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PM Lee: Social media makes it ‘difficult’ for politics and government to work well

Posted by temasektimes on April 28, 2012

One week after setting up his personal Facebook page to reach out to the online community, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is appearing to have second thoughts after his page was turned into a ‘slugfest’ between Singaporeans and foreigners of late.

In his latest post on Facebook, PM Lee shared an article published in CNN a few days ago on the ‘dangers’ of Facebook and Twitter politics:

“Social media bring many benefits. But this thoughtful piece points out that they will also make it harder for politics and government to work well. The writer talks about the US, but many of his points apply to Singapore too.”

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

The original CNN article talked about how social media has led to “a political discourse that is becoming devoid of real ideas, and instead pared down to the safest of talking points.”

As expected, his post sparked a rigorous debate among netizens which is getting more and more divisive:

“The worry is a vocal (sectarian) minority hijacking the national discourse and pushing it in a particular direction that might not represent majority voices or opinions. And of course, the fragmentation that such extensive micro-viewpoints entail.” – Alvin Tan

“DO NOT Agree, social media is about the people, govt is to serve the people, former politician based draft policy based on small group which does not benefit the rest, and this also give the impression govt works with it own agenda, by having social media govt should be grateful as they can now really know what its people want.. Unless the govt has its own agenda and their own benefit comes first!” – Darren Tay

“‎@Darren Tay Social media is not solely about the people. It’s skewed towards people who are savvy online (esp the youths), so we can’t make the logical leap that a “social media government” is best. Social media should be one of the many platforms that the gov uses to engage pple.” – Estelle Tan


14 Responses to “PM Lee: Social media makes it ‘difficult’ for politics and government to work well”

  1. anakin said

    What a predictable reply…

  2. seX pisToLs said

    LHL worry that Social Media may exploit all the “illegal” doings done by the PAP since 1965.

  3. Bulls said

    Social media is not a masturbation room with a mirror for fuck’s sake.
    You get judged, there will be people like those cheap pinoy sticking out their tongue and licking your jizz like a dog, there will also be others who is disgusted and will shove a stick up your ass!

  4. Sam Gunner said

    I told you.
    His facebook account is another way for him to control people.
    Say the things that he cannot say in other places.
    How many people were employed to “back him up” and put down people who criticize him?
    He’s playing a dangerous game by entering facebook, cause it could blow up in his face if he were to say something bad that nobody agrees with.

  5. Family Man said

    More likely for politicians to hijack a national discourse and push it in their own direction with lies. Key lies in the fact that social media is open to everone and therefore making it much more authentic in demonstrating majority views.

  6. madsinkie said

    social media bring out the truth that the govt has lost its way and that the sg govt has kill Sg with NS.

  7. Johnny T. said

    At first I rejoice that he was using FB to gauge his popularity in the hope that he will soon find out how much the electorate have shifted against him. I had hoped that the unbiased and uncensored comments made known to him in FB would provide him a true representation of public opinion of his own governance and performance. Unfortunately, having seen at first hand for himself the drift of his popularity, instead of reacting poactively to this decline he now says that social FB made it difficult for him to govern.
    I guess the people in power enjoying their easy humongous salaries cannot resonate meaningfully with the poor people living from hand to mouth and are usually too stubborn to move out of their own comfort zone to feel with the common people.

  8. cc chia said

    Looks like Pinky cannot take the heat from FB and social media. He has been too comfy in not doing any real work for too long. Perhaps time to retire and let someone younger and more energetic take over??


    “PM Lee: Social media makes it ‘difficult’ for politics and government to work well”

    I strongly agree with the above comment. Else the government ain’t putting 101% on their jobs to serve the people also since they insist on paying themselves that skyrocketing freak million dollars salary. My logic is, if you wanna good fantastic pay package then you got to earn it.

    • said

      they are not earning it. they are given fantastic pay package by the 60%. that’s why they do not need to do their job 101%. just by “ponding” “self-reflect” “We dun listen” etc, they are still there by doing just 50% or less? is enough.

  10. Henry said

    It’s like a pen with invisible ink as long as there is media to write on. We used to say “the pen is mightier than the sword”, yet the digital media belittles the pen. Use it wisely …

  11. Joel Low said

    Yes. 1 opinionated guy wrote against the social media against thousands who applauded it. Mr LHL, do the math. A educated man like him should know whose comments are more acceptable and true. If you want to prove eggs are “blue”, you might just find one in a billion but that is not the truth. Mr LHL is trying too hard to prove himself right and everybody else wrong. Dumber than dumb.

  12. The Gardener said

    You made it difficult for me to make a living. You Suck.

  13. LKY Father said

    Disappointed to hear that.

    Did he actually mean voices from the people make it Difficult for politics and the garment to work well???

    Then please throw the voting system into the rubbish bin and bring out your guns and bullets.
    We have voted for a leader of our garment whom doesn’t believe in our people’s feedback and voices. He or they only believe in doing what he or they like.

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