thanked PM Lee: Please continue to bring more people to Singapore!”

  1. Nice step! May GOD guide and lead you through.

  2. Singaporean Refugee said

    It is very clear PAP is trying to get new citizens ( new voters) using low birth rates as excuses.

  3. sinlesschocolate said

    of course what… your own country’s gov is so damn useless!!! You trash have to come somewhere isn’t it!!!

  4. Stirrer said

    Face of a lackey, betray and abandon your own country.
    If USA wants this lackey too, guess what would he say?
    “Fuck you Singapore, I’m going to USA!”

  5. youngman said

    This guy graduated from a university that ranks 300+th in the world, but gets to work in Deutsche Bank in Singapore.
    How many of our local graduates cannot get themselves into the same bank for trying? Our local unis are ranked in the top 80 of the world. I’m sure they will say this pinoy has something very special to offer. He is special because he is NOT Singaporean.

  6. Cheap Labour Addict said

    Pinoys live a miserable grotty life in their country – still they are full of pride in themselves.

    They are truly happy to be favoured aliens here, where they can exhibit their pride in better surroundings.

    As advised, I have been looking for another place to live, since I am being ‘sold out’ by the government. Too bad – no country thinks I am good enough. The only place that will take people that are worse than me is – Singapore!!!

  7. Des said

    WTH !!!! I know a few from Deutsche bank complaining how lazy they can be.

  8. Singaporean said

    This website is becoming a disgrace. Take a course in newswriting, develop objective critical thinking skills, then start a news website. Until then, this place is a joke.

  9. full of stars said

    How do the government justify “good quality” immigrants ? It it based on paper qualifications only? Or is it based on the character and behavior of the foreigners that the government is bringing in?

  10. Conan said

    Nothing can be done as long as 60 per cent of Singaporeans think it is okay to flood the country with such foreign talent.

  11. TMD said

    Just look at his 猴子脸,if he is so talented, then he should e staying in his country and not betraying his country. So even he becomes a new cituzen here. He would any time betray our country. 狗嘴是长不出象牙的, 一幅哈巴狗像,还敢出来”好炼”.

  12. 大陆仔 said


  13. bystander said

    Could you guys please for once not putting any bias or other form of poor journalism into your article!! This is getting jarring, let the readers form their own perception into matters and stop forcing it down their throat.

    I remember a couple of postings back that you guys claim more readership than the other news outlet. Readership? What a shame of a claim.

    At this rate the only ones who are interested in visiting this website are the scum and bigoted segment of Singapore population who merely seek an outlet for their extreme views and hatred for whatever perceived injustice that they face.

    Get your acts together! Report stuff that the big media miss or refuse to publish but stop putting bigoted and xenophobic slant into the articles. This is poor journalism and shame on you for claiming readership on the unwary souls who stumble upon this sad excuse of a media.

    • zinc said


    • Conan said

      You keep visiting this website so I guess you must include yourself as part of the scum and bigoted segment of Singapore population!!!

    • Stirrer said

      If you like the sort of shit mainstream papers are writing, maybe you should stick to reading those delusional shit instead?

    • Mywish said

      Me liked too!

    • Jenny said

      This article is the truth, we need to be xenophobic in order to stay alive in the future. Who causes all this? PAP.

      • WildHoneyDiscriminates said

        Singapore as a country, and the the people (Singaporeans) are already very tolerent towards foreigners, at most we only bash/flame you online. We hardly ever hurl racist slurs or insults at foreigners, face to face, despite them invading our space and taking our jobs/livelihood.

        If you ever stayed in USA, UK, Australia long enough, you will realized many Western countries are even less tolerent of foreigners. They outrightly hurl racist slurs (‘chink’, ‘paki’, ‘nigger’, ‘wog’) in front of you, and throw rotten food (eggs, banna skin, etc) at you, There is barely anything the cops or govt can do about it as these are “Civil issues”, and not criminal offences (physical assault/battery).

        Even tolerent and peaceful scandinavian countries like Norway, did have some “black sheep” with right-winged extremists Anders Breivik. However you can be sure Singaporeans will not act-on their xenophobic, we only just ‘bitch’/whine online cause we have no freedom of expression (peaceful protest prohibited), no “2nd amendment right to bear arms”, and strict laws on crime.

  14. Roma De vera said

    Filipinoes are a hardworking lots. We promise to help develope Singapore’s economy since we are so welcome over here. I will convinced my relatives and friends from Philippine to migrate to Singapore even though some are reluctant.

    • Conan said

      If the Philippines economy is anything to go by then I guess Pinoys must be the most hardworking lot in SE Asia.

    • Des said

      Roma, you are wrong. You don’t say yourself as hardworking. You kidding us right? Others appreciate and recommend the others. Not yourself. Get your bag and go bark(back).

  15. bb said

  16. gqbarrometro said

    @Cheap Labour Addict: Ask your grandma and grandpa if they were proud to be Singaporeans when Singapore is way POORER than US!

  17. Jenny said

    Pinoys are not talents…work with a lot of them before and ALL of them are lazy backstabbers.

  18. Wing said

    I wonder whether the day riots will break out in Singapore will come soon.

    • seX pisToLs said

      I hope so.

      Let’s the Government know how frustrated we are.
      Everyday, everywhere TALK TALK TALK but NO ACTIONS.

      Show to the Government that we really meant business when come to this issues.

      I believe since the last 60’s riots, the Government is shaking their legs till now

  19. cc chia said

    Singapore has gone from 3rd world to 1st, and has now gone back to the 3rd world or 4th world as we are now flooded and outnumbered (more than 60% at my own estimate) by all the FTs, new Singaporeans and assorted immigrants from the rest of Asia.

    When most of these new Singaporeans were from Malaysia about 50 years ago, it was fine, as they are close to our culture, upbringing and behaviour. However, in the past 15 years, with the influx of new people brought in by the PAP government coming from India, China, Burma, PinoyLand, Indonesia and elsewhere from the back-waters of Asia, things are really going downhill in Singapore. Instead of training and expecting these new people to conform to our Singapore behaviour and customs, the PAP government expects us to adapt to these new people’s uncouth behaviour and customs.

    Buses and trains are now crowded with these new people, houses are more expensive, and we are expexted to understand Chinese and Pinoy front-line staff who speak their local language. We do not have space to walk in our streets without bumping into mostly foreigners, our polyclinics and hospitals are over-crowded, our trains are overcrowded and are starting to break-down daily because they are overloaded with all these new people, and our cost of housing is going thru the roof due to the massive demand fuelled by all these new people looking for a place to stay (or to profit from later selling the house they buy here, when they subsequently go back home).

  20. Family Man said

    There are plenty of good and hardworking Filipinos. My main concern is the ‘true’ intent and methods of our govt where FTs are concerned. So far, their policies seem to have mostly benefitted the elites here while making it harder for the masses.

  21. Derrick said


  22. shaun said

    The pinoys can make good money and better pay than our own Singaporeans. They get good paying job during the day and can even be a part-time maid over the night!

  23. Siperman said

    It take pinoy special forces, police, military, state negotiators about 200 people, 20+ hours to neutralize one fat old man with a m16. It takes a lot of talent to achieve this unprecendented feat.

    We need them, to help improve our productivity, and effeciency. so that we can become a much more efficient country. Once they are here in with full force, we will be able to chatter non stop with our colleauges at work, go on facebook, msn, skype and all sort of chat programs while at work, and when your boss ask you why are you like that, you can turn back and see the entire office chatting in tagalog.

    They also make excellent front counter civil servants by just repeating “cannot, sir…..” “no sir, you cannot” “sorry sir, your form is incomplete, please come back tomorrow” “sorry sir, I cannot change it for you”

    They make excellent customer service people too by creating chatter in the restaurant, when its not the customers that are chattering. It takes me 5 mins to get their attention, in between chatting to come and attend to me…. and when they come they are always so polite and kind, still soak in the last joke that they were saying. How can we get angry with them.

    When you walk into a japanese restaurant, you see the chef is a pinoy, its makes you wonder why you are paying $85 – $200 for 2 person, for street food that cost 50 peso. Of course, we should be assured when they say they have work in a japanese restaurant back home for 3 years, and feel delighted that we have someone who work in a japanese restuarant back home for 3 years serving us.

    And the best part, they are also teaching our youth imparting their superior values and talents in the ITE, Poly and University.

    Even in the area of vice, Pinay are also more attractive than PRC and viets. They are bankers and professionals by day, and enhance our entertainment pleasures by night. One of the favorite past time of Singaporean men, is to go lucky plaza to hunt for maids for sex. Gone are the days, that maids go for the indian construction worker. They already have been pre-screened to be above 18, hence there would not be any reprecussions finding maids for pleasure.

    Lets welcome them with open arms, because who will come to work for us without them?

  24. Feeling disturbed said

    I have a few very disturbing questions…
    1. In times of adversity, who is going to stand by Singapore?
    2. Are those who are willing to stand by Singapore properly taken care of, given priority on benefits for their inevitable sacrifice?
    3. If they aren’t, then what message are we sending across to these people who are willing to stand by Singapore?

  25. seX pisToLs said

    next election, we change the Government.

    We shall see what the new appointed Government can do for us, Singaporeans.

    Not happy, change in every five years.

  26. Terrence L. said

    The hateful comments in this post (and the disgraceful comments in other posts linking to this article) make me glad I left Singapore. All I would ever hear were complaints about the FTs and how they were ruining Singapore’s quality of life. These “FT”s build your HDB flats and clean your gutters. The only reason they are in Singapore is because Singaporeans won’t get their hands dirty. You don’t want them in SG? Pick up a shovel and do your own manual labour.

    The language I read in these posts would be considered hate speech in Western countries. In Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, much of Europe … you’d find yourselves, at best, shunned from society, or, at worst, in front of a court or a human rights tribunal. One thing you should be grateful for in Singapore is your “freedom of speech” that allows you to denigrate and disparage people based on their race and place of origin.

    Imagine if you went to another country for a better life or better education (and you do; look how many of you go overseas for uni), and all you heard from white people was, “Those damn lazy Asians taking our jobs and ruining our quality of life, not respecting our culture. They’re garbage.” Would you support a white person’s right to say that? Would you say, “I guess he’s right, it’s wrong for me to be here”?

    All first-world countries attract people from lower-tier countries. It comes with the territory of being a first-world country. And as long as you rely on the “FT” to work for low wages to drive your buses, build your flats, pick up your trash, staff your shopping malls … well, this is what you get. You don’t like it? Do the work yourselves. If not, show some gratitude.

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