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DPM Teo urges Singaporeans to make immigrants feel ‘welcomed’ in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on April 28, 2012

In other countries, immigrants are expected to assimilate into local society by themselves, but in Singapore, not only are huge amount of public funds being spent yearly to help the newcomers integrate, Singaporeans are also exhorted constantly by their leaders to embrace them with an open heart.

Speaking at the Community Engagement Programme (CEP) dialogue on Saturday morning, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said Singapore needs to pay extra attention to facilitating the new immigrants who are ready to sink roots here, so that they integrate into society more quickly.

“Singaporeans need to do their part to make newcomers feel welcome, and to help them imbibe the values that have made Singapore strong as a society,” he said without elaborating on the part of immigrants themselves.

He also dismissed the views espoused by some netizens against the government’s immigration policies as ‘extreme’ and held by only a ‘minority’:

“Anonymity on the Internet emboldens people, encouraging them to take on more extreme views than they might otherwise….The Internet also amplifies the extreme views, even though they might be in the minority, and virtual mobs form to cheer or jeer, which only help to accentuate the differences, polarise and inflame emotions further.”

A recent White Paper released by the National Population and Talent Division under the Prime Minister’s Office recommends Singapore taking in 20,000 to 25,000 new citizens each year.

With more immigrants coming into Singapore, Singaporeans must make an extra conscious effort to make them feel welcomed, accepted and happy in Singapore.


24 Responses to “DPM Teo urges Singaporeans to make immigrants feel ‘welcomed’ in Singapore”

  1. Injustice and Inequality said

    Why should we make them feel welcome when in the first place we don’t even welcome them? It’s the government who welcomes them, not the people!

    • Zhang Bo said

      The truth is that the majority of them will leave once they have made their fortune. No one in their right mind would believe that these people are here to stay.

      • No for Squatter Sovereignty said

        I would like to ask DPM Teo who is now today acting PM

        Question:Pray tell,How are we the tru-blu Singaporeans are to bid the immigrants welcome to Singapore when these brazen-faced immigrants,with their unethical and uncultured way of life,were handedly spoonfed as Squatter Sovereignty with no National Service Credentials to become a foreign citizen of Singapore and yet with the audacity to critize a tru-blu Singapore citizen just to tripod himself to, … with no duty of care.

        I dont think I can subscribe my support

        I dont think so I can do it

  2. Aaron Teo said

    sir, do your part and make us feel that we belong here first.

  3. Singaporean First said

    Dear DPM,

    Many immigrants from HK during the 1993-1997 have already chosen to leave Singapore to Canada or New Zealand.
    So sir, it is still the true blue born here Singaporeans that are loyal to Singapore. Why are you not focusing on Singaporean First policy so that Singapore will feel happy and make more babies? By the way, how many children do you have? You earn millions, why not have 2 dozen children? To be frank, I don’t mind you have multiple wifes too. 🙂

    • Zhang Bo said

      Why not Singaporeans first? Because Singaporeans want change and foreign talents are happy to vote for MIW.

  4. voice of the people said

    would you welcome thievies.. who wear your clothes, sleep on ur bed and ur wife DPM? same for us.. Singaporeans’ jobs, housing, transport, and our identity.

  5. Utter Rubbish said

    MIWs, go ahead.. Say and do whatever you want now. Let’s see who will have the last laugh in 2016. Your arrogance and total disregard for the well being of Singaporeans will be your downfall

  6. Terence Chan said

    Now that the Elections are over and next one still years away, the PAP buggers are pulling out all stops to boost their support base.

    When 2016 comes by we’ll see all the crocodile tears….

    #%€£¥#% shitheads.

  7. i5htar said

    make them feel “”welcome””??? make them sweats and tears 1st loh…we serve 2 years NS + 10 years reservist(include many times of IPPT and RT) and that how many sweats and tears we local born “”pink IC”” make for this Singapore…

  8. Old Citizen said

    In 2016 MIW will win all the seats. How? Between the last election and the next election in 2016, there will be about 150,000 new citizens. Spread them equally over 5 of the weakest constituencies and presto MIW sure win because these new citizens will definitely vote for them

  9. sweetbean said

    Wrong approach sir. Please try again

  10. said

    well they are not incorporating our culture, its more like they are assimilating and overwhelming us with their values instead.

  11. Beng Tang said

    I agree, we should make them feel welcomed, we should be hospitable. Let’s not have xenophobia, immigrants are people too. If our sons and daughters go abroad to study, we would like them to be treated well, so let’s treat foreigners in our country well.
    But we should also not import so many that our quality of life suffers, our carbon footprint grows, housing prices increase, and we have overcrowded trains and traffic jams and we lose our nature areas like Bukit Brown. The govt should not keep increasing our population like some pyramid scheme. It is not sustainable.

  12. Ray said

    This DPM Teo is still in pre-GE Denial mode.
    I tell you TCH what is extreme: PAP’s open door policy.

  13. Oracle said

    Singaporeans, having been brought up in a multiracial society, generally have a warm disposition towards visitors, irregardless of color or creed.
    Many of the problems that have surfaced have been with immigrants not integrating into our society. Just to name a few: the PRC family that demanded their Singaporean Indian neighbors not cook curry when the PRC are at home! The student who showed no resowctvtonour senior citizens and went to the extent of saying most Singaporeans are dogs! The Pinoy so called ‘special needs’ youngster ( upctillvtoday it has not been clarified exactly what special needs is in question)yet able to go to a normal school, bashing at his drums , and the Pinoy who has just commented that most Singaporeans speak poorer English than his own countrymen.
    Intergration is a give and take process. And immigrants must remember that they are like visitors to a host’s home -they must observe basic etiquettes and good manners.
    So don’t just ask Singaporeans to make foreigners welcome, but in the same speech, the foreigners should also be asked to respect their host country

  14. Hsien Liao La said

    this Teo fella has run out of new ways to convince people, so now got what white paper to tell us we need more migrants. give me something new! otherwise just shut up. after all, 60.1% sinkapooreans voted him in to say yes and then shut his ass.

  15. Tues said

    they can feel welcome after going through 2years of NS, followed by 10years ICT. =)

  16. Anon said

    To be fair, the govt should require by law that new immigrants perform some kind of “national service” too. Maybe 2 weeks community service every year, just like our NS men.

  17. lee david said

    I left Singapore in the late nineties when a ‘Minister’ said:” WHAT DOES TAXI-DRIVERS’ KNOWS ABOUT POLITICS?” After so many years, these so call ‘MINISTER’ are still talking without a ‘BXXXN’ !
    ‘Do what ROMAN does when YOU are in ROME’ or ‘入乡随俗’ just in case he can’t understand. I had lived in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan, never at anytime had I wanted my neighbors to do things MY WAY!!!! If these ‘NEW NEIGHBORS’ think that ‘THEY’ OWED the piece of land they live on, ask them to think again, even if it is ‘FREEHOLD’ it still belongs to SINGAPORE.
    i did my National Service of 2 1/2 years and ROD on MEDICAL GROUND, I am still proud as an Singaporean, but with this FOOLS running my home, i am very SAD….. LKY, how can you let an EMPIRE get RUINED!!!!!

    • muimui said

      I totally agree. Now we (the host) have to “give in” to those “GUESTS or INVADERS.”

      What has Singapore become of? The Govt does not understand or empathy with us cos it does not affect them (Please lah, they are high up on the corporate ladder, how would they know what is happening on the ground?)!

      Also, doesn’t the Govt sense the resentment among Singaporeans on its open door policy? We can have our doors opened, but please chose your “talent” wisely.

      To me, Singapore is fast becoming a place in which we have lost our unique Singapore identity.

  18. Sovil said

    Shld u MR minister be telling them to behave? i am so ashame of U

  19. J said


  20. Sarah said

    Dear DPM Teo,
    Singaporeans are generally a warm and welcoming lot – having lived in a multiracial society Please do not put the onus on us telling us to ‘welcome foreigners’ – by putting it that way, you are insinuating that we Singaporeans are at fault!!!!!!
    Let me stress this – any visitors to our Singapore are like guests to our homes.
    Perhaps the PAP government should have an orientation programme for FTs or PR applicants : perhaps incidents like not critizing your local Indian neighbor about their curry cooking smells and telling them to stop cooking their traditional food ( solution: close your windows, stuff your delicate nostrils with cotton wool, or or back to your home country), and DO not change their babies’ soiled diapers using a fastfood restaurant table as a changing table…….or Pinoys who mock Singaporeans and boast that their command of the English language is superior to that of locals, and one even daring to ask a Singaporean to migrate if he does not like Singapore! (would PAP please tell the Pinoys to not speak in such strident loud voices on buses and in shopping centers – in Lucky Plaza on weekends, the chatter of so many Filipina maids has been likened to that of a cacophony of noisy blackbirds, and to go for speech training to get the irritating rolling ‘r’s out of their so-called superior English).
    If as one poster states here, that by coddling all these PRCs and Pinoys, who have been praising the PAP to high heavens (but of course, Singapore is heaven to them with their corrupted government and dirty cities!), that the PAP are hoping to win their votes at the next election, then we Singaporeans must then stand together and vote to make sure that any suitable opposition parties must gain a strong win in the next election.
    And, DPM Teo, I am writing this as a 58 year old Singaporean who has voted PAP at every single election previously, and now increasingly disgruntled with the influx of demanding foreigners, and the seeming government bias towards them!

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