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PAP MP Edwin Tong accused of showing ‘sour’ face to homeless resident seeking his help to get rental flat

Posted by temasektimes on April 29, 2012

Singapore may boast of having one of the highest home ownership in the world, but there are still some homeless Singaporeans who are unable to get a flat of their own.

However, when one homeless Singaporean William approached his MP for Moulmein-Kallang GRC Edwin Tong (pic left, source: Facebook) for help, he was shown a ‘sour’ face and was turned away.

Disappointed and frustrated by the response of his MP, William posted a comment on the Workers Party’s Facebook page to vent his anger:

“When it is my turn to see him at 10pm regarding about HDB matters for a second time, his face immediately turn SOUR and seen very reluctant (corrected) to help ordinary people like me to get a rental HDB flat who is at a stage of being homeless.”

He asked if he has to go to Sembawang GRC to seek the help of National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan in person since his own MP refused to help him, adding that some MPs are very ‘hypocritical’:

“At election time, they promise you if they get elected, they will do this for you but as for me, it turn out to be empty promises…Some MPs I must say it is very amazing that in Singapore who make no contributions at all to the well-being of their fellow constituents”

There are no response from the Workers Party to Mr William’s post. Both Mr William and Mr Tong did not reply to our queries on the incident at the publication of this article.


14 Responses to “PAP MP Edwin Tong accused of showing ‘sour’ face to homeless resident seeking his help to get rental flat”

  1. Hannsg said


  2. Think Be4 U Speak said

    Sorry Hor, Sebawang GRC is also in chaos. The TC does not care about the people here at all. We go see mp also no use. Everyday got stray cats roam the streets, rats running around, dead coakroachs all over the floor. RUn down buildings with lots of holes. Sembawang itself looks like a warzone already. TR do visit Marsiling-Woodlands area for a veryvery good scoop.

  3. John Rawls said

    What Worker’s Party are you talking about? See your last para.

  4. Ken Lee said


  5. RUforReal?? said

    WTF is this William guy writing?? With a name like tat, is he really a Singaporean?

  6. notAproudSingaporean said

    Broken english at its best. Nevertheless…what do u expect?

  7. Henry said

    It is your right to see your MP for help. Next time tape it down …

  8. CruEL said

    So did William vote for PAP?

  9. Snoopy Says said

    We seek help from AMK MP cos we tried many times to get a flat but failed. To our dismay, we were questioned by that MP on why we wanted to get married and settledown so urgently. HELLO!!!!! My fiance and I, we are 35 years olds trying to start a family. I stay in a rented room because my parents home too crowded and my fiance shared a bedroom with his younger brother. How to have baby????? Those idiots up there will never understand our problems. They are so disconnected!

  10. Ivah said

    Hey, I juz posted something similar… MP giving cock answer… Find a better paying job!! Wtf?!!

    • Snoopy Says said

      they can give u all sorts of f-up answers and ask stupid questions. We got so frustrated that my fiance even wrote a letter, handed it personally to another woman MP. Guess what she did? She threw the letter aside, said she won’t waste time reading his letter. She even said in older days, a couple can have 10 children staying in a small home, why now young couples cannot do that. OMG!!! Which f-ing era is she living in??? My fiance is a very soft-spoken person. He got so angry, he walked out. Now, we spent all our savings and bought a resale flat at super high price at amk. And obviously, no way to have baby. F’em all

  11. No can do said

    so edwin Tong is your mp? so who voted him in last GE? so why complain about him now he’s your mp?
    Simple thing to do: get your family, friends and assocs to vote opp next GE and vote PAPies out!
    Until next GE comes, reap what you sow. As your constituency residents hv voted edwin tong last GE, all you daft residents will hv to stick with him unless they again voted him in next GE!

  12. JOHN said

    william,it is somewhat strange that you as an educated man who writes in An average command of the EngLish language ,are homeless in SinGaPoRe。how did you end up being homeless? You may be better off in a welfare state like UK which due to its policy has fast become a third world country in terms of orderliness.

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