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PAP’s ‘online warrior’ Sear Hock Rong awarded ‘Youth Medal’

Posted by temasektimes on April 29, 2012

Controversial PAP ‘online warrior’ and grassroots leader Sear Hock Rong has been awarded the party’s ‘Youth Medal’ in recognition for his efforts in putting the PAP in cyberspace.

Mr Sear is one of the younger leaders of the PAP and is the Chairman of PAP Eunos branch. Two years ago, he was accused by netizens of using his position as a grassroots leader to benefit his business in funeral blankets, a charge which he denied strenuously.

In an interview with the PAP newsletter PETIR, Mr Sear recalled the ‘dark’ days:

“Support from family and friends helped me stay strong against allegations and attacks. They know what kind of person I am.”

After receiving the award from party Chairman Khaw Boon Wan, Mr Sear urged fellow PAP members to forge greater loyalty to the Party:

“Go out and have fun. Stick to facts and don’t take things to heart. On the internet, everyone is entitled to his views.”


12 Responses to “PAP’s ‘online warrior’ Sear Hock Rong awarded ‘Youth Medal’”

  1. Terence Chong said

    Bloody opportunist. Funny how like shit, the PAP attracts all the dirty flies.

  2. Badass Ed said

    His funeral blanket business will not be taking off on an exponential curve because with all these foreigners coming in, soon there won’t be anymore Singaporean customers.

    Suggest he restructure his business and become a full time cyber warrior.

  3. peking Dog xu sunn said


  4. Stirrer said

    Cast pearl before swine.
    You can paint a swine white, but technically still a swine.

  5. alljktj said

    That is also one of the major reasons why I do NOT vote PAP. Too much por lumpar going on there. Cannot see the woods for the trees.

  6. blanket party said

    hey now that Eunos is part of Aljunied, his biz deals in that area must have dried up. so where is he selling all his blankets huh? what special help is he getting? can someone shed some light?

  7. TMD WTF said

    Award given to the wrong person. No wonder our country is getting worse and worse. Because they got the wrongvperson to rule our country.

  8. 岂有此理 said

    He is 26 but looks like 46. He must be having good life. But then since h looks like that old. So he may not live that long due to good-lifem-illness.

  9. Marcelo said

    “forge greater loyalty to the party”… sounds disturbing. Surely the purpose of joining a political party is to FIRST and FOREMOST serve the REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE, and that the choice of the party chosen reflects one personal view that it offers the best possible vehicle to advance the country’s and people’s interests? Maybe I am too idealistic….

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