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Ex-principal Lee Lip Hong jailed 9 weeks for having sex with underage prostitute

Posted by temasektimes on April 27, 2012

The former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong (pic left with PAP MP Josephine Teo) has been sentenced to nine weeks’ jail for having paid sex with a minor, a sign of what is in store for the other 47 men who have been charged for the same offence.

Lee was charged for paying $500 twice to have sex with the prostitute ‘Miss XXX’ who was 17 years old at the time of the offence twice on 26 September and 10 December in 2010. He pleaded guilty on Friday morning.

The court heard that Lee first came to know of the girl’s services from an online porn site ‘’ ran by pimp Tang Boon Thiew who had sex with the same girl earlier for only $50.

She was described as having the following attributes on the site:

“1.60m tall, slim figure, C-cup breasts…(She) still has that naive girlishness, offers excellent sweet young thing, girlfriend experience….Advance booking for (her) is required, don’t leave it to least minute booking as it always almost won’t work!”

Unable to resist the temptation, Lee procured her services through the website which stated the girl’s age as 18 years old.

In mitigation, Lee’s lawyer Melanie Ho told the court that her client was misled about the girl’s real age and when he met the girl’s pimp, Tang Boon Thiew, he was told that the girl was 19 years old.

Ms Ho said Lee had no reason to suspect that she was younger than her stated age on the website. She said when Lee met the girl, she told him she was 19 years old.

Despite obviously being deceived into the ‘deal’, Lee was convicted and sentenced to imprisonment, bringing an end to his otherwise illustrious teaching career.

Meanwhile, the girl can now continue to prostitute herself legally as she is now 19 years of age . A gag order has been imposed on exposing her identity and as such her future clients will never realize they are having sex with the girl who caused the downfall of 48 men and possibly many more to come.


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18 Responses to “Ex-principal Lee Lip Hong jailed 9 weeks for having sex with underage prostitute”

  1. Badass Ed said

    Despite saying through his lawyer that he was deceived into thinking that the prostitute was 19 when the alleged crime was committed, it is strange that he still pleaded guilty. He should have the balls to stand firm and mount a challenge to the charge.

    But then, he thought that if he pleaded guilty, he would only be fined and let off with a warning.

    Wrong move.

    • Reasonable Person said

      He has a clear conscience. This is what is admirable. Contrary to SMRT or ruling party, they refuse to admit despite clear n concrete evidence to show it.

  2. SingaPOORean said

    for all good being done to the society and one/twice mistake….his life gone

    for all bad and nothing good being done in her live……she live on with the same mistake selling her body legally now….

    sucks the law

  3. rambo said

    Sad. I pity him. Unlike the CNB and SCDF case, he did not abuse his authority. Did he molest his students? No. Did he rape anybody? No. He paid for the services even though what he did was morally wrong. His whole family suffers. His job is gone. Future is gone. Mr Lee, be strong. I wish you the best in your future endeavour.

    • Statham said

      Will u be recruiting him for expendables when he comes out?

      • Reasonable Person said

        Why not??? Mr Lee is not committing a heinous crime. He should be given a second chance.

    • WildHoneyDiscriminates said

      I totally agreed. The girl was a willing service provider, and Lee Lip Hong was a paying customer, he’s just unlucky that she was underaged. Lee did not abuse his postion or force himself on the “hardcore prostitute”.

      On the other hand, senior civil servant Ng Boon Gay (former Director of CNB) is even more guilty as a law enforcer and was “Director of the Criminal Investigation Department” when he committed his offence. He should have double-punishment for abusing his position for sexual favours from the sexy female IT executive.

      That’s the British “kangaroo court” system for you.

    • ANGEL OF DEATH said

      In my view, he did no harm to anyone. He did not steal somebody’s job for less pay, did not physically hurt anyone or stole any money or called anyone vulgar names. He was cheated and he thought he did not break the law. But i respect him, for being a man and pleading gulity to the law. He never gave any excuses at all. That is how a man should be, taking responsiblity for his actions, right or wrong.

  4. NTUC coconuts said

    9 weeks in prison is a surprisingly harsh ruling for someone who was duped by the pimp and callgirl, pleaded guilty and showed remorse. Hope he appeals for a lighter sentence, maybe a $10000 fine (equivalent of 20 sex sessions with ho). He has been punished enough by the media and society already.

  5. Helen ng said

    How to live in Singapore like that? Jail became so common now. This judge will sure get karma. We Chinese believe that we must always give people some leeway. Now this judge is like forcing these men to jump. Y can’t he give a stern warning and a heavy fine. I thought got one man was sentenced to 2 weeks and also a fine because he did not know the china girl is underage. How come this case more serious. Y can’t he give a thought that this poor man career will be totally destroyed. Because this thing never happen to his family, that’s y

  6. Ron Lim said

    For a problem free fuck, go to BKK, Guangzhou, Batam and many other destinations. Not worth the risk of getting caught and also avoid the young cunts. Check their passports or ID. If not sure, tie up the dick and avoid grief later.

  7. U_U said

    By the way, He’s not in the wrong as he was told that the girl was 19years old.
    Why is he committing?

    Look here;
    – posted in website is 18yo
    – pimp told the clients is 19yo

    So who is the fault here?
    We can’t blamed the whole faults to this 48 guys.
    I feel that there’s unfair charges here.
    They should not be Jailed or Fined.
    Medias are publishing this cases to make their friends and families uneasy.
    They lost their future.
    This don’t seem to be major crime.
    They don’t really know the age of this girl.
    What they want is the satisfaction but got scammed or cheated.
    So, can anyone said or explain about this case?
    Hope you guys don’t misunderstand in other way round.

  8. Reasonable Person said

    My heart goes out to the family. Lets move on n take it as a lesson. We are not perfect n mistakes are unavoidabe. The most impt message is he repents n his conscious overwhelms him. This is the beauty of the spirit within him. More imptly his wife forgives him n willing to renew the wedding wow notwithstanding what he has done.

  9. lol said

    I hope now the media can cut you some slack.

  10. Zhunji said

    Heard from the news just now. Something like this happened… Judge asked him, “Why do you not believe that the girl is underaged?”, He replied, “Because the website stated her age as 19.” Judge, “How can you trust the website?” “Apparently, I am wrong,” said the former P. Verdict: Guilty! What type of logic is this?! Imagine you bought a food product that is not edible, then you complain to CASE, and the reply from CASE is “how can you trust the label on the product, serve you right!”

  11. Ron said

    With a criminal conviction, migration is out of the question. I wonder how many of them will commit suicide, have depression, fall seriously ill and even die early because this may become a long term trauma. I do not condone their actions but still I feel sympathies for what they are going through.

    Does Spore have compassion? Is there no room to have suspended sentences for those patronizing underaged prostitutes? Can we not have more humane ways to rehabilitate the wrong-doers instead of condeming them to long term misery. The jail term is just the beginning of more years of misery… lost of job, reputation, self-confidence, deep pain. It is not that they forcibly raped this prostitute.

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