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Ex-principal Lee Lip Hong breaks down and cries in court: I am too weak to resist ‘distractions’

Posted by temasektimes on April 27, 2012

The former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong broke down and cried in court today as the judge sentenced him to nine weeks imprisonment for having commercial sex with his minor. When the jail sentence was handed down at about noon, Lee was seen wiping tears from his eyes.

His lawyer Melanie Ho has pleaded for leniency saying that Lee did not suspect anything was wrong and had no reason to doubt the age of the underage prostitute, based on her physical appearance, demeanour and maturity.

Ms Ho said her client was very remorseful and understood that he had made a very serious mistake.

Lee later requested to plead personally, telling the judge that even though he changed his mind and decided to engage a counsel, he never changed his decision to plead guilty.

He added he was fully ashamed of his actions, which have caused pain and harm to his family, especially his wife and many others who entrusted him to be their role model.

“I would like to confess that I am fully ashamed of my own actions, and more importantly the pain and harm that I have caused to my family members, especially my wife. My wife has magnanimously taken a tough decision to forgive me, and even proposed to reaffirm our wedding vows once again.”

In mitigation, Lee admitted his mistake was caused by his ‘weak resistance’ to ‘distractions’ and his personal lack of control of his own moral standards.

Besides Lee Lip Hong, another former teacher and prominent grassroots leader in Jurong Chua Ren Cheng was also charged for having sex with the same underage prostitutes.


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11 Responses to “Ex-principal Lee Lip Hong breaks down and cries in court: I am too weak to resist ‘distractions’”

  1. Seb said

    I just wonder how many other “distractions” that he has had that he has not been caught for? He had access to young girls ….this is what you get for focusing on just academics and promoting scholars based on just that. MOE can give all the BS it wants but I know how it works….plenty of teacher and principle friends.

  2. Badass Ed said

    His strategy was wrong to plead guilty and be the first one to stand in the dock for the offence. Any leniency shown to him would be a precedent and hence the rest of the perpetrators of the sex crime would have to be dealt with similarly.

    All these men are pretty stupid. They should have pleaded together, employ one legal counsel, after all, the circumstances of the case are pretty much the same.

    Amongst all the men, I think Mr. Lee deserves to be treated magnanimously the most. He co-operated fully and even foolishly pleaded guilty. A fine would have been punishment enough taking into consideration that his life as a high flying educator is now over. He paid a very hefty price for his indiscretion.

    We should all give him space and leave him alone as all of us have sinned and should not be so smug.

  3. Stirrer said

    This is so fucking ridiculous!
    If that whore were of legal age, nothing would have happened.
    Now this fucking whore was underage, blissfully and willingly prostituting herself got all these people into trouble.

    May a thousand fleas infect that fucking whore, die of cunt rot.

  4. wMulew said

    They should be charging the girl as well. The guys maybe partly at fault but the bigger blame should fall on the girl She is a willing party in all of this yet she is the only one getting protected

  5. lol said

    Temptations la. Distractions not so powerful.

  6. pngkueh_forever said

    What distractions ? Lee knowingly booked for the girl. You mean to say that even if the girl is of legal age, it is perfectly OK for the principal to go round screwing prostitutes. This is utter nonsense and a total disgrace to the teaching fraternity. The good thing that Lee did was to own up, take responsibility and ownership unlike the others……. that’s the way, be man enough to own up.

  7. invictus said

    At least got balls to stand-up & admit mistakes, instead of saying its out of context.. Some of our politicians should learn from this man, including the spineless Yaw

  8. said

    all humans especially guys have needs, why must u blame the principal???

    if the principal go geylang to have legal paid sex, what’ll s’poreans say if this is the case for that principal instead???

    that principal is juz unlucky that his partner is under age, poor thing!!!

    all man are sinful by nature, who dare to say they never ever done anything wrong before???

    pls lah s’poreans open up yur mind & seriously think, if humans don’t have any urges to have sex, do u think u’ll even be born now into this world???

  9. Family Man said

    To err is human and to forgive is divine. Besides, he didn’t do anything wrong to the girl and the continued insistence on the need to protect the imature doesn’t stand up to any test of logic here. All these just make me feel that Singapore’s courts and leaders just don’t have any sense of justice not fairness.

    • Reasonable Person said

      Our justice is rule base. Where is the underlying principle governing justice n equality n this is the fundamental of our theme national song. In this case, the principal does not have any motive to exploit her naive age i.e. underage (he is not aware) n it is not a heinous crime to mete out jail sentence on him.

  10. becoolnow said

    many of them appear to honestly believe that the girl was above 18.

    to place into prisons people who had no intention to commit the crime is not justice.

    a reasonable person in the shoes of those men will think she was above 18. in fact, nearly 60 had done so.

    think about it, should you be charged for theft when you had no intention to do so, just because stolen goods were found in your possession?

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