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Lim Swee Say: We can pursue a future of better jobs and pay for all Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on April 28, 2012

Singapore aims to generate a ‘virtuous’ cycle of economic and social gain at the same time to reduce the social downside of economic growth, even as it pursues the upside of economic growth as well, said Minister in Prime Minister Office and Labor Chief Mr Lim Swee Say in his Labor Day message to Singaporeans.

With higher cost of living, Singapore needs to narrow the income gap between the rich and the poor, but it should not resort to ‘quick fixes’ as talent can go anywhere in a highly competitive world.

“Any country or economy trying to look for a quick and easy solution, the solution may work for one or two years in the long run [but there] will be more pain than gain,” Mr Lim said.

He added that as Singapore slows down the increase of foreign manpower in the workforce, it must make better use of every worker at all levels, including lower-wage workers.

Mr Lim stressed that the best way for Singapore to succeed is for the tripartite partners to work in unity and turn these challenges into opportunities for our people and businesses.

“Together, we can pursue a future of better jobs, better pay and better career prospects for all Singaporeans,” he said.

There are no independent trade unions in Singapore which all come under the umbrella of the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) which is headed by Mr Lim himself.

By ‘convention’, the Labor Chief is almost always a cabinet minister.


9 Responses to “Lim Swee Say: We can pursue a future of better jobs and pay for all Singaporeans”

  1. Utter Rubbish said

    We don’t need all these motherhood statements about a better tomorrow etc. If we want to see cheerleading, any S league half time entertainment is better than that. We need solid concrete action by the govt to show that they really mean Singaporeans First! This is not a vote winning slogan but a matter of livelihood to many of us. The govt’s unrelenting thirst for “foreigner talents” and “economic growth” is destroying the lives of Singaporeans!

  2. Prataman said

    This useless, self serving MIW Union Leader has done nothing for Singaporean workers all these years… and his credibility has been torn to shreds.

    Does anyone still listen to his garbage talk or believe in him anymore ??

  3. Roti Prata said

    No more cheaper, faster and betterer?

  4. luke skywalker said

    is he Darth Vader that works for the emperor . nothing but bullshit. pay him millions to spout nonsense. words mean not
    hing if actions do not support

  5. sibei pissed off said

    why use the word “we can…”. being at helm for so long, u still using the word can instead of “we had, we already”. if being on top for so long and still hoping for “we can” it simply means “we haven’t” or “i cannot”, “i hope but not materialising…”

  6. jaded said

    wayang statements. only the daft 60% will get taken in thinking that this day will come if they are patient

  7. Sad Singapore said

    What policy that this government implement so far that benefit singaporean?
    Talk is cheap!!

  8. Family Man said

    Talk is cheap….. just look at how much pay has increased over the past 2 decades.

  9. venuscolt said

    Quote: “Together, we can pursue a future of better jobs, better pay and better career prospects for all Singaporeans,”
    How do you think that is going to happen to me? How can you help to make it happen when my company keeps hiring low cost employees for replacement?

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