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Angry Singaporean scolds PM Lee on Facebook: You SUCK!

Posted by temasektimes on April 29, 2012

Since Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong set up his personal Facebook page one week ago, it has been inundated by numerous complaints from ordinary Singaporeans as well as words of support and praises from the immigrants and foreigners who remain in ‘awe’ of the Singapore government.

While PM Lee has been updating his page frequently, he is unlikely to have time to read through the hundreds of comments posted by his fans and detractors unlike daily including this comment posted by a visibly angry Singaporean Edmund Khor today:

“PM Lee, I think you and your government has done a shitty job. Stagnant wages, escalating cost of living, overcrowding, crumbling transportation system, and the poor are stucked in a vicious cycle.”

Edmund Khor added that the quality of life for Singaporeans have deteriorated for the past few years:

“The quality of life for ordinary Singaporeans has deteriorated over the past 8 years since you took over the government. If you can’t improve the lives of Singaporeans, it is time to let someone else take over. You sucks.”

We manage to take a snapshot of Edmund’s post before it was deleted:

[Source: PM Lee’s Facebook]

As usual, there are no replies from PM Lee or his administrators. PM Lee has earlier pleaded for patience and support from netizens to solve the long-term problems besieging the nation:

“These are complex, long-term problems. My government is working hard on them. I ask for your patience and support to deal with them together, as one nation.”


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79 Responses to “Angry Singaporean scolds PM Lee on Facebook: You SUCK!”

  1. jaded said

    ain’t that the truth…

  2. AKu Azfar said

    woah. now targetting singaporeans?

  3. seX pisToLs said

    Fark OFF Lee. How long you need to solve this issues? before or after the Election 2016?

    Just one word from you.
    ALL OF THEM ARE VANISHED from Singapore.
    That’s IT.

  4. Shut Up You Garrulous fool, You Vacillating Nincompoop! said

    “Since Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong set up his personal Facebook page one week ago, it has been inundated by numerous complaints from ordinary Singaporeans as well as words of support and praises from the immigrants and foreigners who remain in ‘awe’ of the Singapore government.”

    How does it feel falling into the entrapment of biased new reporting, in very much the same way the Straits Times has, only you’re betting for the Left? I’m curious.

  5. D.Lim said

    and how long does PM Lee expect use to wait? he must give a tangible timeline and not keep asking us to wait.

  6. full of stars said

    PM Lee, its time that you took all these comments, ideas, feedback, what it may be seriously. I have gone through the good times in the 1970s to the 80s and 90s. I do appreciate PAP and had always spoke positively about them. I personally praised PAP for doing a good job in the 80s. Without them, we may not be what we are today. Having said that, times have change. With the new breed of leaders, whom had no idea what the hard times is all about, racial harmony, self esteem as a true breed Singaporean, etc., The citizens are now suffering (regardless of age, gender), with lowly paid wages, high inflation. Have the new leaders thought about it thoroughly? Why can’t PAP treat True been Singaporeans special, after all, we are born here and have worked our guts out too. Can the same be said of the FT? Kuwait is a small country, it ingenious Kuwaitis are treated so well that they are so proud to be a Kuwaiti. Can that be said of a true breed Singaporean?

    • useful said

      ya la , xiasuey pui ! , but also arh i think singaporeans also no balls leh , so boh bian

    • Martin said

      Singapore’s only economic resource is its people. Not just normal people (blue-collar) but people with high qualifications to work in finance and service sectors. Certainly we can’t afford to be socialist and offer blanket social safety nets like what Kuwait is doing (unless we can find some oil fields in this small island that is ).

      However I do concur that PM Lee has to do something about immigrant policies. To let some Pinoy with no (relevant) talents to become Singaporean, I really have nothing to say.

    • Expose the truth said

      because the old ones understand the plight and were there to chiong…the new ones…chiong wat?! just earn shiok shiok~ talk abit…watver…

  7. Jasmine said

    I am 100% Singaporean and I support PM Lee.

  8. yoyo said

    you sucks? sounds like mr steven lim’s engrish. “you sucks you sucks you sucks sucks sucks xia xue.. etc”

  9. Roger Siow said

    hmmm…just a note….it is you suck, not sucks……

  10. evil said

    this is the worst prime minister in the history of Singapore

    Singapore had never done that bad in the past

    and now it is on a no return track to doom

    wake up clown prince, before you fall deeper into the shithole

  11. Blood suckers said

    Please. Only daft pple will believe the facebook is personally manned by himself. He is doing that (just as he last min apologies on GE 2011) to gain sympathy from the stupid daft 60% who vote for PAP.

    Just put it simply, they only want to hear good things. Praises for themselves.

    All negative feedback be it constructive or not will be deleted by the administrator who manned his FB page. That is why Singapore will never ever be a wholistic first world country because we rank the lowest in human rights and media press freedom. We are still living in a third world.

    And for those daft 60%. Wake up, we are not democratic society. There is no equality, and therefore we can never fully achieve happiness, prosperity or progress for the nation. Justice is for those rich and influential.

    • useful said

      eh actually singapore is no. one , no. one counting backwards

    • Why No Hum? said

      >>All negative feedback be it constructive or not will be deleted by the administrator who manned his FB page.

      Really? In that case why not another FB page call “Mee Siam and the discarded hum” be set up, to collect all the deleted hums…err.. feedback from LHL’s FB?

      • Bloodsuckers said

        Actually, what we can do is really drop them during the votes…. otherwise, forever things won’t change…. GE 2011 was the best time… but there are 60% daft ones who accept his crocodiles tears…. these are the 60% we must shake them to wake up!!!

      • Lois Lois said

        Sorry not all 60% are true Singaporeans. Logically, it could be 5-10% new citizens. This means, only 50% is left voting for them. This 50% is still in their dreams…hahaha

    • LkySi said

      Singapore is no 3rd World – but 5th World standalone

    • james dean said

      this is facebook. when are people gonna take shit seriously

  12. Edward said

    I think we should be more diplomatic in voicing our views. The remarks above simply amplified the “intelligence “of the author. If we want to make a difference, then contribute, not ranting and throwing out personal attack. We are racing against the world and Singaporeans need to realise that we are not ‘priviledge” to enjoy good life indefinitely. If we fail, pls look into the mirror and ask ourselves why before ranting away blaming everyone except yourself. No one is perfect, not even this current government, what we need is constructive discussion and feedback instead of disgracing ourselves over the internet because what i see now is ugly side of Singaporeans scolding away without EVEN Contributing. Is this what we want from Singapore? It is a very disappointing sight …if we fail it is not the government, it is the attitude of each and every Singaporeans that can make or break Singapore…..remember who we are racing against…THE WORLD…and yes they have caught up whole we are ranting away the most trivial matter you can think of.

    • Blood suckers said

      Look. No use one. Even academics, like recently two professors can given constructive advise. What happened?

      Turn by turn, each so called minister who think highly of themselves, take pot shots to dismiss and ridicule their proposition.

      • Roykyosuke said

        If you want to compare with just 2 person, why not say how come few other millions are not like that?
        It’s gd if we don’t draw comparison in picture, diff country n diff government n diff people act differently.
        If you decide to compare it will be never ending story.

    • panda said

      On the contrary, yours is a pretty non-diplomatic comment with very biased statements. But I do agree on your point that you have to look into the mirror. Hah!

    • Danny said

      Edward, well said. I agree what you have mention. Everyone is upset/angry and every single Singaporeans have the right to be but when you are angry you just voice your own angry thoughts which the PM himself will ignore because it’s just another person ranting his unhappiness.

      What we need is solutions and positive feedbacks from the public.

      Look at what is happening to our neighbour, Malaysia? Riots and protesters against the Government. We do not want to see that kinda of thing happening to Singapore right? You all really want all that to happen?

      I stand on neutral ground. I have own set backs as well but I know ranting would not help us at all.

      Politics are all the same and it’s dirty.

      Which ever Government that the people chooses, there will be people who are not happy.


      • Roykyosuke said

        Yes it’s true, any ruling party will draw criticisms, nobody is perfect.
        If we become like M’sia will every1 be happy?
        Do our own part rather than blaming others.

    • Edward, I agree that discussion should be civil but let’s not make a reference to his intelligence. That is uncalled for. This is a man clearly frustrated and if you dont already realise, his actions have been widely lauded. Whether or not whatever he did was right or wrong is moot.

      What you fail to see here by attacking the author is that it is emblematic of the frustration of many Singaporeans. The constructive feedback in which you speak of so fondly, has not been embraced by our government. Despite their attempts at “engagement”, it has been nothing more than condescending lip service. So it seems, nothing has changed since the GE, perhaps only more frustration.

      True, no government is perfect. No one should expect to be but if you leave large segments of your population frustrated and disenchanted then perfection is not even in the discussion. It must be doing something seriously wrong.

      What is wrong with the attitude of Singaporeans? Would you rather a population that was meek and pliant, that just took everything as it is or 1 where you fight and voice out for what you think is right? Isnt 1 a sign of weakness the other a sign of strength? Isnt willingness to voice out, stand up and fight what we need to succeed in this world?

      • CKMPD said

        Dear Bankingon Conscience,

        Well said. Most Singaporeans are polite and courteous but the pap has abused ignored courteous engagements with Singaporeans. The pap only wants to hear good things and ignores genuine critisms. The pap has failed so often but refused to change. Cant blame some Singaporeans for being frustrated with LHL and the PAP. I expect more people to be vocal against the pap. And that can be good for Singapore when more Singaporeans speak the truth and challenge the pap.

    • Roykyosuke said

      I agree with you, Singaporeans should reflect on ourselves before blaming at government. World is rising not SG is rising!!

    • Bloodsuckers said

      I beg to differ….. recently two academics voice out constructive suggestions and was turn by turn, shot down by the government …..

    • anakin said

      Right….the only thing this guy has got is guts but that’s it.

    • The Gardener said

      Thats right Edward. You are wrong because you suck too.
      All these views & comments including yours expresses the public feelings.

      The sucker in charge need to feel it and react to it appropriately.
      Well, the action taken so far have made the air feel very rebellious.
      No need to be smart to know that the people around you don’t like you.

      Our so called leaders suck & you can too.

      U Suck.

    • suckmyballsESTH said

      As maniacal as that man sounds, he understands web 2.0. You, Mr Edward, do not understand Web 2.0. These are things that I believe PM Lee needs to hear it may not he wants to hear. If we flitter every shit bag comment out of our feedback boxes why is there a need for feedback? Just go to your imaginary place and give yourself a pat on the back.
      Also that man is clearly an old man… YOU SUCK, who says you suckS?

    • james dean said

      the shit that stinks will attract flies

    • JOHN CENA said

      if we are not ‘privilege’ to even think of having a good life in singapore, then the singapore government sure do not have the ‘privilege’ to demand that N.S is compulsory for all singaporeans, y not ask the foreigners and fts to serve ns? since u trying to imply that sinkies and foreigners are no difference, that foreigners have equal rights ….edward do possess that disgusting sinkie trait…’if it doesnt affect me,its aint my problem.’ so edward i hope i wont be seeing u here ranting in a year’s time or so…

      i dont know y those idiots always ask ppl to reflect upon themselves and stop blaming others and start giving constructive discussions instead……well we are not paid millions to give solutions to a multimillionaire government, the government is there to help the ppl not to keep asking for solutions,if so must as well the average sinkies take over the parliament,btw sinkie government only take in solutions which benefits them not us….and privilede is spell as previlege, on man u cant even spell right,how u gona compete with others, i think i really gonna see ya here in a year time ranting how the foreigners make u jobless and screw ur wife in ur own bedroom while u are out finding another job….

  13. useful said

    actually in my personal view , singapore is a third world country beautifully built . what difference do we have between africa and singapore ? just that we have jobs and beautiful buildings , thats all . the rest is just the same as the other third world country . kns

  14. drebbit said

    he is not his father…

  15. blurrbl0ck said

    Reblogged this on blurrbl0ck and commented:
    Wah, this guy damn “gar”! My idol! (Y)

  16. Gan Ning said

    It is because of this kinda harsh and low-tact comments that made the people think twice before voting.

  17. ZoulSaggitario said

    Seriously, i’m neither support the “gahmen” nor oppose them…& i’m sure they are “trying” their best to improve everyone’s lives…i believe la…but i personally feel the pinch now…i dont know by “improving our lives” is to “rise up all costs” plan, it isnt working well… Even ur saying that u cnt bring down all the cost of living, im pretty sure “the gahmen” cn plan something better than this…

    • Expose the truth said

      we all always try to believe shit one la…but i tell u….have u played a game call tropico, or sim city, or any other game simulation types? u will understand so many things from it…for etc…earn alot for country…casinos bring money, put some money open more income generating for the country/govt…how much does all these surplus goes to general public? quite little….but dun let population know…use ways, tactics to delay…make the population happy…but i tell the truth…when ppl are being unhappy and that become norm, for a rich country like singapore to be constantly complained abt by citizens….then there is truly sth wrong…srsly…

      go play the game…can learn alot from it…

  18. beenthereseenit said

    PM Lee asked for patience. He said these problems take time to be resolved. I agree with him on that but I take issue with why the government that opened the floodgates to foreigners did not foresee the problems of overcrowding on this tiny red dot? Did they even do the most basic risk assessment of each policy? They are paid millions because they are the “smartest” Singapore has, why then this BIG blunder that will result in years, if not decades, of undoing?

  19. joo said

    Why should PM listen to small people like all of you?

    He is an important man. He will listen only to those that count……. and wise men like his dad…

  20. Ridz said

    To my fellow Singaporeans,let’s not curse and swear.Be constructive in your comments.I understand that it can be frastrating sometimes when your comments goes on deaf eyes.I myself have voiced out to reach and got no reply sometimes.And when I did get a reply,it’s still did not solve the problem.So in the end I told myself “God Is Great ” and prayed to him to guide us Singaporeans and our nation to the right path.Who he guides,no one can misguide.And who he lets astray,no one can guide.Have faith and may God bless all of us.

  21. denzuko1 said

    LHL enjoyed many “likes” on his facebook and evidently, this guy “likes” him so much.

  22. The Gardener said

    WRONG! It’s not you suck. THEY SUCK!!!
    Chopping the head of this snake wont kill it, it’s Medusa.

  23. Thank Goodness for TJS said

    “You sucks!” has double the impact of “You suck!”.
    Bad governance deserves admonishment in bad grammar

  24. dan2429E said

    …what has Edmund Khor achieved by displaying such negative dissent… ?
    …practically nothing……
    …just another naive attention seeker……..

  25. Eddie Teo said

    The whole issue is not about Lee Hsien Loong only, IMHO. The whole trouble is the wrong cabinet and the wrong people he has under him. There are many a times citizens felt we have been short changed. There are many times when we feel the government agencies have no sympathy for the people. Who are these government agencies? Who are these people running the government agencies? Who started the policies (for e.g. old folks who sold their HDB houses twice cannot have a rental flat from HDB any more)? Who set such policies? How are policies being implemented? Are these so call smart graduates too smart for their own good? Too heartless to care for Singaporeans any more, all they care is their nice high salaries and nice offices – PLUS nice chairs.

    There are many instances when I hearsay from various walks of life how money are spent in the government agencies I cringe when I hearsay how civil servants are pampered during official overseas trips. I only hope they are not true, but I cant help but believe they are. A lot of civil servants are utterly useless and are there in their post because of their paper qualifications, who interview and accept them? The same group of people with nothing but paper qualifications. Perhaps their IQ are ok, but definitely lacking EQ.

    Singapore seems to be a place where fire-fighting takes place all the time. Do wrong first, fix later. Can’t we ensure we have it right the first time? Why must the people be the subjects of experiments? Why are unnecessary spent on unnecessary things?

    Is it PM Lee? I doubt he has time to formulate and go through all these policies throughout the government agencies, interview all the people working in the government agencies. It is the PEOPLE working under him that is doing all these silly actions, just because they are some heads of some government departments. Have you been to the office of a government agency lately? I thought the exposure of NKF (though it is not a government agency per say) some years back will serve as a good reminder, but heck, not long after, we are told that the chairs in some of the offices cost over $1,000 EACH! That is THE monthly salary of MANY Singaporeans! Where does the money come from? Have these same government agencies high officials taken a walk amongst the poorer part of Singapore? I bet you they don’t even know where the poorer parts are!

    I was proud to be a Singapore, but no longer. I no longer could tell my overseas friends how good Singapore is, I can only tell him how good Singapore was. Why do I spent 20mins writing this? Because I want to be proud to be a Singaporean again.

  26. Victor said

    This is not a channel for real constructive feedback, but merely a peep into what’s really going on on the ground. It’s all up to our Mr. PM to take it to another level of discussion for constructive feedback.

    I must add that many unhappiness expressed here are not stand alone or individual’s view. I believe many Singaporeans out there felt the same way. I sincerely do hope that something is done before we crumple.

    For God sake, by pass your PA grassroots for real feedback. These guys flitered everything which would have directly or indirectly reflects on their performance or serving the neighbourhood.

  27. james dean said

    I agree Lee Hsien Loong and his PAP government sucks. it’s just an opinion based on fact. open a FB ‘fan’ page, this is what you get, because you suck. live with it.

    • Mary pang said

      Inflation is a global issue and not a Singapore only problem. The only thing the gov can do is to minimize the impact on the people. I am sure the problem will persist even if another pm is elected. Hope we, singaporeans, can tide through this difficult period together.

      • silly said

        not just inflation. sporeans are facing structural unemployment, overcrowding, breakdowns etc etc. u should stop reading ST, try reading Lucky Tan’s blog

  28. SalesExec said

    Singapore to Expand Benefits, Tighten Foreigner Curbs After Poll Backlash
    By Shamim Adam – Aug 15, 2011 1:23 PM GMT+0800 .Facebook Share LinkedIn Google +1 0 Comments
    Print QUEUEQ..Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will expand public housing and medical benefits and tighten curbs on foreign workers, after a backlash over the cost of living led to record opposition gains in the May elections.

    The government will raise salary thresholds and require better educational qualifications for some foreign workers, Lee said in a televised speech late yesterday, stressing the nation needs to ensure policy adjustments don’t hurt Singapore’s attractiveness to investors.

    Enlarge image
    Singapore Tightens Foreign Worker Rules After Poll Backlash Charles Pertwee/Bloomberg
    Officials are working to resolve crowded transportation and a shortage of public housing even as those issues will take time, said Singapore’s prime minister Lee Hsien Loong.

    Officials are working to resolve crowded transportation and a shortage of public housing even as those issues will take time, said Singapore’s prime minister Lee Hsien Loong. Photographer: Charles Pertwee/Bloomberg
    .“We can keep the thrust of our policies but adjust them to deal with specific problems,” Lee, 59, said in the annual National Day rally speech, the first major policy address since a May 7 election. “Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. It’s very dangerous.”

    Lee’s ruling People’s Action Party won this year’s general election with the smallest margin of popular votes since independence as citizens expressed discontent over rising costs and competition with foreigners for jobs and housing. He has pledged to be more responsive to criticism of government policies and unveiled measures yesterday to widen the social safety net for elderly and lower-income Singaporeans.

    “The issues that are close to the people’s hearts and were big agenda items during the election, such as housing, got an airing and voters will want to look for a continued attitude of being more consultative and open to feedback,” said Selena Ling, head of treasury research at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. in Singapore. “For investors, the message is that Singapore remains open for business as usual.”

  29. chenzibin said

    What Edmund said wasn’t wrong at all ( but shouldn’t use vulgarities ). How long must we wait??

    PM, you can continue to wait and take your own sweet time…but SGPs cannot wait for you to take your own sweet time …we need to survive , we need to feed ourselves and our families…

    Is that all you can do PM Lee ??? By asking us to wait and give no further details as in when and how??? Sorry to say this, but your policies are so terrible which doesn’t benefits SGPs but the so call “new people”…

    You are only playing taichi with your fellow SGPs livelihood and how many families have to be torn apart and how many couples have to be separated before you are able to do something or simply using that taichi technique again??? From the GE 2011, you mentioned your team was sorry for alot of things and will make changes..but where are they?? We didn’t see such changes or even the efford to do it…

    What is the point of asking people to wait?? So that you can continue to drag it till the next GE before you come up with another apologies to get votes??????? No more sweet talks, please…if you are unable to deliver the job, you should step down and get someone else who are more capable to do the job…..

  30. jialiang said


    I think edmund should face the reality of life. Life is not smooth journey, so what if you are the top graduate but you fail terribily in interview. From the way how I see, the image given to me by him is that this guys is very arrogant. and people, especially interviewers do not like arrogant people around and he seems like he is a top graduate and hence they MUST hire him. Face the reality ! look in the mirror, look in your attitude. or go read up some dummies for interview book. Please do not bother the PM with such mediocre stuff.

    thank you

    • silly said

      dear jialiang, u sound like a very naive person – a typical person who reads too much with little real-world experience, hence even suggesting a dummy book. hope when u need go for interview, u have the luck to be interviewed by a singaporean or a very unbiased foreigner. unless u r a foreigner? then stop messing with spore affairs!

  31. ngpy said

    Since our PM have indicated changes for the better but may take some time in some areas, on a fair comment, looking at present sitiuation there are some improvements maybe a bit slow but it was notice improvements have taken place. Hopefully all Citizens will take this opportunity for Him and his Ministers to prove themselves overtime to do whatever improvement neccessary for the Country and the People. If there are improvements we should rendered support to his team WHOLEHEARTEDLY. But if nothing is being done overtime than it is not too late to oppose him and his team. SHALL WE TOGETHER GO FOR IT SINGAPORE CITIZENS OF SINGAPORE.

  32. Slum Cat said

    Issues in Singapore today are more complex than those in the past. LKY doctrine or misguided theory of parachuting his text book generals into parliament has definitely failed. Leaders are born, not made. You can however train some to become good leaders. The current crops of ministers (ex generals) were never really tested in any military conflicts except to provide logistical support at some trouble spots around the globe. So to transfer them into parliament thinking that they will automatically do a fantastic job is a recipe for disaster.
    And that, I believe, is the current problem confronted by those in government. They are too proud to admit that they have pursued the wrong policies. With 40% dissatisfaction, any smart government would have taken notice immediately and taken remedial action.
    The money is on the opposition winning more seats at the next election. It is quite obvious from the disquiet over Chinese and Filipino migrants, transportation and wages issues.
    One sense that a hidden hand (albeit not seen a lot lately) is still pushing the buttons. Let’s call a spade a spade – Lee Hsien Loong will never be his own man until old man kicks the bucket. So until then, Singapore will be tumbling along from day to day while they continue to cling on to some old doctrines for fear of upsetting the old man.
    After all, with salaries in the millions, you don’t burn the hands that feed you. So they just play along.

  33. Family Man said

    The problems started when they became “GREEDY” and “SELFISH” and started paying themselves ridiculously high salaries.

  34. Oracle said

    Even if we may disagree with some of the PAP’s policies, as I along with many increasingly feel also, using four letter words and abusive terms not only serves no purpose, but also reflects badly on the integrity of the person posting such words – whether the person just wants to stir up trouble or has ulterior motives – and likely that person would not be taken seriously by readers here also.
    On the other hand, if the PAP is serious of connecting with us via Facebook, negative feedback should not be removed, unless the feedback is written in abusive or obscene language.

  35. Magos Biologis said

    Edmund Khor should move out of Singapore and see what the real world is like. Many people here have been pampered by good governance for so long that they don’t know what a truly shitty government is like.

    PM Lee isn’t perfect but he’s reasonable enough for me to support.

  36. silly said

    u meant when khaw go home? (home to malaysia)

  37. Manegie at FareMount Hospice said

    What are the opposition parties doing now?
    Why aren’t they making full use of the momentum build up by fellow singaporeans to address the issue further.

    Do a weekly or monthly Meetup at Hong Lim park. Engage in talk of failures of government and of examples of why other govt can ..and why ours cannot.

    I can bet with you the turnout will only turn larger and larger.

    But as usual.. oppposition are only interested in election time campaigning and collecting MP salaries.

  38. Mr K said

    Very brave!!!!!Having such nerve to scold and criticise PM negatively!!!!!!

  39. Worry Granny said

    obviously,we can see the Govt.can’t control the situation ,being too many multi racial come to our country to take away our place and job.They are the one who more sucking blood,They are no standard blackie come from india to act here & lousy ladies come from china to spoil our family and enviroment.Im so worry that my next generation no place to survive and our country become upside down one day.I hope young people fight for their right because I have no time to see too long.

  40. Mr C said

    I think the govt take a serious view on those PME looking for a jobs especially, those in their 40s-60s who still want to work. These group of people are the hardest hit.

  41. alzkpop said

    Glad to hear that. I do agree with Edmund Khor ! Hahas. Its time to let go. 2016… 4 years and I’m suffocating. Money not enough sir x(

  42. alzkpop said

    Can’t wait for the next election. Edmund Khor *salutes* Sillyporeans , including me , no guts to whine ! Hahas. Pm lee its time to let go.

  43. Kai Yuan said

    Aiyah… Singapore just build all those skyscrapers at Raffles City, destroying culture(eg. British Ministrial Building in 1920s) and natural landscapes… Any of you fly over Singapore on a plane will see that apart from those 3 or 4 towers, the rest are 3rd world HDBs, with some condos here and there… Bungalows and terraces? Nowhere to be seen. And they claim Singapore is dense… And it is a “garden city”… So it must mean one household must have 4 children! And the size… Wow, it is only 2x bigger than Central Park in NYC. And Central Park has only 2 bins but Singapore has 1 bin every metre…. AND those Singaporeans litter everywhere, unlike other nationals… And they even say that-
    USA boasts about economy
    Malaysia boasts about Petronas Towers
    Taiwan boasts about Taipei 101
    But Singapore-
    Boasts about economy, landscape, high class living, tall structures, marina bay sands…. Ironic right? So LHL, better shape your country better if not, in 2016, you will step down forever…

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