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Filipinos FTs worried about rampant ‘anti-pinoy’ sentiments in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on April 29, 2012

The recent outpouring of anti-pinoy comments by Singaporeans in cyberspace following a series of controversies involving Filipinos in Singapore has led to some Filipino FTs to express their concerns at the seemingly rampant ‘anti-pinoy’ sentiments in Singapore.

One Pinoy netizen ‘dazen’ started a thread in the popular forum saying that he is feeling uncomfortable with the situation on the ground:

“I’m starting to get uncomfortable on the current situation now in SG regarding pinoy FT. sometime ago locals are only venting their frustrations to PRC and Indians. but now pinoy are on their hit list as one of the race they think are pest and trash.”


His views were shared by some fellow Filipinos who urge their compatriots to keep a ‘low profile’ in Singapore and not add ‘fuel’ to the already volatile situation.

“fartfart” implored Filipinos to blend well with Singaporeans:

“I suggest that we refrain from supplying fuel to the fire and continue striving to be good if not better settlers of this foreign land. keeping quiet may not extinguish the fire but at least combining it with obedience and respect to the laws of singapore, doing what is best at work and blending well with the locals will somehow put these issues to rest.”

“jinalvarez” asked the not so talented FTs to realize their place in Singapore:

“These sentiments did not just suddenly appear. Two decades ago, pinoys were highly regarded here up there with the Japanese expats , for their skillset and experience they brought here. What has changed? Lots, I’d say….. We cant change the mindsets of the idiots who look at every FT with disdain, but at the same time it is good for some of the not so talented FTs to actually realise their place and and not to be so arrogant………… “

Despite repeated exhortations by government leaders to Singaporeans to welcome foreigners, the gulf between the two is widening with each passing day as too many foreigners have been brought into the country within too short a period of time for them to assimilate well into local society.




103 Responses to “Filipinos FTs worried about rampant ‘anti-pinoy’ sentiments in Singapore”

  1. NU said

    i really prefer such foreigners or new citizens.. they look at themselves and are aware what is happening.. there are PRCs and Indians like that also.. so let’s make them a collective noun.. Singaporeans have always been welcoming foreigners..

  2. Terence Chong said

    What’s funny is that these people actually believe that they’re “Talents” in the first place!!! Hahaha…. Hello!!! You’re just cheap labour allowed in by the PAP to fill their wallets!!!

    • ahtiong said

      probably more talent than you, fool.

    • CKMPD said

      Well said, Terence. Cheap labour is cheap labour, not talents!

    • Jeremy said

      Why do you assume that Pinoy workers are cheap? Are you assuming that all of them work as domestic workers? If so then do they have voting rights? If they do not, then how do they “fill [PAP’s] wallets”?

      Singaporeans want to hire domestic helpers and now we complain about them.

      Don’t just make sweeping statements, it doesn’t sound smart.

      • Blood suckers said

        If they are not cheap labours, so why are seein and hearing the pinoys preferring low level entry jobs in F&B, clerical & admin, telemarketing, call centre, technician, assisted engineers whereby it can be filled by Singaporeans easily.

      • Heath said

        Oi, Tagadog!! Go bark to your country. Don’t come barking in my country!!


      Very true. I am so damn surprised that they really thought that they are “TALENTS”. Oh my god. With their 3rd world mindset and culture, they are just thinking too highly of themselves. Indirectly, they are making themselves a laughing stocks. Thanks to a particular minister for addressing these parasites as FT aka Foreign talents.

      • Fernando said

        you don’t want them to be called “TALENTS” isn’t it? then show your talent! fuck off PM Lee in a political debate! or cross a wire and joggle in front of Istana! or maybe go to pulau ubin and dress and act like a clown! that’s TALENT for you! funny guy! hahaha

      • hanafee said

        all you foreign thrash invading Singapore! go back to your country!

  3. Anon said

    You pinoys won’t be regarded as a pest as long as you pinoys doesn’t crowd around lucky plaza, hang around doing nothing and blocking people. And worst still, Please stop your “picnic” behind and along the pavement at the side of Rolex building. That’s seriously seriously blocking everyone’s path and cause some to risk their life by walking at the side of the road and getting horned at. As long as you guy are still doing it, then i’m afraid to say that… well, pest.

    • ttc said

      Please don’t be rude anon. Those people you are referring work for you/family/relatives as domestic helpers here. They hardly get a day off, and for those who do, they can park themselves anywhere including picnic, rolex building or lucky plaza if they like catching up with their friends and just relaxing. Please don’t vent your anger at the wrong group of people in one same brush. If you have issue with certain pinoy(who are not maids) then highlight the valid ones, but there’s no need to be racist in your views.

    • Terence Chong said

      Don’t be an asshole… The lowly paid domestic helpers have nowhere else to gather. They are not the problem. The problem is the so-called “FT” who leech on Singaporean jobs because they’re just cheap labour.

      • Filipinos hang around in picnics because it has been a culture in their country to bond with friends, families and colleagues. Even though these domestic helpers are poorly paid and heavily criticized by your people in S’pore, they have good manners and not boasting like most of the Singaporeans. That is why many tourist find Singaporeans (not all but many) ill-mannered and unfriendly. Singapore you may be a rich country but you are poor in spirit. Filipinos enjoy life to the extent even with problems and challenges they face. It is just implanted within themselves centuries ago. Singapore take note of this: Your industrial sector is relocating overseas because of high labor cost in S’pore and going to much lower pay countries yet showing stable and positive economic trend like India, China, Philippines, and Indonesia. There is nothing to boast because soon these countries will be the next superpowers. Its based on many worldwide bank speculations even the world bank.

        To Singapore you may have risen well but someday you will be overtaken. What goes up must come down!

      • Dr.Arsch said

        Cent Nikhael – China and India yes, but Pinoyland a superpower?? LMAOO!!!

    • Singapore Researcher said

      Yes so true, they horde around Lucky Plaza! They lower the property price near to Paragon! Orchard Road is like where they go to degrade the environment. Go back to Manila!

      • Fernando said

        and where do you want them to have a picnic? in front of Istana so that President Ong and PM Lee might see them and kick their asses off out of Singapore? I think you know what Chinatown and Little India means to Chinese and Indians, right? learn to respect cultures if you don’t to be bragged by FTs! Oh well there’s no Little Singapore elsewhere that’s why you act like that towards those small “picnics”

      • Badass Ed said

        Hey Fernando,

        Those Pinoy women are not having “little picnics” around Lucky Plaza. They are soliciting for some pocket money.

        The activities there give a wrong impression to foreign tourists about Singapore and it’s high time that the authorities make some space near the botanical gardens which is near enough for you guys and girls to relax, next to the monkeys and make sure you have a real “little picnic”.

      • Blood suckers said

        Hey Fernando,

        For your farking info. Don’t degrade our one and only people’s president, mr Ong teng Cheong.

        The current one? I got simply no words to describe. So much things happened and yet keep his golden fat mouth shut. I thought he wanted be that almighty bridge to the people and government?

        So where the fuck is he now?

      • Sgian said

        Fernando, before you try to defend the pinoy people,make sure you know who our current President is. It will save you alot of embarrassment.

      • KempeitaiTransLEEtors said

        Paragon was, and supposed to be, an ‘upscale’ mall. But now its a POS as the Pinoy ‘open field’ (grass patch) at Dhoby Ghaut is no longer available for their picnics. Soon ION were also be infested with these rodents as they multiple in the thousands as they are forebidden to use contraceptives (ie. condoms).

  4. Jenny said

    If FTs wanna integrate, they should know their limits and do their job. Most I’ve is lazy apple polishers cum backstabbers who don’t even know a thing about their work. To add it worse, they act like they are the boss and can’t seems to shut up.

  5. Ken Lee said

    who’s fault ? who start all this? worry? go f##k your friend Angelo Marc Jandugan who start all this! he know only how to carry and lick balls !

  6. Jude said

    Stop externalising your hate to these foreigners as if they were the problem. Undermining the talents of the truly talented, stepping all over ordinary pinoys who want to make a living like any other human being, is it really what you call the “true picture” of FT?
    All you guys do is nitpick at their flaws, at their eccentricities, and spit on them as if they were scum. Singapore culture has its own disgusting flaws, and we run around like idiots when someone even begins to insult it.
    Please stop this bigotry and oppression, and try to understand that they are not the problem. There will always be black sheep among FT, but all I see here are the Ugly Singaporeans, mindlessly bitching and complaining alongside their web allies.

    • Nimal said

      Well said Jude, took the words right outta my mouth…. The foreigners aren’t the problem… The problem is the PAP… Which is the effect of our own selfishness n fear

    • Unified Mindset said

      I don’t see this as bigotry or oppression, it’s seems to me that the people who posted their opinions merely recognized a pattern and voiced it out. In this case it refers to pinoys being total scum.

      Think about it, if there were only the black sheep of your race to blame, which you claim is just as numerous as that of other races. Then why is only your race being singled out? Why not the rest of Singapore?

      This place is no stranger to “eccentricities” or “odd customs”, we have had people who wash their dishes in mud and refuse to eat pork for almost half a century now. What we do recognize however, is a common repetitive pattern of behaviour among your people, and it’s NOT GOOD. We hate it. We hate you. We hate your lies, your backstabs and your “hive-mind”.

      As with any trouble, there are always a few exceptions. White sheep, if you would define the term. But that doesn’t mean that 99% of the crap out there should be forgiven for this measly 1% of your populace. Don’t cling to the achievements of ONE and try to pin it onto the achievements of a race.

      If you don’t change your mindset soon. for you There may be dire consequences to face/

  7. jaded said

    I will welcome all foreigners as long as they are either true talents or are here to do jobs that singaporeans do not want.

  8. Ramos said

    Quite amazing they forgot how unfairly Flor Contemplacion was treated by Singapore govt in the past, innocently hung.

    Now some of these shameless lackeys are so quick to lick the balls of someone who hung their counterparts.

  9. Anon said

    i am usually very tolerant towards foreigners in singapore. i am even okay with prcs. i just cannot stand how loud, brash and flamboyant pinoys are. even their accent annoys me. they say that they cannot understand singlish because they only speak american english. HA. puck you.

    and they need to stop saying they have talent, it is such a joke. talent to be cocky and backstab everyone, that is.

  10. Allgooner said

    I agree with FartFart that they should be proactive in trying to blend into our society, afterall this is Singapore! If they cannot accept it, they should leave!!

    However, on the other hand, most Pinoy do not care about Singaporean’s feelings, and their “laid back” attitude towards almost everything in life will find themselves into trouble in Singapore. Singapoare is about fighting for tomorrow and striving to be amongst the best in the world.

    Culturally, the two countries do not blend well at all!! So dear Pinoy friends, please wake up or go greener pastures elsewhere!

    • Fernando said

      USA is all too green for some of us! You fight and strived to be the best? then compete! show your “talents” that can match up against FTs so that were out of Singapore!

      • Meng said

        Hey FT {Foriegn Trash), shut your farking gap & learn to be humble! U are just some cheapskate trash with god given luck to be here! What talent have u got? Burger King Outlet Manager or some autocad operator in a construction site?

      • Allgooner said

        Fernando, u need to understand pple are not against FT’s as long as you r talent and not trash! As talents, u can contribute to our country and why not? What we cannot stand r trash taking themselves as talents, and this is farking annoying!

        And r u sure u can compete with Singaporeans? Then why is your country in such a sorry state? C’mon be real! Why are you here? Because your country is in such a mess!!!

        Singapore want talents to improve our country, and not put the country around you so that you can enjoy life here and earn money that you can never earn in rthe Phillipines. Please understand your true role here – to service Singapore and its people – why can’t you get this if you are so bright?!

      • Allgooner said

        One more comment…as naturally born people in Singapore, we have the god given right to be here…and you PINOY/ PRC/ Indians, have to earn your rights! You talk as if you are on level ground with us…how rediculous!! What dump ass!!

      • Gudam said

        Fark u fernando , if ur american english level is damn high den why not be a FT in e usa ?
        Hahaha its a joke u cb ! Anyway cb is referring cunt , in singapore hokkien !

  11. Bulls said

    They read temasektimes huh? Can they go “console” that cheap fucking slut pinoy who took cab for free? Are they proud to be from the same shithole as that bitch?

  12. cc chia said

    It is good that some Pinoys start to feel uncomfortable in Singapore. After all, this is our land, not theirs, and that should be the foremost thing on their minds. On the other hand, we have no quarrels with anyone who knows their place and are able to contribute to this country and who are real talents, and who are in Singapore to help us to be a better place for the long haul; not to use this country as a stepping stone to another job elsewhere, or to leave us at the first sign of trouble.

    Singaporeans are a friendly, forgiving and welcoming place. We do not mind having many foreigners here who are able to blend in with the local culture and norms, and xenophobia is the furthest thing from our minds.

    Our quarrel is actually with the uncaring Singapore PAP government that seems to have lost its bearings in the past 30 years. The government has not been listening to its citizens and only undertakes policies such as the massive importation of foreigners to further its own agenda. At my own estimate, I believe that true Singaporeans are now outnumbered by imported non-Singaporeans. Just take a walk on any of the crowded streets or ride in our buses and trains, and one can plainly see that at least 60-80% of the people around you are not locally born and bred Singaporeans.

    What other country in the world has a government which actually favours foreigners over locals in most of its policies, and which gives out PRs and citizenships so easily? Granted, only recently after massive outcry by its citizens and the unprecedented losses in the last GE, there have been some white-washing of local v foreign perks and subsidies. But the fact remains, that locals are being replaced by cheaper foreigners (who do not need to do NS) in the job market, older citizens and PMETS cannot get similar jobs after they are retrenched, and scholarships are given mostly to foreign students, while locals have to apply for study loans. Very soon, most of the full-time jobs in Singapore will be filled by foreigners, while locals can only look forward to part-time employment and for the young men, NS or forced conscription (the disadvantages and any small perks that the man doing NS receives later, cannot compensate for the headstart that is lost to a similar-aged foreign man that starts work 2-3 years before him).

    • Nimal said

      Please stop talking cock…. Singaporeans friendly n warm? Eh I’m Singaporean… Born here, was a regular in navy some more…. Singaporeans are only warm n friendly to Ang moh…. N only when they think the ang moh got money.

      And sorry to say… Singaporeans are also racist and xenophobic… But they will never admit it.

    • ohh i dont think so! Singaporeans are friendly and warm? oh really! many singaporeans here in hong kong admit that Singaporeans are very ill-mannered. Filipinos are way better than you! You may be rich but you are poor in spirit. Whatever problems that batter Filipinos they will never loose their smile and friendliness. Its in their culture alone.

      And FYI many travel magazines i have read stated S’poreans as being unfriendly to tourists. Look whose the least rude people for tourist on different travel websites even on CnnGo Filipinos are way better than Sporeans in their human moraLS> ITs FACT

      Go have some SEX s’poreans dnt just face on your pc’s whole day! You are not enjoying life. That’s what you brag of your rich and can afford many computers? then Filipinos won’t be asking for your money and they are not envious from your lifestyle for sure coz its freakin booring! ENJOY LIFE S’POREANS! STOP DOING COMPUTER STUUFS ALL DAY! even your government urges u to have sex. What an embarassment to the people international. geezz

      • Dr.Arsch said

        @Cemt Nikhael – Don’t like us, wanna insult us, no problem, I’d show u the way to the airport myself. Get the f&ck out Pinoy filth.

      • Gudam said

        I bet e number of times i had sex should be much more den you had taken rice in your lifetime .

        Singaporeans wanna reproduce but we plan and have plannings . Unlike u guys in your hometown , giving birth without Plannings n thats why some are force to work as maids under financial difficulties .

        On e other hand , if u do not know a single thing abt why singaporeans nowadays refuse to have children tat early , u shall be able to realize after 20 years of stay in sg .

        Costs of living is high etc , not like u pinoys , earn e money here and go back ur country and can live financial freedom .

        E most impt thing is culture . Our culture are different .

        Bottomline is :
        If u step into our land , respect us and dun bring ur culture here . Instead , be humble and adapt to our sg culture .

        Vice versa : we will do so if we are in ur land .

        But for me , its a NO!
        I definitely wun go to philippines .
        If ever i will go , it will be a time i go there to spread every pinoy wih HIV .

  13. Stirrer said

    Same rank as Japanese expats???
    Are they delusional or delusional? HAHAH
    All of them were fucking maids in the past 20 years. What Japanese expats??

    How can these shits compare themselves to well mannered Japanese who are welcomed everywhere in the world. Have you seen any Japanese in Singapore making any unnecessary noise like all these fucking pinoys??

    5 good quality Japanese in exchange for 50 fuck up pinoy anytime! CCB

    • Allgooner said

      Can’t blame them…90% of the PINOYs are brain dead!!

    • Badass Ed said

      Hey Bro. You are very generous.

      I’ll say one good Japanese for one hundred big mouth boot licking Pinoy.

      Have you seen a Japanese sucking up in facebook? I haven’t. They live quietly, under the radar and we hardly know they are here. Yet, they are here, in numbers as well. These are the foreign real talents I like and the country needs.

    • Gudam said

      I super agree with what u said .
      Did e pinoys notice any sg making noise abt japanese , koreans , thais in sg ???
      Perhaps yes but not as ” famous ” as e pinoys !

      Singaporeans are acceptable towards e indians and thais n PRC , if not why would we nv complain abt them having their own party grounds like little india and golden mile ?

      Though we might complain a little on them but still we learn to accept them . But for pinoys they are irritating .

      Besides e domestic workers hanging ard having pinics along orchard road ( my friend working as head of security for paragon also refer them as irritating ) , those executive levels pinoys also sux ! Talking loudly in mrt trains , occupying reserved seats , talking non stop like a machine gun and holding on to tables after food just to chat , making foodcourts to appear in a “no seats ” situations .

      If a lady can speak 7000 words a day , i believe a pinoy regardless of gender can speak 14000 words a day . Thats why they can apple polish and backstab in a such professional manner . Cb pinoy

  14. Prataman said

    There are many good foreigners as there are many lousy loudmouth foreigners.

    Frankly, the ones whom you should take your anger out on are the self serving, $$$$$ faced White Scums as they are responsible for the shit situation we are all now in.

    Do your duty and vote them out in 2016.

  15. We’re not against Filipinos (or any other races/nationalities) – we’re just worried about ourselves as citizens of Singapore. Generally, we are nice people and EVEN IF we don’t like certain people, we’ll still show kindness and politeness whenever we can, SO AS LONG AS guests behave as guests (i mean, u don’t wanna have singaporeans coming into Philippines telling you guys how to run your country and behave right? That’s so rude and condescending.)

    We’re fighting against the Singapore-2nd policy and not the people who comes in SG to earn a livelihood. Honestly, FT-first isn’t what’s happening – MONEY-first is what’s happening in our policies.

    And I’ll apologize for local idiots who fire their xenophobic rounds indiscriminately at the general population. I mean, seriously, not all foreigners are bad, and truth be told, there are many assholes who are Singaporeans too. So what up?

    If foreigners want to help Singaporeans dissolve this crap, stay cool and stick with us. We’re not against innocent people as after all, we all want a better life for ourselves and our family. 🙂

    • Fernando said

      there’s this foreigner from a western country who even posted on YouTube on things he didn’t like about our country. guess what? he was featured in a local news show there. He was even interviewed by a local talk show! we welcomed his comments. Although personally, I can’t still see that much improvement, but at least, there was. We are very willing to mingle with you on a positive way! Have you heard of any racial riots against pinoys elsewhere? there are 4,000,000 Filipinos in the US and almost 2,000,000 in the Arab World. Have you heard of any “racial riots” against us? I believe we can be friends. Except of course those “FPs” – Fake Patriots

      • sweetbean said

        You bring up this video…may I ask do you agree with what that foreigner said about Singapore? If you didn’t, may I ask why you brought it up. If you did, may I ask what you are still doing here?

  16. annoyed sgrean said

    “Despite repeated exhortations by government leaders to Singaporeans to welcome foreigners, the gulf between the two is widening with each passing day as too many foreigners have been brought into the country within too short a period of time for them to assimilate well into local society.”

    and you’re doing something to help temasektimes?

  17. wMulew said

    Just like how there are loser FTs who insult Singapreans there are sadly higher number of loser Singaporeans who insult the others as well. Before we start the name calling, go to a mirror and at a good look

  18. dog of the dogs said

    F them to hell. Why come here in the first place ?


    Dear pinoi arasites, if you pest or locust happened to drop in here for some reading pleasure, I would be very much appreciate that you pest or locust use your pea brain and think carefully. Respect the people of Singapore and not behaving like a moron. given a chance to work here so please behave yourself. Stop thinking that you are talents here or becasuse you speak english. No big deal at all. Your pronouncing sucks.

  20. Badass Ed said

    At least these two “talents” know they ain’t much of a talent.

    Let’s face it, being graduates back home in their half past six “universities” means nothing. They will probably end up as manual labour on the streets or worst petty criminals roaming around for the easy prey.

    My maid is a graduate of one of the top ten “universities” in Pinoyland. She tells me she has no choice but to work as a maid here for the Sing dollars.

    The huge deluge of Pinoys here are the result of the HR preferences of cheap skate MNCs lured to Singapore by lax and unacceptable immigration policies.

    The original purpose was really to lure real talents but as time went by, the jerks at the MOM and the ICA forgot the essence of their mission statements and import these trash by the planeloads.

    Having said all the above, I have no complaints about having PRCs or Pinoys in low level service jobs in F & B, transport, telecommunications etc. What I cannot tolerate is to have them as PMETs which Singaporeans are willing to work in. Allowing them to come into the country by the planeloads to suppress income levels and supposedly raise competitiveness is misguided and pandering to the greed and avarice of these MNCs at the expanse of Singaporeans.

    • Stirrer said

      Wow, you speak like Singaporeans are ALL well educated elites and scholars, so long it’s not your PMET turf, these locust can work anywhere?

      There are Singaporeans not under the PMET category also, they die their business?

      • Badass Ed said

        You obviously haven’t been out much haven’t you?

        Go into a Mac restaurant. Get served by a Pinoy who is polite, fast and knows his job or an old auntie or uncle who needs reading glasses to see what he is taping at on the cash register, moves slowing to get your food because of arthritis and talks to you in a grouchy manner.

        See and feel the difference?

        PMETs for citizens only. F. & B. for Pinoys. That’s the right policy.

    • Fernando said

      that maid is only one! she may not represent the entire slice! sorry for you if you can’t occupy a single PMET position because of us. your so-called “Ang mohs” tend to favor pinoys more…. not just in sg but elsewhere…. don’t you wonder why there are no call centers in sg but americans complain why their call centers leave them?

      • Badass Ed said

        Call centres manned by Pinoys sucks. They call a bank, “bunk”. I forbid my maid to speak Pinoy english in my house. I got her to learn mandarin and she is adapting well thank you.

        We gave up being PMETs in greedy, selfish and stingy companies because they paid a labourer’s wage to empoy a manager. You buggers have been taken for a ride and you’re still grinning like a fool!

        You people sucks like your english pronounciation and yet while earning your Sing dollars, you have the temerity to make waves in a blog on Singaporean affairs?

  21. Daybreak's Bell said

    I think some of us Singaporeans have gotten VERY arrogant. We think we are right in everything just cos we are the citizens here. We piss the FTs off, you don’t expect them to defend themselves? I want peace in Singapore. I am ashamed to see all the locals looking down on the FTs with disdain. What’s wrong with you people? They’re still human beings and deserve respect here. Did your mothers teach you all that?

    • Hell Break Loose said

      No, our mothers taught us to keep our legs close. Unlike yours who must have taught you to open your legs for all Pinoys, Ah Tiongs, Puthuchery and Win Win.

    • Hsien Liao La said

      The problem is the Pro Alien Party doesn’t even respect born-and-bred Sporeans as human beings, of course we will fight for our rights. 60% of Singaporeans like to bend over, that doesn’t mean the remaining 40% are useless fools.

    • Badass Ed said

      Did your mother teach you to love and respect foreign “talent” while your father goes jobless?

      With “citizens” like you, we don’t need foreign “talents” to take swipes at us often like now. We responded because they asked for it.

      You’re probably one of those still sucking teats and don’t know how this country was built up. Not by foreign “talents” but by the blood and sweat of oldies who can’t even get a decent job because the foreign “talent” is cheaperer, betterer and fasterer as comical Zorro would say.

      Actually, the Pinoys waiting in F. & B. outlets are good. They are polite, fast and know their job. It’s those Pinoy PMETs that are arrogant, smug and think that they already make up enough population of this country to elect their own president to run the place.We should allow Pinoys in only for waiting at tables, as maids, as construction and shipyard labour and other menial labour but NEVER except for outstanding Pinoys of which there are not many for PMET positions.

      Geddit boy?

    • Bully said

      Agree, we should only accept pinoy female as maids and prostitutes, no pinoy should be accepted in PMET’s as all their credential are fakes

    • Gudam said

      Cb lah u . If u are facing these pinoys in ur day to day activities , see if u will get pissed .
      I can just tell u their culture. They are super friendly but fake at hearts .

      Please reply after u had encounter bad experiences with pinoys , that will be e time ur mindset change .

  22. sweetbean said

    They can say whatever they want but not one of them can answer the question “if you are so talented, why not save your talent for your own country, remain there and improve it?” When one of these sorry-ass new citizens/pr or just-got-a-job-because-I am-the-cheapest can give a coherent answer then maybe we will start to listen. Until then whatever they say is just hogwash.

  23. Bersih 1.0 Today said

    Pinoys actually got more EQ than Pee n Pee leaders. They actually call upon themselves to self reflect and restrain as guests of this country. Pee n Pee just ordered us to integrate with foreigners.

    Bersih 1.0 for Singapore!

  24. evil said

    if you feel uncomfortable, then it is time for you to leave this country and fuck off to your pinoyland

    and you can rot in hell

    i really hate the pinoys,

  25. Uday said

    We had enough of FTs in our country.No thank you for more and we hope to see the number of FTs reduce and not increase. Our local Singaporeans can always do better. Take for example; NS. We serve till the age of 40,we should be kiss,not them.

  26. usersadmin said

    Philippines’ biggest export is cheap labour, over 10 million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are now working in all sorts of cheap jobs in all over the world and it will continue to expand as unemployment rises to 24% and 9.7M Filipinos are jobless.

    To compound to the problem, 700,000 new graduates cum jobseekers (mostly with sub-par standard of education) are mass produced annually, and many will be coming over here to try their luck.

    So, are these Filipinos real Foreign Talent or Trash.

    These FT aka Filipino Trash should know what researchers and their own kinds are commenting on their work attitudes and ethics.

    Philippine Senator Loren Legarda said the attitude of Filipinos towards work should change for the better if the country is to attract more investments and deploy many more of its workers abroad.

    Legarda pointed out that Filipino workers’ character traits are slowly being eroded as evidenced by unfavorable workplace reports here and abroad.

    She cited a report by the Japanese-Philippine Industry Council that many Japanese businessmen have scrapped plans to invest in the Philippines because of the alleged habitual attitude of coming to work late and going home earlier than the agreed work hours.

    The work attitudes of the Filipino workers revolve primarily around their weak work ethic. In other words, Filipinos do not exhibit the ethic of hard work.

    The initiative, drive, discipline and industry that are at the base of entrepreneurship of productive employment are not common characteristics among Filipinos.

    Philippine scholars, including the National Hero of the Philippines, the late Dr Jose Rizal have concurred with this observation.

    Their culture, as researcher Hofstede and others have demonstrated, partly explains the work attitudes of Filipinos, especially a weak work ethic.

    Filipinos are proud and arrogant as they will not accept losing face, particularly in the crowd. They don’t like the idea of being defeated or embarrassed. Out of desperation, losing face or being humiliated is the cause of street brawls, drinking bouts or even killings in their country.

    When they came to Singapore, they will exhibit the same traits and attitudes, e.g. :

    Filipinos acknowledge the flaws in their character and culture, but they are also quick in pointing to or putting the blame for their shortcomings on their Spanish colonizers.

    “Blame it on Spain and the Castilians” is a frequent explanation of the roots of many social and cultural problems (Harrison, 1992).

    Widespread corruption in government and across many sectors of life, centralized bureaucracy, ill-conceived economic plans, political instability, and even an excessive share of natural disasters have all contributed to dragging the Philippine economy close to the bottom.

    Once predicted to lead Asia in economic development after World War II, Philippines is now just a notch better than Bangladesh, i.e. one of the world’s poorest countries.

    These facts speak volumes about how these “talented” Pinoys and Pinays have contributed to the current state of affairs of their beloved country to be among the world’s top 50 failed states.

    Anecdotal and empirical evidence have also shown that Filipinos are the least able to assimilate and adapt to our society here. Moreover, they have earned themselves the dubious honour and joining rank with the India Indian as the co-abuser of their PR status.

    The ICA has realized it (albeit late) and is treading carefully when these “talened” Filipinos submit their PR application forms and many will be deservedly rejected.

    Many E-pass holders will be downgraded to S-pass upon renewal to adjust to the new higher standard of qualification requirements and rightly so.

    New job aspirants will have their E-pass and S-pass rejected to reflect the extant political and economic reality.

  27. Bully said

    The particular thread has been removed in pinoysg, I guess we succeeded in bullying them

  28. Badass Ed said

    Reply to comment 25.

  29. denzuko1 said

    The Pinoys should first question why Alex Yam drag them into this situation in the first place. In addition, they should be vigilent to those of their same kind damaging their reputation by not paying taxi fare. Lastly, they are new comers and should not be criticising the locals and calling them to reflect.

  30. Allgooner said

    Yo Pinoys!! (same goes to PRC and Indians)…you are merely guests here in Singaporem, taking advantage of our fine economic growth & stable social (slowly rotting because of your presence…) & political scenes. Pls behave like a graceful guest & not an asshole who doesn’t understand manners!

    I agree, the Japs should be your role model.

    I was not anti-Pinoy, but these days, I am getting there…very sadly! You are so farking irritating!!!!

  31. Singapore Chinese said

    Foreigners should just SHUT UP instead of getting involved in Singapore politics. Learn to integrate with the local citizens and don’t expect Singaporeans to bow to you.

  32. Ignoramus said


  33. Like A Virgin said

    Yes, most of the pinoys here are great talents, just as true as the dress wearing Pope’s approval of screwing thy neighbour’s ass. That’s why they luv to be asslickers!

  34. Amanda said

    peace to all.

  35. pinoy ako said

    many pinoys told me before that singapore is a good place to work and to earn money. so i quit my job in the middle east.but after working 5 mos 7 days a week with a min hours of 15 per day im so happy now to leave singapore. lets face the truth fellow kababayans, the place now is not a “green” anymore. its true there status are 3times higher than our own world as pinoys.thats why they treat us like a lower class humans. i am not againts to anybody but i am speaking to my fellow monkeys here that its better to live with fellow monkeys than to leave with with them..if they dont like us here then lets go back to our place. . there is no reason to be here because this place is too small already, no place for hatred and boasting.its just a wake up call fellow kababayans, many pinoys had been working so many years but i never saw them too happy working here. besides those pinoys who are telling that this place is good because they only came here to take vacations but not to work because they knew already that working here is very hard. i mean they give u work till you why we need to argue? if your in doubt then just tell the truth. aunties and unkel are friendly people ( base in my experienced) but those who are well educated wearing eye glasses cannot classify humans to monkeys anymore. speaking with accent can be understand but putting barrier to speak is not approriate anymore(la). they created there own because they are smart people not like us monkeys, dogs.parasites and many more..sorry to everbody…lastly i am pinoy & always proud of it. ps.. regards to those prc n sg people who deprived my dignity and never respect me in the workplace.. peace all the rest….

  36. Jacquelin said

    I have worked with Filipinos for my previous jobs, and all I could say that they are totally so arrogant and like to boss we Singaporeans around!!! This is our homeland, and we Singapore gave them an opportunity to work here, but they instead took advantages and scold us Singaporean and think that they are like bosses. I felt so angry with did our government keep emphasising that foreign talent is important and not implementing some schemes for Singaporeans to give birth to more babies? Like baby bonus, etc. Life in Singapore is already so hard and with all the ‘FT’ here, you think that Singaporeans would want to give birth?
    P.S: I AM NOT EVEN 20. At my age, I have so much thoughts and frustration, what about working adults?
    Singapore govt should do something about it before things get drastic.

  37. 陈先生 said

    I am china man. i hate pinoy too because arrogant, lazy, etc. But after see Singaporen, I see pinoy not bad after all. More arogant, think more superior. One day China become SuperPower and Singapor nothing. Pinoy also slowly go up.

  38. 陈先生 said


  39. neutral view said

    1. My observation the problem is that they dont want to intergrate into the society but group among themselves.

    2. They group up and talk very loudly when they are in numbers – in trains and public places and owing to their tagalog language and ascent very loud – it is very disturbing to the other public around and stressfull for others

    3. Generally they are fun loving people but they forgot to practice consideration when they are in public places and around other people and when this goes on day by day in malls in residential places where people have spendd thier lives for generations suddenly you have some neighbours or residents behaving like this people lost thgeitr patience and get mad and that is what you are seeing in this thread

    Advice and soul searching take it constructively.

    talk softly when in public places ( main problem)
    don’t take centre stage
    Your type are new immigrants let people get used to you appreciate you give time

    • hotr0d said

      I really do agree to this sentiment. I am also pinoy and I even get annoyed with other pinoys doing this in public areas. Connsideration should always be observed at all times by everyone.

  40. hotr0d said

    I think the government should follow the same foreign acceptance scheme as some countries like NZ or AU where foreigners need to prove themselves worthy first before gaining a chance to be accepted in the SG workforce. Companies should not be allowed to hire any foreign workers without passing through the acceptance process. (points system through experience, education, background etc)

  41. putangina nyo mga gago kayo!

  42. Unified Mindset said

    Honestly, if I needed more ass-kissers on the job. I would go to Geylang, pay a hooker and bring her back to my office to lavish me with praise. She will do the same thing as pinoys do, but get paid a little less.

    With less bad-mouthing others.

    We will beat the shit out of you if you try to defame us again. We can, and WE WILL, kill you (job-wise or other).

  43. DifferentPointOfView said

    Y should be have such pinoys in our land. Our fore fathers do not have any pinoy blood at all. We have indians chinese malay british americans japanese BUT PINOY! Y PINOY?! Server are pinoy cashier are pinoy Sale assistant are pinoys, Do they speaks our mother tongue languages? Their english is worst with SO MUCH COLORFUL TONES~. I CANT UNDERSTAND ANY WORDS coming from their MOUTH. SG GARMENT Should look AT CREATING LOCAL TALENTS: A MORE TALENTED TALENT, rather than IMPORTING TALENTS. GARMENT should NOT look at importing TALENTS as an INCOME STREAM TO MAS. Using excuses like INCREASE POPULATION of Singapore. Small country with so many people, one day SG will sink!, Bubble will burst.

  44. Jason Suharto Kawinjaya said

    I’m an Indonesian who has lived in Singapore for about 20 years. I’ve studied there since Kindergarten and took my A levels as well. I’m now in Jakarta managing my father’s medium size business. There are 3 main races in Singapore – the Chinese, the Malays, and the Indians. I’m not sure why they include Eurasians as it is basically a mixed race. Anyway, during my primary years, I’ve seen a lot of discrimination by the Chinese Singaporeans. My Chinese language teacher for instance loves to insult the Malay students. One time, the Malay teacher was absent and he was the only one available as a stand-in teacher for that Malay class. So, he went to the Malay class and started insulting the pupils especially with regards to how they prayed to Allah. He made so many jokes about it and making funny gestures by putting his hand at the side of his head at the ears making funny sounds. All the Malay pupils were shocked and offended but kept silent. Luckily, a Malay teacher who was passing by saw what happened at the window. She berated this Singaporean Chinese teacher why he dare insult their religion and for no reason shouted at the pupils. The Chinese teacher kept silent and stormed out without even finishing the period. From there on, I understood what was happening. There’s actually a racial tension between the Singaporean Chinese and the Malays. Everywhere I go, there’s a clear division between the two races. There’s animosity between them, hurling insults, distrusting, and looking down at the Malay Singaporean. One side will insult, “Malay people are stupid and lazy, good for nothing” and the other will hurl insult, “makan babi orang cina!”. The Chinese Singaporeans are always the aggressive ones. The Malay people there are passive and forgiving, but will fight them if enough is enough. Malay people are more down to earth and warm people, you can get along with them fine. The Chinese do not care about people’s feelings. They’ll just say it to spite you and curse you knnbcb because you’re not Chinese. It’s their nature to be like that. Just go to any electronic store in Sim Lim square and look at how they treat people. They also hurl insults on Tamil Indian people by saying, “kuto!” or head lice. I’m not saying that all Singaporean Chinese are like this, some are really good and humble people, but most of them I encountered, disappointingly, are like that. Perhaps, wrong place, wrong time.

    This is 20 years ago. But, now, I see the whole pattern again. Nothing has changed. I can guarantee those who hurl insults and demeaning foreigners are usually the Chinese Singaporeans. These are the sons of the fathers who behaved this way. Like grandfather, like father, like son, as they say. First, the Malays. Then, the Ang Mo’s. Now, the whole bunch of FT’s. They can never be satisfied. Always hating someone different. It’s xenophobia to the extreme. Even their own Chinese people from Mainland, they demea, from their accent and silly personal things like hair on the armpit. I guess, anything different, they react like territorial animals. You can see this in hawker centers seeing a lot of tissue paper, ballpen, IC card, bag, to “chop” the seat and table while they line up for food. “This is my territory. Do not take!” Two mainlanders did not know the way Singaporeans do things and mistakenly sat on the table with territorial markings. This Chinese Singaporean scolded the mainlander, “You see already chop, why you sit! Next time when you see tissue paper, don’t sit ok! Tsk! Hayyyy! ccb” The mainlander had not idea what’s going on but was very apologetic. The Singaporean Chinese just walked away still fuming mad.

    I guess now, sad to say, as the saying goes, “do unto others what others may do unto you”, is very true. Now, the Singaporean Chinese becomes the victim with FT’s taking the jobs they do not want and yet they want this reserved just for them, just like the tissue paper “chop” on the seat. They want to tell everyone, “this is my territory! Don’t come here! Everything here is mine! You go back kampong!” Like some Ah-Beng marking their territory in a HDB flat. Ang Mo Kio is my territory, Yishun is your territory. Don’t come here, otherwise we kai kuat you. (beat up, gangland style.)

    If you go to Malaysia, ask any Chinese there how they are treated by the Malays. The Malay people all know about these Chinese people and how they treat people. But they were outsmarted by the Malays and got the taste of their own discrimination.

    I write this to let outsiders know that these things are nothing new and has an origin. Not all Singaporean Chinese are like this as some are wise enough not to follow the footsteps of the old Chinese generation. Just watch out for those ignorant hillbilly hicks who will make trouble for you once in a while. They can’t do simple math. The problem of Singapore can be put very simply. You invested for 1,000 stalls and have only 200 people. How are you able to grow with so few people around and many business establishments empty? You invest so much money on the 1000 stalls and have so little people. How to do it? Wait for another 20 years for them to have babies? They don’t even want to have babies. Too much problem and hassle for them. Complain, complain and complain, non-stop. “No! I dun want babies! I dun want family! I will lose my figure.” When government had a solution to fill the population, they complain again. “No! I dun want FT’s! I dun want them here! They take the jobs I dun want!” When their demands are not met, they turn to the FT’s and hit them with insults. “I dun want you here! You get out! You balik kampong!” Does this scene remind you of a spoilt little 5 year old kid that needs to be spanked?

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