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Chan Chun Sing urges netizens to shape ‘norm’ of online behavior

Posted by temasektimes on April 29, 2012

The online community has to self-moderate itself and come up with an acceptable code of conduct acceptable to all, said Minister of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) Chan Chun Sing.

Speaking at the annual dialogue for the Community Engagement Programme, a national social cohesion and crisis response network., Mr Chan reminded the audience that social media is a double-edge sword and could lead to division in the nation.

“If we believe that the majority of Singaporeans are rational and calm in our responses, then surely this will be reflected in the way we relate to each other, be it on the social media space or mainstream media…At the end of the day, you can’t have one set of rules being imposed on a community, if the community does not own that set of rules,”he said.

Mr Chan added he hopes netizens will come forward to collectively shape the norms of online behaviour that are acceptable for Singaporeans.

Previous attempts by the government to control the internet has been an abject failure despite occasional arrests and conviction of ‘wayward’ netizens to ‘kill one chicken to scare the monkeys.’


13 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing urges netizens to shape ‘norm’ of online behavior”

  1. Hsien Liao La said

    CCS, use this comment on yourself la, doggy: you can’t impose yourself on Singaporeans when you are not owned by Singaporeans, because you are not voted into parliament!

    And by saying the above I am being “rational and calm” in my response. I thought of using worse words to scold you, but refrained because I’m afraid you can’t comprehend human language anyways…

  2. Family Man said

    Come forward and speak up against injustice and oppression!!!

  3. Prataman said

    All the big guns of the White Scums have come out to comment in favour of policing the internet.

    AssLoong hinted about it in his fb page yesterday, then CNA reported today that Ugly Teo and Kee Chiu complain that the internet is a double edge sword and something needs to be done about it.

    When these Scums cannot win in a fair competition, they think of ways to bend the system to their advantage, eg GRC system.

    Look out TT, it looks like they are coming for your ass (and ours) soon.

  4. Wally said

    Why not ban computers totally?

    Or impose very harsh penalties like North Korea?

    Never have I seen a group of politicians so afraid of online comments by netizens.

    Only fools will try to control the internet.

    Technology is improving exponentially, who knows what new inventions will come up next.

  5. Wil said

    I am already well behaved online.

  6. Jenny said

    They can’t stop us from telling the truth.

  7. jaded said

    fools, trying to regulate something that cannot be regulated. what’s more, dun want to do do directly for fear of ridicule.

  8. alamak said

    Exactly what ‘norms’ or coc is going to please them?
    There is already a sedition act that covers serious racists/violent/anti-religious behavior
    There is already defamation law that covers irresponsible rumors/slandering that they have no hesitation to act, even on bloggers’ comments.
    Cyber-crimes or non-cyber crimes, they are crimes, so police should handle. There is current censorships by ISPs on porn sites etc
    There are ISA for those terrorist/extremismist that DPM Teo also speak about.
    So what more do PAP/MIW want to impose again? All these is MORE than enough to stifle singaporeans already, and he wants more?

    They want less people to be critical of them?
    And more people to speak out positively and favorable for them?
    Isn’t that stifling diversity of views? Don’t they already have party members/MPs/voters etc who have fb/twitter on line too that do the same?
    So why are they targeting only specific group of people?

    If they feel that name-and-flame where people violate their privacy, then they should implement another act that protect the people, so some overboard witch-hunt can stop. In fact, if they want to stop, take a look at what stomp has started with shoot-n-flame. The internet is a free world wide, any crimes people commit are already sufficiently covered by most laws we have today. We clearly don’t need more censorship than we already have today. We ranked 135th for freedom of press..Mr Chan & Mr Yaacob should go reflect, and deregulate the press instead.

  9. yourmooma said

    what a clown ..

  10. Thank Goodness for TJS said

    Genius —- your photo of gee chiu Chan Chun Sing. This could be everyone’s new avatar.

  11. Henry said

    Let’s be fair … No names boys

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