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Boyfriend of underage prostitute defends her: I believe she is ‘innocent’

Posted by temasektimes on April 27, 2012

Despite her photos being splashed all over in the internet accusing her of being the underage prostitute who caused the downfall of 48 men so far, one man has stood by staunchly by her side.

The boyfriend of Miss XXX, as she is now known due to a gag order imposed by the court claimed he is ‘sure’ that she is not the underage prostitute in the center of the scandal and that she has been ‘framed’.

One notorious porn site based overseas wrote he is still in a state of denial:

“And he is in full denial and unwilling to believe that xxx was a prostitute. But rumors of his girlfriend being an underaged social escort goes back two years and apparently their friends and inner circle knew about these rumors before last week. But sources indicate Alvin is claiming to everyone that his girlfriend has never worked as a prostitute and certainly never freelanced before, and that she is very innocent.”

In a fierce exchange with his friends on Facebook, the man who is currently serving his National Service in the navy, wrote:

“Hope this nonsense stop soon. Those that dunno anyhow insult/spread mouth rot and never recover.”

Miss XXX was described as having the following attributes on the online vice site:

She was described as having the following attributes on the site:

“1.60m tall, slim figure, C-cup breasts…(She) still has that naive girlishness, offers excellent sweet young thing, girlfriend experience….Advance booking for (her) is required, don’t leave it to least minute booking as it always almost won’t work!”

According to court documents obtained by the press, the underage prostitute had sex 58 times with the 48 men between 23 September 2010 and 24 October 2011.

Her diary includes chilling details such as the place and time of the sessions as well as the amount of time spent by each man bonking her.

Though she charged a ‘standard’ rate of $500, some of her clients such as former grassroots leader Chua Ren Sheng and Swiss banker Juerg Buergin were so pleased with her services that they offered her tips of between $100 and $200.

Among the 48 men already charged for having sex with her include 9 civil servants, a senior banker, a company director, a senior vice-president of a private company, lawyers, a senior police officer, the former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong and prominent grassroots leader and high-ranking MOE official Chua Ren Cheng. Their ages range from between 21 to 48 years old.


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22 Responses to “Boyfriend of underage prostitute defends her: I believe she is ‘innocent’”

  1. Wong Ming Jun said

    One word: Self denial. If it really isn’t her, why is she acting guilty by privatising her blog and not coming out like Ms Jvnne Zheng and Christina Tan to clear her name? as they say in chinese, this is like burying silver under a piece of land, then sticking a sign up that says “THERE IS NO SILVER BURIED HERE UNDER THIS LAND”. We’re already angry enough at her protection for her abuse of the law under the Women’s Charter and here we still have besotted man who thinks she is an absolute angel. He is either blinded by love, or he just cherishes her only for how good she is in bed!!!

  2. The Gardener said

    That’s right Boy. Btw your Gal is now at legal age now, I pay double for infamous sluts. Ok?

  3. Sam Gunner said

    If the girl can’t even come clean with all this with her boyfriend, then she’s really rotten stinky pussy.

  4. Damien Toh said

    good luck boy…my full sympathies for you…don’t even know what your gf is up to….being screwed by 48 guys…

  5. Alvin said

    Idiot must believe she is a virgin too!

  6. judson chND said

    boyfriend make money only

  7. Jamie said

    Look at this idiot called Alvin Koh, still in denial that his girlfriend is a whore, slut and bitch who is willing to do just about anything for that LV, Prada, Gucci, you name it. Love is blind indeed.

  8. Jamie said

    This Alvin Koh is really a brainless and pathetic moron. While he was stuck in camp serving his National Service, his girlfriend went out to eat and yet he can still lie to himself and deny the fact that she is a whore. He’s been taken for a ride and yet he does not realize it. What a fool indeed.

  9. ThiaThiadeardear said

    My sympathy for Alvin….
    Next time I will video her and show it to you. See how good is her moaning and screaming in bed. Maybe that still isn’t enough and you could deny again saying people might have photoshop. Hahahhaa lame lame lameeeeeeeeeeee
    Get a life, find a better girl

  10. Stirrer said

    Maybe he should try stirring her and see how his teaspoon fit in her big bowl. Remember to wear a condom, that bowl is toxic.

  11. iknowthisislovebutifwereyouiwouldleaveher said

    The dude must have been missing his balls lately, why dont he just ask her what’s going on?

  12. TMD WTF said


  13. John Titor said

    Lol that sucks. Knowing the truth and forgiving her is one thing… self denial however ;(

  14. Magdalene Ruben said

    What a joke! Calling a prostitute “INNOCENT” where she ruined the well-beings of several males in her “FLESH” business. This so called boyfriend of hers really has no sense of comment, probably he knew then n felt proud of her act to be able to make ‘HUGE” earnings at her age.

  15. cc chia said

    Ha, ha, ha. Usually those who are closest to the one being unfaithful (such as the wife, and the boyfriend in this case) are the last to know the details of all the activities and trysts that the whole world and all the those in the office already know.

    Maybe after they get married, the previously underaged pro would “come clean” and reveal her experiences with the more than 80 bonking sessions. However, harder to cleanse would be the various STDs such as herpes, AIDS and VD she may have already contracted during the course of her exciting part-time career in the world of providing sexual services.

  16. xik fuck said

    why rock the boat when u get it for free thoo

  17. What? said

    The diff between the boyfriend and the client is:

    The boy gets it free…….Hahahahahahahaha

  18. denzuko1 said

    Did the boyfriend have sex with her before she was 18?

  19. LkySi said

    Did she declare her earnings to IRAS

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