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DPM Tharman: We must stay ‘open’ to expertise from around the world

Posted by temasektimes on April 27, 2012

Despite growing concerns among Singaporeans at being squeezed out by the relentless influx of foreigners, government leaders have been constantly exhorting them to accept more immigrants, the latest being Deputy Prime Minister and Manpower Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

In his May Day message yesterday, Mr Tharman said that Singapore must stay open to expertise from around the world and enable companies to have the diverse teams that allow them to remain competitive.

He said Singapore’s main focus is on the longer-term challenge of building a better future for its people, and everything the government does is aimed at achieving “inclusive growth” which benefits all Singaporean workers.

Singapore has the highest income gap between the rich and poor among the thirty most developed economies in the world after Hong Kong. A recent proposal by economist professor Lim Chong Yah to raise the wages of lower-income workers was rejected outright by the government which claimed that it will have ‘dire’ consequences for the economy. 


15 Responses to “DPM Tharman: We must stay ‘open’ to expertise from around the world”

  1. it's so typical.. said

    Tharman, bring in more FT to build the future for you and your MIWs or for the future of Singaporeans?? What have we gained from the mass influx of foreigners into our homeland? Depressed salary, crazy inflation, unaffordable housing, social problems etc etc. This country is losing it’s identity with every passing day. We all know the answers, so please don’t patronize us with all that rubbish about doing this for US!!

  2. cc chia said

    Spoken like a true two-headed snake with a forked tongue! Why don’t this guy also walk the talk and allow competition into the civil service and the PAP government by allowing foreigners to “compete with them”?

    I am sure it is not only the SIngapore peasants who need to have “spurs stuck into their sides”. For example, Tony Blair, Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton would make a better government minister or PM at half the price of what we are currently paying our world’s most expensive civil servants who do not seem to do very much most of the time, except to screw things up.

  3. Family Man said

    We need FTs in certain very obvious sectors and not as much in others. Yet, it doesn’t seem that these needs are addressed appropriately and problems have arisen.

  4. Badass Ed said

    Agreed. But real “expertise” not those armed with fake degrees or questionable work experience.

    You can find lots of this kind of people walking around the island these days.

  5. Jenny said

    I will agree what he said if we exchanged salaries.

  6. WildHoneyDiscriminates said

    “…benefits all Singaporean workers.” *PUI*, as far as the average Singaporen is concerned, it only benefits the Capitalists (lower wage cost) and the ministers, directors whose ‘peformance’ are based on “GDP growth” (LMAO), and shareholder value.

    Tha-ma-de, please have some quality control and points system like Australia, UK, Canada, for recruiting & migration of foreign workers. As it stands, your failed policies just indiscriminately accepts any Tom, Dick or Harry who applies. How can you consider dodgy 1 year degree programs as a ‘graduate’?!? (and as ‘skilled’ migration applicant? *PUI*) This is totally unfair to local NUS/NTU/SMU grads, and overseas Singaporean grads who painfully save and study for 4 years! (international standard)

    Many of your Northern Indian brethren have dubious ‘degrees’ (100,000 Rupees each, printed from Microsoft Publisher) and credentials (untrue, bloated resumes). You know yourself, that Indian nationals are serial liars, and tend to exaggerate facts/truths. When an Indian national says “10 years experience in IT systems managment”, its actually only “2 years of entry-level IT helpdesk support”. Professional snake charmers, that even the global MNCs around the world get conned by their lies and ‘trumpet blowing’.

  7. Prataman said

    When Tharman was appointed DPM after the last elections, people were hopeful that he would usher in some change to the group think of the PAP.

    Now that we know him better, the man is no better than a parrot.. and good only in repeating what his master wants him to say.

    Please vote this Botak and all his useless MIW buddies out into the sewer in 2016.

    • Zach tells you The Other Hard Truth said

      Money corrupts and plenty of money corrupts incorrigibly. Whatever good men that might initially have noble motives when they join the PAP soon lose their moral compass, and sell their souls to mammon.

      This addiction to money and the subsequent money-poisoning is no less than a drug addict succumbing to his daily fixes of increasing large does of heroine. He needs bigger and bigger doses over time, and his willing to distort any thing to get his fix.

      Good becomes bad, bad becomes good, exorbitant prices becomes affordable prices, inexcusable breakdowns become unavoidable disruptions,

      I want to accord him some respect, but he makes himself despicable. Simple question, how many people can be accommodated into this little island, that is only 26miles E-W and 18miles N-S ?

  8. Singapore Researcher said

    Anger is building up

  9. Bengy said

    The rich will become richer while poor become poorer, why? very simple..when COE go up towkay increase their selling products price while the poor cannot ask the towkay to increase their pay..WTF..what has become of the world this day..daylight robberies..

  10. Superman said

    I agree with DPM Tharman. I m a Singaporean .

  11. jaded said

    and so the wayang continues, whatever happened to reducing foreign workers here? after pacified and hoodwinked the daft sinkies, its back to business as usual?

  12. Given S’pore’s mini-red dot size, it is of the essence that FTs are only allowed in very selectively to ensure they do not adversely impact (or compromise) i) our environment thru overcrowding or inadequacies in existing infrastructures; ii) employment opportunities and prospects of sinkies vis-a-vis the newcomers; iii) cultural cohesion of multi-racial tolerance and happy coexistence.
    In gist, only the two polar ends of the economic spectrum shd be open to FTs coming in: 1) the qualitative end of highly qualified professionals and specialists who are wanted in every developed country; and 2) the bottom end of black collar and/or manual jobs that sinkies shun.
    Hving said this, the govt shd always put sinkies’ interests first b4 FTs’ in the formulation of public policies so that immigrants do not benefit at the ppl’s expense, to their distress and loss. The govt owes this much to the ppl as their elected parliamentarians.

  13. Nationalist said

    Singapore is full!

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