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Baey Yam Keng penned his name on petition to vouch for Lee Lip Hong’s character in court

Posted by temasektimes on April 27, 2012

Former Pei Chun Public School principal Lee Lip Hong may have disappointed many Singaporeans by having commercial sex with a minor, but he still retain the loyal support of some friends and prominent public figures in Singapore, including PAP MP for Tampines GRC Baey Yam Keng.

33 former colleagues, students and friends of Lee penned their names down on a petition pleading for leniency on his behalf which was presented to the judge this morning.

Instead of asking Lee to reflect on his own behavior, Baey Yam Keng expressed his support for him in the petition willingly without much thoughts.

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Baey, who was the President of the Singapore Volleyball Association said:

“Though he (Lee) spent only a short period of time in the Association, he had made tremendous contributions to it.”

When NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu called Singaporeans ‘dogs’ two months ago, Mr Baey immediately asked Singaporeans to ‘reflect’ on their own behavior, sparking a massive outcry which he later apologized for in Parliament.


9 Responses to “Baey Yam Keng penned his name on petition to vouch for Lee Lip Hong’s character in court”

  1. Reasonable Person said

    I may not personally know Mr Lee Li Hong, his spirit by admitting without defence his guilt and openly declare that he is wrong. He knows he is doing it because he confesses that he has a weak spot. Singaporeans should emulate this spirit n be proud that we have a Singaporean who is willing to be punished for his wrongdoing. His act is not something evil n exploiting. His human spirit is willing but his fresh is weak. Who do not have such spot n i dare challenge anyone to tell us that they are perfect. I hope the judge would mete out a lighter sentence. I also hope that MOE or any employers would give him a second chance as we also have given ex convicts a chance to comeback.

  2. pngkueh_forever said

    You mean it’s OK for the Principal to go round screwing prostitutes even though they are above 17 years old.

  3. jammie said

    The principal admits his mistake, apologizes and accepts punishment. You don’t defend his weakness but stand by his strength. Compare to “No comments” party’s leaders who had “nothing to add”; they defended wrong thing, and when it became politically untenable, they ditched their own comrade… was that a good leadership???

  4. Hsien Liao La said

    this guy is simply a joke la, whatever he says i’ll just take it as tragicomedy.

  5. Hate retards. said

    @Hsien Liao, yeah that’s the way to go.

    @Jammie, you sound like Jammie Wong in FB. So, why is there a need to even compare and mention about other party’s leaders? Did the person you are referring to commit a crime? NO HE DIDN’T so just leave him and the party out! If you want to compare, then compare apples to apples. Don’t b a retard!

  6. jaded said

    one bonk for a career… really high price to pay

  7. Hamilton Bacon said

    Politicians these days don’t get a break. In the old days, you can say or do anything, and no one will be any the wiser. Because of social networking, everything is scrutinized and criticized. Do we all have to think 10 times before we speak or write anything? You will end up with sanitized politicians who are too scared to do anything.

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