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Pinoy new citizen urges PM Lee to ignore Singaporeans and continue to bring more foreigners into Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on April 27, 2012

Instead of serving as a platform to reach out to the online community, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s newly set up Facebook page has been turned into a ‘slugfest’ of sort between native Singaporeans and foreigners with the former filing numerous complaints on it with the latter defending the government.

One Filipino new citizen Angelo Marc Jandugan posted a comment defending PM Lee on his Facebook asking him to ignore Singaporeans who have been imploring him to reduce the inflow of immigrants.

“PM Lee, I have absolute faith in you and I hope you don’t get distracted listening to all these sarcastic naysayers…they only know how to complain without offering credible solutions…..”, he wrote, sounding exactly like a PAP apologist.

He also called on PM Lee to hire more ‘talented foreigners’ and not be swayed by public opinion on immigration policies:

“I am so proud to have made Singapore home for me and my family and the credit goes all to you and your efficient govt. I hope you will not be distracted from your policies of hiring more talented foreigners to take this young nation forward. You must stay firm to your beliefs and not be swayed by public opinion on immigration policies.”

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

According to his Facebook page, Angelo Marc Jandugan graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman and is currently working at Deutsche Bank, Singapore. He is probably earning much more here in Singapore than back home.

Angelo Marc Jandugan need not be too worried as the Singapore government has proclaimed its intention to mass-import more ‘foreign talent’ like himself into Singapore as exemplified by a statement released by the National Talent and Population Division under the Prime Minister’s Office two days ago:

“We will continue to ensure that we take in immigrants who are of good quality and able to integrate well into our society.”

The University of the Philippines Diliman, is ranked 332 by QS, and 753 by webometrics but can’t be found on the list of THE and ARWU.

Some responses from netizens on PM Lee’s Facebook:

“Angelo Marc Jandugan, i guess when war happen and you and your family is the 1st to fly out of singapore. “your singapore”.. lol” – Marco Koh

“Pinoy receiving all the benefits that our gov is providing them. Of coz they are praising our ” beloved” gov. Its like our gov are allowing FTs to enter your house and use your toilet and maybe have a fling with ur wife /gf and then telling u to move on and it’s unavoidable.
How wonderful.” – Calvin Tan


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27 Responses to “Pinoy new citizen urges PM Lee to ignore Singaporeans and continue to bring more foreigners into Singapore”

  1. singaporeans said

    fallen trash as talent? wtf?

  2. 123 said

    Lol, TT you posted it already!? Why? Not enough anger built up in the previous post? So you’ve decided to bring it up again?

    • Nationalist said

      Its call ‘Lest we forget’ what these public servants policymakers have done to our beloved country! Government is there to serve Singaporeans and put us first not people from other country!

  3. Singaporean Recruitment Agency Personnel said

    Yesterday we interviewed a Pinoy who applied to be our consultant. His other recruitment agency was started by PR Indian. From probing this Pinoy, I found that this agency hired non-Singaporean consultants and most are India Indians and few Pinoy.

    After the recent announcement on tightening the E-Passes and Dependency Ratios control, the Indian PR boss suddenly have a re-org (I suspect) cause the Pinoy said that the Indian PR boss want him to relocate to KL to setup office there but he prefer to stay in Singapore since his wife is coming over to Singapore.
    I believe the Pinoy is lying to me as he doesn’t sound convincing the his wife had just got a job and it is not easy simple to setup a Head Hunting / Recruitment firm in KL Malaysia.

    He lied the following points:

    1) Setting Recruitment firm in Malaysia require a Malaysian Partner and he didn’t know. So he is lying to me that he is required to be there to set up office.

    2) He said his wife just got a job in Singapore and coming over and when I asked which company, he think for a while and said some names which I cannot relate to. Pure lying.

    3) He is really desperate to get another job in Singapore because if a ePass holder is fired, he has only 6 months to find a job or he has to go home.

    Another shocking thing I found is the loop hole in dependency ratio. During my ‘probing’ interview with this Pinoy, he revealed that the Indian boss hire all NON-Singaporean in his office.. and he hire PART-TIME Singapore at low salary so as to pay their CPFs – to satisfy the Dependency Ratios.

    Looks like Singaporean can only settle for low salary and parttime jobs, and freelancing going forward.. All office workers will be filled with Indians and Pinoys.

    What is happening to this country we once treasured, loved and fight for? We are becoming a refugee in this country.

    • NotSurprised said

      Why am I not surprised? I dealt with some suppliers from Manila, who sadly could hardly deliver any promises. To follow, it came along with all the lies to cover up their incompetencies. It was a nightmare! What I disliked most is that, they tend to mix business with relationship.

    • Hijacked said

      yes I hear so many of such incidents that it is no longer shocking. You go to Jollibean, MrBean, Breadtalk, Popular Book, Subway, etc. and you can see for yourself how many Pinoys and PRCs they are hiring.

    • Family Man said

      There’s sooo much rubbish going on ‘under the table’ and ‘behind the scenes’ where FTs are concerned. Makes me feel that our govt has no interest in the people they’ve sworn to serve.

      • Random Dude said

        let me remind you people of something. Singapore is a globalized competitive meritocracy. No one owes you a job – not the PAP, not Singapore, not the foreigners. If you want a job, don’t whine in front of your computer – go and fight for it.

  4. lol said

    His whole family clan not all here yet so he is worried…

  5. FH said

    Deutsche Bank, are you seeing this?

    Everyone, can we make Deutsche Bank see this?

  6. bb said

    May Be LHL becomes President of Phillipines then all the Pinoys are Happy and they can returned to their country. We can get rid of LHL and the Pinoys

  7. voice of the people said

    oh deutsche bank reject me and hire this fuckin pinnoy?? i, singaporean, cant do the job? fucking bullshit!

  8. sweetbean said

    I’m really curious. Did you not have any credible solutions to the problems in the Philippines and hence ran away at the first chance you got? Is that why some of your fellow countrymen (or ex-countrymen) are now suggesting we leave our own country because we have no solutions? Hmmm…we may whine and complain but we are still here. Oh yes, some left – maybe those were the ones who could not even be bothered to complain. Could not be bothered anymore with a system they did not agree with so instead of choosing to stay and fight for their country to make it a better place they ran off to greener pastures. Much like YOU!!!

  9. Freemakan said

    lost faith..MIW….pinoy …fduck off..

  10. sad sinkie said


  11. ykl said

    I used to work in a non-local Insurance company and >50% are non SG. A large portion are from MY, Indon, India and Filipine. The managers there seem love to hire foreigners. A lot of them are new EP holders some more. Damn disgusted. I have since move to statboard and feel happier.

  12. Nationalist said

    Why are we being subjected to immigration policies which run contrary to the interests of our cultural unity and which are so plainly undermining the integrity and harmony of our society? What is wrong with these policymakers? It’s time to save our country from ruin and put Singaporeans first!!

  13. Nationalist said

    Time for a roll call to Singaporeans to stop this immigration nonsense!

  14. Mike Ismail said

    Hey Angelo Pinoy, you better go back your country and help your poor nation mostly living below poverty line before telling us Singaporeans what to do. What an A-HOLE!

  15. nationalist said

    Why are we being subjected to immigration policies which run contrary to the interests of our cultural unity and which are so plainly undermining the integrity and harmony of our society? What is wrong with policymakers? It’s time to save our country from ruin and put Singaporeans First!

  16. Local Singaporean said

    Hey Angelo Marc Jandugan,

    Are you a Singaporean? If yes, before you are Singaporean, what were you? You just come here to earn our money and send to your birth country right? Then now you want to step our local head who born in this own land but not yours.. You should take care of your attitude in our land as “guest”, because this land is own by birth singaporean not some foreigner who become Singaporean.. Please take care of your attitude before our own local lay hand into your “pinoy” community..

  17. putputho said

    Dear FT Angelo Marc Jandugan,

    如果你不知道我写什么,你就会明白我们随时可以在任何面试中轻松地击败你,因为大多数的新加坡人都是双语通。以我多年的工作经验,我从来没见过有任何外国同行胆敢如此嚣张批评我们。所以我建议直到你学会怎样尊重新加坡人,并学习我们的文化和语言,那么到那时你才能够算是个新加坡人。在现实情况是,对我们来说你只是一个廉价劳工,这是为什么你能比我们更便宜的原因,我们绝对不是害怕外国人才来这里,但我们对像你这样没有尊重我们人国的异乡人我们不欢迎也不理解。请不要误会我们不是怕你,我们只是鄙视你,这就是为什么我们不希望像你这样的异乡人在这里放狗屁原因!I could translate what I wrote but I want you to know we are stronger and much expensive for good reasons. By the time you managed to translate this I’ve already moved on to the next topic. So cut the BS! Intelligence and nationality cannot be brought or assumed. It’s inside of you and obviously you have none. And so we are going to ignore you too. NEXT!!

  18. No can do said

    Stupid of netizens to go after FT Angelo who is here b’cos of PAPies’ FT immigration policies. Of course he speaks well of useless Lee HsienTau for selling out sinkieland as he (Angelo) is now earning income and residing in land that rightly belong to us, the citizens.
    All noise and no action by sinkies will only fall on deaf ears. Time 4 sinkies to make it clear to PAPie ruling clique sinkieland is sinkies’ country, not FTs’.
    Any opp leader to show the way?

  19. natenelbleah said

    After reading so much of the few pinoys’ self-praise…how good they are…how they are better… I think they should go back to help advance their own country, make it better than Singapore…make Singaporean ladies serve as domestic helpers there…really… you should go back.. do the right thing.. show us how good you are…if you are wimp and continue staying here… hijacking all the efforts that native Singaporeans has made to build it what it is today…please just shut up.. and go do what you are here to do… work… live and be grateful. Singapore did not become a success overnight… it’s the accumulation of Singaporean’s hard work. If foreign companies come here to invest and help Singapore grow…it must first start with Singaporeans making it attractive enough for the foreigners to come here to invest.

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  21. Singaporean said

    We must ensure all PR must go through NS.
    Is anyone monitoring this aspect to make sure it happen.
    ITS A MUST!!!

  22. Singaporean said

    Y dont we bring in FT TO PURELY SERVE NS?
    Can we propose this.
    Meaning we pay those FT TO DEFEND OUR COUNTRY.

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