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Desmond Choo launches project to provide free hearing aids to Hougang elderly residents

Posted by temasektimes on April 27, 2012

In the absence of a MP in Hougang, PAP grassroots adviser for Hougang Grassroots Organizations Desmond Choo has been filling in the void to serve the residents.

Hougang was left without a MP less than a year after the General Election after its ex-MP Yaw Shin Leong was sacked from the Workers Party over his failure to address rumors swirling around his alleged extra-marital affairs with multiple married women, including two fellow party members who contested in the election and a neighbor from China.

Two weeks after launching a job hub to help unemployed residents in Hougang, Mr Desmond Choo launched “Project Communication” to provide the elderly with free hearing aids as part of a collaboration between Hougang Citizens’ Consultative Committee and Sunlove Home

Each hearing aid costs around $200 and the cost is sponsored by Sunlove Home.

In an interview with the media, recipient Mr Yeo Kim Chai, 77 said:

“My hearing has improved greatly and I feel more comfortable.”

Many residents were full of praise of Mr Choo who has done much more for Hougang residents than its ex-MP Yaw Shin Leong.

[Source: Desmond Choo’s Facebook]

Despite his busy work schedule, Mr Choo has been visiting Hougang residents almost daily as well as holding his unofficial ‘Meet-the-People’ sessions on Monday evenings at Hougang Community Club.

Meanwhile, the Workers’ Party is nowhere to be seen, heard or found in Hougang other than a few token visits by its former MP Low Thia Kiang and his new ‘protege’ Png Eng Huat who still does not have a Facebook page yet. The Facebook pages of the Workers Party and Hougang SMC are also not updated for a long-time.

Workers Party members and supporters have been boasting unashamedly in cyberspace that WP will win Hougang with its ‘eyes closed’ and ask Mr Choo not to waste his time as Hougang is a ‘property’ of WP.

To learn more about Mr Choo, please visit his Facebook page here.


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18 Responses to “Desmond Choo launches project to provide free hearing aids to Hougang elderly residents”

  1. Badass Ed said

    I am moving over to Hougang. I need some free hearing aids myself.

    Seems like there are lots of freebies there, for now.

    • Jarvis Lee said

      By all means take the freebies but remember to vote according to your conscience.

      The fact is the freebies will stop once they win the election.

      Vote for opposition, and you can expect more freebies before the next election.

  2. Prataman said

    When they give you free porridge… enjoy the meal.

    When they give you free hearing aid… take it.

    When they whisper in your ear to vote for them… say ‘yes’.

    When you are at the ballot box… vote WP.

    That’s all you need to do.

    • WatSia said

      have you ever wonder how it feel to be partially deaf? Do you discriminate people with hearing problems?

  3. Wilson said

    TR is now really getting more and more anti WP, and their comment now are not very neutral position..

  4. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Rest assured if hougang is won by PAP, the free things WILL SUDDENLY STOP AND COST OF EVERYTHING WILL GO UP

  5. Jaded said

    Hougang residents, enjoy the freebies while you can. All will be gone after by-election…

    • Jarvis Lee said

      It is the same pattern repeated before every election.

      When will daft Singaporeans ever learn.

      Look at the PAP wards, residents get no freebies.

      Look at the opposition wards, residents get freebies regularly.

  6. ;ABC said

    Why not give the hearing aids to those who cannot hear the cries of the citizens?

    • jaded said

      LOL that’s a good one. but no point, they are so high up in their ivory towers that you need a loudspeaker to get heard

      • James Tan said

        Anyone wants to donate loudspeaker for those guys in the ivory tower? But make sure the design of the speakers can be worn over the ears. LOL.

  7. Ryan said

    Would like to know where the funding comes from. An uneven level playing field when it comes to financing, is abound?

  8. NTUC coconuts said

    This guy needs a break already .Someone please give Desmond Choo the teen ho’s hp.

  9. Andrew Chen said

    What a cheapskate publicity stunt. Trust the PAP to be crass like this. Desmond Choo is a Dickwad

  10. David said

    The hearing aids were sponsored by Sunlove and he helped publicise the events. So what? Those old folks in hougang benefitted … I am not going to begrudge them. Publicity is part and parcel of politics. How is it different from LTK visiting funeral wakes of people he doesn’t know?

  11. WatSia said

    For someone who is having hearing problem, I think having the free hearing aid helps especially when you are financially in need. As long as the residents benefits from the activity I suppose it beats with no help at all.

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