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Pinoy FT sneers at Singaporeans: We Filipinos speak better English and think better than your local graduates!

Posted by temasektimes on April 27, 2012

Are Filipino workers preferred over Singaporeans because they speak better English than us? At least one Filipino ‘foreign talent’ Glenn Quilon Barrometro seems to think so.

Since Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong started his Facebook page last Saturday, it was inundated with pledges of support and gratitude from the immigrants and foreigners who have benefited from the PAP’s pro-foreigner policies, one of whom is Filipino ‘FT” Angelo Marc Jandugan who wrote:

“Hello sir, on behalf of all the Filipino community in Singapore and new citizens like myself, we thank you so much for believing in us and I hope you will continue your good policy of bringing more people from all over the word to take Singapore forward.”

According to his Facebook page, Angelo Marc Jandugan graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman ranked 322 in Asia and is currently working at Deutsche Bank, Singapore leading to some Singaporeans to question why he was employed by such a prestigious bank when there are many Singaporean graduates who can do his job.

In a discussion thread on Facebook, Glenn wrote:

“University Philippines Diliman may not be at par with NUS, but because we can speak English and think better than your university graduates (plus we only get meager salaries from multinationals….), they chose to hire us.”

He also took a jibe at Singaporeans asking them to ‘farm’ in North Korea if they can’t compete with foreigners:

“You are already living in a competitive world! If you can’t compete, you can’t survive! that’s all it! Go to North Korea and farm there if you don’t want competitions!”

According to information posted on his Facebook, Glenn is currently working as a Cobol Programmer Trainee at IBM Solutions Delivery and he lives in a HDB flat in Choa Chu Kang. He graduated from De La Salle University in the Philippines. It is not known if he is a Singapore PR or new citizen.


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127 Responses to “Pinoy FT sneers at Singaporeans: We Filipinos speak better English and think better than your local graduates!”

  1. Stirrer said

    Fucking pinoy should be run down by a bus driven by a PRC

  2. VH2006 said

    I see…if he is so talented, I believed he won’t mind if we complain on
    I am sure a person of his calibre won’t want to remain unknown in such companies that usually prefer low profile and less troublesome employees.

  3. fu said

    bitch please

  4. thecakeisalie said

    The last incident regarding IBM, it was a job advertisement calling for pinoy applicants only.
    If you want to help out, we can all stop buying pinoy-made IBM products like their computers or laptops ever in the future.
    Just let their pinoys patronise their own IBM shit.

    • Fernando said

      the sad fact for you is, we don’t manufacture PC’s and laptops! We only manufacture the chips and HD’s inside them! So better don’t buy a computer and grow stupid! HAHAHAHA


        Pinoy gals are born to serve the white master, isnt it sucka? These pinoy gals like to suck up to white people, isn’t it sucka ? No wonder your pinoy race are getting confuse of their own race.

      • Fernando said

        think or a better reply? you already look like a dick with that you are saying…. i bet you love our women? or i guess you love the white d****? HAHAHAAHA

      • FuckoffPinoys said

        Pinoy prick, we like your women? That’s ur fantasy! Pinoy maids here are getting fucked by bangla, indians,….I would gladly stand far away from them. Yet their fucking useless pinoy men think of them as angels working hard in some faraway land so that they can fucking laze around and do nothing. These useless and impotent pinoy men are so happy getting cuckolded, HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sun Wu Gui said

    Please sirrrrrr I dunno whada puck you taaaaking about!

  6. FH said

    Can we make IBM Systems Singapore see this please?

    Blow this big big.

  7. Jenny said

    Lol, he said it himself, he is “cheaper” haha. And that’s the only thing that made him employed.

  8. Disappointed NSF said

    THEY can speak better english and think better? Don’t make me laugh.

  9. singaporeans said

    How do you pronounce “Fax”?

  10. pixeleast said

    If University of Philippines Diliman is ranked 322 in ASIA, what’s its world ranking? 3220? That would rank it much lower than Singapore’s ITEs. A university for morons.

    • Hsien Liao La said

      but the joke is Sinkapoor govt still accepts this kind of crap, get it? the problem is that useless Pro Alien Party, supported by 60.1% Sinkapooreans!

    • Fernando said

      get your information right! ITEs don’t offer degrees! 322 is whole of the world, and besides, if we are lower than ITEs then obviously we’re not there! USE YOUR BRAIN LAH!




      • Fernando said

        that’s a maid! do you want her to be your boss? what do you expect her to do? strip dance in front of your little ‘pet’? common sense please.

      • FuckoffPinoys said

        U know damn well why u are here pinoy prick. One and only reason; pinoys r fucking cheap. Don’t try telling me pinoy can speak better english and all that fucking crap you have spouted, coz I have worked with pinoy trash like u and know just how fucking lousy pinoys are, worse than even the stinking indians. So remember, u are nothing but cheap labour. Hahaha…….

  11. Sam Gunner said

    The new generation of Singaporean degree holders who start life by being being holed up in preschools and enrichment programs at 2 years old and live a life with maids bringing them to tuition centers till they’re 16, and lorded over by fierce study mamas, growing up on the Playstation, might have a good education, but don’t have any common sense, are not street smart, are fucking lazy, bitch and moan about everything and don’t have any survival skills or life skills whatsoever.

    No wonder nobody wants to hire them.
    True story.

    • Fernando said

      I agree with you! Being just simply cheap are not just the advantage of FT’s Singaporeans should also check themselves first before reacting…. given they are successful in wiping out FTs, who gonna build hdb’s? Singaporeans? hahahaha whatta joke!




      • Fernando said

        that’s HK! you are not from there! why bring senseless non-singapore related issues? hahaha you have nothing to say since your brain is dry! poor boy….

  12. Singaporean said

    It’s official. This website is a sensationalizing tabloid piece of shit.

    What you’re doing is distracting from the real issues at hand. Try some real research and reportage for a change?

  13. Sam Gunner said

    Education isn’t everything.
    You gotta be a muthafukin hustler to make it in this world.

    And That’s how I’m gonna raise my boy.
    When he’s old enough to get away from my tiger mama ex wife, I’m gonna teach him the fuckin reality of this world on how to be a baller and make his way to the top.

  14. Anon! said

    Time to spam dbg and IBM coporate email.

    • Pure Singaporean said

      If pinoys are damn good, they should have stay in their country and earn their mother land prosperous. Easy and simple that they are suck big time, can’t even survive in their mother land still dare to talk big in our mother land. You people don’t really have the authority to vote even though you became PR yet still a betrayer of your motherland. Please wake up your head and mind, if u really good, go back make “hand gunned police force” a elite respectful and efficiency force. Wahahah

      • Fernando said

        why? PRs vote also? really? then he should vote a Filipino PM! HAHAHAHAHA else be quiet…

  15. Sam Gunner said

    I know what this guy means when he says that he can think better than Singaporeans.

    Singaporeans don’t have the ability to think because they’ve been voting for the same people for 45 years!

    Even when We know that they’ve been slowly poisoning us for fuckin 45 years!

  16. Wake Up Now! said

    Usually, aliens get employed because most employers do not want to contribute to CPF, and they also do not want the NS disruptions to their businesses.

    The CPF and NS (and reservist) policies are the 2 key factors that are sadly making locals face discrimination in the real world.

    The aliens that are inconsiderate and rude should be ashamed of themselves.

    There are already more than 2 million of the aliens here.
    Is it already 50%? (As some have taken up citizenship)

    There is not enough basic necessities to go around.
    The new 3-train circle line seems not planned for in the beginning.
    Is it an afterthought?

    There is no scalability.

    Not enough hospital beds
    Not enough housing
    No minimum wage
    Mad inflation!

    Singapore grew from 3rd world to first world without those 2 million plus aliens.

    Now 3rd world diseases like TB has crept back into society.
    I see abject poverty of citizens all around, even aliens competing with the old uncles and aunties in cardboard collection!!!

    Even the best MP, Ms Tin has realized that old folks cannot afford basic medical care and came up with a fund to help the old folks.
    She can do so much more if she is promoted to be a minister 🙂

    Try travelling on the trains everyday Mr Lee, take them in disguise and during peak hours.
    Do not take them on the first day of CNY when the nation shuts down.
    Even someone wrote in ST that he cannot board the train at Eunos station during morning peak, and has to wait for up to 6 trains at times.

    Better still, do this experiment, try lowering your salary to $1000 a month for the next 2 years, try living on it (after deducting CPF) and see whether one can have more than just a vegetable dish and little rice.
    With rising inflation and depressed wages, mounting bills to pay and with poor retired parents (imagine), a wife and some kids to feed,
    You won’t have enough money for soup, other simple dishes nor fruits.
    Then try applying for a HDB flat in 2 years and see how?
    Also in a disguise.

    May the Lion Roar Once Again!
    Overpopulation is rather insane!

    Everyone is squeezed until cannot breathe
    Then when die in NS, got send a wreath?

    Buy Low, Sell High, to keep our Nation’s Wealth
    Recycled Toilet Water is NOT good for our health!

    Buy Warren Buffett’s books to learn to invest
    More Wealth for our nation, no need foreign pests!

  17. JP said

    Hahaha. COBOL programmer TRAINEEE….

    I am an IT Professional and let me tell you this. COBOL was dead (It is way past dead by now) coupled with the fact that he is a trainee. Might as well be a call center agent.

    • Ah Saw said

      hahahaha COBOL maybe dead! but I heard some banks are using them

    • Fernando said

      define to me sir what is a dead programming language? are you really an IT professional? take a look at this:

      I think you are a COBOL hater…. I don’t love it as well…. but to think you are an IT professional, you should also be updated… Go back to your books and study again! It might help you….. you’re brain is becoming infested by worms you don’t even know COBOL is still being used!

  18. voice of the people said

    get all these useless pinoys out of the country .

  19. Aristo said

    Face it! Pinoy cannot build their own country… So what they think they had better education… They studied so high up but they can’t build their own country. They had to invade other people countries like the Alien they are.. Filipinos are actually losers in the world.. They thought they are so clever, Foreigners from US, Uk, Japan and etc, although they had invaded other ppl countries, they had build their own country. What had PINOY did for their country?

    • Fernando said

      I ask you. What did you do for Singapore? NOTHING! just rant and complain! STFU


      Precisely, this tell us that they are so damn useless. Corrupt system. Period.

    • RTA said

      so textbook profanities-trying-to-be-american ish and lashing at filipinos make you a better singaporean? au contraire little man, you are nothing short of a taliban brained facebook dork who probably has his origins in God’s toilet india

  20. invictus said

    Yup, agree with him.. His people are so great that their country is a shithole and 1/3 of their population has to go outside the Philippines to become economic refugees. For a grad, he doesn’t have a lot of brains to even reflect on this this fact.

    • proudpinoyako said

      “His people are so great that their country is a shithole and 1/3 of their population has to go outside the Philippines to become economic refugees. For a grad, he doesn’t have a lot of brains to even reflect on this this fact.” you tell him he has no brains? what if he is one of them? does he have a brain already? COMMON SENSE PLEASE!

  21. sweetbean said

    Please PUCK your BUG and go BUCK home….

  22. sweetbean said

    And Glenn…is that why you came here? because you can’t survive in your own country? Now that you’re here, you’re telling us to piss off to North Korea? Are you kidding me? You want to take a country forward? Then why you left your own country behind? It’s no wonder natural born citizens do not welcome people like you. Instead of being grateful and integrating you are being arrogant and insulting. I hope your company fires you for clearly “not being able to think” even though you claim you “think” better than our grads. You’re a joke!

  23. Hijacked said

    yes they are cheaper to hire. That’s a fact. Face it. And yes, the root cause of all this discontentment is our government opening the floodgates. Nevertheless, we do need cheaper workers to remain competitive! Otherwise, MNCs will relocate elsewhere and there goes our GDP! Why are we so dependent on foreign investments? Because we have almost ZERO natural resources! Ok, but why can’t we have our own MNCs? Because we lack creative and enterprising risk-takers. But why so? Because the education system rewards muggers and stifles creativity. So at the end of the day, the root cause still lies with the government, itself being composed largely of self-serving mugger scholars. lol

  24. Missy said

    My 45 yo uncle was retrenched from Deutsch Bank recently, also under IT department despite working there for over a decade. Subsequently, he had a very trying time looking for a new job, at that age too… I hate to think that an FT had taken over his job but as bitter as it is, have to accept that our true blue SGporeans are being replaced by these upstarts. Can’t they just be humble & thankful instead of rubbing salt on our wounds??

    • Fernando said

      you’re uncle may need some “refreshment” of his know-how….. replace your uncle and fuck off the FT out of Deutsch Bank if you want…. at least you helped your uncle!

    • GoAheadJudgeMeSG said

      hi missy, im sorry to hear on what happened to your uncle, but don’t you think your jumping to conclusion that an FT took your uncle’s job?

  25. casinohorse said

    he is from a country only produces quality maids whose
    speak better english and think better.

  26. 过路人 said

    So proud of being a pinoy. he should go back and farm his land?

    • Fernando said

      we farm our land, you farm money! we have something to eat FOR FREE, you starve to death and EAT MONEY!


        Pinoy gals are born to serve the white master, isnt it sucka? This Pinoy gals like to suck up to white people, isn’t it sucka ? No wonder your pinoy race are getting confuse of their own race.

      • Fernando said

        is there even a Singapore race? so what if some of them suck up white people? at least those whites have balls to show! how about you? D****HEAD!

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  28. Wing said


  29. Rocky Khai said

    They come to our turf and not being humble?? are they serious, just because the govt policy is in their favour, for the fact we locals/natives is having a hard time about every govt decision making, why the hell must this “FT” put kerosene on a burning fire. Think they can really survive in singapore with this kinda attitude and with majority unhappy and unsecure locals/natives? They must be TOO talented to work that they have become TOO stupid to survive in singapore. The moral of the story here is that if we locals/natives are kinda unhappy about some govt policy, “FT” should have just STFU…ermm sorry for my language, and not poking things around in here, things could got worst if more “FT” touch on sensitive issue that effect locals/natives life & future…. and of cause, they are just a “FOREIGN” talent, have no sense of nationalism. Got lobang come here got alot of money then ciao lor, brother sister mother father inlaw still at kampong….

    • Fernando said

      i’ll ask you, is your family living in a mansion now? living in “kampong” maybe hard, but at least some of us know how to survive. You! what will you do if in case singapore goes to war? be a hero? go on a killing spree and hope LKY and LHL and the PAP government make a golden statue for you? HAHAHAHAHA YOU’RE SO FUNNY!

      • Rocky Khai said

        well ur missing the point dude, “kampong” refers to mother country, sigh.. i dont blame u coz ur not locals/natives and i use to lived in kampong. FYI most of the locals/natives really know wats hardship is all about, and talking about war? i may not be a hero to the country, but i am a SOLDIER of the country, but at least i know theres alot of heroes in the singapore armed forces that i call natives/locals and they all deserve to be recognize by the rulling govt, be it a golden statue or medal or anithing like that. Lemme ask u something, are u trying to provoke something in here knowing that all this is a sensitive issue to the natives, yes no doubt u disagree in something, but it is unwise of ur intention to create negative commotions, unless ur words are diplomatic enough to cool off most of the unhappy netizens, or maybe ur just trying to be a “FT” cyber hero

  30. Ah Saw said

    I think this one is not working and living in singapore…. he might also be an enthusiastic tourist!

  31. Anthony said

    hahahaaahahahaa… since when they speak better english?? its caused they can speak basic english compare to PRCs.. dumbs dumbs….
    their thinking are like crap la.. one track mind.. they where got use brain… people in FMCG industry will know they are the worst… scardy cats…

  32. sibei pissed off said

    heard about the pinoy in hk demanding to be given PR after working for 6hrs, making noise they contribute to the society etc? F-U understand? u are just plain cheap, period. try requesting similar pay (with the CPF, Ns blah blah) and see what u get? the next flight home ticket. it really irks me to see these pinoy talking with a fake slang, having fake ang moh name (long long ones) and let others mistake to be angmoh when a pinoy pop out. talk with a shit slang and thought they are high-class. please la, i used to think pinoys are ok till they are like a contagious disease, spreading and polluting the place

    • Fernando said

      some may have fake accents. you can call them ‘trying hards’. at least there’s an effort. how about you? have you learned “good english” from an ang moh? i guess that ang moh died of headache because of you.

  33. Speak better? said

    R u even real???? Speak better English?
    I have worked with and encountered countless Pinoy, nothing less three digits, both in Singapore and in Manila. So far, I have only met ONE who qualified your description, who speaks and writes proper English. The rest, OMG, their phonic is worst than P1 kids.
    As for think better, I don’t know. What I know that is they do not value integrity and morality.

    • Fernando said

      how many is that countless? 5? 10? 20? we are almost a 100 million!

      • Speak better? said

        I have just confirmed another Pinoy’s thinking and analytical abilities. U have proven me right. I bet u can’t comprehend English well. Pls learn to read with understanding. I suggest u don’t go around disgracing yourself further. U r trolling without substance.

  34. pui-noy said

    1) ask him serve NS and he will F off

  35. Nationalist said

    Why are we being subjected to immigration policies which run contrary to the interests of our cultural unity and which are so plainly undermining the integrity and harmony of our society? What is wrong with these policymakers? It’s time to save our country from ruin and put Singaporeans first!!

  36. kena Sai said

    Isnt he said himself? he cant even survive in Philippines thats y he needs to move out of his own country …. so what does it tells us?

  37. Zach tells you The Other Hard Truth said

    Pinoys speak better English ? Come on, Angelo, most Pinoys speak terrible English; it is more like Tagalish. You guys pronounce “factory” as “fuck-tree”, “back-up” as “buck-up”, “actually” as “act-tually”.

  38. tony said

    To become part of singaporean lifestyle you had to understand our way of thinking and not talking bad about us, because you are also of our lifestyle now.Ask yourself if you are talking bad about us you are talking bad about yourself don’t you think so.A person with good heart will not talk bad about other.You should suggest improvement then you will gain more respect from other and other will follow your footstep.Let me ask you a simple question will you teach or share with your children goods ideas and suggest or just teach and share with them all the bad things.You as someone parent i strongly believe you will teach and share with your children all the good point, correct me if i am wrong.In your own words remarks what you has wrting and all over the world is looking at it.Do you think you feel proud of yourself by given all this remarks.No No No you are real real person with no brain at all.Instead gaining more respect from other you gain more hate from other.Even in the public place even small children is talking about you big people with no brain.

    • GoAheadJudgeMeSG said

      you have a point but i’m going to tell you this as from my experience, i understand the singaporean lifestyle, and tried to remain lokey and worked diligently. however i have noticed that some of your sg countrymen are still down right rude to foreign workers. pure assholes i tell you. maybe you should inform some of your countrymen to take a look on themselves first before they generalize and stereotype every foreigner. we will fight back and return the fire singaporeans throw at us.

  39. Rediver said

    Go serve NS u filipenis junk, else whatever u said here are just different piece of shit coming out from a same asshole~!

    • Fernando said

      Filipenis? new country! hahahaha I wanna go there! different piece of shit coming out from a same asshole? what color?

  40. nationalist said

    Why are we being subjected to immigration policies which run contrary to the interests of our cultural unity and which are so plainly undermining the integrity and harmony of our society? What is wrong with policymakers? It’s time to save our country from ruin and put Singaporeans First!

  41. Virgorian said

    What?pinoy English is better then us?!gosh!listen to ur damn twisted tongue dn make me sick!if u r good enough , stay st ur dirty and corrupted homeland !dont dirty our holy country !

    • Fernando said

      hahahaha HOLY???? Maybe Muhammed, or even buddha is cursing you now! hahaahha your country is good but not holy! btw, you are an exception to the good ones….

    • RTA said

      What?pinoy English is better then us?!gosh!listen to ur damn twisted tongue dn make me sick!if u r good enough , stay st ur dirty and corrupted homeland !dont dirty our holy country !

      and you call this better english virgorian? textbook profanities do not make you sound american you facebook dork, it only shows you are nothing short of a taliban brained loser

  42. Aquino said

    Firstly I am so sorry for the way my pinoy people have insulted Singapore. I am happy that they are now citizens of another country because all that Philippines has to offer are rape and gun crimes and corruption, so it is always good to get rid some nuisance pinoys. Please understand that they love Singapore a lot because Philippines can be quite a craphole as you can see from all the news. Hong Kong recently ruined our plans to call that place home, and seriously no Pinoy would dare to go back to Philippines after being cheap labour in first-world cities. They are terrible, unwanted cowards that even Philippines don’t want. Please keep them, they are already on deep discount (disclaimer: you get what you pay for). Singaporeans love sales right?

    • Rocky Khai said

      It is the nature of this immigrants issue, foreign talent and such will create a racial tension and future insecurity to the locals my friend, too much of it will leads to unpleasant remarks/comments towards each other. I could understand why foreigners came to singapore and earn their living in such a foreigner welcoming governance country. It is just too bad that the following “FT” in the articles above spokes the wrong thing, at the wrong time in a wrong place. the aftermath of this event will eventually cause a wide spread like virus towards the whole nations, one dispute/negative comment/disagreement after another. The tension is already heating up. Topics, commenting and debating are swaying left and right not to mention even religious figure are already starting to appear in a form of mocking. It is just not our say to keep the foreigners or where they should be end up, but one thing for sure we have the right to feel the tense and feel insecure of our future and childrens. Everything has a limit my friend, even singapore and all its content.

  43. No Thanks said

    >> 34.
    pui-noy said
    April 28, 2012 at 11:58 am
    1) ask him serve NS and he will F off
    Brother, you must be joking.
    Try asking HK SAR to get pinoys to join their police force.

    • sinlesschocolate said

      No one will ask a pinoy to join their forces..look at their own military..pieces of shits only know how to screw things up..damn parasites..economy like shit..attitude like…women like whores/maid..wanna talk so much..

  44. piaksinkees said

    So many cry babies here, post so many non-sense comments attack helpless people in internet. You really brave? Say it straight to their faces. But Sinkies got no balls, right? Ask yourselves is it really the FT’s you hate or the government that is inviting them in to work and live in Sinkapoor? Boh lan diao you all! Look at your neighbour Malaysia, they have Bersih 3.0 now that’s what i’m talking about. What? Sinkies can’t even throw the first punch in a fistfight, hide under mum’s skirt. Hide in your flats then punch those keyboards, hahaha. Wah lau so hopeless you all Sinkies!

  45. BetterThanNothing said

    Well, they’re loud, they’re dumb and they’re arrogant as hell. And one funny thing is they dress alike, it’s so easy to spot a Pinoy from afar.

    It’s like describing chimpanzees.

  46. Prabu said

    What better English? Surely or queens English, more like better trash English

  47. Kelvin Khoo said


    • RTA said

      and so your chink stink english is true english? chink stink is of course a mix indian chinese (check your grammar chink stink you need to watch re runs of sesame street)

      I agree many filipinos do not speak english very well but it seemed your knowledge of english is no less than they have

  48. eth said

    the sad thing is, not all FT’s(or Filipino’s) are like these b*tches..the rest of us gets drag down by their improper behavior..i for one respect the legitimate citizens of Singapore most of all your NS men..and would like to say sorry that some of us are like them..

  49. Rina said

    Dun understand a word wat e troll was sayin.. Pls speak e.n.g.l.i.s.h

  50. Boy Pick Up said

    These particular Filipinos should write a book titled “Biting The Hand That Feeds You And Your Family” They should always remember that they went overseas to work and earn money for their relatives back home, first and foremost; and not to protect their dignity by picking fights with locals. Racial division is always there – it’s the nature of any living creature to stick with their kind, even at times to a point of alienating the others. Should they demand acceptance? No, they can only hope for it. What they deserve however is civil tolerance, which makes locals hard to give them because Some Filipinos are so arrogant. If you guys are really the big shots that you think you are, you would be able to earn as much back home. Warfreak kind of Filipinos must be deported immediately. There are a lot of other Filipinos who just want to get by in Singapore, and and arrogants provoking the locals aren’t helping. Nakakahiya kayo! (Shame on you!)

    Although this is hard to ask in this forum, I’d like to appeal to the Singaporeans to make a distinction between the Filipinos who deserve your hurtful words and the Filipinos who just want to do their job.

  51. RTA said

    CHINK STINKS before you lash at other people’s english, is it too much to ask to check your grammar first before posting your comments?

    im beginning to think singaporeans speak english as badly as pinoy bisaklots on the streets

  52. SingFil said

    There are immature Filipinos and they are also immature Singaporeans. The way people write and treat others speaks a thousand words of their educational level and upbringing. Singapore is a country of diverse cultures. Once upon a time, there was only one culture – the Malays and named the country Temasek. Then came the Indian Tamil traders and the Chinese. After that, the Sikhs, then the straits Chinese, and etc. Today, here comes another wave of immigrants, the Filipinos, the Thais, and the mainland Chinese. The Filipinos by itself is not a pure race at all. It is a mixture of several races. Some have Chinese blood, some Spanish, some Arab, and some Malay. Some Filipinos look like Malay, some look like Chinese, some mix, some Eurasian looking. Filipinos don’t suffer an “unspoken” racial animosity like the Malays and the Chinese as they can assimilate well with different kinds of races. Many Singaporeans mistake some fair skinned Filipinos as Chinese and speak to them in Mandarin and the Malays describe some as “orang China” or “orang puti” after mistaken them for some race or after seeing them eating babi noodles like mee pok. Filipinos don’t have this “invisible” racial divide as they see everyone in the Philippines the same people, whether you look Chinese, Malay or Indian, you’re still Filipino helping to build a country, regardless of hardship. The Philippines may not be as successful and progressive like Singapore, but all Filipinos hope to emulate Singapore in their success and are now some of them living and working in Singapore tasting what Philippines should be like in the future.

  53. Heya! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 4! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the outstanding work!

  54. reader said

    i love this! arrogant singaporeans vs. stupid filipinos…keep it up!!!


    Singaporeans will still remain as one of the dumbest people I know! MABUHAY ANG MGA PILIPINO!

    • anti pinoy Ra said

      nasaan ang bansa mo kumpara sa singapore

      para kang muslim a parasite to their host countries, you hate singapore yet ang dami nyong basurang pinoy dyan hipokrito

  56. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up
    plus the rest of the site is extremely good.

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