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“Don’t let policies be dictated by uneducated, disgruntled locals” – PRC student tells PM Lee

Posted by temasektimes on April 30, 2012

The growing divide between Singaporeans and foreigners is becoming all too apparent on the Facebook of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of late even as government leaders continue to exhort Singaporeans day in and out to make the newcomers feel welcomed in Singapore.

While Singaporeans have been most vocal in criticizing Prime Minister Lee and his administration, foreigners and new citizens are his staunchest supporters, speaking up vociferously to defend him, one of whom is PRC student Tom Liu.

A posting by PM Lee this morning comparing Germany to Singapore brought a torrent of criticisms from Singaporeans who pointed out that the comparison is inappropriate.

However Tom Liu who claimed that he has been to Germany before defended PM Lee:

“What PM Lee said is the truth. Germany has a labor shortage and it went abroad to fill it….Singaporeans should stand behind the solution that the PAP proposes to sustain the standard of living.”

Tom Liu went further to urge PM Lee to ignore Singaporeans, echoing the words of another Filipino new citizen Angelo Marc Jandugan earlier:

“If I am only able to deliver one message to the Prime Minister, it is this: please don’t let your policies be dictated by uneducated, disgruntled locals! Singapore did not become a prosperous country by catering to the lowest common denominator!”

According to information on his Facebook, Tom Liu is currently studying in York University. It is not known if he is a MOE scholar or new citizen, but he does seem to ‘like’ many Singapore-related pages including PM Lee, Nicole Seah and the PAP’s Facebook pages.

52 Responses to ““Don’t let policies be dictated by uneducated, disgruntled locals” – PRC student tells PM Lee”

  1. singaporeans said

    Just give them a couple of more years these dogs will turn around and bite their masters…

    • Edgar Poon said

      Very true. If they don’t continue to get what they want, they can become very vicious. Good luck to their masters.

    • jbl said

      this is the vibes that tom liu, the pinoy guy and the rest of the foreigners in singapore are getting – the government of singapore is on their side.

      otherwise where in the world you will have foreigners sending personal message to the host country’s prime minister asking him to ignore their citizens.

      • Andre said

        Dude, are you daft?, Marc Jandugan is a Singaporean he is no longer a pinoy guy he’s one of you now live with it

      • sweetbean said

        How easy – one day Filipino, next day Singaporean. It is not us who have to live with new citizens. It is new citizens who have to live with themselves for turning their back on their own country for self-interest. We are still here standing up for our homeland – where are you exactly?

      • Moses said

        Andre it does not change the fact that just because you get a pink IC makes you a Singaporean. As long as you are born a pinoy, you will be a pinoy whether you likes it or not or whether you have a pink IC or not.

      • jbl said

        as if people here dont know that THAT pinoy guy had mentioned that he is NEW citizen!

        he (and now we have an andre) is still pinoy.

        so clever! really impressed just look at the writings, calling singaporeans names,writing to the prime minister of singapore telling him what to do.

        talented andre and pinoy guy should try writing to his pinoyland president and their parliament or congress and tell them what to do…better still run for president of pinoyland, liberate their countrymen from their misery and poverty.

    • Why SG TOP students not coming back? said

      WOW!!! This PRC comrade looks very Educated hahahaha…….
      Singapore should bring in REAL TALENTED people to stay competitive not those from 3rd world understandard ALIEN who think they are talents!!! But actually they’re NOT. If compare these ALIEN to SG top students that are not coming back.. They’re nothing to proud of….. A decade later we’ll have to write a new BOOK called from 1st world to 3rd………with these understandards ALIEN.

  2. FanaticD said

    fucking boot licker. suppose that this idiot is a non local. what he means by uneducated locals. dig out his history and go on a human search to make him suffer at the hands of uneducated locals.

  3. theminoritydude said

    The poor geek is trying to look for a job in Singapore because he knows he cannot get one anywhere else.

  4. seX pisToLs said

    no point talking to this PM.

    we shall see the “true people” power in GE 2016

    • seiya78 said

      internet not enough la….must put in media n newspaper, don forget most of the older generation don know how to internet

  5. christine said

    Really, Tom, how much of our social, political and economic history do you know? And, by the way, the Germans and the Japanese have a decent wage even for the lowest earners. Not to mention social security!! You think you’re the only one who “knows” Germany, just because you have “been”?

  6. Ken Lee said

    prc are not call locusts in hong kong for nothing!

  7. Aminurasyid said

    What I can say is that Singapore is for Singapore Citizen 1st, Just like Malaysian Malaysia before Independence

    • seiya78 said

      no lo, MY place their own people first priority but SG place whoever rich enough will give priority first lo

  8. Stirrer said

    Time for a bitchhunt

  9. JOHN CENA said

    well try saying that in australia tommy boy….and see how u and ur disgusting low life kind get trashed by the locals there to the lowest common denominator!!! oh wait ur compatriots are already getting beaten up over there, only cowards prcs like u hide behind ur comp and talking trash…no wonder u prcs are consider slightly above cockroaches in the world pest ranking….well the hongkees did call u prcdogs…locusts right?

  10. Yawn said

    Another insufferable prick-head.

  11. useful said

    no standard , talk like you are a singaporean , what if wu jin tao do the same what our pm did to singapore if china is like singapore ? i bet you a million dollar you and your fellow men will cry until no eye shit , no bak sai arh i tell you !!!

    • seiya78 said

      Those PRC no culture one la, u forget their culture revolution meh, all their culture gone, I wonder if we local tell their PRC PM to bring their people back, I wonder how would those PRC kp…hahaha

  12. oldbandit said

    Activate the online CSI~~

  13. Ah Jay said

    i have nth against foreign talent, but it is coming to a point where these foreign talent are acting like they are big shots here in singapore. for goodness sake, at least have some respect for the people you are living here. you would not go to your friend’s house and start criticizing his family. the worst is, the government are neglecting these “foreign talent” and condoning their bullshit. i mean these dudes do nothing for the country. it is not as if they will stay here to serve the country. is this foreign talent? is this kind of people we want in Singapore? i am not sure i would want this kind of friend who criticizes what we believe in, in simpler terms, stir shit and leave.

    • Moses said

      There’s a phrase:
      Empty vessels make the most noise;
      The dog with no bite barks the most.

      Well those FT are making a lot of noise becos they are empty and have no bite.

  14. Edgar Poon said

    Hopefully, the 60.1% uneducated, disgruntled locals wake up their idea before 2016.

    • Wuixtom said

      too naive and simplistic to call 601 bo tak chay……Ed Gar poon ? I think I did have some basic engg education leh……………Wuxitom

  15. worldorder said

    well, these are the 冨二代 ( rich second generation ) who enjoy the trappings of luxury today and even their school fees are paid by their parent and NOT their own money, if not by our government. They just skimmed through Germany or Europe , just like many tourists just visit Orchard Road and Marina Bay and nothing else, and they claimed they know Singapore. There are others PRC students who are struggling to paying their school fees and their daily expenses through working part time.

    Just ignore these people. Not worth your time rebutting them.

  16. Kai said

    Has he done NS yet?

  17. Alvin Sim said

    I hope the government realizes that this Liu University fella is either trying to provoke a conflict between the social and economic classes within the classes in Singapore or a Communist is actually trying to influence the policies of a Democratic country. Either way, these are grounds for a Kopi Session with the ISA. Please remember – the government policies are put in place at the very foremost for the benefits of SIngapore, the electoral votes will always belong to Singaporeans and the country will always be governed by natural born Singaporeans for now. If these FTs want to influence a government, they should do it in their own countries.

  18. True Blooded Singaporean said

    Found so strange with his remarks, if we are all lowly educated, then wat the fuk all these PRC dogs n bitches are flocking to Singapore to study here ??

    I rest my case.

    • seiya78 said

      I think if government choose to close eyes on this topic, we will force them open their eyes in the next GE, don forget your “sorry” is useful in the last GE but I doubt it will be useful the second time. Also pls monitor your subordinate before the cast their remark in the net….haiz…..

  19. Prabu said

    My direct rebuttal to this is to not let foreign trash locusts & leeches who leech off our tax payers money dictate policies

  20. Then make an effort to integrate into our culture and society. How many times have I seen people of your kind spit on our streets, hold obnoxiously loud conversations on our public transport and block the doors of the MRT train, then jostle to get a seat. What makes you think that uneducated Singaporeans do not make comments that will help Singapore to move forward? Education is not the answer to every problem. ‘Problems’ like ‘manpower-lack to fill jobs’ arise because corrupt authorities pay miserly wages and expect long working hours from their subordinates. The authorities hold a fat wage while his workers slog and scrimp to get by. It is people like YOU who continue to support such authorities, who will only get bolder with executing inhumane work laws. I suggest you bring your stinking ‘elitist’ mindset back to your own country and get out of my country!

  21. Singapore Researcher said

    I am Singaporean. I am saying now: Why do Singaporeans keep saying wait for 2016? That will be too late! With 4*25,000 = 100,000 new citizens coming in, with assumption of 100% of them voting for PAP, you CURRENT singaporeans will NOT BE ABLE to VOTE the PAP out!
    2016 will be too late.

  22. Exaggerated said

    Dear PM Lee, do you want to let the current social unhappiness (problems) deteriorate to the state akin to SMRT problems before actions are taken? Why not arrest the problems before it is too late? Which side do you stand on? The Singaporeans or the immigrants? We Singaporeans have been giving PAP support all this while. When the votes fall, it doesn’t just drops without a reason. You are a smart individual and I am sure you can read that. Citizens are the best watchdogs for you on ground, not the ministers or grassroots leaders who thinks high and mighty of themselves. They do not listen to the people on ground except for that few individuals who truly cares, but their voices are often drown by the incessant ranting of those empty vessels.

    Please analyse the situation carefully and take appropriate actions with your great mind. You are in this position for a reason. Please do not use the easy way out to ‘solve’ grave danger ahead. As of current, the policies and actions taken are consider to be easy way out even the simpleton can think of. We citizens are sure you can come out with better actions to rectify the problem.

    If you consider our feedbacks as complaints like those ‘learned’ scholars, (it is sad how those ‘learned’ scholars can be so myopic and speak and behave so uncouthly about issues.) you really do not deserve our respect. Please do not wait till situation become red and start setting up committee of inquiry, because by then it is useless. Once injured, there will always be a scar no matter how perfectly it heals. I hope you see this post PM Lee.

  23. Singaporean Overseas said

    Mr Liu, you refer to Singaporeans as uneducated and disgruntled. Yes, while I do agree with you that Singaporeans may be disgruntled with life and its everyday challenges including competition from ‘foreign talents’, I strongly disagree with you that Singaporeans are uneducated.

    Singaporeans are required by law to undertake at the very minimum primary school education. How are we uneducated? The people whom you are referring to, those who comment about the Prime Minister’s remarks about Singapore and Germany, are in fact educated and hence engaging in discourse. There may be Singaporeans who are not as highly educated as you but that does not mean we are uneducated. I contend that you are a disgruntled ‘foreign talent’ who is ignorant of the education system in beautiful Singapore.

    You comment that the Prime Minister should not let his policies be dictated by uneducated disgruntled locals. I argue that the Prime Minister is NOT letting his policies be dictated by locals. However, he is allowing Singaporeans to comment on his policies. After all, Singapore is a democracy (if you could please refer to the nation’s pledge) rather than communism or a dictatorship.

    You also raised the point in your comment “What PM Lee said is the truth. Germany has a labor shortage and it went abroad to fill it….Singaporeans should stand behind the solution that the PAP proposes to sustain the standard of living” – (copied and pasted from this article) – Singapore’s English has British roots, Labour not Labor – sorry to digress. Mr Liu, you failed to understand that the foundation of my fellow Singaporeans’ comments is that it is an inappropriate comparison. We are not saying that what was said is untrue. Hence, I put it to you, you have not understood the comments and their basis and therefore, your comments are addressing the wrong thing.

    You also state that Singapore did not become a prosperous country by catering to the lowest common denominator. You are right!! Singapore became prosperous because it catered to ALL SINGAPOREANS and we worked hard to see this nation succeed.

    If I am only able to deliver one message to you Mr Liu, it is this: Please do not tell the Prime Minister what to do. He has been democratically elected by the majority as our representative because as a majority we believe that he knows what he has to do.

    • Blind Support said

      Actually, if you inspect it, you’ll find that the mistake in “labor” is not made by Liu at all. Although I might not be supportive of his idea, I must say that blaming the wrong person for a mistake is not very appropriate.

      If your post was already pointing this mistake out to the host of the thread then please disregard this comment. It just appears to me that you are placing the fault on Liu at this moment.

  24. Ken Lee said

    locusts! every where they go all crop die!
    example HONG KONG did the same our PAP years ago and now regret! can’t lower down the pest from entering HK now. when will PAP wake up wait till they screw up Singapore?

  25. Disgruntled S'porean said

    I love sg, but more than ever before I feel inclined to leave the place I call home. It just doesn’t make sense to stay anymore when you feel like a foreigner in your own country.

    Just close your eyes in the train, listen closely and then try determining whether you’re in sg or in mainland china.

    The govt’s not trying hard enough. And it’s putting itself in a very precarious position day by day.

  26. Moses said

    We do not have any labour shortage. In fact we have a number of unemployed people hoping to be employed for suitable salary. What we have is just a bunch of employers who face labour shortage because of the fact that they are unable to pay those unemployed suitable remuneration.

  27. Singapore Chinese said

    TOM LIU please shut up. As a foreigner, you have no right to tell our government what to do or post any negative comments about Singaporeans. Learn to respect local citizens when you are on foreign land.

  28. uneducated, disgruntled local said

    Tom, I totally agree with you. Which country will ever want a “uneducated, disgruntled locals” to be citizens of their country?!?!?!!? Maybe that the reason why u had to leave. Boy.

  29. maddog2020 said

    These people that come here and start to carry the government as just second class citizens back home who have NOT got it made but are trying their luck here. And our government with the richest paid ministers are just too eager to accept them as they don’t know what they are in for.

  30. HMSExeter said

    The original Sg citizens were from China, India, or Malaya. However, it’s the culture that evolved which made the country successful as it is today.

    What Pinoy Jandugan & PRC Liu said were very disrespectful & even immoral. They haven’t got any right to criticise Sg since they’re coming from countries of worse conditions. Seriously, Pinoy won’t even earn 1/4 of what they do in Sg back in the PHL. They should be grateful they’ve been considered as assets to Sg. When you migrate to country, you’ve got to pledge your loyalty to it not simply because of the financial benefit you get but more importantly embracing its culture as well (essentially leaving your old one back home). Mark, your new citizenship no longer makes you Pinoy, so better stop bragging about the PHL. As a migrant oi have to endure the transition & not act arrogant. It’s people with your sort of attitude that’s made the PHL mediocre & poor, so better belt up & act your new identity.

    PRC Liu, you would’ve been under house arrest if you spoke to Hu Jintao/Wen Jiabao the way you did w/PM Lee. You haven’t got any right to criticise / belittle Sg people. You wouldn’t be studying in Sg if you think people are ‘uneducated’–the PRC has a higher level of illiteracy per capita than Sg.

    As for Sg locals, you’ve got every right to be proud of Sg. Nevertheless, an abundance of those unemployed locals doesn’t translate to the quality of labour pool needed by the MNCs. Better assess your human capital & align it with what these companies need.

    Furthermore, Sg’s got a problem with its ageing population. The cards are on your hands to begin with–produce more globally relevant professionals who can compete, & all these foreigners will be deterred fr seeking jobs in Sg since you can fill the labour gap. On the contrary, react vehemently & you’re certainly be on the losing end. Be that silent tiger that rose from nothing but swamps.

    Cheers, mates!

  31. Obviousman said

    What is WRONG with this website? It’s like you guys are promoting hatred and racism by fear mongering and posting of rabble nonsense like this article. Sorry hor, my Singapore is an inclusive, multiracial society exactly like what the pledge says. Not this crappy version where trolls hide behind their computers and write baseless comments

  32. Jack Meoff said

    Most of the PRC in Singapore are those that can’t hack it in their own country. the wages there has been on the rise and standard of living is also rising. there are more millionaires in china than just about anywhere else. in other words, Singapore is like Semaukau, garbage dumping ground!!

  33. sinlesschocolate said

    Is there no end to this shit??

  34. FT said

    Go home la…….tom

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