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Pinoy FT asks Singaporeans to ‘reflect’ on their remarks after giving them a lecture on PM Lee’s Facebook

Posted by temasektimes on April 28, 2012

Controversial Filipino ‘foreign talent’ Angelo Marc Jandugan now wants Singaporeans to ‘reflect’ on their remarks after being lampooned for his insensitive remarks made on the Facebook page of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Angelo Marc Jandugan has earlier posted a comment defending PM Lee on his Facebook asking him to ignore Singaporeans who have been imploring him to reduce the inflow of immigrants.

“PM Lee, I have absolute faith in you and I hope you don’t get distracted listening to all these sarcastic naysayers…they only know how to complain without offering credible solutions…..”, he wrote, sounding exactly like a PAP apologist.

He also called on PM Lee to hire more ‘talented foreigners’ and not be swayed by public opinion on immigration policies:

“I am so proud to have made Singapore home for me and my family and the credit goes all to you and your efficient govt. I hope you will not be distracted from your policies of hiring more talented foreigners to take this young nation forward. You must stay firm to your beliefs and not be swayed by public opinion on immigration policies.”

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

His comments predictably brought a torrent of criticisms from Singaporeans, many of whom challenged him to serve National Service before commenting on Singapore politics.

In a reply to his detractors, Angelo explained that he was unable to serve NS because he was not allowed to do so by the government:

Hi guys, I seen some of the comments here and admit I feel disappointed. However, I am not angry or frustrated at all.

“I have given back to this community by often volunteering my services to charities and NGO’s …I can’t serve NS because the system does not allow it not because I don’t want to do it.”

He also called on Singaporeans to reflect what they said:

“I hope some of you reflect at what you said. Foreigners are not here to take away your jobs or homes. There are many foreigners who have set up companies here and given work to Singaporeans…”

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

The widening gulf between native Singaporeans and immigrants can be observed on the fierce exchange of words on PM Lee’s Facebook with the latter criticizing him for the government’s policies and the latter praising him for giving them a good life in Singapore.

Despite the launching of a National Integration Council to help make the newcomers feel accepted, happy and welcomed in Singapore, more work need to be done to bridge the divide between the two communities.


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35 Responses to “Pinoy FT asks Singaporeans to ‘reflect’ on their remarks after giving them a lecture on PM Lee’s Facebook”

  1. Stirrer said

    This shameless lackey is very good in fellatio, takes in every drop, even the ass rim also done well. Typical Pinoy, question is. Can he give an orgasm besides eating all that cock cheese and shit?

    • Nizam said

      If this pinoy shit talks the same thing in Australia or somewhere else, he would have been bashed to death by this time.

  2. Ixnay said

    Do not ever let me bump into him… That’ll be the day he wish he never had left the phillipines!

  3. Lee said

    Seriously…? This article comes off very immature. Get some balls!

  4. Chnng said

    Really? Business are here to seek opportunities. They are profit minded. They goes where the money are. YOU, cannot survive in your own country cause of various matters like corrupted environments, and little opportunities. So when PAP open the doors, you took advantages. You are only here because of PAP mis-placed generosity. You can only survive here because Singaporeans are by nature, a humble lot and prefer to stay silence. When enough is enough and it awaken those who are still asleep, let see if you got enough bags to hold your barangs barangs. In the mean while, be thankful. In my work place, we Singaporeans already feel the heat and we are ganging up and we are fighting back by firstly pointing out the horrendous lousy skill sets of you lot claim to possess! And this is seeing results and management are realising the big mistake they are now shouldering. A small fraction maybe, for now. And for those, my fellow country men who are so ready to condemn this, I have a cantonese proverb for you:

    “Jaurm gak um tou yok, um zee yok tong – You won’t feel the pain until the needle prick you”

  5. Bulls said

    Fark your Pinoy mother CB.
    Who the fuck is this piece of traitor shit to come to another country to tell locals what to do?

  6. Terence Chan said

    We have to thank “FT” like Angelo for being so vocally arrogant about “FT” in Singapore…. It’s waking up more Singaporeans to how this country is being destroyed… Hopefully we can turn the tide in 2016!!

    Thank you Angelo!! 🙂

  7. Ensoleille said


  8. The Gardener said

    Yes Sir. I have reflected and have fully confirmed you comply to be a full time Grass Root leader as a expat ball carrier. Good job well done.

  9. mao said

    FTrash will always be FTrash. A trash that thinks he is a gem.

  10. One Singapore said

    I just hope the 60% of daft Singaporeans wake up so that we can send back these arrogant foreigners in 2016.

    If the 60% of daft Singaporeans have no courage to do what is right, there is nothing the rest of us can do except to grin and bear the insults of these arrogant foreigners.

  11. voice of the people said

    oh fuck you.. you steal my job

  12. i5htar said

    since you “”CAN’T”” serve NS…then “”DON’T”” talk cock here!!!

  13. just a thought said

    Sad case.. the PM of Singapore can’t even get the support of their own people, but instead from foreigners. So who is PAP suppose to look after? apparently they are not doing what they said they aim to do. lolz

  14. useful said

    poh lam pah , this pinoy is out to get singapore done , and if pm listens to him , waa he must be world no. one most stupid person . and actually , the pm doesnt listen to them but instead , see the opportunity he can take , and the pinoy take advantage , thinking that the pm might listen to what he say , so stupid , next time the pinoy kena then he know sorry no cure

  15. Singaporean Head Hunter said

    Angelo Marc Jandugan,

    You are naive and you don’t deserved to be called a Singaporean until you know more of our history and background. My suggestion you learn to be a good Singaporean and understand our history before you make anymore comments.

    During the 1980s and 1990s, Singaporean are being sort after to take up C Level jobs, and they were paid reasonably and some are paid equal to their European counterparts. S-passes and E-passes were not easily available and immigration policies were not liberal. Today, immigration policies are liberals and companies can easily get these passes for their FTs.

    Singaporean are by and large very nice and welcoming people especially when you are a REAL TALENT.
    Look around you, you can see a lot of Foreign TRASH coming here and they are parasites earning unreasonably higher than the locals causing all these social unrest. You see, if a company paid a FT higher, they have to deduct some budget from some where, and very often, they take this cut from the local’s Salary.

    I am a head hunter and recruiter, I see CVs everyday and I see so many Pinoy and India-Indian applying for jobs I advertised. To tell you the truth, when I interviewed them, many are TRASH even though their CVs are well written.

    I can tell you that most of the foreign bosses (head of depts, companies etc) I encountered don’t give Singaporean good jobs. I see that India-Indians are not giving Singaporean Indian a chance too. Some told me that Singaporean Indians are not as good as them. In short, they prefer their own kind.

    They paid Singaporean lowest in the range and their own kind higher in the salary range citing that foreigners need to be paid more because they have to pay for rentals and such. To me, this is not good reasons and unfair to true blue Singaporeans.

    Singaporeans need to pay CPF, house loans, and save up for their raining days. When the economy is bad, the FT employees can go back to their respective countries but Singaporean has to die die here.

    So Angelo, now you think Singapore is a heaven on earth for you, but soon you and your children will feel this is living hell (if the government still remains as arrogant as before) . What would you do? Leave Singapore?

    Let me cite you another example.. I have a HK friend who immigrated to Singapore last 1995 due to the 1997 China take over HK incident. Where is he now? He told me last week that he is planning to migrate to Canada.
    So Angleo, if Singapore becomes bad in next 10 years where would you be? Mexico? Touch your heart and tell us the truth. Would you die for Singapore?

    We love Foreign Talents but NOT Foreign Trashes that are here to over load our system and discriminate us.
    I challenge you to get along with born-here Singaporeans before you contribute any more comments. Integrate with Singaporeans during your weekends and you will soon be like us.

    FYI, I have been to The Philippines numerous time and I know how good and bad the people are. I respect Pinoys and their warmness; you guys are typically positive and adaptable. But I shall not talk bad about Pinoy as they have their heritage to be proud of. I have even been to Malacanang Palace to meet officials. I can tell you Philippines will be the next big economy once they get their acts together. Shall we all migrate there when this day come? By the way, I bought a land in The Philippines 🙂

  16. True Blue Singaporean said


    You leave Philippines to come to Singapore… shows that you are not loyal to your own birth country. What proof you have to convince Singaporeans that you are also loyal to Singapore? When war comes, where will you be?
    Would you take up the rifle to kill your fellow Pinoy if one of them is our enemy?

    I employ people in my company and I often ask why they left the previous companies. If you cannot show loyalty to your first boss, how can you convince me that you can show loyalty to me?

    Singapore’s asset is her People. If Singapore govt do not put efforts to develop local talents which is the core of the nation and start ‘stealing’ talents from other countries (which is easy way out), how would the local willing to give births to more children?

    I have many Pinoy friends who decided to stay in the Philippines to fight for their rights all the way and they do very well there. These are the Pinoys I respect. For you, I don’t know man…

  17. PLP Nbr 1 said

    I can imagine Angelo’s saliva drooling down his mouth after sucking on Pinky’s balls. Lol !!!

  18. TMD WTF said


  19. Rediver said

    Go serve NS u filipenis junk, else whatever u said here are just different piece of shit coming out from a same asshole~!

  20. sinlesschocolate said

    here we have a PARASITE who thinks himself a god…please FUCK OFF

  21. Singapore Chinese said

    This foreign immigrant should return to his country of origin. Do not tell our government or Singaporeans what to do. You are not welcome in Singapore.

  22. Family Man said

    Yeah!!! Foreigners came here to make merry and give to Singapore…..

  23. Joshua said

    so condesending for such a young man…. have u not brought with u the awareness to mind your manners in other’s house? I’m Sinkee FT in Australia, I try my best to speak aussie slang and integrate with my host…. gladly, my aussie workmates and clients are very warm and friendly with me, we hug and kiss and enjoy all the niceties of comradeship. We help immigrants fr everywhere to settle in. I clear the front verge of rubbish my aussie neighbour left, he calls me:”a better man than himself”. I do growl and stand up against bad behaviours like good aussies do and my aussie mates applaud it…… Hey, mate, are sinkees up in arms with you or against u? Pls reflect…… If you can’t, I hope the gentleman with sir name Lee can. Lee:”You lost me in exchange for this guy. I feel sorry for you. You spent good money on me but got him for free.”

  24. madsinkie said

    local guys do NS so pinoys laught at locals guys dumb acceptance of the unfair situations while pinoy come in without doing NS and steal their job.

    No wonder they think they are kings and above the local meek guys.

  25. nationalist said

    Why are we being subjected to immigration policies which run contrary to the interests of our cultural unity and which are so plainly undermining the integrity and harmony of our society? What is wrong with policymakers? It’s time to save our country from ruin and put Singaporeans First!

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