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SMRT trains delayed this morning along East-West line for 20 minutes due to ‘train fault’

Posted by temasektimes on April 26, 2012

Less than a week after a LRT train was stalled between Bukit Panjang and Senja LRT stations, train services were disrupted again at around 10am this morning affecting thousands of commuters.

SMRT trains running along the East-West line from Pasir Ris to Joo Koon were delayed for up to 20 minutes due to ‘train fault’, causing angry commuters to post on Twitter to vent their anger and frustrations:

“The Thursday morning that started great till #smrt decides to be dumb and terminate the train part way! Like really! What the heck..” – Callie

“I hate #smrt. 3 minutes? More like 10. Literally. Every morning there’s a glitch. Wtf is going on. Epically late again.” – Majorie Yeo

Another ‘minor’ disruption occurred two hours earlier when passengers in a packed train were asked to alight at Jurong East MRT station for no good reason causing congestion to an already packed station.

As usual, there are no news reports on the latest train disruptions except occasional updates on the Twitter of Channel News Asia. Neither did SMRT bother to explain to the public the reasons behind the disruptions which are happening on an alarmingly high frequency.


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5 Responses to “SMRT trains delayed this morning along East-West line for 20 minutes due to ‘train fault’”

  1. Hsien Liao La said

    This kind of service is occurring thanks to 60.1% of Singaporeans who willed the govt to bring in more and more aliens! Even trains in third world cities don’t break down like this! Singapore’s train system is crumbling! Enjoy it, 60.1%!

  2. Alan Lau said

    so much problems, they wun dare to report …

  3. Ken Lee said

    news of our world class transport again!! god when are they going to fix the problem??? looking for our blood money again!

  4. Sinkee said

    Aiyoh…this is no news… norm liao

  5. Goondu said

    When reporting train breakdown please indicate day and date please. The trains are breaking down so very often that statement “train break down on Thursday’ becomes meaningless. Which Thursday? today or last week? or week before?

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