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‘Flying Dutchman’ lectures Singaporeans: Stop complaining about influx of foreigners!

Posted by temasektimes on April 27, 2012

One Singaporean tuning in to Class 95 morning show today at 9am was shocked when he heard its host ‘The Flying Dutchman’ aka Mark van Cuylenburg giving a lecture to Singaporeans which goes something like this:

“I am entitled to my own opinion which might be different from yours. Singaporeans should stop always complaining about influx of workers. Singaporeans must know that we have a low birthrate. Singapore’s economy is not sustainable by a ageing population unless Singapore’s birthrate goes up! Since Singapore herself cannot ensure a healthy supply of workers, Singaporeans should stop complaining about influx of workers to keep our economy going!”

A recent white paper released by the National Talent and Population Division under the Prime Minister’s Office revealed that Singapore needs to sustain its population growth via immigration:

“We will continue to ensure that we take in immigrants who are of good quality and able to integrate well into our society.”

His comments sparked a furore on Hardwarezone forum with many forummers lampooning him for it:

“He’s full of sh1t.. he sits pretty in his safe room at the mediacock studio.. how the hell would he know about the issues we peasants face? He knows nothing about our world.” – canisayno

“Yes, I do agreed that we need FT and FW. But there is always a limit to all things. Drink water is gd for health, too much will kill u too.” – evq

“that cunt face mark needs to know who to bark and what to bark at. the issue is not so much the influx of foreigners, it is how PAP is making our lives so hard that we do not dare to have children for fear of their future. This is the biggest issue.” – theballstopshere



48 Responses to “‘Flying Dutchman’ lectures Singaporeans: Stop complaining about influx of foreigners!”

  1. dog of the dogs said

    F him.

  2. lim said

    I think many people are deliberately twisting facts for their own ends – we are not against immigration but the manner in which it is being done – indiscriminately, even the wrong kind, and when the infrastructure is not ready – that’s why trains are falling apart, hdb flats are sky high and sporeans are being discriminated in their own country by foreigners.

    • Danny said

      Well said. My thoughts exactly. And yet the govt is making no apologies for their oversight and instead are gearing up to do more damage. Did you see Thurs’ BT front page? White paper proposes 20-25,000 more foreigners per year. Currently we have just under 20,000 per year. I’ve nothing against foreigners and acknowledge their contributions to Singapore, but we need to know where to draw the line. And to think our fucking PM has the cheek to launch a FB page in the middle of a transportation crisis. PAP bastards.

  3. Flying douchebag said

    If I were him, I would go back to dutch land.

  4. demon-grapher said

    Singaporeans 3.26 million
    Foreigners 1.39 million
    PRs 0.532 million
    Total 5.18 million

    Even a child knows Singapore’s TFR is low and if left unchecked, the population will dwindle. 2.9 million => 2.8 million => … => 1.9 million => …

    But look. Singapore’s citizen population actually rose to 3.26 million instead of declining. Using PSLE maths, it means the PAP has been bringing in new citizens at an increasing rate.

    Fair enough, a larger population may be good for Singapore. Never mind that one day the no. of foreign-born citizens will out-strip local-born.

    But look again. On top of the 3.26 million citizens, we have 0.5 million PRs here just feeding on our sugarhill. To make matters worse, we have another 1.39 million foreigners here.

    Hence, any claims that new migrants are needed to replace a declining or ageing population is bullshit. The PAP is simply importing human beings – many times more than is required – as inputs to pad up the economy. It is like a woman padding up her assets from 30 inches to 35 inches. One day, the deflation will be a major embarassment.

  5. Badass Ed said

    This dutchman is a flying big mouth. It’s fine for him to talk this way but tell that to the countless PMETs now having to drive taxis, become insurance or pesky housing agents just because they are priced out of the market and somehow has to make a living, short of turning to crime, to feed their families.

    His employer should employ more Pinoy or PRC or even Indian DJs and he wouldn’t be talking so big.

    The minute I hear his old fart voice come on when I drive, I am switching off otherwise I fear I will succumb to road rage.

    • yoyo said

      are you scared of losing your jobs to FT? my suggestion is to get off the internet and make yourself more productive and marketable instead of blaming foreigners.

      • venuscolt said

        I believe it is not really about being afraid of losing jobs to FT and getting off internet is not going to help. It is a FACT that Singapore is experiencing overcrowding from too many FTs and quite a number of them are here because they are simply cheaper. Singapore has to reduce the number of FT.

  6. Manegie at FareMount Hospice said

    cut him some slack. He’s the foreign talent that successfully occupied a seat in the mediacorp radio station. You all should scold the local DJs who were with him at the morning show and not defend the locals. Sooner or later, it will be the local DJs turn to be ousted by another foreigner and he will have no one to speak up to.

  7. zinc said

    Come on, you ppl still listen to 950? you are just listening to some ppl chatting and laughing among themselves.

  8. simon foreman said

    The question put across by the flying dutman –
    “Stop complaining about influx of foreigners!”
    does weigh in alot for a radio show which should have some sensitivity regarding to someone’s hearing pleasure besides s’poreans are not complaining the concept is wrong ,its just that S’poreans have lost their birthright to our own s’pore heritage,because of this S’pore has become a lost Generation.This should be explored with greater ability rather than blaming s’poreans all the time.

  9. Local gal said

    Its not so much bout the FT Or FW, its about how suffocating it is here, we bring in 1FT, they bring the whole village. Its really very

    cramp. If u didnt notice please check out the pics of the train stations during peak hrs… Its disgusting. Some may think that sg is a safe country from natural disasters, what about human disasters?? Something to think about ha?

  10. sweetbean said

    wait cheaper, betterer and fasterer FT take his job then see what he say?

  11. Observer said

    This is a problem that when you tell a lie often enough, some people will start to believe you. Sure we have a situation in which the TFR is below replacement level. Why take these short cuts to overcome it. Why not ask what teh fundamental problems are.

    We certainly do not need to make our cost of living so darn high. Immigrants will face our same fate but when they are pissed, they simply go home. Where can Singaporeans go? What we need to do is

    1. Only Singaporeans can buy HDB.
    2. All PRs owning HDB can sell back to HDB at the buy price. This will make it impossible for PRs to benefit from HDB
    3. Freeze all HDB prices until a price/median salary ratio is achieved. We can set this to a period like in 1999.

    This HDB question will make the biggest impact to how couples think they can afford to have children. Most of us in the forum write not because we can’t afford to buy HDB. We probably bought it long ago and has benefited from it appreciation. However, when I look at my children, I fear for them. How will they be able to afford anything? If I were to start work like them now, I will definitely not want to have kids.

    And these highly paid so-called elites can’t figure it out. Probably they have been told but choose to ignore it and harp on their usual crap because the reality does not align with their self serving interests.

  12. said

    please csi if he has fxxk any < 18 girl before. hihgly susupect tat this jerk had done before. stupid fxxker. we gave him a home and took it for granted. go back to your drug infected astermfxxk la. cheebye.

    • WildHoneyDiscriminates said

      with a name like “VanXYZ” obviously he is from Netherlands, and not even born here. Who is he to even comment about Singaporeans?!? a typical ingrate PR-turned citizen!

      no need to CSI, see his ‘tiko bin’ already can confirm he is a sammyboy cheongster. He is just lucky that he’s not been caught, yet! and being an Ang Moh, I’m sure he also gets his annual pedo fixes at Pattaya, Thailand with his brethrens from Europe, UK.

  13. Singaporean said

    I find it funny how this website will be the first to point out if our institutional press slants the news, but it’ll be a case of the pot calling the kettle black. What has our alternative press become? Temasek Times’ degradation has brought it to the level of Stomp, another disgrace.

    I urge you to review your approach to presenting news if you’re really trying to lend credibility to Singapore’s opposition.

    • WildHoneyDiscriminates said

      FYI: “Stomp” online portal is by “The Straits Times” (aka state media), a newspaper owned by Singapore Press Holdings (a Govt linked company).

      STOMP is even more trashy than Temasek Times! It encourages its readers/users to enroach on other’s privacy by secretly taking snapshots of people, for tabloid like ‘news’.

    • invictus said

      Am finding this site becoming trashy.. By the way, stop obsessing about the underage prostitute already, it’s old news.. There’s more important things.. Unless you are worried your names might appear in the list 🙂

  14. Jarvis Lee said

    All of these people are just repeating the propaganda arguments of why we need to import so many foreigners.

    The truth is they are getting desperate.

    GE2016 is just 4 years away.

    And they know that Singaporeans are turning away from them in droves.

    They have no choice but to import foreigners and give them citizenship.

    If they don’t, they will certainly be out of power in 2016,.

    Of course, everyone realise that bringing in so many foreigners will do damage to this country in so many ways.

    For instance, they argue that Singapore’s birth rate is low.

    But the answer to that is to increase the birth rate.

    Importing middle aged foreigners will only exacerbate our aging problem by giving rise to even more elderly people down the road.

    And what happens after our population has hit 9 or 10 million?

    Do we still keep taking in more foreigners?

    Singaporeans are the owners of this country and we have every right to question these politicians, who are merely our servants.

    Since these servants refuse to address our concerns, the only choice left to us is to vote for change.

    • James Tan said

      You are damn right. This is also my view. Our government are now adopting a very short term policy in order to pursue economic growth. The problems are allow to slowly pile up for the next generation to solve, just like the bankers in Wall street .

      • venuscolt said

        Short term or long term it all depends on how you look at it. I agree with Jarvis that the solution we should be looking at is to lower cost of living and support and encourage Singaporean to have more babies, However, the “replacement” of Singaporean seems to be the only thing our current government is focusing on and they are going to do it like a long term solution. 20- 30 years down the road they will keep replacing us with foreigners, Just like a company, when an employee leave they just recruit another… effectiveness of the solution and the damages that comes together with it is another story to them altogether.

  15. stevenado said

    During last year national day, someone said “…so and so is the most popular president”…sound so funny…

  16. Scaramouche said

    Mr Flying Douchebag, the Flying Dutchman is not Dutch 100 per cent, la. Only 50 per cent. So even the Dutch dont want him. He is from No no Land.

  17. Ti3 said

    He cant tell us what to do. We have the rights to sound out what we are displeased about.

  18. z said

    for a start, who is he to talk about Singaporeans in such a manner?

  19. Jenn Khong said

    …hey pipl…this cunt is just giving his less than 2 cents worth of his opinion, which everybody is entitled to. However, just listening to him try to pull off another ‘holier than thou’ front is something that I cannot stand….I personally have switched off Class 95 in the morning after having listened to all the crab he has been spilling out ever since a certain other DJ by the initial of JA was taken off the air.

  20. Zach tells you The Other Hard Truth said

    Our Malay folks have a saying “Belanda minta tanah” – oh, the wicked ways of the Dutch

  21. ES said

    Yes it is worrying that there is so much influx of people into SG. Undeniably SG needs these people to fill in any gap that is left unfilled, if any. The problem is the selection of people to bring in. Be more selective (like other developed countries do) and do not simply grant any average Jane and Joe to work in SG. Rejecting talented foreigners into this country will only bring doom to this developed country. Without having a more global talents, how are we going to compete in this age of globalization? This can be observed from our neighboring countries, with less foreign talents, are still struggling to be on a par with SG.

  22. Chris said

    Let’s go his Facebook acct to discuss!/profile.php?fc=0&id=213288825349710&__user=100002362581153

  23. A Sinkie said

    I am switching to another rival station for good……what a turn off by this Foreign Dutchman!

  24. seah said

    who benfit?came in to take over my jod n depress my wages.

  25. rio said

    He should go back to where he come from …we all should bycot his show …he is completely oblivious of the current situation in the singapore

  26. Freemakan said

    Ang Mo Kow….fuuk off….

  27. crosscut said

    who r u to make comment .. if u r not happy get the fuck out Singapore………we don.t need u
    Singaporean should boycott FM 95

  28. The Gardener said

    Why tis Ang Moh now wanna crash land? Everyday flying BS also sian.
    Your comments are not appreciated & I have to voice out for I was born here and like many others wasted our time to defend the land that’s no longer ours.

  29. Rick Zy said

    A low IQ/EQ DJ who believes everything PAP says.
    Why of cos, he belong to the FTrash group who benefits from govt policies and do not serve NS.
    He is a disgrace to MediaCock.

  30. notAproudSingaporean said

    Flying dutchman should go fly kite. Together with this full of shit govt of this country.

  31. Singapore Beng said

    At least he brought out into the open that PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH SO MANY FOREIGNERS. He may feel comfortable where he is and has no complaints, but to tell people to stop complaining….well, I won’t complain, just change channels when he is on. He should do the same, people complain, he should walk away. One day soon, the powers that be will hear the complaints and do something about it, or there may be new powers….

  32. Sad Singaporean said

    The main problems with the foreigner issue is about the lack of jobs and higher cost of living of the local people. I am not xenophobic but however i feel that the government shud limit the influx of foreigners so as to solve this issues. If the government want to solve the birth rate issue, they shud make more pro-natal policies instead of just resorting to importing more foreigners. Therefore, I disagree with flying dutchman and I believe that we locals have the rites to complain. Otherwise, our government will do nothing about it. What the hell does he know about the woes we locals face? In fact he shud get his facts rite. 😦

  33. fish 'n' chips said

    i think this guy does not believe in curses until his heart attack sets him thinking hard what to say and what not to say in future…let this be a lesson to all

  34. cinz said

    HE IS ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON !!! cmon singaporeans really should quit whining abt foreigners in our country.. stealing jobs… blah blah..even if they want to complain, it shud be abt the sex trade n not those hardworking honest foreigners. EVERY major well-to-do city/country alwaz has lots of foreigners in it.. it’s normal! NYC/tokyo/shanghai/london/Hkg/ etc etc… anywaz those type of singaporeans have themselves to blame. 1: too fussy abt the job n salary. 2: not having enough singaporean babies. 3: not appreciative n grateful 4:they hate their own jobs… stop complaining!

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