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Tan Jee Say calls for ‘regime change’ in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on April 26, 2012

The next General Election may be some years away, but former Singapore Democratic Party and Presidential candidate Tan Jee Say already has his eyes set on it.

Speaking at the dinner of Rotary Club Jurong Town on 24 April 2012, Mr Tan shared with Club members what he thought should be the focus of Singapore politics going forward – ‘regime change.’

He said it is time for the opposition parties to change its mindset of providing checks and balances to the ruling party:

“The last few years including post-GE 2011, have shown how wrong this assumption has been. I told the dinner guests that the days of merely providing checks and balances are over as the government is not prepared to change but is determined to stick to its old ways whilst giving false and misleading impressions that it is amenable to change.”

He also called on Singaporeans who are concerned about Singapore’s future to join the opposition to form a credible team:

“We need new leaders with a different vision to take Singapore forward. Singaporeans who are concerned and serious about Singapore’s future, should organise themselves and provide an alternative government…..If we can double the number to at least 25 to 30, we will raise the confidence level of the electorate.”

Among the audience is Ambassador Pavlo Sultansky of Ukraine and MC Cheong (President of Rotary Club)


10 Responses to “Tan Jee Say calls for ‘regime change’ in Singapore”

  1. Conan said

    Mr Tan Jee Say is right.

    A leopard cannot change its spots.

    This is Something Singaporeans have known all along.

    For example, despite all the mess created so far, they still insist on bringing in 100,000 foreigner a year.

  2. Rotary club? where are the rx7s and the 787b exhibits? you lie! I WANT MY BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP

  3. septeal said

    correct but you are not the one

  4. FreeMakan said

    can’t imagine how the life in singapore when 40% of our new citizen are Ang MO,Pinoy,PRC & KLK are not born in spore.

  5. Oracle said

    Wish he would just shut up. He is the only presidential candidate who still continues to make irritating noises now and then. Someone should just tell him to his face that he will never ever be elected President.

  6. King said

    This guy should just shut up. Nothing but a fame-seeker. Lots of populists ideas pandering to voters but empty on substance. Sad that the media is still paying attention to him.

  7. TJS just doesn’t hv the weight and charisma to make this call. If CSM or Sylvia Lim had made it, the response wld be overwhelmingly for it. But Tan JS?? He has quite some way to go b4 he can be a political figure of real stature for the ppl to answer his call.
    But hving said this, yes, a regime change wld be necessary if the PAPie ruling clique continues its ivory tower and elitist stance of taking the ppl for granted. In this sense, Tan SJ has made a pertinent trumpet call for sinkies to stay on the alert and not be fooled by PAPies’ continued wayang-wayang with nothing concretely favouring them. He shd as such not be simply rubbished off the way Prataman Nathan did to netizens, that what Tan SJ is making is empty noise.

  8. I rather vote TIN PEI LING said

    Please tell Tan Jee Say to shut up. Bloody fame seeker leaning on populist views. He sounds like a communist these days. Between voting TPL and TJS, I rather vote TPL. At least there’s a girl to look at (not that she’s pretty. but she is lesser crap than communist TJS)

  9. Thank Goodness for TJS said

    As PAP continues to run roughshod over us and WP too placid to effect change, we need to support vocal dissenters like Tan Jee Say, radical as some think he is. With a very credible stable of opposition figures this time round in people like Hazel Poa, TJS, Dr Ang Guan Yong, Sylvia Lim and Chen Show Mao etc. they should join forces and form a coalition think-tank or shadow cabinet to keep PAP in check or offer better alternatives to gahmen’s short-cut solutions. At least TJS puts his money where his mouth is and has set up shop for a research group to come up with a viable blue-print for Singapore’s economic development.

    • taytum2 said

      TJS I salute you for standing up that Singapore today needs CHANGE of government more evidently
      Just ignore those bozos freaks who are blind with ignorence with their ill intellect.Do they not understand that what the ruling government party has created,generated and rooted is abyss abysmal within sectors of its population.Why,are these bozos freaks blind?I feel they victimised themselves and their families

      AS Singaporeans very well knows that the pap government policies is one of pro employer who created cheap labour by hiring ill gotten gains(foreigner .. prc’s,pinnoys and their unclutured likes)into Singapore,created and displaced Singaporeans its own citizens and called themselves millionaires.Yet these bozos freaks chose to blind themselves with these testaments.Testaments attestable

      TJS if only,you could set up to form a civic society or something I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to subscribe (its high time someone like you made and walk the call just as Moses did)

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